Pelosi Loses Her MIND Over Passage of Tax Cuts

‘This GOP tax scam is simply theft…’

Pelosi: GOP never wanted to help middle class

Nancy Pelosi/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) In a House floor speech yesterday before the passage of the GOP tax bill, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called the bill a “scam” and “theft from the American middle class.”

Pelosi pushed the narrative that the bill will raise taxes on the middle class, although she provided no evidence.

In a display of irony, pro-abortion Pelosi appealed to kids.

“In this season we celebrate the miraculous blessings of God. We reflect on the wondrous joy of children and our responsibility to them. We remember our duty to live justly,” she said. “And for those of us blessed to serve in this Congress, we must remember our special responsibility to govern fairly, to meet the needs of all of God’s children.”

But the GOP tax bill doubles the child tax credit, giving parents extra money to properly care for their children, CNN reports.

It’s possible Pelosi didn’t like that the Republican bill extends eligibility for the child tax credit to “wealthy” households.

Under current law, parents earning up to $110,000 qualify for the child tax credit.

The new tax bill would extend this to parents earning up to  $400,000.


“Republicans cheer for a bill that hands a $4,000 child tax credit to families of four earning $400,000 a year, but if you’re a poor single mom of two, earning only $14,500, guess how much she gets? Only $75,” Pelosi said.

Everyone keeps the same percentage of income.

Pelosi simply doesn’t like that high income earners keep more, since they make more.

“This GOP tax scam is simply theft, monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach it,” Pelosi said. “The GOP tax scam is not a vote for an investment in growth or jobs. It is a vote to install a permanent plutocracy in our nation.”

Watch Pelosi’s entire tirade against the GOP tax cuts:

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  • Naval Lint

    Pee-lousy and L’il Chucky lost whatever minds they had, YEARS AGO!!! They should submit to mental and psychological examinations, as well as full medical check-ups. I believe that they are suffering from dementia!
    Of course, that’s also true for ALL Liberals….

    • Gary Crawford


      • dansin


    • Rodger K. Shull

      they are UN-FIT to make any laws or rule on any thing in government , they are LOSERS .

  • jcrawdad

    Pelosi Loses Her MIND Over Passage of Tax Cuts


    • Kenneth Jones

      That loony old bat lost her marbles years ago!

      • To much Botox; and now plaster of Paris.

        • dennis w

          more like CEMENT………WITH A ‘BONDO’ CHASER……….

    • cabowabo78727

      What would the hag do with a mind if she had one?

      • Allen Evans

        Be very, very dangerous!

      • Btty

        That’s a scary thought.

      • C William Hanscom

        Lose it.

    • cabowabo78727

      What would the hag do with a mind if she had one?

      • Wayne Hill Sr.

        I would submit that she had 3 IQ points from 10 brain cells, that have been subsequently permanently FROZEN by BOTOX saturation!

    • Kenneth Jones

      That loony old bat lost her marbles years ago!

    • Mike W

      I was thinking of the old Allman Brothers song “Can’t Lose What You Never had”.

      • Markus Speicher

        You nailed it!

      • Redtailedhawk

        The old gal is completely deranged.

        • Mike W

          I don’t think age has anything to do with it – she has always been a nutcase.

          • Redtailedhawk

            Probably right there.

          • dennis w


        • Nancy was Miss Lube Job of 1960.

    • Allen Evans

      LOL, I was going to post a similar statement!

    • Howlingmad

      You STOLE MY POST ! . . . but your “Right” . . . she NEVER HAD ONE to start with !.

    • slidenglide

      Where on earth did you ever come up with the idea that Pelosi was a “SWEET” old thing? She’s old but SWEET I don’t think sooooo. It’s been a long time since she’d be called SWEET.

    • jaybird

      Take out “sweet’ and I will agree with you!!!

      • jcrawdad

        I know ,I couldn’t tell you now why I put that in .

    • Vangie Martinez

      Ha ha ha ha ha. So true.

  • jgfsmf

    If liberals put this tax plan on the table, they would be gushing over it.

  • Love it when the left loses it. Just another plus from the Trump election.

  • Steve G.

    Let me explain why Pelosi is so outraged. She is the exact taxpayer who will see a tax increase. A wealthy person from a high taxed state whom owns multiple homes.

    • Criers


    • Nanakathy

      And grape vineyards — she needs to get out of politics and quit spending our money!

    • Redtailedhawk

      She is doing that “clown”thing again.

  • Albedamned!

    More Liberal lies! Gillibrand and Scumer are doing the same here in N.Y.

    • Kenneth Jones

      If you’re smart, you’ll dump both of them!

  • Jesse Hayes

    The miracle of tearing babies apart limb by limb.

  • Joseph111

    Well you know Nancy, we had to pass it to find out what’s in it! So let’s not be so quick to criticize, ok pumpkin??!!

  • Angel before you meet God

    F-u pelosi

    You and schummer are nothing but liars


    I sAve 2600 from last year to next year

    Lower rate plus higher child credit plus double exception

    Wake up liberals this is Great

    • badass

      OMG, she is too old to “F-u pelosi”.

  • eli baker

    Pelosi and the Dems just can’t stand the thought of cutting taxes. She is a nut and one of the biggest liars in D.C. .

    • Raymond Galan

      no biger lier than the lier in chief.

  • David Carpenter

    I think Nancy and Hillary should write a book together and then go on the book tour together. Book tours are a lot less stressful than the work in congress or politics.

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

      I wish someone would organize a book buyer’s club and line up to buy and get Hillary’s signature and then after buying the book, turn around and throw it in the trashcan

  • Ron haymaker

    All we need now is Waters doing one of her meltdowns!

    • Strangerinastangeland

      Just wait 10 minutes.

      • Amf2u

        Best thing that could happen to Pelosi is strap her on top of one of our nukes and send her to north Korea.

  • sheriff12

    Her and Schumer are two of the lying est bastards I’ve ever heard in my life. They are both anarchist that want to destroy America.

    • badass

      they’re commie, they hate GOP won.

    • independent thinker

      I saw a comment on another site claiming Schumer had an affair with one of his daughter’s friends (16 yrs old I think).

  • Cindy Bigham Sutton

    When has a democrat EVER put the middle class first. Shut Pelosi and go home to your mansion.

    • Kenneth Jones

      Which one?

  • Cindy Bigham Sutton

    she keeps talking about our “innocent children” do aborted babies count Nancy?

    • Vangie Martinez

      My thoughts too. What a HYPOCRITE!

  • DJohn1

    The massive tax cut on corporations, they will eventually maybe come back. More likely they will take the money and run. That means it is for nothing.
    The government also plans on giving all of us on social security a raise this year.
    However with the raises in Medicare it is likely to be less than anyone thinks.
    Traditionally the Congress in recent years has considered people retired to be fairly dumb.
    There are 52 weeks in a year not 48. We get paid monthly and lose a week every three months.
    They do the same thing to the military when they pay them every 15 days.
    They would not do it to themselves.
    I got news. A raise that amounts to roughly $5 a week is not really a raise and it doesn’t even cover inflation. I just want the same raises my Congress Person got over the last 30 years. I just want the same health coverage they have.
    The fact is that retired people do have a steady reliable income and the fastest way to get us out of a depression would be to support them in a better manner than is being done by the Republicans.
    Increasing the disposable income of one third the population of the country will stop a depression.
    Guarantee Medicare that pays 100% and quit cheating old people out of the money they worked a lifetime saving.
    What is going to happen now is anyone’s guess. More likely less income available to the entire half of the country working. Not balancing the budget? That means inflation and everyone on a fixed income of any kind including the workers will suffer.
    Medicare is a key factor and less coverage means more people going broke while corporations bring in more money.
    I predict the tax bill passing will not have much effect until the tax bill actually takes place next year or the year after. They did not have the courage to make it retroactive so it takes place the year coming up.
    If it had been their money they would have.
    Until we replace this Congress and this president with working class Americans nothing is ever going to change.
    That is going to have to mean a new national party that is neither Democrat or Republican.

    • Greg

      You under estimate God Men are just the vessels here. With Trump we have hope
      With Hillary we would be dead!

  • Gregg Parker

    The title implies she has a mind… Nancy 2020 PLEASE… we need the laughs

    • badass

      and 2024, 2028…….i need a laugh daily.

    • Vangie Martinez

      No tired of their Obstruction. I’ve had enough of them and don’t want them in any longer. Which by the looks of it, it looks like that will come about since they’re starting to resign or not go for re-election since their sexual escapades.

      • Gregg Parker

        For Nancy the questions willl keep getting harder such as how does someone who earns less than 200,000 per year gain a net worth of over 105 million? The minor $ex alligations are the easy out for some. Others have been left in place to begin to change the narrative and the climate until mid terms. The rest will go down hard. The sealed indictments and ped0 charges are the hard way. No deals. MAGA!!

  • Tom

    What mind? Goofy old bat!

  • Greg

    NO MORE Obamacare!!! is the part she can’t process…Pathetic Tard

    • Strangerinastangeland

      Socialized medicine and the growing control over the citizenry (can’t happen here, see IRS suppression of Tea Party) has long been a goal of the communists.

  • Ken

    How can you lose something you never had? Present day Democrats always oppose tax cuts because it could possibly reduce some of their government handouts of someone else’s money.

    • Kenneth Jones

      They’ve been sucking up our tax money like a giant vacuum cleaner for years.

  • Lizard

    Democrats lost kickbacks from big pharma, tell truth just one time Democrats … Bhaaa haaa whaaaaaaaaa

  • SA Ander

    She lost her mind along time.

  • badass

    she didn’t have a mind at all. deep of her mind is full of hatred, hate those riches. hate how come those riches’ fortune didn’t get redistribute to her.

  • Todd

    and obozo and the dem just stole the money outright, and gave it to liberal dem organizations that supported liberal dem and their agenda, so guess what is good for the goose it also good for the gander, right libs?????

  • rocuall

    the only bogus scam here is California and their taxes

    • bill14729 .

      Don’t forget about NY

      • rocuall

        and New Jersey ..there is more money there then CA

    • Kenneth Jones

      You can place ALL of the blame on the Democrats for the high taxes that we Californians are forced to pay! And I mean every damn bit of that!

  • Lucinda Schaefer

    Attention Pelosi – How is it theft to keep my own money that I have worked hard for?

  • Peter J

    Nancy should know as she and he band of thieves have been stealing from honest, hard working middle class taxpayers for years to fund their purchase of votes… yup, welfare, Obama phones, cash for clunkers. etc.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What is she complaining about?
    I am certain she and her Demoncrats make plenty of money.
    I don’t see her giving her salary to charity, the way our President did.
    I don’t see her down-sizing her staff the way Melania did.
    They are all such hypocrites, always whining, complaining and criticizing.
    No solutions, just complaints! The leftists; it’s what they do.

  • John Degges

    I was going to ask if she had a mind to lose–but several others beat me to the matter.

  • Paul454

    Well we certainly can’t have her catatonic for the holidays!… Just tell that it was necessary to pass it to find out what was inside it… Something tells me that she should understand and support that logic.

    • Kenneth Jones

      Don’t kid yourself. She understands. alright, and she doesn’t give a damn!

  • meangreenMarine

    Pelosi will have a difficult time finding finding her “Lost Mind” because it was so small to begin with!

  • florida3guy

    Pelosi, do us all a favor and take an overdose of all the psych drugs you are on. You have become an absolute walking, talking joke. You are more like an evil cartoon character than a human being. Drop dead and Merry Christmas.

  • Luis Luna

    It’s only theft from Government Nancy in your mind, people keeping more of their money is good for the person

  • Philomena

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is Consuming Pelosi and all the Left Wingers.

  • jackcandobutwont

    This coming from the same brain dead loonie liberal who said unemployment checks stimulate the economy!! nancy is why botox should be banned or at least limited!!

  • TOB46

    The same woman who shoved Obama Care down the throats of America without even reading the legislation. “We’ll have to pass it first before we know what’s in it” Pelosi is very wealthy, but she’s too busy gorging herself at the public trough to care what is really in the best interests of the American people. What a piece of work!!

  • Michele F. Rogel

    pelosi & schumer lost their minds long ago, they are no longer in control & will probably will not see dems in office for many many more years, they were just lining their pockets they did nothing for the American people. The dems have nothing to offer that’s why they are where they are & will remain there for a long long time. It is so funny to see them act like such fools!!!

  • America1st

    Chucky projects that Republicans own tax cuts and will be destroyed in next years election and Republicans will loose big in midterms. He claims corporations will not invest savings in their people and capital.

    Oops, AT&T announced today that they will give every AT&T employee with a $1,000 bonus and will invest $1 Billion in capital improvements. So much for that lie.

    I believe Republicans will gladly bask in the success of tax cuts next year. The question that everyone should be asking Democrats is “What have you done for me to make my life better and put more money in my family’s pocket? Yes, I understand you HATE Trump, but what will you do for me should you regain control of Congress next year? What is the Democrats plan specifically to improve the economy?”

    Yep, what I thought. Crickets. Nothing but a lot of crickets. Total silence because Democrats have no economic development plan. Trump = MAGA

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    Don’t you just get tired of the SOS from whiny people who couldn’t get a job done then sit around criticizing everything someone else does who gets the job done.
    Americans have to learn who their friends are: Like the divorced parent who gives in to the kid to try to get the kid’s devotion and affection, Does that parent REALLY LOVE THE KID? …NO
    Time to find a retirement home, Pelosi and Chucky, and “Marine General” Wyden

  • Janis Dice

    President Trump should hire a special council to find out where all the money. (Millions) lost on the Solendra deal. Where’s the solar panels. Nancy Pelosi will really lose her mind, Obowma, Hitlery, Nancy and a lot of Obowmas crunnies making a killing off of tax payers money and he almost made Social security go broke

    • NukeWaste

      Social Security cannot go broke. There is no Social Security fund. There never has been one. ALL money stolen from taxpayers is put into the General Fund. Social Security comes from this fund, just like all other programs. So Social Security cannot go broke.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    Nutzy pelosi=LOSING dependacRATS=LOSING. That’s why they are so upset. Wait till daca comes up. I say,as a TAX PAYING American, send ALL ILEGAlS back to the country of origin and let the dependacRATS allegedly shutdown the government. Never Let a Crisis go to waste.Saul Alinsky rules for radicals 101.

  • I didn’t know she had a mind to lose.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    I think Pelosi actually believes what she says.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    Nutzy pelosi=LOSING dependacRATS=LOSING. That’s why they are so upset. Wait till daca comes up. I say,as a TAX PAYING American, send ALL ILEGAlS back to the country of origin and let the dependacRATS allegedly shutdown the government. Never Let a Crisis go to waste.Saul Alinsky rules for radicals 101.

    • NukeWaste

      We could save even more money shutting the government down and seeing which departments are not missed. Get rid of those and never let them be formed again.


    Nobody cares about Pelosi she’s a has been and even the Dems. hate her

  • Jack Scarpon


  • En Passant

    This is FAKE NEWS! Pelosi lost her mind a long time ago, not because of this Bill

  • Piper Peck

    It’s to the point where Pelosi and Schumer are on the cusp of criminality. They are white trash.

  • ForrestByers

    “This GOP tax scan is simply theft”… So says, the thief in the night, who compulsively steals from future generations and then feigns a compassion for children, the ones she couldn’t murder!

  • Lance Diamond

    I am LMAO. This is this SNL? listening to this DEM using the opinions of other DEM’s to give her their opinion. From whom do you think the FBI learned this trait? LOL I am amazed. Nancy, this is DEM’s Armageddon as you and your party will not be able to continue the past eight years of Obama which hurt this Country. When the working people (REP’s and DEM’s) start realizing more money in their paychecks do you really believe there will be chance for the DEM’s in 2020. You guys are history.

  • Kathie Stroder

    She’s probably afraid that everything will go so good for all Americans that they won’t be able to get Trump out of the Whitehouse until the end of 8 years. She has never had the American people’s best interests in mind.

  • Frank W Brown

    Spew ON Nancy, the amount of those listening is dwindling by the minute, what about children in the womb Nancy?

  • CCblogging

    Pelosi better walk before we make her run.

  • retired4ever

    In the words of Obama, “get over it, we won”. How does that sound from the other side of the aisle? I’m sure it helps Nancy’s state of mind(?)if she has one.

  • CCblogging

    I love seeing the Dims get their butts kicked.

  • JB

    This woman made no sense whatsoever nothing she said was factual! She is delusional and white is she not investigated for mental health issues and if she’s not mentally ill and she should be held for treason! I do not understand why this woman is still in the office? She should’ve been taken out of office 20 years ago I don’t understand why they are not investigating her finances because there has to be criminal action and that!

    • CCblogging

      You have a lot of questions. OK, Nancy is delusional and I suspect in some stage of dementia but Nancy is a Democrat and also lies without shame. Nancy is still in office because she represents one of the most liberal districts in California. Nancy gives them tax paid for freebies and they love her. The reason that Nancy has not been investigated is because she is a Deep State operative just like Hillary is. The Deep State protects their operatives like Pelosi.

  • Ruby83

    Quit whining Pelosi, you tax us repeatedly here in California. Shame on you!


    says she lost her mind…wow…who knew, she HAS (?) a mind????

  • Pelosi is the perfect demorat and that is why she is their leader in the House. She does not question the stupidity of their programs , she will say or do anything to keep the demorats in power and she has absolutely no morals just like Maxine Waters.

    Her father was a crooked ward healer , then congressional rep then a 12 year mayor in Baltimore and she married another rich dem and owns a vineyard in California , where she used to hire illegals so as not to pay higher wages even when she supported another crook , Caesar Chavez and his farm workers ” union “.

    She was voted into the house from San Francisco but her residence is really in the Napa Valley. Again , like Maxine , she has a sumptuous home at the vineyard and a much smaller place in the city.BTW she listed the INCOME from the winery at 5 to 15 Thousand dollars from the sale of grapes. But the property is worth millions.

    She is well known for sticking her foot in her mouth , and making some really dumb comments BUT when it comes to Demorat politics , she is an expert. Now the times they are a changing and Trump has upset their apple cart and the Republicans ( With help and a kick in the butt ) from the TEA Party and the utter failure of the ozero attempts to destroy America have cost the demorats over a thousand political seats in the last 8+ years. Great Leader huh ?

    • CCblogging

      Good Post

  • therealworld

    Doesn’t that “Yipping Hairball” understand that when a middle-class families SUV Costs 40k to 80k and the average livable home is from $165,000 to $500,000 that puts people earning 200k – 400k Directly in the Middle Class Definition. Heck I own 10 acre’s and my Triple Wide 2250sq ft Mobile home I bought cost 118,000 plus all the improvements (Driveway, water lines, gas line, elect line) added to the price. I have a 195,000 Home and Liberals call me Trailer Trash. Liberals Stink up the Planet

  • Rodger K. Shull

    she is just a ZOMBIE POLITICAL HACK, she needs to be sent home, an with a very deduced benefit package, she is not worth 1/10 of what she is said to get. an that alone will save 500,000.$$ a year just in her. maybe more. She has no mind at all.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Now the person who wrote this article is mistaken Nutsy has no mind to loose.

  • MikeB6485

    Hey…you Teabagger idiots. She is right! Wake up!

    • bluewarrior13

      If she is right, she better get someone to figure her taxes. Check it out and see if she is right. Oh, by the way, I do love my TEA!!!

      • MikeB6485

        If Trump will release his taxes, then I would be willing to check her out. Highest office holder first.

        • bluewarrior13

          So you can’t figure income taxes?

      • MikeB6485


    • NukeWaste

      Mikey, Mikey, Mikey! You think that Piglosi is correct and you call somebody else an idiot? Go back on your meds and climb a nice bridge strut with your eyes closed.

  • Pat Warnock

    Do poor single mums pay tax? The IRS is so cruel.

  • NCnative

    They certainly are not going to show any evidence to support their lies, they never have, never will. They are like the bullies, all talk but when they get punched in the nose by some that are fed up with their lip, the bully runs home complaining about how they got mistreated by their victims.

  • crh

    She’s mad because her write off for her high state taxes (the highest in the US) has been reduced. Why don’t politicians from California reduce California state taxes?????????????????????????

  • Bob Gentner

    She keeps quoting clergy but can’t stop killing babies

  • Ms. Sam Haddock

    She didn’t have one to lose! Stupid blubbering idiot! She needs another drink.

  • Gerry Costa

    She lost her mind a long time ago and is just using PRESIDENT TRUMP as her latest lame excuse. You couldn’t have a better example for the need of term limits for Congress except maybe mccain or dirty harry reid.

  • Barformer

    She’s like the Gloria Alred of the Reps. Two faced lying raving lunatic mess.

  • CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    As Colonel Potter of MASH fame would say, she is full of horse feathers.

    • Kenneth Jones

      I was thinking of road apples. Ever hear of them?

  • Willie Wilson

    Any democrat that listens to this old biddy is nuttier than she is. Working democrats, welcome to the party of the working class, the GOP.

  • icemancold

    Pelosi is a MENTAL CASE suffering DEMENTIA and should be removed from her position and placed in a care facility for the Mentally deficient.!!

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      with the rest of the liberals.

  • Ron haymaker

    The Washington Post is trashing the GOP Tax Plan…….No surprise since George Soros has ties to this rag!

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    There should be no payment or deduction for children, homes or any other special carve out for one purpose or another. If it cannot be applied equally to all, it is unconstitutional.

  • Wayne

    Can we have someone do an autopsy on her brain? She doesn’t apparently use it anyway, so there would be no obvious harm done to this zombie! Who knows they might find that she actually is dead.

  • Lazer

    If hse had a mind, she would really be dangerous – remember, she only has a district containing one city – the City and County of San Francisco. The trouble is that there are many Republicans and Independents living there that do not have a voice – I have one questions for them – who is going to pay the taxes for all this welfare, deferred road and infrastructure improvement, bloated retirement plans and the growing gas tax and car mileage tax that has been or is pending with the state legislature in Sacramento – are the rich Pelosi’s of the world going to do that? Or is it the middle class CA is seeking to rid themselves of? What is the plan then?

  • Sue Bradshaw

    Don’t worry about Pelosi and those of like “minds”, Almighty God already has a plan down the road that will take care of her. It’s in the Revelation, you know, toward the end of THE Book!

    • Inga Johansson

      Are you talking about the Play Boy book?

  • Barbedwire

    Only the fools in CA, would continue to elect this dried up hateful lying hag. Typical of lefties – as with ACA – the middle class that made too much for all the subsidies, nor the rich who have options with their money – THE DEMS. LATEST BIGGEST LAW HURT THE MIDDLE CLASS THE MOST.

    So much for her EVER to tell the truth – as she waves her hands around and around!!

  • bendecido

    She also lacks in good mathematical knowledge. i.e.: if you multiply 10.00 by 5% you get $0.50. If you multiply $100.00 by 5% you get $5,00. Of course the highest number will get the higher return, but she does not comprehend that. Both rich and middle class get the same benefit percentage. just dumb I guess.

  • sofia1948

    Poor Nancy NEVER HAD a MIND,she is like all the liberal socialist lost her mind a long time ago and at her AGE she will never get back a MIND!!!!!!!!!

  • erkeltree

    She has had no mind to loose for years

  • Florenca Mcdowell

    Really she protects children? She is for ABORTION WHICH HER CATHOLIC SHURCH IS AGAINST

  • MIKE6080

    she can write a check to the treasury dept and send in the tax cut she received

  • brooksmd

    Took all of what, 5 seconds for her to lose her mind?

  • bjmarsh

    Pelosi you are senile, and lack commonsense! Look at the facts instead of publishing a totally stupid statement that is nonsense. Time to resign and tend the daffodils near your burial site, it will be much more productive!

  • G.Mann

    A Pelosi moment: That instant in time when senility and extreme alcoholic dementia come together as one.
    Nancy is the poster child for that syndrome..

  • Kimberly

    Pelosi’s commenting on Bush’s tax plan as she still thinks he’s President. She answering questions from ten years ago.

  • Bill Smith 999935

    It’s fun watching the liberals melt down over this. Reminds me of last November. This NEVER gets old. MAGA !!

  • The only mind want-a-bee ruler Nancy Pelosi ever had was that of an anti-American New World Order puppet bent on destroying America and her people. And we the people putting the very pro American Donald Trump in our oval office has set the New World Order and their puppets back 200 years, just like our founding fathers did to the NWO back in 1776.

  • jaybird

    What in God’s name was ObamaCare, it was theft from the stupid American people per the author of the bill. Had to vote for it before anyone besides the Demorats knew what was in it and the stupid Rino’S did.

  • Follow Me Boys

    Just like Barrycare

  • Robert Pekarik

    Pelosi lost her mind years before the tax cuts. It’s the people that voted for her that have also lost their minds.

  • Liberal Idiots

    Half the time she thinks Bush is still prez

  • Follow Me Boys

    She can now get some more warrants issued for another million babies to be chopped up. You go girl…

  • ZenaBlackstone1

    When she’s going on about remembering all God’s children I wonder if she thinks about all of God’s children PlannedMurderhood has killed………I pray for people to wake up and see what the liberal democrats really are…..scum of the earth.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      It just makes my blood boil when I hear Pelosi or the Liberals talk about defending all God’s children and then support PlannedMurderhood and abortion.

  • Roy Veteto

    why is it that those who support abortion always use kids as an excuse

  • KindBear

    Pelosi is like most Demos. They want to tax us to death and give us back what they do not blow on stupid Demo programs. She thinks we are just too dumb to use our cash the right way.

  • Reflect

    So she’s concerned for children….what about the mandatory insurance in Oboma care for abortions?…..she doesn’t seem to concerned about those children……

  • Nightbreaker

    Trump wins astounding victory over his citizens!!!!!

  • Yosemite Sam

    Isn’t it plainly obvious to all concerned? Nancy Pelosi is overdue for her scheduled embalming fluid change . . .

  • 1loyalamerican74


  • Sidney Rhodes

    I’m coming clean. Nancy Pelosi grabbed my butt in an airport in 2001.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      Lock her up & throw away the key and resign from congress. Oops, I forgot she is innocent until proven guilty, whereas the Demonrats believe a man is guilty until proven innocent.

  • don

    What a Hypocrite! Talks about Children and promotes killing Babies!

  • oldwestman

    “Passed this bill with the speed of light ” Kinda remind anyone of another bill that got passed like that? “I don’t know what it says we will find out after we pass it” Funny how that works, “What goes around comes around”

  • skillet56

    That 30 watt’s mind couldn’t blow out a candle on a windy day.

  • Truthmender

    Like most liberals, she has no understanding of Money. This Tax Bill is way over her head….a head that happens to be nearly hollow.

  • psychgirl

    Time to get out of the kitchen if you cannot stand the heat Pelosi! Retire already-you had your time and it is OVER! Pro-abortion Pelosi gushing about how special kids are! really? how ironic she supports murdering the unborn but thinks kids are sooo special. Hypocrisy at its finest! She has lost it! The best part is…the swamp rat will now have to pay what she owes with the new tax guidelines-bout time!

  • JR

    Let me see the Democrats have been destroying the “Middle-Class” under Obama with no remorse and now the DNC want to play this card. I believe it is the fact that tax bill will negatively effect the DNC and their rich supporters. Now let us see how many of the moronic Democrat/Liberals fall for their spill.

  • flashy0ne

    But Nancy, if you had your way, there wouldn’t be ANY children left!! You’d just murder them in the womb and sell the parts — your “favorite” organization is VERY good at this worthwhile (??) program.

  • smithleeroy21

    She must be pretty damn smart. She has been able to get the dumbass people in her congressional district to keep electing her.

  • psychgirl

    If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen Pelosi…Time to retire! You had your time…its OVER for you and the other swamp rats! Pro-abortion Pelosi approves murdering babies in utero, but gushing about kids being soo special-total hypocrisy! Therein lies liberalism in its most demented form of mental illness-inconsistency! Those in her district electing her are as lib-dumb as she is, so no, not really an intellectual accomplishment there on her part! Just birds of a feather flocking together.

  • Solis Damian

    So Pelosi says it is important to meet the needs of all God’s children. I think they beeped out the part where she said unless the PP Family needs their body parts to sell and buy a Lamborghini.

  • deerflyguy

    A real tax scam is the democrat “Robin Hood” approach that we have been living with for far too long! Thank you Mr. Trump! No thank you Ms. Pelosi and all you other dumb-o-crats!

  • 6’snake in the garden

    Nutzy pelosi=LOSING dependacRATS=LOSING. That’s why they are so upset. Wait till daca comes up. I say,as a TAX PAYING American, send ALL ILEGAlS back to the country of origin and let the dependacRATS allegedly shutdown the government. Never Let a Crisis go to waste.Saul Alinsky rules for radicals 101.

  • chocopot

    For eight years, the lying Muslim fraud spent every single day working to destroy this country, doing incalculable damage to the nation – especially the middle class – but this cockroach-brain POS Pelosi had nothing to say. In fact, she supported the liar every step of the way. She needs to go drown herself and do the world a favor…

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    no demorat ever met a tax they didn’t love and eliminating or reducing a tax is like killing one of their children.

  • Mike

    Nancy proves that you can still walk & talk after brain death.

  • Jimmy Barnes Ex Patriot

    Creepy Nancy says:
    “It is a vote to install a permanent plutocracy in our nation.”
    Plutocracy defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens.
    Do a bad thing yourself and then lie to get others to believe it is actually the other side doing what you are all about.

  • crazybarry

    Lost her mind? That’s funny!

  • Louie Rey

    Don’t you have to have something before you can actually lose it? Speaking of “theft” she should look in the mirror and see the person that’s been ripping off the citizens of California for however long she’s held a political office in that state. She’s not totally to blame though. It’s those same citizens of California that keep electing the likes of her and Jerry Brown and Dianne Feinstein and, of course, Maxine Waters that are to blame.

  • Diana Tome

    Get rid of her. Crazy bat lady.

  • Ben

    Nancy Pelosi is an idiot…

  • angelo cucuzza,jr


  • bob laford

    Have you noticed that the leaders of the libtard demo-rats are on the east & west coast? It’s up to the middle of the country to MAGA GOD BLESS

  • Ed Price

    LMAO at the Dems. Trump is driving them crazy. They are so predictable.

  • C William Hanscom

    Tell me pusalosi what has the democrats done for the children, the elderly, the middle class or the country. Answer NOTHING. Just more than 19 trillion in debt and Obama cre which was nothing more than an lie and a tax increase package. Go away prune.

    • antiliberal

      And they were worried that the tax bill was going to add $1tril over 10yrs, but were all good with $10tril in 8yrs.

  • Ed Roberts

    You can’t lose something she never had,The left keeps on their downward Spin not far from the bottom

  • Alan

    Nancy the pig’s idea of a good tax plan: If you work for $20./hr, they take $10/hr to give to your illegal neighbor who spends the day at the beach.

    • teachersaide


  • jdelaney3

    This woman scares me. And she represents the “loyal”??? opposition. Wow!

  • Eric Backens

    What ever happened to the investigation of Pelosi awarding her husband over 400 mil. of tax dollars for some land deal. Need to look that up, forgot the details.

  • J.B. Young

    Taking away money the democrats could waste is just too much for the old hag.

  • Jon Tankersley

    I understand that she is Catholic, and she is for abortion? Isn’t that against what the Catholic Church is against? Hmmmm, very interesting!

  • JCluvsTrump

    Wait until the president pulls us out of the UN and tells all the diplomats to leave the U.S. The Dems will hold mass suicides. Hey, good idea!

  • What’s that you say?

    The kookaide she’s been drinking has brain eating Democrat syrup in it.

  • Beeker D.

    Pure, Plain and Simple PROOF that Pulosi’s mental stability condition hasn’t improved at all since 1998.

  • Mary Post

    bwahaaa Pelosi losing her mind! Well that’s nothing new! And what a hypocrite talks about God and children but yet she for abortion! Pig!

  • Single Mom’s need to lose 1,000 lbs. and/or get off all addictions so they can find a husband to help support the family…

  • Albedamned!

    Ken, easier said than done. NYC is a Socialist Liberal cesspool. The corruption is as bad now as when Boss Tweed ran the roost. Just look at what deBozo is doing. These morons voted him in, and now he is giving it to everybody up the Wazoo!

  • honestjerry

    she has no mind

  • Sylvia Avila

    Pelosi does no have a mind to lose!

  • Dwimby

    I disagree. This psycho lost her marbles long, long ago. She is a disgrace to the congress, and that is really saying something considering who is in the US Congress.

  • Rambling BS, from my State’s Congresswoman, worried about the poor children, who had not been aborted by the group Planned Parenthood, which she DOES support.

  • Build a burger

    “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being
    very wasteful. How true that is.”

    (Vice President Dan Quayle – this was part of his address to the
    United Negro College Fund, whose slogan is “a mind is a terrible thing to

  • urantia wins