Planned Parenthood Head Calls for ‘Immigrant Justice’

Cecile Richards says amnesty for illegals and ‘reproductive justice’ are ‘part of same fight’…

Cecile Richards's Brutal Legacy as She Leaves Planned Parenthood

Cecile Richards/Photo by Lorie Shaull (CC)

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) As Planned Parenthood seeks her replacement as its president, Cecile Richards is ramping up her organization’s radicalism even more as she heads for the exits.

In a commentary for TIME magazine, she marries her advocacy for unfettered abortion rights with the cause for protection of illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S., without penalty.

“At Planned Parenthood, we understand that reproductive justice and immigrant justice are part of the same fight,” she wrote in a piece published on Wednesday.

Planned Parenthood receives funding from the federal government.


Richards wrote about Victoria Ruiz, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient who went on to community college to “become a voice for change.”

Richards calls Victoria a “patient-turned-organizer” who seeks to expand healthcare rights to “Latino immigrants.”

In the article, Richards demands a “clean Dream Act” and said that illegal aliens “enrich and strengthen our country, and they deserve better than to be used as a political bargaining chip.”

Richards article is riddled with contradictions.

In one paragraph, she says fear keeps illegal immigrants from seeking medical help.

“Fear stands in the way of undocumented people seeking out health care professionals for treatment of illnesses and basic reproductive care including birth control.”

Yet in the very next paragraph, Richards says illegals come to Planned Parenthood clinics frequently.

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“Many Dreamers and undocumented immigrants walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood every day because our centers are one of the few affordable places they can go, regardless of status, and feel comfortable seeking the care they need.”

Earlier in the article, Richards inadvertently reveals the cost burden that illegal immigrants imposed on taxpayers and nonprofit medical providers.


“Today, immigrant communities have higher rates of unintended pregnancy and cervical cancer, and some have higher rates of HIV. Almost half of non-citizen women of reproductive age with low incomes lack health insurance.”

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 62 percent of illegal immigrant households receive some type of taxpayer funded welfare –  which includes Medicaid.

The latest data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) shows that illegals on  federal welfare programs cost U.S. taxpayers $5.8 billion annually. Medical costs were estimated at $17.1 billion.

FAIR has pinned the annual cost of illegal immigrants approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member for a total of nearly $116 billion a year.