Radical Enviros Push Job-Killing Anti-Fracking Laws in Texas

Photo by Chimpanz APe

Photo by Chimpanz APe

(Jon Cassidy, Watchdog.org) A group supported by four Texas energy producers is striking back at out-of-state environmentalist groups, arguing that the organizations have been hiding their extreme policy goals behind mild rhetoric.

The environmental groups, one of which had temporary success in passing a fracking ban in Denton in 2014, are hiding anti-oil and gas views behind temperate phrases such as “best practices” and “local control,” argues North Texans for Natural Gas in a report published Tuesday.

The group takes aim in particular at the local activities of Earthworks, the Sierra Club, and Environment Texas, all of which are supported by national organizations backed by institutional donors.

In 2014, Denton – with funding provided by Earthworks – passed an anti-fracking measure that was overruled the following year by the state Legislature, which clarified that the state and not local authorities had control over mineral rights.

That has prompted environmental groups to change their tactics, North Texans for Natural Gas says. Instead of fighting a frontal battle for drilling and fracking bans, the groups are pushing for more moderate-sounding policies.

“Earthworks’ emphasis on ‘better enforcement’ and ‘model regulations’ belies an agenda that is actually aimed at stopping oil and natural gas development,” the report argues. “In recent years, the group has taken a decidedly more aggressive tone against fracking, both in Texas and nationwide.”

Despite the softer policy tone, Earthworks’ lead organizer in Texas has still compared fracking to “sexual assault” and “domestic terrorism.”

Earthworks’ policy agenda includes federal legislation that would shift regulatory authority over fracking from states to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Cities that embrace Earthworks’ agenda could end up paying heavily in litigation, the report warns.

Even after the Legislature clarified fracking authority, Denton’s ban remained in place, so the lawsuits continues.

“In June 2015, Earthworks learned that it may have to pay attorneys’ fees, and the group filed a motion to exit the case,” the study says. “Upon learning the news, local residents expressed frustration that Earthworks had promised to stand alongside the city and defray legal costs but then sought to exit the suit the minute the group discovered that it would actually have to pay some of the fees.”

The anti-fracking campaign ultimately cost Denton taxpayers more than $1 million, according to the report.

The group also takes aim at Environment Texas, which has gotten op-eds into major papers across the state calling for environmental “best practices” for drilling on University of Texas’ massive landholdings.

The group’s real views are rather more extreme, the study contends.

“For example, Environment Texas has asserted that ‘no plausible system of regulation appears likely to address the scale and severity of fracking’s impacts.’ In its University Lands report, Environment Texas stated flatly: ‘Fracking should not occur anywhere.’”

The report highlights one regulatory technique that is sure to become more common – setback requirements.

In several cities, innocuous-sounding requirements to locate wells 1,500 feet or more from buildings has driven oil and gas production out of town, according to the report.

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  • Richard cianfrone

    Sierra club and green peace are Rockefeller funded shills, however f#$%% your fracking ! Polluting oil cartels causing stress on fault lines ! Dumping your f$$% toxic waste from refineries on poor countries.
    I supported Trump to stop illegal aliens, illegal wars, pizza gate, new world order, not for polluting oil cartels.
    Get new energy.

  • Jeff Z

    Oil is so overwhelmingly abundant and can be drilled on remote lands away from population dependent water veins, and the technology to get absurd mileage from it, that fracking isn’t even necessary. The problem is the power and the greed. That pollutes everything above ground.

    These ‘activists’ only want it to stop it until they can get their own fingers in the pie. Give them a cut and they’ll find a new study that shows its ok.

  • makessense

    Fracking makes people including children SICK – A RECKLESS, DAMAGING INDUSTRY THAT SHOULD NOT BE EXEMPT FROM THE CLEAN WATER ACT! Lies, lies and more lies from the frackers, (In several cities, innocuous-sounding requirements to locate wells 1,500 feet or more from buildings has driven oil and gas production out of town, according to the report.) ha-ha..

    “No man may poison the people for his private profit.”
    —Theodore Roosevelt

    • jong

      Another lying shill. There has been ZERO problems that you lying liberal have brought in. Now child how about some real proofs “motherjones” does not count child. The only liars here are your ilk

  • heinlein

    Yes, FRACKING is very dangerous in a number of ways. Permanently polluting valuable groundwater resources is only one of the issues.

    • William Markey

      Proof? I will give you earthquakes when they dump brine into deep underwater brine wells. Most polluted waters are polluted because of these shale oil fields have oil in them that have seeped for millions of years.

      • jong

        I would not even do that. Those areas that shills would blame fracking on are natural fault lines to begin with

    • jong

      Liar. Since 1947 there has ZERO incidents of that with fracking. SO that makes you just another lying liberal shill most probably operating under a number of different names.

  • JWB

    Fracking , in order to gain access to the vast natural resources in this country, is the “new” energy. Oil, coal and natural gas are the ONLY forms of energy available to fuel our country, and the world for that matter, at this point in time. Instead of wasting mountains of money, much of which comes from the tax roles, on unless litigation,invest these funds to further the already safe,clean and responsible technology that is in practice. No one wants dirty air and water! Especially the energy providers. That would not only be unintelligent, it is and would be deleterious for that industry. Compromise form all parties involved will be essential to have the best of both worlds.

    • jong

      Yes and no. We should have translated to Nuclear by now and then to Fusion which would be the next logical step. Liberals going back to wind and solar are moving backwards

      • JWB

        jong, I agree with you on capturing the unlimited supply of energy by harnessing the atom. The technology for fission has been in place for decades and perhaps the ability to place “suns”, fusion, around the globe is in the near future. But , as always, it comes down to PRICE! Like me ,I’m sure Your energy cost are a large part of a budget and the cost effectiveness, for many reasons , of nuclear energy has not reached an acceptable threshold, yet. Coal, oil and gas are still by far the most economical forms to “light” our lives. Needless/useless regulation and litigation are the main reasons for ” moving backwards”!

        • jong

          At this point yes but, the only reason for that is because of the liberals for the last fifty years have not allowed us to use nuclear energy the way it can be. In the end with the new “salt type” reactor its cheaper to use it rather than oil, coal and gas that should be phased out not by business but, by the people. As for fusion it can be contained as it was/is at Princeton in a electro-magnetic shell and then the hydrogen atoms stessed to the point of ignition. In which we would have a sun in a bottle as was done for some seconds in Princeton in 1981. And not revealed until the 1990s that it had been done.

          • JWB

            Like we all know, there are numerous reasons, by many parties, why the technological advancements have been restricted. Same song, different verse, middle America and the poor suffer. Sad, because the potential is vast.

  • Ron Gonshorowski

    Fracking is done way deeper than where the water tables are located.


    • No it isn’t! The so-called ‘waste water’ is showing up in ground tests of the MANY earthquakes in Oklahoma … study is not complete and will probably be suppressed …

      • jong

        BS. And your lies are showing. Oklahoma where the quakes are happening are sitting upon natural fault lines to begin with and quakes have happened in OK for years. Your trying to connect fracking to it is a nice try but, no cigar. We even have quakes here in Michigan. Your ilk would translate that to us having fracking which of course would be a lie. The quakes would happen whether we were here or not.

  • Sean Rickmin

    Its all about money,greenie weinies,climate change,our government,E.P.A.(everyones pain in the ass).Take the money out of the equation and this B.S.would go away.


    Albuquerque – 12 January 2016 – This entire nation needs to change its energy thinking from quick and profitable regardless of the usually non-repairable environmental damage. Reserves of oil, coal and natural gas are abundant and being mismanaged from start to finish as if they were enemies of the state.

    USA proven crude reserves are about 36.4 billion barrels (5.79×109 m3), excluding Strategic Petroleum Reserve. At current production, enough for well over 700 years if we never imported a single drop. Fracking for oil is infinitely unnecessary, a permanent destruction of absolutely irreplaceable ground water and unlimited earthquakes as per Oklahoma. Just as mine run-off and “it’s-near-by-so-let’s-dump-our-sewerage-in-it” mentalities destroyed most rivers. Fracking is just a bit more out of sight.

    Coal was and still is critical to the U.S. economy despite its dangers. We have some 4-Trillion tons of coal of which about 267-Billion tons are immediately accessible. Enough to last 250 years.

    Natural gas is nearly as abundant, estimated to be 2,200+Trillion Cubic Feet or an 80 year supply.

    In any order, more than enough time to develop other viable constant/renewable sources

    COAL: I am from West Virginia coal country, born at Fort Grande (Morgantown), raised at Four States (Fairmont) and never worked a day in the mines. I knew or went to school with about half of those 78 killed when Consolidated Coal Company’s Number 9 Mine at Farmington exploded November 30, 1968. It was not my first such disaster. I lost two fraternal uncles, Arthur (34) and Homer Dee Cunningham (30) and a cousin Harold Murphy (18) when Christopher Coal Company Number 3 Mine at Osage exploded May 12th, 1942, killing 56.

    During my years in WV (1936-1958) the West Fork River flowed an iron-rust red from north of Clarksburg to Fairmont. That’s right, RED just off the color of blood. Nothing could live in it and it couldn’t be used for any necessary water source. Where it wasn’t an open sewer, it was polluted by coal mine run-off. Mostly sulfur disguising Weston’s, West Milford’s, Clarksburg’s, Lumberport’s, Shinston’s, Enterprise’s, Monongah’s and other dog-town’s sewerage.

    Those are some of yesteryear’s situations that cannot be ignored if we, as a nation, intend to survive in a high-technology and energy-demanding world. Or if we, as a species, intend to reach for the stars before this planet wears out.

    Until we create viable constant/renewable sources, the answer to energy-demand is oil, coal and natural gas to deliver electricity in commercial quantities. Nuclear Plants that cost billions to build and operate for about thirty years and then must be buried for another quarter-plus million years is absolute economic and ecologic insanity.

    Small producing gas wells and even now-abandoned coal mines are a huge resource to both energy and our economy once we get over our generation-after-generation idiocies and awaken to the fact we need to clean our environment while we exploit it for necessary clean energy.

    And this great miracle? No miracle at all, just the application of available resources using some common sense for a change: Steam powered Electric Generating Plants built right on top of the fuel source!

    I’ll use coal as the main topic although natural gas is equally viable when its use is modified appropriately. Currently fuel must be piped or transported, adding to expense. Something all-but totally eliminated with the proper use of: repeat: Steam powered Electric Generating Plants built right on top of the fuel source!

    First, no burning slate dumps! Red Dog ash in all its infamy just became a cash crop! Red Dog is an excellent crop acid-fertilizer, and road de-icer. Second to none in both instances. It’s ready to use immediately, no further processing, take it where it’s needed and apply. As a fertilizer it doesn’t kill anything or add any poisons. Red Dog de-icer runoff doesn’t harm road blacktop, highway concrete, wildlife, flora, fauna or streams. This by-product alone – coal/slate ash – putting money IN the operation rather than ruining everything within miles, is a financial foundation block.

    Second, that neither slate nor lump-size need be separated is another cost eliminator. Coal is burned as-is right out of the mine. If it will burn in an open dump, it’s a source of fuel in whatever status or amount. No fuel-shipping expense and no waste are the first obvious market cost-reduction factors.

    Third, the next requirement is water. Local earthen dams with concrete spillways, built to back up available surface water, not to STOP total flow, but delay it into a usable park and possibly local recreational source. It’s available water that makes this whole process workable without adding to air, ground or water pollution. It’s amazing to the uninitiated how much annual non-polluted water flows from wet-weather springs, creeks and small streams. Flash floods would be controlled to a far greater degree than at present.

    Generator boilers are placed in such manner as to be continuously force-fed raw fuel. Coal powered plant fireboxes are constructed as to be force-emptied of ash as more fuel is required. Smoke and fumes are piped through water spray curtain tunnels, removing ash and chemical residue. That water, unlike that in the boilers, most of which is condensed for reuse, is recycled. Never dumped, and like the boilers, only added to. Some water vapor is released with the cleaned exhaust. Natural gas operations are built the same way, without the necessity of coal/ash handling.

    Washed out smoke residue is dried with excess heat from the boiler water condensers and added to the ash: BEFORE it leaves the plant!

    Understand this process – done properly – is and will remain virtually pollution free! In fact, cleaning air, water and enhancing the local landscape is a normal part of the operation when applied as given. These eco-friendly plants need not be of such size as to power half the nation from one site, but a series of smaller operations built wherever feasible. They can be as large or small as a competent feasibility study would determine. The odds of all of them going off-line at the same time for any reason would have to be man-directed or an earth-axis shift.

    When built properly – NOT tall-stack smoke producers nor a dump-the-disaster in the nearest gully – but a plant that filter-washes and processes its own smoke, recycles most of its water releasing the excess as clean steam, and produces relevant amounts of Red Dog (coal/slate ash) as it generates commercial electricity. All inside. No smoke, no acres of burning slate, and no piles of slag. Everything is re-used or turned into valuable by-products. It’s just as simple as it sounds.

    The next most-common emission is CO2, what plants and trees breathe and this CO2 is clean! A better grade of Red Dog never existed, and a cleaner CO2 was never produced by man.

    It’s pollutants that destroy the Ozone Layer. These operations produce virtually none. Carbon Monoxide is virtually eliminated by making sure fuel is completely burned, even in natural gas fueled operations.

    Will there be some weather changes? Yes. And all for the better. Slightly warmer rain, cleaner and softer snow. The warmer air and heat-holding dams will reduce all-but the harshest storms year around as it produces altered atmospherics. Cities do the same thing due to heat-retention. Wildlife will flourish, local food-producers and everybody else will benefit from more-stable weather.

    • jong

      Actually you have shown your lies. Nuclear energy done right runs for a lot longer than thirty years and breeder plants would go even further in using the fuel to the point of taking the radioactivity out of it using it for energy. Secondly liberals like you have dragged us down to using both solar and wind both moves backwards for both energy and using taxpayers money to do it. With only a percentage of that money given to Fusion we would be with in ten years of the first plants opening. That scares liberals since the energy in the long run would be extremely cheap and using Tesla’s formula we would be able to transmit it. Something that should have been done some twenty years ago. Oil, gas and others are/were the step in between solar/wind and nuclear and then Fusion. Neglecting or using one of the steps for to long is a disservice not only to America but, to mankind in general. Think of using Fusion in space craft.

      • … and WHO set you up as an all-knowing ‘expert’ ???

        First, nuke plants are designed for thirty years with about a ten year shutdown and bury/abandon for another quarter-plus million ..

        Second, I am NOT a ‘liberal’ by an political imagination !!! Had you researched me – properly – you’d know that !!!

        Third, you’re absolutely correct about the Tesla neglect … (or was that a deliberate suppression?) … and Fusion is preferable to Fission in virtually every such application …

        Fourth, I have contacts in Oklahoma whose ground water is devastated – then take a long term look (while the data is still available) about Oklahoma’s series of earthquakes … do some more research …

        • jong

          I have looked long ago at fracking and even in its early states it would not do what you have suggested. Nuclear is also are designed to be working far into the future Experts have argued that even the old designs could last another 50 years. Like so many other things liberals have taken control of it and not allowed it to be what it can still be. As for knowing what I am talking about I was trained on this subject by Freeman Dyson. As for earthquakes in OK they have been well documented long before any fracking was done http://www.kansas.com/news/nation-world/national/article101515987.html this is just another one that has recently been found long before any fracking was done it was there. Nuclear is our best bet right now. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/next-generation-nuclear/

          • BULL! Fracking destroys deep-ground water aquifers, some going down several thousands of feet!

            Water being a excellent lubricant, when forced into geo-cracks causes earthquakes regardless of how many ‘experts’ retute for their Marxist Agenda !!!

            Freeman Dyson’s left-wing spewings be damned … for an intelligent man to become so socialist jackass is the REAL mystery of/about humanity …

            CLUE: He, like all the rest of that idiotic ilk, spew loud and long abut CO2 .. the LIFE BREATH of all plant life on the planet …

            Were nuclear ‘plants’ made of assembled engines as used in aircraft carriers, rather than these Hanford/Fukushima DISASTERS … they could be removed and stored upon depletion and replaced without having to ‘decontaminate’ HUGE areas like Hanford and similar sites while avoiding the Idiocies of Fukushima …

          • jong

            Incorrect. There has never been ANY evidence of such. Freeman Dyson is hardly a leftest being the leading voice against so called “climate change” Get a clue and try some evidence. Fukushima was a disaster where it was located not in the reactor in and of itself. Just as Chernobyl was a disaster of design not of Nuclear power itself. Your not including any kind of real evidence makes you a liberal. Suck it up.

          • “… against climate change ??? … read him again …

            Fukushima #4 blew TWICE as an ’empty’ reactor ??? and THAT was not an ‘accident’ …

            Ground water in Oklahoma is devastated, earthquakes all over the FRACKING areas … ???


          • jong

            I know Freeman that is where you made another mistake. He does things to start commentary. The placement however of the reactor was the problem not the reactor itself or its design. And yes you are a liberal with your lack of facts or the ability to bring any to a argument and making a person a “liberal” simply because he has a obama sticker on his bumper like Freeman does. You never asked WHY which is primary in any investigation

          • … now it’s clear … a Freeman Disciple … and blinded to everything else …

            I knew Bill Lear, but that didn’t make me an Electrical Engineer or a Pilot ….

          • jong

            Because you probably did not attend any classes given by him. And you are blinded by your own ignorance. Freeman in all his classes demanded fact not fantasy.

          • You have no idea what Bill Lear and I talked about …

            Freeman ‘facts’ or else … I’ve seen the type …

          • jong

            Your own words hang you child. ” I knew Bill Lear, but that didn’t make me an Electrical Engineer or a Pilot ” IF you had bothered to learn from him you might have. And that is what I said in response to your childishness. As for Freeman like Lear his accomplishments stand. Which is probably what makes you act so much like a child. You never learned.

          • … my words verify FACTS and TRUTH in absolute defiance of the Freeman idiocies …

          • jong

            Actually you have given ZERO proofs for any of your arguments. Which makes you a liberal loon.

          • … does that include all the Freeman Clique of Absolute Imbeciles … or just your ‘opinion’ ???

          • jong

            Actually the only “opinion” here is yours. I can back and have mine with facts. You only with bs.

          • … spoken like a True Marxist …

          • jong

            Yawn, and still not a fact in sight. Poor liberal you are still in denial that your beast did not get in.

          • … spoken like a True know-all-about-everything Marxist …

            FYI 🙂

            search: Michael LaVaughn Robinson

            Colonel Robert F. Cunningham (R)
            The unauthorized interception of this e-mail
            is a federal crime: 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2517(4).
            Bernalillo County New Mexico Central Committee
            Secretary, Ward 14,
            Legislative District 14, Senate District 12
            1826 Poplar Lane, SW
            Albuquerque, NM 87105

            I am neither politically correct nor politically polite.

            Post your next round of know-so-much MARXIST STUPIDITY … you’ve been uncovered as another MARXhu Akbar troll … 🙂

          • jong

            And you live in la la land full of far left pot using liberals. And child I find it odd parents calling you Colonel. For it is a certainty that you could never reach that rank with your ignorance. And child you are the one not having any facts that has been revealed as a marxist/socialist

          • … unlike you – and all MARXIST trolls – my credits are real and without question … 🙂

            Wouldn’t you really like to be so honored ??? 🙂

            P.S. you won’t be ….

          • jong

            Already have been,. And I dont have to put out information that would seem to be someone elses. I played that game for over thirty years child. When I first started I was told I would not get any credit. Just job satisfaction. As for being a marxist troll you with giving only bs out have proven yourself to be not only that but, a willing one. Now toddle off child what ever your name really is. Probably the last name of Manning.or Burghdal.

          • … spoken like a True Marxist troll …

          • jong

            Spoken like a true far left loon. With no evidence.

          • YOU are all the evidence required …

          • jong

            Yawn. What exactly what were you a Col of??? Kentucky Fried Chicken?? No person of that rank would behave like you child.

          • … been there Idiot … or do they erase memory every few hours at the Broom Closet of Infinite DELUSIONS ???

          • jong

            Yawn. Back to your basement child where you belong.

          • Obviously the do they erase memory every few hours at the Broom Closet of Infinite DELUSIONS ???

          • jong

            Yawn like all liberals not a single fact in sight. Only your own bs. Poor child life must be so difficult for you living in liberal la la land

          • CONFIRMED: spoken like a True know-all-about-everything Marxist …

          • jong

            Poor child still flapping your yap in meaningless bs I see

          • … pore troll … never reads, never thinks, never comprehends … Marxixt Idiocies abound …

          • jong

            And yet I am the only one in this conversation using facts. Poor child toddle off and make sure you take your meds.

          • MARXhu Akbar DELUSIONS are neither ‘facts’ nor TRUTH!

            Whatever your’e taking … get off of it !!!

          • jong

            Child you might want to use some facts. You currently seem to be suffering from dementia. Which with liberals is extremely common

          • THANKS for DOCUMENTING my comment: MARXhu Akbar DELUSIONS are neither ‘facts’ nor TRUTH!

            … and YOU suffer a lot of DELUSIONS ….

          • jong

            Actually I support what I have to say with facts child. You point yourself out as a liberal as not having any.

          • The only FACT is you’re another know-all-about-everything self-appointed Supreme Marxist Dork Dreg from the Broom Closet of Infinite DELUSIONS!

          • jong

            Yawn,. back to your basement room troll

          • @jong … THANKS for clarifying the FACT that Broom Closet has as many ILLUSIONS as it does DELUSIONS !!!

            Do they serve STUPID SOUP every Thursday ???

          • jong

            Yes I have seen such at the DNC with you head first to lick the bottom of that particular bowel. You sheer idiocy of ignoring Dyson is proof enough. I guess you will really miss ole jug ears and gores climate change scam.

          • @jong … obviously the Broom closet of Infinite DELUSIONS actually serves STUPID SOUP for breakfast – with IDIOT CRACKERS …

  • kev4321

    “Liberty Headlines” is just posting PR propaganda for fossil fuels. Fracking destroys property values as well as groundwater. It also releases huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Fracking also proves we are closer to the end of the oil age than we are to the beginning.

    • jong

      And another liar with no facts. Reality is that we have about 500 years of fuel left at the way it is being used at this point in time and given normal growth. Fracking is a tech jump. Not desperation. Silly lying liberal child.

  • jong

    With Rick Perry coming in as Sec. of Energy we will have a complete turn around from ole jug ears. Chu wanted ten dollar a gallon gas. Perry wants affordable energy for every one.

  • Indepthinker100

    The EPA needs to have there reins pulled in. No one is saying we should not have environmental regs. But it should not disrupt whole industries overnight which is what they have been doing. We appear to have a lot of radical Ideas coming out of the EPA currently. They are to the point of stifling our economy. I think the past administration has gone way overboard trying to keep the hard core environmentalists happy. It has cost us jobs, a slow economy and much hardship in this country. I understand now they want control even very small bodies of water. What next a mud puddle!

  • heinlein

    Actually, no, I am just me, no other pseudonyms. You might want to read some of his novels though, if you can. Name calling adds nothing to the discussion.