Planned Parenthood Fights for ‘Constitutional Right’ to Abortion for Illegal Minors

‘We believe all people have a constitutional right to safe, legal abortion, regardless of their immigration status…’

JUDGE: Trump Admin Must Let Illegal Immigrant Get Abortion

Tanya Chutkan

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Numerous pro-abortion groups, 18 states, and the District of Columbia filed an amicus brief expressing support for minor illegal immigrants who enter the United States without a parent or legal to have legal access to abortions.

The illegal immigrant child for whom the lawsuit began already aborted her child in October, 2017, though the courts have not issued a final opinion on the case that will establish legal precedent.

Jane Doe had an abortion because U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered a temporary injunction.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood led the amicus brief.

The case involves a 2017 policy change made by Scott Lloyd, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, that would require all unaccompanied minors to get his permission before they have an abortion.

As a pro-life person, he did not sign off on any abortions.

Underwood said Lloyd does not have the power to restrict abortion access.

“All women have a constitutionally protected right to access safe and effective abortion services — including unaccompanied minors,” she said.

Planned Parenthood signed onto the brief.

“At Planned Parenthood, we believe all people have a constitutional right to safe, legal abortion, regardless of their immigration status,” Planned Parenthood wrote in a press release. “After risking everything to flee danger in their home countries, these women should be able to access basic health care with dignity — not be met with coercion and cruelty.”

Conservatives states filed an amicus brief arguing the opposite — illegal immigrants do not have the constitutional right to abortions.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton led the coalition that submitted the brief in favor of the Trump administration’s policy.

“Unlawfully-present aliens with virtually no connections to the country do not have a constitutional right to an elective abortion,” Paxton wrote. “Plaintiffs thus are not entitled to a preliminary injunction directing the federal government to facilitate Plaintiffs’ exercise of a right they cannot assert.”