‘PRO-LIFE’ DEM: Life is Sacred, But Don’t Defund Planned Parenthood

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) As the Democratic Party seeks to alter its strategy to pick up more seats in the House and Senate, it has allowed pro-life candidates to enter the party.

'PRO-LIFE' DEM: Life is Sacred, But Don't Defund Planned Parenthood

Paul Spencer/IMAGE: FoxNews via YouTube

One such candidate, Paul Spencer, who is running for Arkansas’s 2nd congressional district, appeared on “Fox and Friends” to discuss what he believes it means to be a pro-life Democrat.

“My stance on pro-life issues extends vastly more than just espousing that somebody be born,” Spencer said. “I think that life is sacred from the moment of conception, but I also think that same life—the dignity of that life—needs to be upheld through all stages of that life.”

“Once the child’s born, I believe that we have a responsibility to support the mother. A lot of times you have crisis pregnancies, and a lot of times there just aren’t the social safety nets in place to help entice a person experiencing a crisis pregnancy to bring that child to term,” he continued. “So, I believe that we need to support life through all of its stages, and I think that the Democratic Party is very good about—at least has a track record of being very good about—espousing those types of programs.”


When asked about the Democratic Party’s support of Planned Parenthood, Spencer said, “Texas, where access to Planned Parenthood has been reduced, that the abortion rate has gone up and maternal deaths have gone up.”

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One study about Texas’ healthcare found that the abortion rate went up 3 percent over 3 years when funding to Planned Parenthood was reduced. It also found, however, that areas in which Planned Parenthood abortion facilities were over 100 miles away “saw sharp declines in the procedure.”

Spencer’s statistics, while not false, do not show the entire picture. Cuts to Planned Parenthood do not necessarily mean Planned Parenthood clinics are closing their doors, and if they remain open they will continue to perform abortions, which is the organization’s primary operation.

“My personal opinion about Planned Parenthood is: I would be hesitant about defunding it at this time. I think that until you have a Medicare-for-all type of program that can provide assistance to the child and the mothers and other types of screenings for breast cancer and so forth, it’s folly to just use the giant eraser and erase all these social safety net programs,” Spencer said.

Watch Spencer’s interview on Fox and Friends here: