Rand Paul Pushes for Gun Rights in Health Bill

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Even if U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican from Kentucky, is against the Senate’s latest version of health care reform, he is working to make the bill better from a conservative perspective in case it passes anyway.

Rand Paul Pushes for Gun Rights in Health BillSo says the group called Gun Owners of America (GOA), which released a blast e-mail on Thursday praising Paul’s pledge to introduce to the health bill three amendments to protect gun owners’ rights.

It might seem that health-insurance rules would have nothing to do with gun rights – but that is not the case. Liberals long have pronounced gun violence, and by extension mere gun ownership, as a “health-care issue,” and have gathered and used gun-possession information to confiscate firearms.

As GOA said in its e-mail, “Just ask the 257,000 law-abiding vets who have lost their guns because they went to the VA for treatment.”

Enter Sen. Paul. According to GOA, Paul has promised to introduce an amendment to the health care bill to meet three GOA priorities:

1) Insurers cannot ask about gun ownership, or feed that information into a federal database, or discriminate or deny insurance to gun owners;

2) Federal mandates, that doctors keep digital records in a federal health database, cannot be used to force doctors to compile a federal health database; and,

3) The ATF must not be allowed to troll the federal health database for names that it could submit to the [National Instant Criminal-Background Check System] list.

According to GOA, even liberal Democratic leader Harry Reid “took care of the first and second problems” in Obamacare in 2009 with a simple manager’s amendment that would require only a “small technical correction” to the current bill to duplicate.

One reason this is important, according to GOA: “There is nothing to prevent the national health database for being trolled for PTSD, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s. (This means, of course, that many seniors could forget about passing on their guns as an inheritance to their children and grandchildren.)”

And, according to GOA, Paul has promised to offer such an amendment.

One potential hurdle for the amendment is that under the procedure known as “reconciliation,” which the Senate is using to try to pass the bill, no provision can be included in the bill unless it has a measurable budgetary effect. It is not clear whether that rule would be a hurdle to an amendment that merely, in effect, applies to the new law (if it passes) what already applies to existing law.

It also possible is that the wording of Paul’s amendment – specifically prohibiting “funds” from being used for national database purposes – would effectively be seen as meeting the Senate rule’s insistence that amendments be budgetary in nature. GOA says that by prohibiting the spending of money (that may or may not otherwise be spent), the amendment would meet the Senate’s rules.

Liberty Headlines attempted both by phone and email to get a comment from Paul or his spokesmen, to no avail. His office has yet to issue a press release on the proposed amendment.

Other gun-rights groups, such as the National Rifle Association, have not publicly weighed in on this issue, leaving it to GOA. It was GOA which successfully pushed for Sen. Reid’s amendment – one of the few conservative things Reid did in years – back in 2009.

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  • Fed up!

    The artical headline is very misleading, what Rand is proposing has little to do with guns. More towards basic civil rights and controlling government overreaching.

  • Terry Maloney

    If the elected officials are so worried about people with PTSD,ADHD, and Alzheimer’s, then they should have families take the firing pin out of the involved fire arm that belongs to that individual and make sure that all other weapons in the residence are secured in a gun safe. Besides how many people with Alzheimer’s and ADHD halved in a shooting? pTSD might be a different story.

  • Gregg Parker

    Rand is one of the votes they don’t need so he can really play out the “We love conservatives” to the hilt… Vote this new piece of crap bill down as well and let the insurance industry crash and burn then we can deal with the man behind the curtain and that’s Big Pharma and Big Medical!

    • Jerry Coley

      I a agree with your post mainly,but Rand Paul is a real as he say. I back him all I could,he is a true leader,for the WE the People!

      • Gregg Parker

        He seems so. But it is politics. Can there really be only two that would vote NO? I thought Lindsey and McStain were joined at the hip? That would make at least three… Can that really be what defines conservative thought?? yikes…

  • Mark

    This is why we Must Prohibit unrelated amendments and riders from being attached to unrelated legislations.

    A Health Care/Insurnce funding Bill should only address Health Care and Health Insurance-Related matters.

    The gun ownership/privacy issues should be addressed in a separate Civil Rigthts/personal privacy legislation.

    And it appears that we also need to require that every bill coming out of a committee from both Houses of Congress be passed by a roll call vote, and the same happens before any Bill is sent to the President for Consideration.

    But since such Common sense is rarely-common to a majority of law makers in either House of Congress, we shouldn’t expect it to happen.

    • nocbsfan

      2018 we need to show them, they need to listen.

    • gardeauxandrew

      The Paul’s should only handle the health care act after all they are doctor’s!

      • Mark

        True. But since the members of both Houses of Congress address issues often beyond their expertise, he’s just doing what he was chosen to do.

  • Mental health issues are yet unsolved. I totally support what Paul is doing but I do agree that is belongs in a separate piece of legislation under individual rights under the Second Amendment. However, some wording might be good in the health care legislation as well.

    • Mark

      No, I think a short law rescinding these provisions would fill the much better.😊

      • Mark,

        That works for me as well. The issue does not require a lot of wording, at least for now. But one day when it is possible to identify and diagnose mental illnesses we may be able to better pin down laws concerning guns and mental illnesses. But that is down the road a ways.

        • Forrest K. Wright

          what causes mental problems ??? most of it is due to what where putting into our bodies . changing our thought or thinking process and our mood swings , example road rage . copping with everyday problems , our water is not fit to drink , our prepared foods is not fit for pigs to eat , Big Pharma , Monsanto playing god with the so called produce we eat or use .

          • Forest,

            Much of it is genetic. Anxiety is the most common one, apparently. But I have been on this issue for years and we simply lack professional knowledge yet. The medical profession does not yet fully understanding of the brain functions yet. I have been following a series on PBS for quite awhile and there seems to be no clear full understanding of the human brain yet. Progress is being made as fast as science can go, but the work is painstaking.

          • Mark

            I suppose they’ll figure it out by the mid 23rd Century.☺

          • Mark,

            That may be optimistic based on how long the medical profession has been working on mental health.

          • Mark

            True. But look at the improvements in anti-depressants in the last 30 years. The first one I used caused me to sleep at least one day a week. The next one, and the one I’m presently using don’t cause that.

            Where gun violence and mental disorders are concerned, it may depend on the stress a particular person is under at a given time.

            Or it could be some kind of demonic possession.

            But that’s only my unprofessional opinion.

          • Mark,

            I respect your concerns over this issue. Here is something I can definitely place. Anxiety exists in my family since my mother. I am annoyed by it so being a veteran, I went to first a psychologist and then a psychiatrist at the VA. The psychiatrist said that science could not yet say what causes it but did put me on a medication to reduce it. He said research is on going but as yet there is no medical explanation for such behavior. It works most of the time but not always. Several members of my family have this same disorder. None have done anything to curb itr. Two are much worse off than I am.

            Me ex-wife has minor strokes called TIA’s. I have discussed this illness with her neurology surgeon. He says the cause in the brain is unknown yet and treats her for it with medication.

            Medication helps people but is not as cure. Many people who suffer from anxiety can get so upset they can resort to violence. I have two family members who are nearly that bad. One niece gets so upset she really goes on rampages. A sister gets very angry herself and says things she would never say when not in an anxiety mode. Both refuse any medication. Neither thinks they have any mental issues.

            Such behavior can cause people to commit crimes such as murder if their anxiety level gets really high. Some may be on medication but miss regular medication and become violent. They are calm like I am if they stay on their medication. That’s why I stay on my medication because I do not like being all upset over trivial incidents, mostly mine. as I have gotten older, some things I used to do I cannot do any more. I get frustrated because I cannot. One has been my spine surgery which limits my balance and my walking. But the medication works. Most who suffer from this mental state simply do not get on or stay on a medication that keeps them on more calm behavior. To date there is no cure. Just pills.

            This is one very prime mental issue that needs resolution and a cure. It is a huge danger in society but science has no explanation on why it occurs or no cure exists to date. These folks need to do what I do. It is no cure but it helps a lot to curb the anxiety and makes life a whole lot better. Mine is limited to things I used to do but requires extra effort on my part to accomplish my task, like buttoning my shirt or tying my shoes.

          • Mark

            Jerry, thanks for your incredibly detailed answer. It’s always useful to hear from those with real-life experiences. I actually saw the results of someone being either mis-medicated, or refusing to take his meds in the early 90’s, while in another treatment program for depression. He became violent, and had to be removed by the police.

            My best answer is to pray that the solution is discovered soon, so that all who have such problems can eventually be cured.

            One solution would be to bring a permanent end to war, but man is incapable of doing so.

            Be well.

          • Mark,

            I pray for a full understanding of the human brain that can begin to solve some of the illnesses. But we also lack a program for keeping people on medication that could educe many incidents of violence. Keeping people on the medication is vital for reducing killings. I have suggested local clinics be the source of people on such medications voluntary going in daily to the clinic for their medication and a record kept of whether the patient takes the med or not. When people do not take the medication regularly they are penalized.

          • Mark

            That sounds like a common sense solution to the problem.

            So why isn’t such a sensible approach “Common ” among professionals in the field?

          • Mark,

            Every city of any size has medical offices in them. All we need to happen is for them to have a list of people who will come to their clinic and have a place for them to get the meds, let someone see the person taking it and sign a sheet of paper. Done deal for the day. Anyone who does not show up is notified by a staff member to the doctor. There should be a minimal fine for not taking the med. A person would be in and out in less than five minutes.

          • Mark

            As I said before. Great Idea.

            Now someone needs to submit it, and Make it work.

          • I have not been able to sell the idea to my Congressional folks yet.

          • Mark

            True, but you’ve started the process. So you’ve already done more than most of us have done.

          • Mark,

            I have been working with state legislators an now we are seeing places to house these people where they are not clogging up jails and are getting some much needed mental health help. But that is limited by the capabilities of mental health which still lags. The medical profession still does not fully understand the human mind yet. Many of those being helped are those with low IQ status. Lack of conceptual ability is a big hindrance. But with more questioning of the individuals, the staff gains knowledge of the person’s needs for help. That can be a reading deficiency or math deficiency or other lack of ability to comprehend what most of us do naturally. For an example, I had an otherwise normal grand daughter who was terrible at math. She could not conceptualize numbers. I used jelly bean math to enable her to conceptualize numbers and she soon became capable of doing math the rest of her childhood.

  • Warren Blum

    Obama did massive amounts of damage and obstruction during his 8 yrs. That was enough time to make thousands of appointments, judges etc., to set in place his globalization protocols for the new world order. It’s evident, it stares you in the face but the liberals are blinded. The millennials have been brainwashed. Obama touched every facet of our system. He should be tried and executed. The demorats allowed it and are continuing their resistence. I hate them

  • Floyd

    Ron and Rand Paul are stupid dopers themselves. DOPE IS JUST FOR DOPES SO KILL ALL DOPERS BEFORE THEY KILL YOU

  • gideonrockwell

    The Bill of Rights as described by the Founders as a whole is an article of God Given Rights no man should tamper with. That means any time Congress passes a law that effects any of the Bill of Rights Amendments it is a violation of the Bill of Rights. Under that premise all laws passed restricting our rights under the Second Amendment are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Any questions anyone in the Medical or Psychiatric field have concerning you owning a firearm, such as how many, how do you store them and such should be prohibited.

    • USMC1371

      If you go to a doctor, and he or she, asks you about firearms ownership, look him or her straight in the eye and tell them it is none of their stinking business.

  • Walter Flatt


    • Mark

      True. But according to recent scholarship, we may have misunderstood the 2nd Amendment.

      Fear not, for I’ve created a more-detailed 2nd Amd’t. To protect specific rights that the libs refuse to believe are covered by the Amendment as we know it.

      If you’re interested, I’ll send it to you the next time I have access to a computer.

  • Patricia Gleitz

    Gun rights should not be in the health care bill!

  • Mark

    Thanks Jerry. However you’re wrong about one thing. Mental disorders can be diagnosed. I know, I’m being treated for Major Depressive Disorder. . .in other words, Clinical Depression.

    If you meant to say we need to find a link between mental disorders and violence committed using guns, your Absolutely Right.

    But I honestly don’t know how a valid study regarding this could be designed, executed, and the results be released as a sensible conclusion.

    Whether the libs like it or not, guns don’t kill people, people kill people using guns.

    • Jon McLaughlin

      One mental disorder that there isn’t a known cure for is “being a DEMOCRAT”.

      • Mark

        Then I’m safe. I’m a Conservative.

  • Christian_Prophet

    Wonderful, so Ayn Rand follower wants more Americans killed by increasing the number of guns in America. Yes gun ownership is a health issue. The more guns in America, the more deaths we have. Isn’t 35,000 Americans dying each year by guns enough? Does Rand Paul want to add more deaths to the toll.

    • Jon McLaughlin

      Since 1776, the only reason this great country has never been invaded is because that The Constitution of the United States gives us an “Un-infringed upon Right to Keep and Possess Fire Arms”. Take that edge away and we would be invaded in short order. I guess that is why you voted for Osama Obama twice and for the LOOSER Hitlery Rotten Clinton, once.

  • gideonrockwell

    If you look at the states that have license to carry or constitutional carry there is a higher level of gun ownership and less crime. I don’t remember the last carjacking in Texas and when two Muslim terrorists tried to pull an attack in the Dallas area they didn’t even make across the parking lot. Chicago has some of the most oppressive gun laws in America and is the murder capitol of the nation.

  • daveveselenak

    This is always a part of the Soviet style “Death Care” ; that and infanticide, euthanasia, sexual debauchery and mutilation ( hacking off penises and breasts ) privacy between doctor and patient, death to the middle class, death panels, as what is happening in London! It always was a sham and they knew it and they still insist on keeping most of these dastardly deeds in it. REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed, we are too far down the rat hole to think otherwise unless you are a fool, soon to be an enslaved fool at that; it is just a matter of time and a really short time at that!

  • Matthew Bowman

    All we need to do to get Rand Paul to beck the health care bill is add an amendment that would audit the Fed. I can’t believe some senator hasn’t already done so!

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    I have health issues and own guns. My health issues don’t interfere with My guns and my guns don’t interfere with my health issues!…Enough said!