Planned Parenthood to Spend $45M in Swing States to Flip Senate

‘Next November, our very rights and freedoms will be on the ballot…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Planned Parenthood is making a huge investment in the 2020 election, rolling out a costly, time-consuming plan to help propel pro-choice Democrats to Congress—and the White House.

The abortion giant’s political wings announced Wednesday that they’re throwing $45 million into the race to back candidates who support abortion, though they hope to raise more over the next year.


Planned Parenthood said its main priority moving into 2020 is to defeat President Donald Trump. But it also wants to swing the Senate back to the left. Its campaign will target nine key swing states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Their campaign strategy will include digital marketing, television and radio ads, direct mail and voter canvassing starting next year.

“Next November, our very rights and freedoms will be on the ballot,” Kelley Robinson, executive director of the Planned Parenthood Votes super PAC, said in a statement.

“Already, we’ve seen Trump and his buddies in Congress and state legislatures do everything they can to strip us of our rights and access to health care,” Robinson said.Who we elect will determine our access to birth control, cancer screenings, sex education, abortion access and more.”

Robinson told NPR that Trump’s “coordinated level of attack” on abortion rights means that the GOP has one goal: to “undermine and to gut” the Supreme Court’s controversial Roe v. Wade decision.

“This year what we’re finding is that people really understand exactly what’s at stake,” Robinson said. “The stakes are higher than ever, and our donors and our supporters understand that very clearly.”