REP: Lawmakers Who Protect Illegals Aid Their Crimes

Mo Brooks says he bets more Americans have been killed by illegal aliens than in the Persian Gulf/Iraqi wars…

Rep. Mo Brooks Files One-Sentence Bill To Repeal Obamacare

Mo Brooks

( An Alabama lawmaker is lashing out at elected leaders who harbor illegal aliens — warning that they are putting Americans in grave danger.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that he would be willing to wager that “we’ve had far more Americans killed by illegal aliens on American soil than we lost in either of the Persian Gulf/Iraqi wars or in Afghanistan all put together.”

“I hope that will emphasize the magnitude of the problem,” Brooks told me.

He tore into lawmakers who are encouraging illegals to cross the border.

“Congressmen, senators and presidents who encourage illegal aliens to come to America, who give cover to illegal aliens who come to America are aiding and abetting the killings that are going on of American citizens by those illegal aliens who are in the United States of America because of the direct conduct of congressmen, senators and the president of the United States,” he said.


The congressman’s comments came after an illegal alien was charged in connection with a drunk driving accident that killed a three-year-old Virginia boy and injured three others – including the child’s mother.

Police say Jose Romero, 27, slammed into an ambulance taking the child to a hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

He was allegedly driving without a license and they also believe the man is an illegal immigrant.

According to court documents the driver blew more than twice the legal limit on the breathalyzer – two hours after the accident…Original Source

  • jcrawdad

    REP: Lawmakers Who Protect Illegals Aid Their Crimes

    I agree with you 100 % on that statement .When they Deport an Illegal 4 ,5 or ,6 times and they come back , Rape , murder , Kill by Car , and the Lawmakers steal knowingly Protect thees people , There should be some kind of consequences for their actions. Because their hands are not clean .

    • Kathleen Stehle Gersch

      are you insane? you better do better than that, racist lunatic.

      • kep

        Sounds more like it is you that is insane, or a willing communist sympathizer. Why is protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS such a foreign concept to you liberal communists? Maybe because you creatures want to see America destroyed.