Planned Parenthood’s Infiltration of Hollywood EXPOSED

‘She’s like Planned Parenthood’s secret weapon…’

Planned Parenthood is Trying to Infiltrate Hollywood 1

Planned Parenthood in Hollywood / IMAGE: Annenberg Media via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Planned Parenthood admitted it has influenced and advised Hollywood on more than 150 productions since 2014 as part of an effort to push their pro-choice agenda.

As states increasingly adopt pro-life policies, Planned Parenthood is turning to Hollywood, according to The Washington Post.

“Nobody used to call me,” said Caren Spruch, Planned Parenthood’s director of arts and entertainment engagement. “I would be watching TV and going to the movies and figuring out who I thought might be open to including these story lines. Now I have a couple of repeat clients. Now people call me.”

Spruch encourages screenwriters to discuss abortion in the script, or she’ll “work as a script doctor” for productions interested in including storylines about abortion and contraceptives.


“We could see hints of her in all the TV shows coming out, from ‘Shrill’ to ‘Jane the Virgin,’” the writer and director of Obvious Child, Gillian Robespierre, told the Post. “It’s really wonderful. She’s like Planned Parenthood’s secret weapon.”

Influencing television shows and movies is one way Planned Parenthood hopes to change the way people view abortion, said Melanie Roussell Newman, the abortion giant’s senior vice president of communications and culture.

“A lot of people learn about sexual and reproductive health care through pop culture and entertainment programs,” Newman said. “We’ve seen pop culture change views around LGBTQ issues, for example, and pop culture has the power to challenge abortion stigma, too.”

Despite Planned Parenthood’s best efforts, however, the culture is still becoming more pro-life, said Mallory Quigley, a spokesperson for the Susan B. Anthony List, a nonprofit, pro-life organization.

“The abortion industry’s grip on Hollywood is well-known, but what might be surprising is how soundly their propaganda has failed to move Americans’ minds and hearts,” Quigley told the Daily Caller.

“Pro-life sentiment is on the rise,” she continued. “The overwhelming majority of Americans, especially young people, disagree with the extreme agenda of taxpayer-funded abortion on demand through birth and even infanticide. Americans are tired of pro-abortion elites telling them what to think and value.”