Pentagon Whistleblower Demoted After Exposing over $Million Paid to FBI Spy Halper

Nobody in the office seemed to know what Halper was doing for his money”…

Trump Campaign Was Infiltrated By Longtime CIA & MI6 Asset

Stefan Halper (screen shot: #SeekingTheTruth/Youtube)

(Zero Hedge) A Pentagon whistleblower was stripped of his security clearance and demoted after complaining about questionable government contracts with both FBI informant spy Stefan Halper and a company headed by Chelsea Clinton’s “best friend” for whom then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged meetings, reports the Washington Times.

Adam Lovinger, a Trump supporter and 12-year veteran of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), filed a whistleblower reprisal complaint with the Defense Department’s inspector general in May against ONA boss James Baker – who hired Halper, 73, to “conduct foreign relations” and kept the details of the spy’s contracts “close to the vest.”

Baker was appointed chief of the ONA in 2015 by Obama Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter.

At that point, Lovinger wouldn’t have known was a spy working with the FBI/DOJ on operation “Crossfire Hurricane” – the code name for the Obama administration’s counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign…


“In the fall of 2016, as the election loomed, Mr. Lovinger sent emails to Mr. Baker and other officials at the Office of Net Assessment complaining about the entire outside contracting process. He also said the office failed to write papers on long-term threats presented by radical Islam, China and Iran…”

Halper – an Oxford University professor, former US government official and longtime FBI / CIA asset (who was married to the CIA deputy director’s daughter at one point), received over $400,000 for a 2016 contract which Lovinger complained about…

In total, the American citizen teaching abroad received over $1 million from contracts dated between 2012 and 2016…Original Source