Pelosi to Let Trump Deliver SOTU Address on Feb. 5

Continuing resolution on funding will expire Feb. 8…

Trump Says Pelosi 'Deserves' House Speakership

Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi/IMAGE: ABC News via YouTube

(Lindsey McPherson, CQ-Roll Call) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump have agreed that he will hold his State of the Union address in the House chamber on Feb. 5.

Pelosi sent Trump a letter Monday formally inviting him to deliver the address next Tuesday, which she noted was the date they agreed to in a conversation.

Earlier this month, the California Democrat had invited Trump to deliver the State of the Union on Jan. 29 but she later rescinded that offer, saying she would not allow Trump to speak in the House chamber until the government was open.

After some back and forth, Trump ultimately agreed.

The partial government shutdown ended Friday after Trump signed a three-week continuing resolution.

Holding the State of the Union next Tuesday will prevent further delays that could have emerged if the government shuts down again on Feb. 8, when the CR expires.)

Trump has said that’s a possibility if Congress does not agree to appropriate funds for a wall along the southern border.

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