Pelosi Vows to ‘Avenge’ Obama for ‘Stolen’ SCOTUS Seat

‘…If it’s the last thing I do…’

Nancy Pelosi Forgot Mitch McConnell's Name

Nancy Pelosi/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., vowed to “avenge” President Obama because Republicans “stole” his Supreme Court seat.

“I’m determined to avenge President Obama if it’s the last thing I do,” Pelosi said in a fundraising email, according to Fox News.

Pelosi declared her opposition to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee on June 9, before the president had announced his pick.

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pennsylvania., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, joined her in rejecting the unknown nominee.

The email, sent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, became more desperate as Trump’s nomination announcement neared.

“I emailed on Saturday. I emailed on Sunday. Now I’m emailing you again today,” she wrote. “I just learned that SECONDS after Trump’s announcement…Republicans will launch an unprecedented $1.4 MILLION ad blitz to support his nominee. I’m worried this will eviscerate our chance to make Republicans pay for the Supreme Court seat they STOLE from President Obama.”

Casey tweeted against Trump’s nominee before he was announced, too.

A supposed pro-life Democrat, he decided not to give the nominee a chance.

“I will oppose the nomination the President will make tonight because it represents a corrupt bargain with the far Right, big corporations, and Washington special interests,” Casey tweeted. “Any judge on this list is fruit of a corrupt process straight from the D.C. swamp.”

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Red state Democrats under pressure to vote for the nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, took a more balanced approach to his nomination.

“While I appreciate the invitation from the White House to attend this evening’s announcement, I declined so that I can meet first with the nominee in a setting where we can discuss his or her experience and perspectives,” Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, said in a statement. “In the coming days, I will be reviewing the record and qualifications of the president’s nominee.”