REP. PETER KING: Democrats Trivialize and Politicize Racism (Video)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Martha MacCallum interviewed Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Monday evening on Fox News’ “The Story,” about the Democrats’ increasing use of race as a political tool since the Charlottesville riots.

REP. PETER KING: Democrats Trivialize and Politicize Racism (Video)

Peter King/IMAGE: FoxNews via YouTube

MacCallum showed clips of Democrats using race to divide Americans. Former DNC Chair Howard Dean said, “If you want to vote for a racist in the White House, then you better vote for Republicans.”

Deputy Chair of the DNC, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), was asked on CNN if he thinks Donald Trump is a white supremacist, to which he said: “I’m not saying he is one. I’m saying that the positions that they have articulated are positions that he does not feel an urgent need to denounce and distance himself from.”

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After the Charlottesville riots, Trump distanced himself from hate “on both sides,” and later he condemned white supremacists specifically. As early as November 2016, Trump denounced individuals committing hate crimes against Muslim, Latino, and black individuals.

MacCallum called these comments “stunning.”

“It’s not just stunning, it’s really disgraceful,” King responded. “They’re talking about somehow trying to unify the nation, and instead they’re using the most divisive type language, the most hysterical rhetoric, and that’s totally out of bounds—it’s wrong. And politically, I think it hurts them because that alienates the American people.”

King said the Republican Party has nothing to do with racism.

“Our policies will help black and white or help everybody in this country. Democrats, by using race, are trivializing racism as an issue. They are politicizing it, and that to me should be insulting to everyone who is genuinely concerned about civil rights and human rights to use race as a political issue. And that’s just wrong, what Howard Dean said is absolutely disgraceful,” he said.

Watch King and MacCallum discuss how Democrats have used race since Charlottesville: