REPORT: 1,400+ Non-Citizens Registered to Vote in Detroit

‘Motor Voter is failing Motor City…’

More Than 23K Californians Registered to Vote Incorrectly by DMV

Photo by coolmikeol (CC)

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) At least 1,400 non-citizens are registered to vote in Detroit, according to a report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Called “Motor Voter Mayhem,” the report details how the firm discovered non-citizens in Michigan’s voter registration database. The illegal voter registrations were especially concentrated in the Detroit metro area.

The name of the report references the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which automatically registers people to vote when going through the Department of Motor Vehicles. When Congress passed the law, it was probably only intended that this would benefit citizens, not illegal aliens or nonresidents.

Among other things, the report criticized the state of Michigan for failing to implement a citizen verification system, as well as numerous cities and towns in the state for infrequent maintenance of voter rolls, which has led to duplications and potentially deceased individuals still registered to vote.

The Wolverine State can at least be satisfied that they are hardly the only state to have such problems—not that this is any comfort to Americans who want a voting system free of fraud and other shenanigans.

The interesting findings in PILF’s investigation include 1,444 registered voters who are likely not citizens of this country. In addition, there were 2,264 duplicate registrations, allowing in theory for an individual to vote more than once.

There were also 1,514 registrants aged 105 and older—including 70 people with a birth date in the 1800s, which is earlier than that of the oldest living person in the world.

PILF blamed the “Motor Voter” law for the problems.

“Motor Voter is failing Motor City,” said the firm’s president, J. Christian Adams. “Like this Foundation has seen in other jurisdictions, Motor Voter is inviting noncitizens onto voter rolls. This report also encourages state and local officials to take a closer look at procedures that are yielding alarming numbers of duplicate and potentially deceased registrants.”

Not surprisingly, PILF has also found evidence of “rampant” voter fraud in sanctuary cities.