Planned Parenthood: We Can ‘F**k Whoever the F**k We Want’

NYCity promotional campaign employs the F-word multiple times to try to raise money…

Planned Parenthood Wants Us to 'F*ck Whoever the F*ck We Want'

IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Planned Parenthood, America’s largest provider of abortions, launched a campaign in New York City to raise money and promote unlimited sex without consequences.

The video ad, titled “Protect Our Freedom to F**k,” features New Yorkers proudly saying “f**k” about twenty times.

They use the word both as a derogatory term and to describe sexual intercourse.

The video begins with a woman walking down the street saying, “F**k New Yorkers who love to complain.”

The clips continue in quick succession.

“F**k everyone about to get F**ked by the L train,” a man says.

“F**k manspreaders,” a woman says.

“F**k subletters,” another woman says.

“F**k anyone who can afford their rent,” a woman says.

The clips continue until the video turns to sexual issues.

Two men lie in bed and the narrator says, “F**k your loud as f**k upstairs neighbor.”

Near the end, a woman says a slogan of the campaign, “F**k New York and everyone in it.”

Planned Parenthood of New York City has distributed condoms that have the slogan on the package.

Then a female narrator says, “Protect our right to f**k whoever the f**k we want.”


Another condom package also has a similar message: “Protect NYC’s freedom to f**k safely with access to birth control for all.”

The video ends with an appeal for donations to Planned Parenthood of New York City.

Planned Parenthood has aborted nearly 8 million babies from 1973 to 2017, LifeSite News reported.