Planned Parenthood Hires Obamacare Apologist, Mammogram Mythologist, as Top Spokesman

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Planned Parenthood Federation of America recently announced that Kevin Griffis has been named the organization’s vice president for communications, and he appears to be an appropriate voice for the aggressively pro-abortion activist group.

Planned Parenthood Hires Obamacare Apologist, Mammogram Mythologist as Top Spokesman

Kevin Griffis/IMAGE: YouTube

“We’re thrilled to welcome Kevin Griffis to our team,” said PPFA President and CEO Cecile Richards. “Kevin brings unparalleled communications experience in health care policy, advocacy, access, and delivery at a time when these issues have never been more important.”

Griffis served as a spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration, and has also led multiple political campaigns. As the Assistant Secretary for Public Services at HHS, Griffis oversaw communications on an expansive range of health issues, from the Zika virus outbreak, to the Affordable Care Act and its enrollment difficulties.

But Griffis has also been a long-time advocate for pro-abortion policies. In 2013 he was U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker’s campaign spokesman, and buttressed the candidate’s pro-choice comments.

“We can all agree that we want to prevent unintended pregnancies, and therefore the need for abortion,” Griffis told Politifact New Jersey. “Fundamentally, [Newark] Mayor Booker believes that a woman’s health decisions should remain between her and her doctor. Mayor Booker supports Roe v. Wade, which allows women the right to choose up to the point of viability.”

Griffis also condemned Louisiana’s and Alabama’s decisions to end state Medicaid payments to PPFA in 2015, claiming the states violated federal law. He also perpetuated the lie, often repeated by Democratic candidates on the campaign trail, that the organization provides mammograms for patients.

“Longstanding Medicaid laws prohibit states from restricting individuals who have coverage through Medicaid from receiving care from a qualified provider,” Griffis said at the time. “By restricting which provider a woman could choose to receive care from, women could lose access to critical preventive care, such as cancer screenings.”

Griffis also played an influential role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act under the Obama administration. He remained a staunch supporter of the health care policy, even when it came under attack after its premiums were raised by 25 percent in over 39 states.

Griffis acknowledged the unusual increase in rates, but remained optimistic about Obamacare’s implementation.

“Headline rates are generally rising faster than in previous years,” he said in a briefing with reporters. “We think consumers will ultimately be surprised by the affordability of the premiums, because the tax credits track with the increases in premiums.”

PPFA said Griffis joins their team at an “unique” time, as it faces opposition from a Republican-led Congress and many grassroots, pro-life activists, especially following revelations that the organization has sold baby parts produced from its abortions.

“Our top priority is protecting access to care for our patients—and standing up for the millions of people across this country who need and deserve essential reproductive health care,” said Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood. “Kevin will be a great leader for our communications team—rallying the country to make sure access to reproductive health care is protected, and ultimately expanded.”

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  • Naval Lint

    I wonder just how many fetal fatalities will eventually constitute an acceptable reduction in “unintended pregnancies”. This seems an efficient method for controlling a population, much like Hitler’s “Final Solution”. Democrats must be sooooo proud.

    • Vernon Devine

      Do you have a brain? It is not like Hitler’s final solution, idiot. The fetus has not reached the point of viability so a pregnancy is being ended before the fetus could survive outside the womb.The Supreme Court ruled the such an abortion was legal. I will take their word over yours every day. You do not like it, too bad.

      • Naval Lint

        You’re correct. I DON’T agree with this. I accept that, under certain circumstances, an abortion may be desirable. Rape or incest are two examples. Inconvenience, however, is NOT a viable excuse. And if you don’t know why, trying to tell you would be a waste of my time.

      • Shelly Shannon

        Then don’t make people who don’t believe in abortion pay with the taxes they work for. And yes, they are exactly like Hitler. They only hide behind the fact it’s legal. These women are nothing short of murderous nazi followers. The only reason men think this is okay is they can shun all responsibility for getting that woman knocked up in the first place. Pay for your own mistakes.

      • Naval Lint

        And yet another clump of cells is now heard from.

      • Pomona Pete

        Do you have a brain? Or was yours sucked out before birth?

        It IS like Hitler’s final solution…for the child, you idiot.

        the Supreme Court validated separate but equal, et al. you will ‘take their word’ as an excuse to evade the responsibility of thinking for yourself, you oaf. now shut up.

    • Shelly Shannon

      They are. Proud to be another nazi organization whos leader is another Hitler himself (Obama).

  • richjack4

    I wish they would stop calling it planned parenthood and refer to it for what it is. A flat out nationalized abortion clinic! Why do they need a “top” spokesman? Do they really think they’re going to sell their nonsense to people with an IQ above 50!!!!!!!! Cecil Richards should be before a grand jury rather than continuing to run this disgrace of an organization!

    • The Redhawk

      IF anyone should be against PP .. are the Black Idiots who want MO” welfare based on number of Illegitimate chillens! WAKE UP Plantation DWELLERS or get SMART ( yes Birth Control is available)

      • Vernon Devine


        • The Redhawk

          at any DRUG STORE ..and even VENDING MACHINES at some KALIPHORNIA Campuses ..DUHHHHH! WAKE UP !!! PP is an ABBATOIR for children!!

          • Sylvia Avila

            Right!! Where is the out cry for the needy? Or hungry?

          • The Redhawk

            NOT in the Restaurants where the PP go to SELL body parts in order to buy LAMBORGHINIS you MORON!!! Try the POOR INNER CITIES …for a REALITY CHECK

    • temporary guest

      I think they call it “planed parenthood” because Margaret Sanger, who started the whole thing, believed that she had the planning rights to decide whether or not blacks, Hispanics and Latinos could become parents.

      • Vernon Devine

        You are talking about 100 years ago. By modern standards Sanger was very problematic, but that is not modern day Planned Parenthood which is an excellent organization providing birth control and abortion. It is a nonprofit organization by the way.

        • temporary guest

          I guess whether or not one considers it to be an “excellent organisation” just depends on whether or not one approves of slaughtering human babies for profit.

          Margaret Sanger certainly did. What’s changed?

          • Maxine Albritton

            well good, if it is non profit and they can get donations, they should not mind at all losing taxpayer funding.

        • Shelly Shannon

          They don’t promote birth control. They promote the killing of human beings. They are no better than Hitler.

        • Pomona Pete

          for the love of—say, the nazis did some good, too, with the roads and such…

    • Jon Blake

      There is NO Parenthood in PP it is a Butcher Chop.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes!! They! The Dems love to kill their own!! I say close All PPH!! Now

    • Knowledge Transfer

      Planned Parent-less Hood

  • richjack4

    They certainly do need a spokesman who sells abortion as simply an alternative form of birth control!!! God has a special place reserved for scumbags like this!

    • twspears6007

      I believe that Satan has a special place for these scumbags

      • Shelly Shannon

        I’m pretty sure there is one reserved for Obama. POS!

  • Bill Harrison

    Abortions and forced sterilization for all liberals. Make the world a better place.

    • The Redhawk

      Second that Motion…Eventually the (D) Nazi party will be gone!!!

    • Sylvia Avila

      I wish! Stop teasing us!!

    • dux nobis28

      An excellent suggestion !

  • The Redhawk

    Hey CONGRESS >>> NUKE these baby Killers!!


    Next we will see pencil-necked Pajama Boy in his Doctor Dentons recycled as Abortion Boy, sitting around in his Doctor Mengeles arguing with his family about how every child in the country who is not a mongrel or a missing link that will be dependent on the government needs to be aborted up until and even after delivery. The only way to prevent the nightmares of the Comte de Gobineau from becoming our future reality is to destroy the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe before it regains power and destroys us.

  • John

    There are a lot of choices a woman can make that would prevent pregnancy but once she has made the choice to be pregnant, by her actions or inactions the child’s life must be protected. If a woman chooses to abuse or kill her children the state must step in to protect the child or punish the mother.
    In the very rare cases on rape or incest or health of the mother, all less than 2% of all abortions case by case bases should decide.

    • Pomona Pete

      yup, these dimwit females DEMAND the right to control their bodies!

      all right then, CONTROL THEM you brainless conniving scum.

  • twspears6007

    This is just like the average Democrat the messenger is more important than the message. It sometimes works for the short term but for the long term it is a journey of defeat. Look at Hillary Clinton all the money in the world could not put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall. All the fake messages could not persuade the voters. The Democrats have spent so many years trying to fool the people now the chickens have come home to roost. Don’t mess with the will of the people they will win when awaken to the fact that the Democrats leave bitter memories of their failures. Trenton

  • JWB

    Mr.Griffis is another Godless disciple of satan, who accepts, condones, encourages and facilitates the murder of one of Gods greatest gifts, the most defenseless, the unborn children. Disgusting, disheartening and disappointing. End this brutality.

  • Nivlem Sirrah

    Abortion is simply murder and there is no way around it as the child belongs to God the sentient spirit owner from the start of conception period. The very spark in your eyes is delivered to the new creation and life is given at this time conception it is simply the eternal law of truth and morality no two ways around it, other than to keep your legs closed period.

  • Jon Blake

    Opportunities to defund PP grows dimmer in Congress. I am urging everyone to contact their respective Representatives to make them understand that it is urgent and the clock ticks and they must NOT delay.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right!! I have No response! But I keep trying!!!! Never give up!!

  • R A Reed

    Congrats Kevin. Going to make the selling of baby parts more profitable for the baby butchers? Gee, if you think about it, murder is just a late term abortion. In other words you have no heart, soul, ethics or moral compass.

  • Barry Thomas

    Abort the abortionist …. retroactively.. No mater how old they are.

  • I see that Trump either has or is gong to, stop funding abortions of any source of finances that include abortion at the federal level. I am not sure how many states are doing so also but I suspect the are a number of them that have or will shortly. I also expsct the House to shut off their purse strings as well. That relieves the tax payers from financing it. Let those companies that feel they have to do so fund them. The whole thing depends on when a fetus is a living child. That is all that keeps this malpractice to continue. But those of us who believe in the Bible see that the truth is that abortion is in violation of God’s Book of Life. Going against the Will of God has serious consequences. forgiveness is acceptable and proper but failure creates a nasty future. It not only affects the prospective mother but everyone who advocates for such behavior.

  • Sueja

    Baby killers

  • Jim

    That is great news, if they can afford to hire this guy, then they DO NOT NEED TAX PAYER FUNDS TO OPERATE! STOP PAYING FOR MURDER!
    Once they can kill babies at will, just think how long before they can kill old people, because they don’t want them!

  • Shelly Shannon

    Apologize for whatever you want, but you are all still murderers. Dispicable human beings!

  • Marnie

    The whole thing is obscene! They say they want an way to prevent pregnancy; how about long before the egg is fertilized?!

  • Pomona Pete

    ‘we are proud to welcome Kevin Griffis to our team of baby killers and meat butchers.’

    say Kevin, can I order 3 elbows and a left foot? I’m making a collage.