Physician Group Urges Trump to Allow Obamacare to ‘Wither and Die’


Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, via YouTube

( An organization of physicians that promotes a return to individualized, patient-centered medicine says if Republicans decide to “tweak” or alter Obamacare, incoming President Donald Trump should use his executive authority to starve the law’s financial mechanisms.

In a newly released white paper, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) says Obamacare’s mandates and scheme of “coercive redistribution of wealth” should no longer be kept alive because they have allowed the government to keep a “chokehold” on innovation and have prevented “excellence” from thriving.

Obamacare has been built on an “unsound foundation…with so many complex, interdependent parts that attempts to alter parts of it will upset the balance with unpredictable, likely disastrous effects,” states the group, adding that a plan to replace the healthcare law with another poorly considered centralized government program could be equally disastrous.

The group advises incoming President Donald Trump not to wait for Congress to act on President Obama’s signature legislation with a series of “tweaks” or alterations, and explains why Trump should unilaterally allow the law to “wither and die”:

ObamaCare is inextricably tied to the rest of the American “healthcare delivery system.” Besides the radical changes in health insurance and medical institutions, ObamaCare makes many changes in Medicare and Medicaid and heavily depends on them. About half of the “healthcare dollar” passes through these federal programs, and 90 percent passes through some third-party. As with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there is a legacy to be preserved: the legacy of Barack Obama, but also of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon—and Marx and Lenin.

Because of its intended complexity, AAPS urges the GOP to “adopt approaches that can be taken unilaterally by the Trump Administration, without requiring congressional approval.”

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  • floral

    void the “tax”. void the subsidizes. void all “coverage” for abortions, contraceptives, gender reassignment. Pay medical school costs for students who agree to 5yr “public service” in medical clinics and/or rural areas at a preagreed salary. Funding can be from many sources, but cheaper than the “admin costs” of a centralized programs.

    • Valerie Marzani Cameron

      Nice ideas.

  • Bernie

    Young, bright minds are not choosing medicine as a career because of a putz named Obama.
    How many people want their doctor to be a government employee?

    • PaulB

      Just ask anyone that goes to the VA for services.

  • Rocketman

    sounds like a good plan to me Mr. President Elect.

  • Dennis Stewart

    Mc Cain sometimes says the right things but rarely does the right things. What a weasel!

  • PaulB

    Utilize more health clinics, use licensed practitioners.. they are cheap, effective and can handle MOST of what people go to a doctor for. Let doctor’s do the specialized stuff. and hospitals for major medical purposes ONLY.

  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    Eliminate the illegal mandate that requires everyone to have insurance or pay a fine. The rest will collapse on its own.

  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    Discredited by the same organizations who have given us all these wonderful vaccines and medications that wind up on those 1-800-bad drug commercials. A true boon for mankind and lawyers.

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    No, it shouldn’t be allowed to wither — it should be axed and burnt as fuel!

  • dmttbt

    While we anxiously wait for Trumps inaugural and all the violence that has been promised to go along with it, why don’t we relocate the swearing of the oath and concentrate all our fire power on the original location?
    I don’t think Trump will be upset if they don’t have the proceedings as usual, and just get on with the job of president.

    • jong

      I think that since they told us that they were going to do it thats fine. Very very good time to ambush them.

  • Bernie

    That’s right, Ken (putz),
    79% of doctors are conservative. However, 74% of lawyers vote liberal.
    Do you favor Universal health care?

  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    Thanks Ken! Your bigoted remarks only go to prove the point that libs are the least of our society.

  • jong

    Nope. We need to drive a large stake in its “heart” then cut off its head and stuff it up the liberals nether regions.

  • coconuisse

    Allowing Obamacare to die on its own seems to put the onus on the Democrats for cramming this liberal dream down the nation’s throat. The downside would be continuing the subsidies that allowed this monstrosity to be born in the first place. To repeal and replace would put the onus of any perturbations to the state of healthcare to be firmly on the Republicans. All in all, the safest path would be to let this liberal wet dream die on its own. The damage would be obviously high as many would suffer as their health care coverage faded into nothingness, but it would be liberals who would take ALL of the blame.

  • Valerie Marzani Cameron

    Just cancel the mandates and the fees. Then it dies, and it becomes obvious why it dies. Because people should not be paying other peoples’ bills, period.

  • Valerie Marzani Cameron

    The only people who can visit an ER without having to pay anything for their care are those on Medicaid…including the 10 million new ones added through Obamacare. The rest of us just pay for ourselves, and for them.

  • floral

    Vaccines, many of which have mercury and other poisons in them, when administered to children under 18 months and all at once, ARE dangerous, make kids very sick and a high % of children mega dose vaccinated at 9 months DO develop autism. I DO have significant medical knowledge, superior to a lot of doctors, if their and my performance on continuing ed courses are any measure. Avg score 60% my score 100

  • Jack

    By urging Trump to make unilateral approaches without congressional approval is yet another huge mistake. Why trade one idiots insurance dictates for another idiots, opposite and equally bad insurance dictates? We have separation of powers precisely to prevent the abomination that is the ACA, even though the ACA was approved wholly by a Democratic Congress. We also know that the Democrats let this bad law be written by the leaders of the Democratic Party. We know also that a few, dyed in the wool Socialists now lead our Democratic party and that the sooner we turn these people out the better off we will be. But not if we allow another dictator to tell us how health care should be done. We need a Congress with independent people who can follow the Constitution to make sound and common sense decisions for those who elect them and we need accountability when they fail.

  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    I don’t believe you have a clue about what is true and what is made up for you to cling to.

  • Cecilia Robarge

    Let it wither and die just like the dumbocraps. amen…

  • My country

    I wonder where they were when he threw Obamacare on us ? Why wasn’t the medical profession screaming from the rooftop ! Only those doctors that never have to deal with actual patients wanted Obamacare ! Why didn’t Pelosi get thrown out by her voters for her stupid remark We have to pass it to find out what is in it ! Gosh she is the most stupid thing to sit in Washington! Then there was Mitch McConnell He said he didn’t have time to read all of that ! Then we had Justice Roberts putting the nail in the coffin by making it a law we had to buy their insurance ! Gosh people it’s time to rise and shine and kick these bums out of Washington !