House Members Tell Sessions to Fight Illegal Voting by Foreigners

‘All Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, should agree that foreigners should not be influencing U.S. elections…’

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Mo Brooks

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking him to protect America’s elections from foreign influences.

Twenty-two members of Congress joined Brooks in the letter to Sessions.

“Every single illegal vote by a foreigner in American elections dilutes and cancels the votes of American citizens and rightful voters! All Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, should agree that foreigners should not be influencing U.S. elections,” the Congress members wrote.

The letter cited the recent work of U.S. Attorney Robert Higdon of the Justice Department’s Eastern District of North Carolina, who convinced a federal grand jury to indict 19 non-citizens in late August for illegal voting.


Many of the non-citizen voters lied about their U.S. citizenship status.

Also, the results of an audit surfaced after the indictments and found more than 40 non-citizen voters in North Carolina in the 2016 election alone.

Current evidence about non-citizens voting in U.S. elections is sparse, but the problem is widespread, according to Brooks.

“Foreigners illegally voting in and influencing American elections threatens our Republic. According to research by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, 3,120 foreigners were registered to vote and/or removed between 2006 and 2018 in just 13 sanctuary jurisdictions (out of thousands of voting jurisdictions in America),” Brooks said.

Election authorities, especially in sanctuary jurisdictions, have fought against comprehensive audits to determine the scope of non-citizen voting in American elections.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections, for example, has promised not to turn over voting records to Immigration and Customs Enforcement without a legal battle.

The board cites the privacy of individuals’ voting records as the reason not to disclose information to ICE. But the investigation would determine only the citizenship status of voters and would disregard the specific contents of the ballots.

“So-called ‘sanctuary cities’ aggravate illegal foreign influence in American elections. By shielding illegal aliens, sanctuary cities encourage widespread foreigner voting fraud,” Brooks said.

“Making matters worse, sanctuary cities recklessly encourage noncitizen voting by registering them to vote through public assistance agency transactions (a/k/a Motor Voter), registration/petition drives, and registration assistors.”