Pro-Life Speakers, Including 13-Yr-Old Girl, Heckled At Raleigh Council Meeting

‘Everyone who signs up has a right to speak. That is the rule of the land…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A 13-year-old girl was jeered during a Raleigh City Council meeting for calling on city leaders to adopt pro-life legislation and comparing abortion to slavery.

“On ultrasounds the baby tries to run away from the disturbing instruments that try to kill the baby,” Addison Woosley, 13, said, according to The News & Observer.

“The baby’s mouth opens wide in a scream when being killed,” Woosley said. “These babies are alive. They feel being killed. It hurts them, and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no way around it. Abortion is murder.”

Woosley and other pro-life speakers asked the council to make Raleigh a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”


According to Live Action, a growing number of city councils across the country are considering similar proposals, which would affirm the value of human life and increase funding for crisis pregnancy centers and other organizations that aid women facing unintended pregnancies.

Several attendees yelled at Woosley during her remarks. One person said, “Getting a child to do this is wrong,” and another yelled, “You’re a baby.”

Woosley continued anyways.

“Abortion reminds me of slavery,” Woosley said. “Owners said that their slaves were their property and they could do whatever they wanted with them. Just how moms feel about their babies. My hope is that in a few years we’ll look back at abortion and think, ‘That was so cruel. I can’t believe we did that.’ Just how I look back at slavery. The question is, who will you be? The slave owner? … Rosa Parks ? Or Abraham Lincoln? Who are you going to be? Make a choice. My choice is made. I’m here today standing up for what’s right.

“Are you choosing to be like the plantation worker flogging the little black child?,” the girl asked the council. “Or are you going to protest, even if it costs your life like Martin Luther King Jr.?”

“Done! Done!” a black woman in the audience yelled. “Inappropriate!”

Another woman yelled, “Do not speak for black people! Go save your own! You don’t speak for black people!”

“You are a black man,” the woman said, directing her comments to Mayor Pro Tem Corey Branch. “You need to stand up and recognize.”

Branch, who was running the meeting in Mayor Nancy McFarlane’s absence, called for order in the room.

“So, yes, I am a black man,” he said. “And, yes, everyone who signs up has a right to speak. That is the rule of the land. I can’t come up here and say you can speak or you can’t speak.”

As people continued to yell, at least one boy started crying, according to the News Observer.

The last pro-life speaker, David Buboltz, took the podium wearing a shirt with a fetus on it that read “I am going to be murdered tomorrow!”

As soon as he started speaking, council member Stef Mendell turned her chair away from the podium and refused to face Buboltz, the News Observer reported.

“First I would like to say that, Stef Mendell, it is disgusting that you would turn your back on us and on these babies,” he said to the council. “It is. It isn’t disrespectful to me. It is disrespectful to my God. And my God is all powerful. The Almighty God, the one who created the universe. You will stand accountable.”

Mendell then stood up and left the chambers, leading many in the audience to applaud her. Buboltz then asked each council member “if they stand for this child killing.”

None of the council members responded, which drew more cheers from the crowd.

Mendell said she left the room because she didn’t “appreciate being preached to.”

“It is a free country and everyone has the right to speak and say what they want to say,” Mendell said. “But by the same token I have the right to not listen to what I don’t want to.”