Pelosi Says Trump’s Plan is ‘to Make America White Again’

Pelosi claims new immigrants “make America more American…”

(CNS News) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) told the U.S. Conference of Mayors on Friday that President Donald Trump’s immigration plan is “a campaign to make America white again.”

By contrast, she said, new immigrants “make America more American…”

“Last night the president put forth a plan.”

“Let me just say what I said last night: That plan is a campaign to make America white again.”

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“It is plan that says over 50 percent of the current legal immigration will be cut back, that many people will be sent out of the country.”

“If you read through it you are thinking: Do they not understand that immigration has been the constant reinvigoration of America…”

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  • Neill Griffith

    Is she saying she Is offended because she is Black? Now that is offensive!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Where do I sign up at? That a boy Trump! We do not need any more of those kinda people here! In fact get rid of 50% of the whites also!


    I’m dreaming of a White Christmas..
    Just like the kind… memories!

    Makes me want to put my white robe on…

    • Joe samo

      and don’t forget your white cowboy hat.

      • Rolpho Signetti


  • kep

    Liberal, progressive, and socialist are all euphemisms for communist.

    • Mark Thomas

      And, stuck on stupid. She has been re-elected so many times by stupid, but one should hope she continues to be the face and voice of the Democrat party. She is perfect in that regard. A party with nothing new, no ideas, no morals, no honesty.

      • Lynette Utley

        Nancy Pelousi needs to read her history book. It was the democrats that made America white by being the party of SLAVERY and still to this day.

    • The Redhawk

      and STUPIDITY………….They still cannot Name ONE SUCCESSFUL COMMUNIST COUNTRY ..

  • Mark Thomas

    Make America white again? Oh, Nancy, you must mean like most of the Democrats in the Senate?

    • The Redhawk

      Nancy has NO idea..

  • Joe samo

    And Nancy is trying her best to make it violent.

    • The Redhawk

      She just might get HER WISH………Sooner than she KNOWS

      • Fed up!

        She be one of the first casualties of that wish. I see to it.

        • The Redhawk

          Take a number….same goes for DA SCHMUCK, Daffy Durbin and any member of the (D) Communist party you see walking around!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Well this time lets hope Nancy is right !

    • The Redhawk

      lock and load

    • Blogengeezer

      After going her way for the last many years, someone has to now ‘Pay the bills’ that her own political party of global worshiping, secular humanist liberal Leftists, have accumulated.

      Reverting the USA back into a profit motivated social economic system is painful.. for the perpetually dependency addicted and those prospering from flagrant Govt waste [her own personal proliferation of wealth]. Her party of which is the creator of, as well as the self appointed distributor of, wealth… Other people’s.

    • Fed up!


  • Danny Noble

    Let’s see, who kills more Americans, brings in more guns – Mexicans or Norwegians? I’ll take all the Vikings and send the Mexicans back.

    • The Redhawk

      IN Nancy the AIR head’s Vernacular.. YOU ARE A RACIST since Norwegians would vote GOP

      • laulau

        Well, if that is so, then it would balance the voting, instead of all Mexicans voting liberal.

        • The Redhawk

          BULLS EYE ….and that is beginning to happen among LEGAL HISPANIC AMERCANS , as well as Blacks going back to work…..

        • Maxine Albritton

          bingo, that is the truth of it. a lot of Europe is liberal and I would think the ones that would want to leave would be the ones sick of all that.

      • Blogengeezer

        Not sure about the, globalist focused ‘New’ wegians. They today appear on a self destructive terror… of themselves.

        • The Redhawk

          YOU confuse SWEDEN with NORWAY …..READ UP

          • Blogengeezer

            Norway did the same. fjordman a blogger, documented periodically, Norway’s decline into the self imposed chaos of global utopian encouragement of diversified secular humanism, naively funded by North Sea Oil income, many long years ago.

            Before his official censoring and threats on his life, he researched and documented each event. Especially those skillfully covered by the Leftist ‘news’ and legal system.

            The massive increase in violent rapes [astronomically rare in pre-muslim Norway], were quietly removed from the official documentation and thus described as ‘minor disagreements’ in social interactions..

          • Eric

            All Scandinavian Countries are Socialist. You need to read up on current events. Those morons are also without guns!!!

          • The Redhawk

            SWEDEN Economy until the INVASION from Muslim countries was a Working Socilist Country….NORWAY has Vast OIL fields in the North Sea and Closed borders to Illegals…………….THUNK IT OUT!

      • Fed up!

        That’s what their afraid of.

        • The Redhawk


      • Eric

        Not sure about that,…. Norwegians are Socialists!!!

        • The Redhawk

          Unlike SWEDEN which is going BROKE…Allowing MALMO to become a sharia aw city where Boln Citizen are escaping ,and having had OPEN borders ….Noway has CLOSED BORDERS to ILLEGAL INVADING Mu
          uslims, Vast North SEA oil reserves and is a WEALTHY Country…SOCIALIST??? Not sure about that having an elected President and .congress ….

      • laulau

        OK that would balance it out, with Mexicans voting democrat. What is wrong with that?

        • The Redhawk

          MORE OBAMA Anti USA policies………….or have you forgotten

    • larry harvey

      Danny-it is the individual who kills not his nationality.

      • Danny Noble

        Perhaps – 1000 years ago I’d have wanted the Vikings out for their tendency to raid towns, ravage women and rape cattle.

        Now the Norwegians are generally gentle people while Mexican and Latino drug gangs shoot up our cities every day. You may put your head in the sand but I will remain vigilant and propose border security at all times.

        • larry harvey

          Danny-Millions of Mexicans and Latinos are NOT in drug gangs. Do not blame the many for the crimes of the relative few. Again blame the INDIVIDUALS who do the acts not the larger number of people who don’t. There are good and bad in every group.

          • Danny Noble

            Let me make this simple – if they cross the border without permission to live here then the first act they did upon entering America was to commit a felony. Nothing else matters.

            If you cross the border into old Mexico and they catch you, you go to jail for a long time. I’ve been to Juarez, I understand a little about what is going on.

            Do not tell me these are all innocent lambs. No, these are brazen people who will commit whatever crime is needed to get what they want.

          • larry harvey

            Danny–You totally miss the point. There are tens of millions of Latinos and Mexicans who are NOT illegal immigrants, drug dealers or felons. Do not put them in the same category of those relatively few who are. Do not condemn all in the group for the sins of a relative few! That is the difference between a logically thinking individual and a bigot.

          • Danny Noble

            Never said there weren’t – you are putting words in my mouth and I do not appreciate your characterising me as some sort of racist.

            That said, America has around 30 million people who did willfully and with malicious intent sneak across our border and take jobs that Americans could have taken, hired by unprincipled employers. That is 10% of the people in America. And these people know nothing about America except is a place to make good money and send home. These people do not assimilate, they make barrios for themselves, won’t learn English and really do try to make people not like them.

            When you jumped the lunch line in elementary school and were caught, you got sent to the back of the line. If you cross the border in dark of night the democrats want to give you voting rights years ahead of those who came here legally. Guess who illegal immigrants usually vote for…

      • laulau

        Why is it that the prisons are full of mostly black and Mexicans? The whites can run faster?

        • jacob stclair

          Don’t you watch the NFL (National Felons League), they are in prison unjustly.

          • laulau

            Sure. they are….

  • The Redhawk

    It looks like BONE HEAD Nancy has done another ‘WEEKLY LEFT THE RAILS RANTS AGAIN” when will SAN FRAN TAKE PITY ON THIS Stupid MORON and VOTE HER OUT??H There still are sufficient (D) party Idiots to take her place!!!

  • CCblogging

    That would actually be nice but back to reality. Pelosi is full of sh*t.

    • The Redhawk

      So full that it FLOWS out of her MOUTH

  • laulau

    We have enough Mexicans!! We are not diverse, as they say. We are Mexican , black, and white. Let’s get some from Sweden, who are easy to get along with our values. Mexicans bring their flags, and burn ours, and won’t learn English.

    • Oscar Pearson

      A lot actually do take advantage of the liberal giveaways available.

    • Lillian DeVore

      I liked what McCarthy said: “We are not strong because our diversity. We are strong because of our unity.”

      Democrats don’t get over anything. Right now, they won’t accept the outcome of the election. Then we have la Raza, who still think the Southwestern States should be part of Mexico, that they got a bad rap back in the day. Out of all the people who were slaves in the past, the black people are the only ones who refuse to get over it.

      • larry harvey

        Why don’t bigots get over their intolerance and hate?

        • Danny Noble

          I agree Larry – Democrats are the LEAST tolerant people I have ever met – it is ‘my way or the highway’ with Democrats – republicans are quite reasonable until you threaten us, our families and way of life. And I do fly an American flag on a pole in front of my house.

          • bluewarrior13

            Very good post.

          • Lilly Putney

            I do to plus a Texas flag and a civil war flag. I think getting rid of all the statute is redicioulis to destroy History no matter what it represents. How will they ever learn not to repeat the past if they don’t understand what it was.

          • Danny Noble

            Bingo – I’ve seen more rebel flags since Obama more or less outlawed them than in 30 years before

          • Eddie Bingham

            That was the intent!!

          • Glenn E Moody

            I agree what next General Patton or one of our other Generals from our HISTORY leave them alone I have a dixi-flag to.

          • barnjoer

            Some of the past needs to be forgotten and some needs to be learned from and some needs to be repeated!!

          • Glenn E Moody

            yes ME TO & a TRUMP & BLUE LIVES MATTER & U S ARMY & POW MIA under the STARS & STRIPES our NATIONAL COLORS COME FIRST then the pow flag my branch of service ARMY flag then our POTUS flag & the blue lives matter flag I have a lot of friends that are police officers and I support them 100% and most of all our MILITARY TROOPS that the Democrats just stopped the pay for them it only lasted 3 day’s but that is 3 days to many they don’t get paid enough for putting life on the line for our freedom. all for the illegals that they don’t even care about just want the vote that don’t count only legal citizens are legally allowed to vote but in the last election over a million illegal’s voted for Hillary and the Democrats so TRUMP still won take away the illegal votes TRUMP won the popular vote that Hillary claims to have won thank GOD she lost

          • Danny Noble

            That’s right. As I understand 3 million “undocumented American Voters” voted in CAL for Hillary, but that was pointless because it would not have changed the electoral college vote by a single iota, even if all of mexico had come up to vote, which I’m sure CAL would have allowed.

            Many people do not understand the electoral college – it keeps 3 states, NY, NJ, CAL from running the country roughshod – it cuts down on fraud, as Hillary found out in CAL, where their 55 electoral votes didn’t matter cause by then Trump had won.

            Then the endless recounts by Hill and her surrogate daughters…The left still refuses to acknowledge Trump won.

        • KKmoderate

          Because liberal loonies keep antagonizing them 😹😹😊

        • laulau

          Why don’t liberals take their head out of the sand and learn the world around them?

          • John Carney

            Way to polite!

          • Glenn E Moody

            you mean out of there arsses listen for the pop lol

        • Slav2012

          Yeah Louis Farrakhan and Rev Wright need to heed that advice.

        • katfan

          Why don’t liberals figure out that they are more bigoted than those they claim are? President Obama divided our country more than anyone in the history of the U.S., including President Trump. Intolerance an hate have climbed to a new level since Trump was elected. The intolerance and hate is not from the right, but from the left. Name one time, in the last 20 years, that conservatives protested on campus (to the point of violence) when a liberal person was scheduled to speak. There have been many cases, this year, of liberals protesting and rioting when a conservative person was scheduled to speak on a University campus (mostly in California). Most of those events were canceled due to the threat of violence. How is this a conservative problem? You cannot demand tolerance, then be intolerant of those who disagree with you!

          • larry harvey

            Katfan–There are 3 separate issues: 1. Bigotry against minorities which I was addressing; 2. conservative v. liberal divide; 3. issue of controversial speakers on campus. On the first issue individuals who are prejudiced against minorities, be the minorities black, Muslim, immigrants, gays, Asians, woman, etc. are bigots. Their hate is manifest by negative stereotypes which often are lies or at best apply only to a tiny percentage of the group but are used to demonize the entire group. Trump by his words and actions has assisted and encouraged these bigots and is doing everything he can to set back the progress towards equality.. 2. I am a liberal and am proud of it.. Although I disagree with about 85% of the positions of conservatives, I do not dislike or disrespect them. I appreciate it when they force me to rethink my own position. Unlike the attitude of Trumpikes, with me it is not an us vs them exchange. On the contrary i believe exchanges with people of different views can be educational for both parties, providing the exchanges consist of facts and reason and not insults. 3. Since I am not a college dean nor presently a student, I cannot take responsibility for what others do. My own position is that both liberal and conservative speakers should be allowed providing they do not sprout hate, racism or encourage violence. When I attended college years ago, as students we appreciated the importance of the “marketplaces of ideas”.

          • katfan

            Larry Harvey, thanks for the response. I too hate bigotry, but it is not confined to minorities. The Black Lives Matter movement is run by bigots. If any group is against what will make America stronger, they are the enemy. That could be minorities or white power advocates. President Trump has never said (as the liberal news is so quick to report), that all Mexicans, Muslims, or any other group you mentioned, are evil. He did say that there are factions in those groups that are evil and that we should do a better of job of vetting those who want to come to the U.S. Do you have a problem with that? One more comment of bigotry. President Obama did more to divide our nation that President Trumps has done. When a police officer, justifiably shot a black youth who was threatening the life of the officer, President Obama encouraged violence against the police. Your comment about “Trumpikes” (I assume you meant Trumpites) is in itself disrespectful. You say it is not us against them, but you make a point to make it so. For your excuse about problems on campuses, your silence is deafening. I believe all voices should be heard on campuses. If conservatives were trying to silence liberal speakers, I would be demanding that College Deans allow those voices to be heard. The problem is that only liberal voices are allowed to be heard on college campuses. Saying you are not currently involved in colleges, is an excuse to be silent. My Mother was an educator. She was and is liberal in her views although (at 91 and with dementia) she doesn’t know that she is liberal. But, when she was in full control of her faculties, she often said that she couldn’t believe that she raised 3 liberals and 2 of them came out of college conservative. My brother and I served in the military and seeing what was going on in the rest of the world, we both are more conservative, than liberal. Our sister still falls over to the left. However, we (my brother and I) are both open to other opinions and personally, I am a fiscally conservative, but tend to lean to a more moderate position when it comes to social issues. As a moderate, President Trump is closer to my beliefs than was President Obama or Hillary Clinton. The media said that if we opposed President Obamas policies, we were racist, and if we opposed Hillary’s policies, we were sexists. The truth is we did not like their policies. We would have refused to support their policies even if they were white males. I did not like President Clinton. He was a sexist. He lied to the American people and he abused women while in the White House. Hillary, not only denied that he abused several women, but she demeaned them. She was an enabler. I have no problem with anyone becoming POTUS, but President Obama set race relations back several decades, and the chance of another African-American becoming POTUS is slim, all based on the performance of President Obama. If Hillary had been elected, she would have done the same for the chances of another woman being elected as POTUS. There are many viable candidates for POTUS (men, women, African-Americans, Latinos, etc.). What they have to do though is appeal to the majority of
            Americans who will cast the votes. So, this is what my response to you is. Most Americans, including President Trump, do not want to “Make America White again”. What we want is to do is make America Great Again. President Obama would go to foreign countries and tell them how horrible America was. However, if America was so horrible, why do so many people want to come here? We have a problem with immigration. Liberals agreed with that statement, until President Trump took office. We have to deal with he “Dreamer” situation. We cannot deport all of them. We need to reach a compromise to give them a path to citizenship, but we also need to secure our borders. President Trump has proposed to do just that, but the Liberals refuse to accept what they have been proposing for years. So, Larry Harvey, you tell me who is not being reasonable?

          • larry harvey

            Katfan-On the racist question, There have been repeated instances caught on video where white cops have shot or beat up helpless blacks. Those few cops who have been prosecuted even in the face of overwelming evidence have almost always been acquitted. This has led to outrage in the black community and to the Black Lives Matter movement. Because of racism and police abuse in some big citie’s, Obama’s Justice Dept. brought suits in Federal Court forcing reform. . Only by stopping police abuse and instituting such+ reform can the confidence of the black community be obtained. Trump’s Justice Dept. has attempting to reverse this progress and Trump has even said that police were too easy of suspects. On the question of the “Dreamers”, Trump has been inconsistent. His latest position is that he will make some concessions in return for his wall. The wall would NOT secure our borders. It would cost billions further aggravating the deficit. Illegals could easily ladder over it or tunnel under it. Other illegals enter from different means. The wall is ugly, would hurt the environment and lead to the message worldwide that American is unwelcoming and unfriendly. The “Dreamers” should have their passage to citizenship without it being tied to Trump’s stupid wall.

      • fbair1

        well said…..

    • larry harvey

      Laulau-Your words are that of a true bigot. Judge people by their character and acts not by their color or where they came from. There is only one true race-The human race!

      • bluewarrior13

        Tell that to negative Nancy.

      • laulau

        Everyone keeps saying that we are diverse. Not true. We seem to be over run with Mexicans. That is NOT diverse. La Raza asked their Mexican followers to invade America, have lots of babies, and take their country back. So you see, it is not wise to have so many. We will be the minority,, and they have stated that it will be called “the United States of Mexico” and you will have to learn Spanish/. I judged them by their character, and I would say the same…they have Mexican cartels, gangs, smuggle people, and moochers. They bring their flags and burn ours. They won’t learn English. So are you saying that the good ones are the only ones that want to invade? You have your head in the sand and probably with Muslims too. They both want to take over our country, merely by having babies. Read the Koran.. Name caling is juvenile.

      • katfan

        Larry Harvey, sorry for the extremely long previous reply. After reading some more of your replies, it is obviously that you are the bigot, not the ones who you name as such. You are the hater of all haters. President Trump’s tax plan is a benefit for everyone. Yes, U.S. corporations do get a huge tax break. Under previous administrations, U.S. corporations were taxed at the highest rate of anywhere in the world. That caused U.S. corporations to relocate to foreign countries. Now, that President Trump has led to reducing that corporate tax rate, jobs are coming back to America and those corporations are rewarding their employees with bonuses. Rich liberals may think that a thousand dollars is not much, but to the men and women who are receiving the bonuses, it is significant. Rich liberals complain that they should be paying more in taxes, but I do not hear of any other them offering to pay more, unless it is demanded by tax laws. If anyone feels they should pay more taxes, they can write a check to the IRS and I will guarantee that the IRS will cash it. Liberals are the most disingenuous people in the U.S.

    • MIKE6080

      let them move in with the blacks

    • Erik V Johnson

      Heck…Try and Take a American Flag Into Mexico and See What Happens…

      • jacob stclair

        I’ve been to many counties around the world and it’s not only Mexico. In most other countries, if you move there, better follow their rules, respect their flag and culture. Also, the liberal punk kids in today’s society, who constantly say the U.S. sucks, have never even probably been out of their home state and need to travel abroad a few times. Then upon returning see their views of our country. They have no idea how good they actually have it.

    • The Redhawk

      BONE HEAD PELOSI was confused again , MEXICANS, Blacks Muslims .. all the same to her..

    • Laurence Almand

      Amen. If the USA had imported 10 million educated, productive Germans instead of 10 million lower class Hispanics and Africans, our country would be much better off. (And taxes would be a lot lower.)

  • Rosco1776

    We’re the dreamers now, dreaming of no more mooching off taxpayers, including Pukeosi!

    • Fed up!

      Piglosi is one of the biggest mooches of tax payers money in congress. Look back at all the military contracts she funneled to her husband company, the figure would amaze anyone including liberals.

      • Bernadette

        That’s why she has those luxury homes and will use the tax cut for them even though she complained about it. Hypocrite to the core!

  • Facebook User

    Yea Pelosi that’s original , all the other left weirdos have been screaming it for months , and your timing and ignorance is hilarious .
    But America has always been predominantly white. Immigrants from Europe who came here legally were predominantly white . So yea scene Americas IS white it’s kind of difficult to make it white again you flippin moron

  • Rob Anthonisen

    Pelosi is insane! Trump has no such idea.

  • Miss Mellie

    Well, people are NOT going into the Sudan or Iran by the droves; they are coming to America where OLD DEAD WHITE EUROPEANS constructed a Constitution and built a nation. Guess whites did ONE THING RIGHT?

  • nokabosh

    These lefties avoid sensible solutions with deflection and by calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them racist. They have no solutions — just divisive identity politics.

  • Alan

    Nancy’s plan – make America stupid and dependent.

    • Blogengeezer

      Herself and her elitists global associates, prosper greatly from flagrant Govt waste.

      The more waste, the more profit… in their own off-shore accounts. To invest in whichever profitable enterprise they desire.. and are advised.

      Trump, a profit oriented businessman employing thousands, not a career politician, is forcing them, by lowering the tax on their earnings assessment, to reinvest back Into America, if they desire profit.

      Being globalists in nature, they are aghast at the prospect, and are voicing [screeching like cornered rats] their own distaste of the mere concept.

      • larry harvey

        Trump has a history of bankrupt businesses, unpaid suppliers and failed marriages. He is a racist , homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic. His tax cut benefits mostly billionaires and large corporations while the rest of the country get crumbs which will later be taken away. He is also a world champion liar.

        • Joe Sam

          stupidy will get you nowhere

          • Eric

            Larry Harvey CANNOT help himself and he is HOPELESSLY LOST IN STUPIDITY ! ! ! It’s very sad that people are allowed to vote that are as uninformed, clueless and as STUPID as Larry IS ! ! !

        • bluewarrior13

          Negative Nancy’s talking points. What else do you have to offer?

        • Blogengeezer

          Interesting assessment. Reads exactly like the Liberal Leftist Global aspirations for the USA.

          Having raised a very productive, well educated tax ‘Paying’ family, while doing the same, I and countless associates of International corporate affiliation were all educated, ‘Paid’ and Paid well, by the investments of those same ‘Billionaires’ that you so despise.

          Matter of fact I never held a tax Payer subsidized job, nor was ever paid by the indigent, of whom the all-beneficial ‘Progressive’ Govt, ensured millions stayed indigent…. as long as they voted to remain on the dole [section eight, EBT etc]…. Those ‘crumbs’ of which you note.

          As perpetual dependency addiction became a way of life following ‘The Great Society, War on Poverty’, the non-productive, dependency addicted masses, imported adding to the their competition, the load, rose in numbers to become approximately half of society…. Unsustainable debt btw.

          To make matters even more intolerable, the ‘Progressive’ Govt [that type of Govt favored by those that prosper immensely from Govt waste] the feral relationships and their random spawn of lust, have created a massive number of drug addicted, crime practicing…., professionals.

          That same ‘Progressive’ Politically Correct Govt system has ensured that the professional criminal element, the career repeat offender, has remained circulating among the law abiding …..for as long as they don’t attack too many politicians.

          Only when they ‘off’ an officer of the law, it’s possible [but today not always sure] that their life of crime is ended.

          When the perpetually indigent begin to pay everyone ….for being nice, let me know.

        • Eric

          Larry Harvey, please wake up, smell the roses and take off the Liberal (and Media) blinders. You can’t be that ignorant,…. or can you??? Trump has started well over two hundred businesses and claimed bankruptcy on only a handful. He utilized the same laws awarded ANY Liberal entrepreneur. Are you not aware of how businesses start up, fail and or prosper in America???

          • laulau

            He has over 500 businesses.

          • jacob stclair

            When compared to the Clinton Cartel, Trump has been an Angel. All business organizations operate the exact same way. Big Govt made the rules over the years, with guidance from Big Business. That in itself is pure and simple collusion.

        • laulau

          Oh, I see that you have never read about the good he has done. Too bad. What a bigot.

        • kimbi

          And ur a complete nutcase.
          Go get some cocoa and a can of play doh. Maybe a feces riddled starbux

    • John Carney

      That is because She is the QUEEN OF STUPID!!!!!and arrogant too boot!!!!!!

  • Brent

    If I wanted to know what piglosi was being told to think, I’d tune into CNN and find out first hand.

  • murielmcgrann

    Nancy Pelosi spits out Liberal false beliefs as absolute truths when they are just more false Democratic propaganda to support her need to get her face on the front page. Her total ignorance of the immigration problems that allow illegals to enter this country without following the laws is breaking the law as criminals. If illegals from any country have a proven record of lawlessness and refusal to assimulate into our culture and insist on Americans to bow to their laws it is time they remained in their mother country and helped solve its problems as responsible citizens. The idea that America owes the world a free ride by its taxpaying working and retired citizens is nonsense. This country has offered a good life for years to legal entries who have worked hard and achieved the fruit of their labors without the likes of the racial overtones of Pelosi that the Democratic Obama supporters have spewed to create riots in recent years. What this woman fails to recognize is the history of this country and the White Men who gave us all life liberty and freedom to all legal Americans. It is the elected officials who have burdened us with so many laws and needless taxpayer expenses for foolish entitlements that their is no money for solving the necesities of the country which Pelosi has never been able to recognize from her financial endowed lifestyle like many politicans………..

  • Obie Miller

    I believe that many—if not most of us– would totally disagree with Ms. Pelosi’s statement.

  • Ronald Fischer

    Well if Pelosi leaves our country that well be one least White B—H gone.

  • Leibe ist reise

    Make America white again… Easy to see why the left thinks of statements in terms of ”dog whistles’. That one was purely Pavlovian.

  • Dustevietnamvet

    They have been lying for many years that’s what you call deep state .Democrats and Rino’s are in it up to their arm pits .There has been more scams pulled on the American in the last decade than you could even imagine .

  • gna

    1. Pelosi to Whites, “Drop Dead” because your existence is contributing to making America white. (Newsflash Pelosi, under that face lift is a filthy rich white face.)
    2. Pelosi to the Middle Class, “You’re like Little Mice chasing the cheese”. (She doesn’t actually want the proposed Daca deal…….will she be losing cheap labor?)
    3. Pelosi to Americans, “You’re getting Crumbs” as a Bonus. (To her rich butt, its crumbs, to the rest of us, it is welcome money)
    How did she get so rich on a government salary? Did she arrange a real estate sale between government and her husband????

  • Blogengeezer

    During Nixon’s term in office, the USA was still [falteringly] a Christian Nation. As Barack Obama famously spoke. “The USA is no longer a Christian Nation”, as he set out finish the ‘Change’.

    Today we are seeing exactly what he reiterated in his handler’s world views. A globalist control ‘over’ the people.

    A Third ‘Great Awakening’ is required to bring the USA back into it’s Christian past. Absolutely nothing else will swing the rudder and sails to bring about the full tack, in advantage of the winds of change. Nothing.

    Pray like our lives depend on it… They do.

    • Maxine Albritton

      It says so in the Bible that such is true;. repenting and turning back to the Christian ways is the only answer, I don’t think it would happen but I think through trump we are getting a reprieve.

      • Blogengeezer

        We certainly, as a nation of secular humanists of diversity, do not deserve it, but ‘The Miracle’ was his being elected.

        ‘Against overwhelming Odds, Donald Trump, an outsider, not a member of ‘the Inner Circle’, was elected our leader, our brief salvation… Only on the unquestionable power of 24-7-365 Prayer.

        It is imperative that same power, the presence that elected Donald Trump, ‘Must’ be invoked daily, hourly, in order to protect from historically destitute evil, our chosen President.

        Protect his family and all associates attempting to save our lives of individual freedom, swing the ship of state directly into the winds of determined, deadly godless opposition.

        To avoid the all too predictable fate, we ‘must’ now desperately remain on this new tack, sails swung and rudder set to advantage away from those powerful currents, the global forces that turn lesser craft, commandeered by their inept Capt Schitanos, onto the rocks of destruction.

      • James Hopkins

        It will only happen if GOD’S people will “humble themselves and pray” Repent of our sins and confess the same. then will heven be opened up and our sins forgiven and our land healed. SO I SAY PRAY! PRAY!PRAY!

        • Maxine Albritton

          I know that verse from King James but would have had to paraphrase it as I can no long read even a large print edition. I do have it downloaded in the auditory fashion.

    • John Degges

      The damage was begun before Richard Nixon was elected President; it took off when the Supreme Court more or less threw the Bible out of public schools.

    • Bernadette

      Thanks to Trump religion is a freedom today.

  • Eskudia

    What the f is she talking about. If she is also referring to the Middle East . The last I knew was that middle eastern s are white. Similar to Greeks and Italians. Most people from Mexico are a mixture of Indian and European so called mestizos. The only without European blood are those from Central American Countries. They are predominantly Mayan. If her argument is correct then more people from Italy, Spain and Greece should be allowed in this country. What a f%¥ moron.

    • Beeker D.

      She Currently doesn’t and Never has known ‘WTF’ she’s taking about on anything.
      Compared to Pelosi: 3 marbles rattling around loose in a 5 pound coffee can, make more sense!

      • Eskudia

        I agree most heartily.

  • Evan Hock

    Once again we hear Pelosi speak in a way that reflects “five Martini’s deep” logic. The left is pushing the race issue to the point of such unsubstantiated absurdity that everyone will just stop listening. In the meantime Trump will be changing America by re-claiming old values so as to launch new prospects and cast a new vision. The swamp will resist, but what’s new? They always vent and resist, yet do nothing constructively for hard-working people, men or women. Whatever his weaknesses, Trump is ready to fight the good fight and it is reeking havoc among the spineless liberal left that’s void of leadership.

  • Oscar Pearson

    You control immigration, you stop the handouts, you give our country back to all the races that “want” to be here. SIMPLE!

  • Jack the Rooster

    Accident – “an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.” I’m white by accident of birth. I see no reason whatsoever to either be ashamed of being white or why anyone should call me out on it. I’ve done no wrong to anyone that I should be ashamed of anything at all. I don’t apologize for being who and what I am and I’m damned tired of being demonized for my age (old), skin color (white), and gender (man).

  • higgy01

    Pelosi doesn’t care about this country, in fact she could be considered a traitor to the United States and We the People, the citizens of this country. She wants to import and/or keep here uneducated parasites that will do one thing, vote democrat. She wants to see the greatest country in the world dumb downed to the point we are nothing more than a third world garbage dump as long as she can increase her wealth and maintain her power. She is a piece of treasonous trash just like the rest of her ilk such as the head clown.

  • Buck Stearns

    That would imply that it’s not white NOW.

    Are Pelosi & Schumer not white? Why are whites accusing other whites of “white privilege?” Are Pelosi & Schumer not privileged? Is affirmative action not just a form of “reverse racism?” Is there really any such thing as reverse racism? Isn’t racism just racism, & does it not occur when someone makes everything a racial matter?

    Should those of us who are white — especially those of us whose direct ancestors carved this nation out of a wilderness & established an unprecedented & unequaled republic based on Judeo-Christian principles, sacrificed millions of lives to free black slaves, & welcomed millions of others into our country from many different races, cultures, & religions — that we should sit idly by & placidly accept these blatant insults, our guilt for things having been different in ages past, & the argument that we have not given enough already & now deserve to be driven into minority status?

    Am I bad because I am a straight white Evangelical Christian male, most of whose ancestors arrived here well before the Civil War from Germany & the British Isles? Is Pelosi good because she’s Catholic, or Schumer because he’s Jewish? Didn’t MLK preach that we should judge others by the content of their hearts rather than the color of their skins?

    The race card is divisive, & anyone who plays it is the real racist in the room — not me.

    • Bernadette

      Demos have used the race card so much that it’s getting warn out. They have nothing good to say, so they just spout racism.

  • Beeker D.

    To Put It Mildly and Simply : Pelosi is a “FOOL” acting like an “IDIOT” or she is a, “REALLY SMART demoKrat”!

  • JCluvsTrump

    And what is Nancy’s plan? Make America Drunk Again? She is so far out there that she cannot come back.

  • James in Texas

    Madam Stool Sample, don’t you already have enough “servants” taking care of you? Look it up, America is 52% White, already a majority, and we don’t seem to be doing enough “Tax Paying” to serve your wants. America has White, Brown, Black, Red and Yellow people and we somehow never knew that color was a race until the Democrat Party decided that “folks of color” are a problem about voting and buying their votes with the monies that all of us, even the person’s of color, pay for. Oh yeah, find a dictionary and look up the words Laws & Rules.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Pelosi has some serious mental problems.

  • Lillian DeVore

    They are now pushing for convicted felons to be able to vote. I guess they tend to vote democrat, too. One democrat actually made a statement hoping all the old people will die because the older people are more conservative. It’s as if they are trying to wipe republicans off the face of the Earth.
    They are grooming future citizens to believe they are their saviors, protecting them from the evil right. They’ve said it for so long, it seems many on the left (and some RINOs) believe them.

    • laulau

      Oprah said that old people have to die because they are the most racist.

  • disqus_sJpTxVtx0a

    Pelosi continues with the Obama-nation race baiting agenda. Never before have racial issues been antagonized like the Democrats have done in the last 10 years. Shame on them!

  • myfordtruck

    I do not think America could ever go back to a white nation not that it ever was All the President is trying to stop the people from coming here that have all ready destroyed one nation and get rid of the ones causing so much trouble so our nation and people can come together as true Americans and a strong nation we need to get rid of all the words white, black,mexican,etc.and use American because that’s what we are

  • Eidolon

    Nope, just correcting a big mistake and fair is fair. The Democrats, courtesy of JFK, put through the 1965 Immigration Reform Act that resulted in a wave of immigration from the Third World! They were trying to make America Brown and bring in new voters for all the liberal and progressive candidates.

  • Edward Conley

    This woman has lost what was left of her mind. She needs to be relieved of her duties.

  • Ron Sheppard

    Trump is jabbing. Dems can only sissy slap back. They got nothing. I wanna see some chain deportation.

  • chocopot

    When are they finally going to take this miserable hag away to the rubber room with her name already on it?

  • The Capatin

    How wonderfully racist!

  • sixlittlerabbits

    Trump’s immigration plan is to make America safe and sane again. Nancy Pelosi is just full of it.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    NUTZY pelosi is out to make democRATS dumb again. OH. They already are. Just look at this poor deer in the headlights woman leader they have speaking for them. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! THANKS NUTZY and SHUTdown schumer for 2018 elections and the 2020 RE-ELECTION of PRESIDENT TRUMP. MAKING America GREATER !!!!!.

  • RealAmerican407

    The cornerstone of the Democratic playbook is identity politics.

    It’s because they can’t begin to debate real issues…

  • Ken Mathews

    The Democrats plan is to Make America Mexican and Muslim MAMM.
    Everything the Democrats are against is classed as Racist. I swear if they did not like having a speed limit increased from 65 to 70 they would claim it is “Racist to increase the Speed Limit”.

  • Nanakathy

    Nancy Pelosi is a NUTCASE !! That woman needs to end per political career and retire! She is a millionaire, has grape vineyards and doesn’t want to lose her Mexican workers! Americans lets take back our country!

  • Harry Pearson

    Nancy, Legal immigrants, yes…they do make America great. Illegals, not so much. And yes, illegal means they broke the law, not being racist, only correct. Let’s drop the politics for a minute and talk sense for a change. Stopping the illegals means a lot more of America for Americans…more jobs, more hospital care, more benefits, LESS taxes! Please, drop the BS and look around.

  • Maxine Albritton

    It is just amazing what they got away with , is it not. The fbi and doj are corrupt to the core. It is unbelievable but true.

    • James Hopkins

      Trump said he would drain the swamp.

      • jacob stclair

        Trump is now realizing the swamp was much bigger than he thought. Even some in his own party are deep swamp rats. 85% to 90% of Washington D.C. needs to go away.

  • wornhall

    Ugly isn’t just skin deep – it goes to the core. What we heard here is flat-out ugly.

  • Peter J

    This nut case is just that… insane. Liberals see a melting pot full of ignorant, poorly educated lemmings eager to vote for liberals for the sake of handouts at taxpayer’s expense. Sorry Nancy, we want a strong America with strong American values not your fractured, fantasyland view of America. All you and your cohorts want is power and more power and only view uneducated, jobless illegals and immigrants as votes rather than people. So what happens to your world when liberals, AKA Socialists, run out of other peoples money to support their bribery of illegals and immigrants?

  • Hard Rider

    I think Nancy Payoli is well past her time and should dry up and go AWAY! She makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER. Has become an extraordinary LIAR, just like her good and also whako friend CHUCKY SCHMOOZER. TWO LOSERS!

  • Albert Gazalooch

    So what would be wrong with making America white again? Whites vote!

  • Stephen Pettine

    “Pelosi Says Trump’s Plan is ‘to Make America White Again”

    Leave it to Pelosi to preach her twisted ideology as ineptly as a second grader who isn’t prepared to discuss matters of national importance but is nearing expertise at playing ‘jacks.’ A few heartfelt words to Ms. Pelosi: It is time you vacated the sandbox and joined reality acting from at least the mindset of a quasi-adult.


    If President Trump made AMERICA Pelosi free , that would be a great improvement !

  • Bernadette

    Nancy Pelosi, you complain about Trump but you are white and is taking advantage of the tax cuts for your luxury homes huh. What a hypocrite you are. Get out of politics and leave our country. Go somewhere with Michael Moore who might have a reality show for you.

  • John

    Nutty Nancy wants the US to be Tijuana NORTH,, a third world country with live chickens running around.
    POTUS is going by DR Kings DREAM, by Wanting people of character, inspite of, not because of their color. The strength of our country ISN’T diversity for diversity sake, but our UNIFYING principles. THAT is the Great American Melting Pot. Even in our diverse views and backgrounds there HAS to be things that unite us. Working for the American Dream, rugged individualism, love of country and the rights we enjoy in it.
    In America, itslike the body, we each do different things to contribute to it, we don’t want any cancers, leeches or other things that wil harm the country and not do it’s part.

  • Bernadette

    Yes they lied and Comey was the puppet. They all make me sick because they think the people are stupid. Get your people on their butts, Trump.

  • Joseph Abraham

    Why is that when people disagree with democrats they always bring up the racist card? Sounds to me like Nancy is a racist when it comes to citizens. She is more interested in illegals than in citizens.

  • Bernadette

    You are right. She must have learned to lie from Hillary.

  • Raymond Miller

    Why do you hate your race and country so much you stupid B-itch ?

  • John

    So, Pelosi believes that the only way to make America great again is by making America all white. What a disgusting hypercritical racist she is.

  • Lillian DeVore

    The worst thing that could happen to democrats is that republicans actually solve our immigration problems. The democrats have nothing else.

    I would like to see more of the DHS secretary. She is very knowledgeable, sensible and convincing. She could knock down the “family reunification” chain migration in favor of the merit based
    immigration policy. She has the numbers that show how our system is so overwhelmed by relatives entering the country, they squeeze out those who come based on merit.

  • John C.

    How about we get some from Mars and Saturn and maybe a few from the Moon.

  • Your Momma

    Pelosi and the rest of those YO-YO’S Are out of their freakn minds. They are the ones full of all the hate and anger. Their answer to everything that don’t go their way is , THEIR RACIST !!! Its the first card they draw every time . President Trump has done more for all the nationalities in one year then all those crybaby jokers have all together in fourty years. The only thing that matters to them is their power. Pelosi is nothing but a mutt faced DEMON who don’t have a clue.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Pelosi is sliding downhill fast, her dementia is taking over any sane thought she might have had. She and the Dems and their supporters are hate mongering race baiters, why doesn’t someone call these people up on Ethic Charges, they are a disgrace to the country and their office.

  • Andrew Greene

    I think we would be alot stronger without people like pelosi in our government

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Let’s not forget the head of the snake, Obama, all need to be charged with treason.

  • James Hopkins

    Unite and get Pelosei oand schumer out. VOTE REPUBLICAN 2018 and Trump in 2020

  • James Hopkins

    Get your facts right Nixon was not impeached, he resigned before he was impeached.

  • JB

    Why is this woman still in office? And why is she not in jail for treason or just stupidity?

  • omni

    The President wants to preserve what makes AMERICA the country EVERYBODY wants to get into-he is trying to PREVENT the country from becoming what EVERYBODY is running AWAY from!

  • William Vigna

    Why doesn’t Pelosi retire? She is totally crazy. Not a thing she says makes any sense.

  • Bobby

    Pelosi should be ashamed of herself, everyone knows she hates the President and no matter what he does will, as far as she’s concerned, never be any good. “If there is no deal on DACA, there will be no discussion” so now the President puts his plan forth, better than they asked for, and he’s a racist. She is a joke and when will her constituents finally see through her. She really needs to retire, go home, and just be old and grumpy 😡

  • Ernie G

    This tRUMPS form of ethnic cleansing, racist NAZI plan ,he needs to exterminated before his aAmerikkka becomes Nazi Germany.

    • Ron S.

      We need to exterminate ignorant liberals like you so America stays free and does not become a 3rd world sh**hole that you queers want it to be!!!

      • Ernie G

        Hey tRUMPS corn hole buddy it will become 3rdworld with this NAZI in charge ,ethnic cleansing is just the beginning ,poor toothless south is next

        • Ron S.

          woww, you came up with that all by yourself? You are smarter than the avg ignorant liberal… you must be proud!! But you’re still an ignorant liberal!!

          • Ernie G


          • Ron S.

            ohhhh, poor poor ignorant liberal… how did your boyfriend handle your meltdown… played choo choo train with you??

          • Ernie G

            Ron are you a gay Christian like pence in the closet getting in the mouth your a curious Christian ain’t you

          • Ron S.

            No i’m not like you Ernie (who the heck would name their kid ernie unless they knew you were going to be lgbtq)! You have nothing going for you at all… gay, ignorant and a liberal… must be pretty depressing to be ernie g…lmao!!!

  • Ron S.

    What’s wrong with white, “twitcher”? You probably hire blacks as “servants” (slaves)… hire illegals as gardeners (slaves)… asians as cooks (slaves)… Indians to make it rain (slaves)… muslimes as IT guys (slaves)… and Hitlery’s “bitches” because ain’t NO WHITE GUY in their right mind that would ever touch you (except Harvey)!!!!

  • Roy Veteto

    as an independent voter , i will ask all democrats why i as a tax paying law abiding white christian heterosexual male should vote for you

  • MIKE6080

    maybe she and all the west ciast progressives should take advantage of the assisted suicide out there , if anything it would make the world a better place

    • Danny Noble

      ooo love it! Great idea sir! Or better yet, chuteless skydiving.

      • MIKE6080

        progressives dont fly , it polutes the air, let them jump off cliffs

  • Pat


  • Danny Noble

    Let me ask a serious question here.

    I know that the Republican platform is to get people working again, off assistance when possible, get things made here again instead of everything being made in China.

    What, if anything, is the Democrat platform? What will they run on this fall? Just Resist Resist Resist? That’s a platform? Or do Democrats have any constructive ideas at all?

  • Your Momma

    Pelosi , Schumer and the rest of the Elite ! The only time they truly associate with African Americans and Spanish Americans is when they have them cleaning their homes or serving them their meals. I guess that would be all the jobs they created for them,HMMMMM , silly me !!!! And the only time a Muslim matters to them is when they use them as a tool. Tiss , tiss ! I would be insulted if it were me

  • sophie bonner

    Pelosi and the Democrats want to make America all brown, just for votes.

  • Jimi Helms

    This DACA thing is insane. Our government has shut down and is debating on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY!
    We have some Americans going hungry and can’t secure a place to live and were arguing over illegals? Really? They all need to go home. America First, we need to take care of our own FIRST.
    Will someone tell that tippler Nancy Pelosi, America has never been just white people.
    All this is so laughable.

  • Kenneth Espinosa

    Pelosi is whacked out mentally.

  • KKmoderate

    So I wonder…. who listens to her or cares about what Nancy Pelosi says or thinks anyway. The greatest favor we could give this nation is to ignore her. Time and time again. The Brits call it “the cut direct”!

  • Blaine

    Never was white! Usurped from the Native people and filled with black slaves. “White” again??? What a ridiculous concept!

    • libsrtheh8ters

      Wow, did you get that history from your 4th grade public school/communist indoctrination camp?? Actually, you utterly brain dead pile of leftist steaming $ H I T, black slaves were owned by less that 5% of Americans living in 15 sparsely populated states. As for the poor Native Americans, THEY LOST, too bad, that is how it worked back then. People all over the world were conquered by other people, blacks & browns & whites. To this day, you pathetic, uneducated leftist moron, there are black SLAVES in AFRICA owned by muslim Africans. I have not heard one leftist cra ckhole protest or give money to free them.

      The industrialization of the world, advancements in medicine, the internet you are using, the T.V. you watch, the smart phone in your brain dead hand all compliments of REALLY SMART WHITE AMERICAN PEOPLE. If you want to blow off your brainless mouth & shun “white” people then shun the incredible advancements they have created.

  • Robert Wayne

    Why aren’t these left wing radicals like Pelosi screaming and yelling about getting more white people into countries like Mexico? I thought they were all for diversity. But to them diversity means destroying white countries by making sure the only immigrants into those countries are non whites.

  • Ken

    The Looney old hag is at it again. She makes no sense at all. Trump has said nothing of immigrants being all white, it is just a lie she made up as liberals always do. For a lawmaker to suggest that we should not enforce our laws is the ultimate insult to our intelligence. That is the Democrat platform.

  • Eguth3

    Coming from the mouth of a white entitled political liberal elites,
    whose net worth is $196 million net worth on a $193,000 as the minority
    speakers salary. She should tell us how she does that and teach classes. She
    and her husband Paul, used her inside knowledge on upcoming legislation that
    they used to build their wealth. It was once illegal for members of congress to
    do that, but thanks to Obama in his second year of his first term, he made it legal
    for them to do that. I discover that back in 2010. When Obama was pushing for
    the environment legislation, both she, her husband and son had invested the
    companies that would benefit the most from these company and the bill. Remember
    when Obama invested in those solar companies with taxpayer funds that went bust.
    Solyndra (who
    lost $535 million), SunPower (lost $1.2 billion), First Solar (lost $1.46
    billion). It seemed odd to me at that times that none of these failed companies
    weren’t part of the Pelosi’s investments. Interesting huh?

  • Patricia Anderson

    Pelosi is White herself unless I missed something?

    • libsrtheh8ters

      Yeah but she employs a lot of illegal browns to tend her vineyards.

  • Ed Reveal

    It’s about time whites are the minority

    • libsrtheh8ters

      Yes, then you can have the same 3rd world $ H I T H O L E S that all the “browns” are running away from.

      Crawl back to mommy’s basement, you irrelevant pile of brain d ead leftist $ H I T, & beat off to your Bammy poster.

    • Danny Noble

      Define White exactly. I bet you cannot find 10 percent of native born Americans who are technically, by WW2 Army Standards, white. I’m not, even tho I look, well, lightish skinned.

      With the possible exception of liberal New England, you will find, in any white guys ancestory, blacks and indians, and chinese out west.

      So going by that, the lily white New England Liberal is a minority and yet your vaunted Queen Hillary the First went down to a second ignominious defeat. Yes I know, she is running in 2020 blah blah blah

  • J.B. Young

    No, Pelosi, Pres.Trump just wants to get rid of nuts like you in Washington.

  • Yosemite Sam

    In addition to Pelosi being well beyond her expiration date, this brain dead delusional Demo-Rat is overdue for her quarterly embalming fluid change.

  • rocuall

    hay pelosi your a racist

  • kassa1

    Anyone who would listen to this multi multi millionaire old fruitcake the belongs to the nursing home and is white, Does not deserve to live in America were many men lead their lives on the line down and on the line for freedom and the majority of those were white,I don’t have anything against the other races but Pelot see is the one who is thrown the gauntlet down against whites I guess she is a color that she doesn’t even know what she is or who she is and she is a space cadet in the head ! Nancy has put thrown the gauntlet down on all whites and their children!

  • kimbi

    Yeah Nancy. That’s the ticket.
    Foreigners make America more American.
    Now, go get a new Alzheimer’s medication and knock off the Botox treatments.
    Holy cripes she’s out of her mind.
    These people aren’t Dreamers. They are NIGHTMARES!!
    Keep the number to ICE on your speed dials folks. Every bit of help, helps.

  • Erik V Johnson

    ” that immigration has been the constant reinvigoration of America ” SURE…That’s The Way Is Used to Be…but Now…NO WAY…Now ? It’s the Constant Way of American DE Reinvigoration…She Has Got to Get Her Head Out of the Sand and Smell the Roses BEFORE They Turn Black !!!

  • Shelly Shannon

    Nancy Pelosi cracks me up. Every time she opens her mouth she says something even more stupid than the last time. The same thing goes for Schumer. If I were a democrat, I would be running from the democratic party about now. These people couldn’t care less about US citizens.


    If those ILLEGALS can’t speak clear English then send them back to Mexico where they Belong


    If somebody were to chop off Pelosies arms then she couldn’t talk CUT OFF HER ARMS

  • BADGUY 1

    Hey…it is VERY unfair to equate the immigration policies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries with today’s situation. THEN we NEEDED more immigrants as American industries were building up and unoccupied land need occupying. But today…things are MUCH different. Our industrial base, which USED to employ millions of Americans, has been shipped to China, Mexico and Korea. There are no wealth creating, manufacturing, jobs that can hire even the people we have here NOW. We don’t NEED more least until Trump’s “bring back the jobs” policies prove fruitful.

  • BADGUY 1

    The ONLY reason Pelosi wants more immigration is to bolster the Democrat’s diminishing voter base. WHO CARES if those immigrants are legal or illegal….as long as they can be funneled through voting precincts to vote “early and often”…that’s all that counts!

  • scootertrash197


  • Alan

    Immigration was NEVER the “reinvigoration” of America, but assimilation is.
    Immigrating, but NOT assimilating, simply makes us more divisive.
    Besides, we all know that the Left could care less about people per se, they only care about their voting base, and the power that it gives them.
    If this were NOT true then why have they voted the way they have on many important issues that degrades the American way of life?

  • jacob stclair

    That was not necessary. I was eating a damn good breakfast until I read this. The thought made me dry-heave.

    • Daniel Softcheck

      Sorry…not meant to ruin your meal

  • Louie Rey

    I have one question for Ms. Plastic Surgery (it isn’t taking Nancy), how many non-Whites are in your neighborhood? Or better yet, in your family. It’s not Trump’s fault that 99% of illegals entering this country happen to be non-Whites. He wants merit based immigration but unfortunately the vast majority of the illegals aren’t proficient in anything other than picking fruits and vegetables. I have an idea, why don’t you, Nancy, adopt s few dozen of them if you’re so concerned? Not a big fan of that? Then STFU.

  • The Redhawk

    It seems that BONE HEAD PELOSI confuses Planned Parenthood where BLACK Babies are Killed by the Thousands, with Trump….. OH well she’s off the rails again!!

  • Billdokie

    Paloosi is the best friend republicans have! I hope she stays around for at least another 3 years!

  • George

    Never mind reforming just the immigration laws. What the government needs to do is reform welfare benefits and who is eligible for them and have a national database that can detect and root out fraud. There’s illegals that cross over into this country knowing that they’ll be handed everything from welfare benefits, to free housing, free medical care, free education etc etc etc. Only problem is nothing is free. Dems see no problem in doling out taxpayer dollars to illegals because A.) It’s not coming out of their hide; and B.) They’re shoring up votes for the democratic party. Wonder how many of these illegals would get snagged if they were fingerprinted prior to collecting benefits. My guess is there would be alot since they file in multiple states under whatever name they give. God only knows what type of welfare cheats would be caught it they tightened up the rules just in California, NY and NJ. It would be in the billions.

  • Not A Farmer

    Trump wants to make America safe again for all the people. Pelosi on the other hand has armed guards around her but says no to protect the people because that would make them white. Unbelievable.

  • Kevin Coffey

    What may I inquire does color matter? Brown , black , red , yellow or white ? Is it not bringing afront a biased opinion of which no fact supports and is amplified by a mob mentality with no due process in mind to pick or point to or reference specific color or race? Then do tell what was Pelosi spewing out. Is there no shame? How can Pelosi call out and label others as racist??

  • Louis Whitestone

    Standard Pelosi bs. Identity Politics at its best. Go Nancy.

  • katfan

    Nancy Pelosi should resign and let someone else take her seat. Maybe a minority could be elected and whoever it was would have more of a clue about life in America than Nancy Pelosi. Remember she was the one who said (about the ACA, Obamacare, we have to vote it into law so we can see what’s in it). Anyone with a brain would have wanted to see what was in it before they voted (for or against). Nancy Pelosi is white and part of the problem.

  • Howlingmad

    . . . are we sure that this woman is actually “From Here” ? . . . I’ve had my doubts for a considerable time now !.

  • Ernie G

    ron short fat ugly and racist what a place to be and bicurious

  • Laurence Almand

    Just what is wrong with making America White? In view of the huge crime rates of Blacks and Hispanics, we need more educated White people. White Europeans created our great country, and the Socialists are trying to destroy it with Third World immigration. Look at all the crime those Somali savages have created. And what about the millions of Hispanic gang bums and drug dealers? Does she want more of those? Prior to 1965, most immigration came from Northern Europe, which benefited the USA and did not create welfare or crime problems.