Possible 2020 Candidate Gillibrand Says Hillary ‘Greatest Role Model’

All the scandals, all the lies, all the coverups…

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) “I can tell you one thing. I can tell you that Hillary Clinton is still my greatest role model in politics,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) on a recent episode of 60 Minutes.

That was one quote from a 12-minute segment filled with flip-flops in the Senator’s policy positions, but it’s arguably one of worst and was lambasted on social media by one of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims.

Only since the #MeToo campaign began has Gillibrand shown the slightest remorse about the actions of former President Bill Clinton, telling the NY Times last November that it would have been an ‘appropriate response’ for him to step down.

Possible 2020 Candidate Gillibrand Says Hillary 'Greatest Role Model'

Kirsten Gillibrand/IMAGE: CBS News

Gillibrand has been a consistent recipient of Clinton support – financial and otherwise – for over 20 years, despite Hillary Clinton’s troubling and checkered history.

Gillibrand now holds Clinton’s former Senate seat.

So what is the background of Gillibrand’s “greatest role model,” Hillary Clinton? Decades of long-running political scandal baggage, so much that half of the nation in a poll said she was a liar and untrustworthy.

The Original IRS-Gate

Early on, the Clintons engaged in the targeting of organizations and individuals who hindered their political campaign using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition to a laundry list of right-wing organizations, Hillary Clinton made sure that several of her husband’s romantic partners were caught up in the net – including Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones.

#MeToo Denier

There are very few people who are unfamiliar with Monica Lewinsky and the fact Hillary’s husband had an affair with her in the Oval office, then lied to Congress about it.

However, earlier accusers of Bill reported they were subject to prolonged intimidation tactics by Hillary. Accuser Kathleen Willey even wrote a book about it.

Hillary Clinton dismissed the claims of the accusers as false, consistently said the accusations were lies, and her famous claim of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was born.

More recently, while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lifted a long running travel ban on radical Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder and Hamas funder Hassan al Banna, so that he could visit multiple cities in the U.S.

Last week, Ramadan was arrested on charges he raped two Muslim women in France.


HILLARY: Women Will 'Bear the Brunt' of Climate Change

Hillary Clinton/IMAGE: C-SPAN

There was Travelgate, where seven staffers in the travel office were fired. Hillary Clinton was accused of allegedly being the main person behind the firings and of making false statements about her involvement. After an independent counsel investigation, Hillary was let off the hook for “insufficient evidence” that she knew she was making a false statement or that things she said led to the firings.

The Death of Vince Foster & Whitewater

Not long after Travelgate began, Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster allegedly committed suicide in a park not far off the George Washington Parkway. It was suggested that Foster was distraught over Travelgate and suffered from depression but his death occurred at the same time the Whitewater investigation was heating up.

According to reports in the NY Times, documents related to the Whitewater case went missing from Foster’s office, were given to Hillary’s chief of staff and kept in safe for five days before being turned over to a personal attorney.

The Whitewater scandal, boiled down, is Hillary and her husband got away with a real estate scam. The Clintons, and their friends the McDougals who obtained the original funds to buy the land and develop it, created the Whitewater Development Corporation to confiscated a home from people (mainly retirees) if they missed a single mortgage payment. The property would then be flipped and sold again.


Americans were murdered by terrorists in the compound in Benghazi, Libya on Hillary’s watch as Secretary of State. It was learned through a lawsuit by Judicial Watch that Clinton, the State Department and the White House coordinated on talking points about the attack. Documents revealed that Clinton and the White House blamed an obscure YouTube video for the incident, but knew from the start it was a terrorist attack.

During her testimony in front of Congress, Clinton downplayed the lie about the video and uttered the now famous phrase “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Secretary of State & Pay to Play

Hillary's Email Scandal Not Over Yet

Hillary Clinton/IMAGE: YouTube

The Clinton Foundation took millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments while Hillary led the State Department. A long list of people asking for favors from Secretary Clinton coincides with donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Records show that 85 of the 154 private interests/lobbyists that were officially given access to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State donated to the Clinton Foundation or an affiliate of the foundation.

Clinton Email Scandal

In March 2015, it was uncovered that during her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had used a private email server for official communications instead of the State Department email maintained on secure federal servers. Clinton sent and received official government emails, many marked classified at the time, using her “home brew server.”

On July 5, 2016, FBI Director James Comey issued a statement that Clinton would not be charged because she had only been “extremely careless” and that her actions “lacked intent.”

As late as Summer and Fall 2017, more Clinton emails were still being discovered. The Department of Justice reopened the Clinton Email case in January 2018.


Uranium One/ Rosatom

In 2010, a Russian nuclear agency called Rosatom purchased the controlling interest in Uranium One, a mining firm based in Canada.

Deals of this nature require specific approvals from the Committee on Foreign Investments which consists of nine senior US officials, including the secretaries of State, Defense, Treasury, Homeland Security, Commerce, and Energy, the attorney general, and two White House representatives. The deal unanimously approved by the committee and only one person could override or block the sale – President Barack Obama.

$145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation was recorded for “speaking fees” just from Uranium One- and Rosatom-tied donors alone.

The Hill recently reported that an undercover FBI informant named Douglas Campbell told a congressional committee that he that Russian nuclear executives in Moscow had hired American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was “in position to influence the Obama administration, and more specifically Hillary Clinton.”

FEC Campaign Finance Investigation

To add to the list, the Federal Election Commission is investigating an $84 million money laundering scheme allegedly orchestrated by the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and a number of Democratic state parties.

The Hillary Victory Fund is accused of funneling $84 million from the DNC through 30-40 state party chapters and then the states would send the money right back to the Clinton campaign.

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    Possible 2020 Candidate Gillibrand Says Hillary ‘Greatest Role Model’



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    Well; that’s a good way to make sure you don’t win an election.

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    With that comment she assured President Trump of a bigger margin of victory!!

  • Kathryn Jordan

    What on earth is Gillibrand thinking when she said that? She has got to be loony to say that Hillary is a “good role model”. Hillary is not a good role model for any female in America; to turn a blind eye on her husband’s sexual affairs with Paula Jones and then denying it before Congress just makes Hillary look so stupid. I hope Gillibrand changes her mind about running in 2020.

    • Naval Lint

      She’d be GREAT, partnered with Fauxohauntas. A WINNING team…for President Trump’s re-election!

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      She is just looking for more support from the people that still support Hillary. Trying to prove she is a loyal Commie.

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    A role model for what PRISON because that is were the Clintons should be if there was any justice in this country!

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    Clinton and Gillibrand = 2 of the most worthless women on the planet.

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    “I can tell you that Hillary Clinton is still my greatest role model in politics,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)” As if the (D-NY) isn’t enough to show she does not have the common sense of rabbit.

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      they all have 1 thing in common…they are rats and are void of God or decency.

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    So she has no morals or ethics and is not against committing sedition, treason ,election fraud, murder, extortion,obstruction,sedition, just to name a few!!!

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    Oh no. Another obnoxious insane bitter old lady, just like the voted most hated woman in America, Hillary Clinton. She wants to run So do my bowels. This apparently is the best Dems can find in the sh it pile. Fresh out of the Obama library with no books and a two seater out – house with a cooking school (yuk)
    on u -tube. Kenyan cooking on the run.

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      They turned the Democratic party into a real S**thole!

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        Hillary really turned the Democratic party into a real S**thole. I don’t know how long it will take to get it out of that s**thole thanks to her and now Gillibrand.

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    I am not surprised Guillibrand (USES) Hillary as her mentor… Hillary has a filthy mouth and Guillibrand does too. Guillibrand led the charge to oust Franken out of the Senate… Guillibrand is schitzo about the Clintons too. She threw Bill the Zipper over with the movement METOO movement, but now she is back sucking up to Hillary hoping the dumb voters will flock to her. True to the Clinton playbook …she already speaks out of both sides of her lying mouth.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      I hope that Gillibrand is smart enough not to run in 2020. I agree that Hillary has a filthy mouth. To say that Hillary is a good role model is like saying the Earth is flat. Gillibrand is trying to make Democrats look like idiots with that statement; she’s the one with egg on her face with that statement.

  • Greg

    I predict she will be a HUGE waste of money for the rats…Please run!

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    both role models for those who wish :GETTING RICH IN POLITICS WITH OUT GOING TO JAIL?

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      thanks for the evening laugh. needed it.

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    So this means we can rely on Gillibrand to consistently lie, cheat, defend audulterous and abusive males, use public office for personal gain and expect to get away with all of the above and get applauded for it by the MSM and the Democratic Party.

  • Naval Lint

    If this woman sees Killery as a role model, she may as well get locked up right now…and her background FULLY investigated. She may have ALREADY put Killary’s criminal behaviors to work for her. Just sayin’…

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    A well known minion of Hillary, she inherited her warped sense of hubris. Another that appeals strictly to the coasts while simply pacifying the rest!

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    Role model for what? Lying, name calling, losing e-mails, pay to play, smashing phones? I could go on.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      That is a good question. Hillary was not a good role model to any American especially to girls and to women. She was brain dead. I agree that both Bill and Hillary should pay for their crimes. But Gillibrand needs to think twice before opening her mouth. I do hope any other Democratic candidates for president can weed her out.

  • Ken

    To cover all of Bill and Hillary’s crimes you would need a thick book. This is a good synopsis of some of their crimes. Both should be serving life in prison. Gillibrand is brain dead and tone deaf if she thinks saying Hillary is her role model is going to help her! I hope any of her possible opponents are keeping a copy of all of this.

    • Rolpho Signetti

      But… I know they are criminals, and should be held accountable.

      Be that as it may… if there are no repercussions to said crimes…just talk.

      Do the people who commit the crimes consider themselves criminals, and the people who complain against them: the real losers?

      We know how they think about this, after all we are “The Deplorable s”.

      Unless something changes, Bill, and Hillary will go to their graves unpunished. History will soon forget about them.

      And no amount of complaining on sites like this will change that. They know that. Part of Hillary’s historical game plan has always been to wait out her accusers, and to shift the spotlight on the accusers. No reason to change now.

      Maybe GOD, or SATAN will have a little talk with her, which ever way she ends up in. Burn, baby BURN!

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    If the Democrats win any more elections, it will be by VOTER FRAUD. Our country is dead. We have corrupt and wicked people in charge. From the top down. Look at the voting record. Just 175 out of 535 whose voting record is 50% conservative or better. That means 360 are FLAMING LIBERALS. iNCLUDING McConnell, Cornyn, Alexander, Collins, …… And guess what.
    The anti-Trump pro establishment Flake is one of the 175 with a score of 56%. Folks, it is any wonder they just increased the national debt by 1.5 trillion?

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    Of course I saw the Harvey Weinstein schmoozing pics , fits right in.

    Well, I hope she gets a book deal ahead of time called

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