Pelosi Loses Her MIND Over Passage of Tax Cuts

‘This GOP tax scam is simply theft…’

Pelosi: GOP never wanted to help middle class

Nancy Pelosi/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) In a House floor speech yesterday before the passage of the GOP tax bill, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called the bill a “scam” and “theft from the American middle class.”

Pelosi pushed the narrative that the bill will raise taxes on the middle class, although she provided no evidence.

In a display of irony, pro-abortion Pelosi appealed to kids.

“In this season we celebrate the miraculous blessings of God. We reflect on the wondrous joy of children and our responsibility to them. We remember our duty to live justly,” she said. “And for those of us blessed to serve in this Congress, we must remember our special responsibility to govern fairly, to meet the needs of all of God’s children.”

But the GOP tax bill doubles the child tax credit, giving parents extra money to properly care for their children, CNN reports.

It’s possible Pelosi didn’t like that the Republican bill extends eligibility for the child tax credit to “wealthy” households.

Under current law, parents earning up to $110,000 qualify for the child tax credit.

The new tax bill would extend this to parents earning up to  $400,000.


“Republicans cheer for a bill that hands a $4,000 child tax credit to families of four earning $400,000 a year, but if you’re a poor single mom of two, earning only $14,500, guess how much she gets? Only $75,” Pelosi said.

Everyone keeps the same percentage of income.

Pelosi simply doesn’t like that high income earners keep more, since they make more.

“This GOP tax scam is simply theft, monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach it,” Pelosi said. “The GOP tax scam is not a vote for an investment in growth or jobs. It is a vote to install a permanent plutocracy in our nation.”

Watch Pelosi’s entire tirade against the GOP tax cuts: