Prof: Trump Won Election by ‘Invoking the History of White Supremacy’

(The College Fix) This past Tuesday Johns Hopkins philosophy professor Chris Lebron spoke about his new book, “The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of an Idea,” noting the work is a response to the election of Donald Trump as president.

Prof: Trump Won Election by ‘Invoking the History of White Supremacy’

Lebron argues Trump won the presidency last November by “re-invoking the history of white supremacy,” and the victory “was a response to the advancement of people of color, which made some white people uncomfortable.”

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” also led to (white) discomfort, so much so that the alternative “All Lives Matter” was created as a counter.

“What Black Lives Matter ended up doing was to get three words in front of the American public to make a statement: that for centuries black lives have been disposable,” Lebron said according to The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.

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“What this movement seems to revolve around is the horror of it all […] Think about Michael Brown rotting in the street. Eric Garner saying he can’t breathe. Black Lives Matter, as a leaderless movement, is in danger of not having a message that everybody can understand at the same time…”

Roughly a month before the 2016 election, Lebron delivered a speech at Yale (his former post) in which he said there is a “decency problem” in the US, and that Donald Trump “is not decent man in the least”:

“His main ambition is to put a wall between another nation of brown people and us … [he] thinks the golden age was before blacks had rights,” he said…

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