Pope Francis: If Trump Really Is Pro-Life, He Won’t End DACA

(MRC TV) In yet another ideological break from the administration, Pope Francis recently said that if President Donald Trump truly is pro-life, he will rethink ending former President Obama’s DACA program granting temporary amnesty to illegal aliens brought to the United States as children.

“One hopes that it is re-thought somewhat,” said the pope on Sunday while answering questions on a plane returning from Colombia, according to Reuters.

“The president of the United States…presents himself as a man who is pro-life. If he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that the family is the cradle of life and you have to defend its unity,” Pope Francis added.

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Trump recently announced his administration will be scaling back the DACA program, saying immigration officials will no longer process incoming applications but will recognize benefits granted to already approved recipients for up to two years. Trump challenged Congress to pass a legal version of the program within the next six months, adding that such an initiative should never have been enacted by the Executive Branch in the first place…

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  • Dan Gaschler

    If he really is the Pope , his main concern should be Catholicism .

  • MikeTheTiger

    The Pope doesn’t understand, DACA will run out unless Congress acts. DACA is dead, Trump gave it a 6 month reprieve to allow Congress to act.

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  • Steve G.

    The Pope isn’t even pro-life. The pope is a political hack that probably doesn’t even believe in God. The bible teaches to follow the law!

  • Jim Moriarty

    Too bad Pope Francis is a Jesuit, Liberal, Modernist, Progressive, Liberation theologist. In South America, where he is from, some Jebbies took up arms to kill local politicians they did not like. So much for “love thy neighbor” down the tubes. The Jesuits are totally lost and corrupt. Malachi Martin left them in the 1960’s. That tells me all I need to know and I am Catholic.