PELOSI: Illegal Migrants ‘Embody The Best of Our Nation’

‘Our Dreamers, they make America dream again…’

PELOSI: Trump's Actions 'Violent' to America and the World

Nancy Pelosi/IMAGE: ABC News via YouTube

(Breitbart) Illegal migrants “embody the best of our nation,” says the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

The flattery for migrants came December 21 as Pelosi urged the House Committee on Rules to include an amnesty for 3.25 million ‘dreamer’ illegals in the two-week budget resolution.

According to Politico:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged the committee to add an amendment to the short-term spending bill that would attach the bipartisan DREAM Act, H.R. 3440 (115).  Pelosi said Congress had a “duty and obligation” to protect undocumented immigrants …

“They embody the best of our nation: patriotism, hard work, perseverance,” Pelosi said of DREAMers. She added that Congress shouldn’t “leave them to celebrate the holidays in fear, watching their DACA protection expire.”

Pelosi’s for migrants flattery failed to persuade the GOP-majority panel, which rejected her proposal….


The federal government’s support for migrants has a huge impact on Americans — roughly nine million Americans have been pushed out of the workforce as wages have fallen amid the flood of immigrant labor.

Yet Pelosi and other progressives have a track-record of flattery for illegal migrants.

“Our Dreamers, they make America dream again,” Pelosi exclaimed in October. “They’re so lovely and we, frankly, owe a debt to your parents for bringing you here to be such a brilliant part of our future.”…Original Source

  • jcrawdad

    PELOSI: Illegal Migrants ‘Embody The Best of Our Nation’


    • kep

      Statistics just came out proving ILLEGAL ALIENS commit more crime than American citizens and LEGAL immigrants. ALL should be deported or jailed.

      • jcrawdad

        Ya !!! I seen that . Liberals would never admit that.

    • Richard Young

      That statement from this “FAKE” politician, Pelosi, just tells the rest of us real Americans who were born here that we are just bad for America and would want us to just go away so our nation will no longer be the America we grew up with.

  • carl dondorfer

    you should stop smoking pot it’s stunting your brain cell’s

  • Naval Lint

    ONLY a Liberal would consider an ENTIRE group of CRIMINALS to be ‘the embodiment of the BEST of our nation”….but, then, there has been a great uncovering of the ONGOING criminal and disgusting activities of the Democrats and the Leftists. Hey, Pee-Lousy, how would you react if some of these “dreamers” broke into your house and robbed you? Would THAT be acceptable and laudable, in your opinion? Additionally, ANY “debt to your parents for bringing you here to be such a brilliant part of our future.” has been OVER-PAID by all of the social welfare that it took to support and educate your worthless offspring!!!!

  • bob breglio

    Deport EVERY illegal alien criminal tomorrow and build the wall to keep them out. Let Americans get the jobs these criminals have been stealing from us.

    • CCblogging

      I want that southern border wall but what about our northern border. Terrorists have come through that border too. With Canada being Muslim friendly, their border may be even more dangerous than Mexico’s border.

      • Oscar Pearson

        People from Somalia are pouring in from Canada.

        • Fred_K

          And they are settling in Minnesota.

          • Wilma Turcotte

            Oh yes they are in Minnesota, Michigan, Maine. They have taken control of Dearborn and other cities where they have gotten onto the city council and it’s is slowly happening e everywhere while everyone is saying it can’t happen just like they said about Hitler. Makes you wonder why those from that hot country would settle for the 3 MMM’s. Maybe cause of all the great benefits. They seem to gravitate to where the benefits are the most freely given and if there is something you don’t like or are offended by it WELL WE WILL JUST CHANGE IT SO YOU CAN BE MORE COMFY HERE . HEAVEN FORBID YOU MIGHT LEAVE. As Nancy says “they embody the best of our nation” Speaks well for us don’t it.

          • Jerryb53

            That’s were MI13 go and bring in their drug trade.

          • Oscar Pearson

            Pelosi is out of her mind!

      • stopspending4

        Securing the south border is a start and does not prevent the US from securing the north border, demanind everify be used (it is the law but not enforced), tracking visa recipients, etc. There is a lot that can and should be done to make our country more secure.

      • Hollif50

        Not 13-20 million of em’…

        • CCblogging

          No, not that many “yet” but as poster Oscar Pearson and poster Fred_K just stated, the Somalis are pouring in through the northern border and settling in Minnesota.

          • tho1mas

            then MN should renounce sanctuary policies….replace Franken with a REpob and deport the illegals! Wake up MN… have 10000 lakes but not enough concrete blocks for weights!

  • Mike Jackson


    • Debbie Benton

      Now that is the truth and the democrats know it . Why else would they fight voter ID ? Did they fight having your picture on your drivers licences ?

    • spike

      That typifies how Craven the democratic politicians have become, including, as well, keeping the African Community as a dependent BLOC to vote them back into office over and over again! It’s becoming so obvious!!

    • tho1mas

      all those future demoncrat voters!

  • Yosemite Sam

    Nancy Pelosi has always been a loon. Because of Pelosi and her like minded ilk, patriotic Californian’s have fled the golden state in droves. Within the next decade, Pelosi will no longer have any educated hard working California taxpayers remaining to foot the heavy tax burden, as all will have fled for the refuge of conservative red states. RIP California . . .

    • slk5

      compared to pelosi, yes, but not the rest of the country!!!

    • Kenneth Jones

      Nancy Pelosi does not represent the decent, law abiding people of or state. She represents everything that’s wrong by openly promoting the illegal imigration of the Latino criminals who now run loose and amok in the streets of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles, and now she’s making such asinine statements as this one?

      She not only needs to resign her seat in Congress, but her husband needs to have her committed to the local Funny Farm.

      • Alan

        Great cheap labor for her husbands vineyards and service help for their home.

  • richjack4

    She forgot to mention all the illegal votes they provide her and her liberal loons!!!!

  • Dennis

    Nancy, just like your party symbol, you are a “beast of burden” only yours is all the criminal activities YOUR party and you have carried out. I hope you get caught up in all the mess finally and voters rid themselves of such a worthless representative as yourself, You are a mindless TWIT!

  • omikehawk

    So, that old scarecrow thinks that criminals are what America is, and should be about? She needs to guzzle a Draino Martini and take a long nap!

  • Louie Rey

    And Pelosi embodies the stupid in our country. She’s part of the problem in this country, she’s a career politician. She should have been getting face lifts on her own dime starting years ago instead of being a complete waste of time in the political arena. What a moron.

  • CCblogging

    Nancy says, remember illegals, vote Democrat for amnesty & all those freebies.

  • ampar wingate

    Pelosi is sick, if muslums moved in next door to her and started telling her that she would have to give her self to the so called muslum men, would she think so much of them then

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    This woman needs to go to the LOOKNY HOSE.

  • Paul Franklin

    She’s the queen of ignorance!!

  • Peter J

    More insanity from Pelosi. Amnesty should give taxpayers nightmares not sweet dreams. Taxpayers pick up the tab for these illegals and I am sick and tired of Americans being shoved to the back burner by liberals who only seek power through the votes of illegals. 3.5 million votes and growing daily should scare rational Americans.

  • DaveyJ

    Nancy Pelosi is one of the most hated people in the US in rural area! Most farmers would like to feed her to their hogs!

  • James in Texas

    From her “point of view”, she is right! They (the Illegals) have been bought to vote Democrat, they are given a Driver’s License and registered to vote at the same time. Then they are given around $65K yearly in benefits and given rights that no citizen has. Laws are passed in the dark of night without any allowance for the other Party to see: aka: “We must first pass it before we can know what’s in it”, that’s why she is now known as Madame Stool-sample. Well, Ms. Stool-sample………..TRUMP 2021 and we must pass it to watch you have a breakdown, Period!

  • nevadarny

    Has this woman lost her last marble?

  • Sharon Melvin

    Nancy, your dementia is once again showing!

  • kbfallon

    What she meant was….most illegals live in her state of Calif. and I get a lot of money when we count them as citizens!

  • RETIRED9802

    Got to be a lot of loons who keep voting that loony tune into office. She’s a mental midget and belongs in a rubber room. She spends Christmas in Hawaii and stays in a $10, 000.00 a night suite and is a multimillionaire in the 1% category and makes believe she in the 99%.$$$ category,

  • Hope

    Illegal aliens, criminal activities of the DNC and a good many of the democrat party – one and the same. Pelosi has more in common with the non-law-abiding people than she does with people who love this country and it’s constitution. Is anyone surprised? And if they know them, their voting block wattles down to nothing.

  • Debbie Benton

    Well , finally Nancy Pelosi fionaal said something I can agree with her on . Illegals are much better than her lying self center types and worth ten times more than her her sorry self .

  • Yup all those Illegals working for the Mexican Drug Cartels have increased the cash flow of the untaxed black market . Democrats like the living loony tune would pattern the rest of the U.S. after California and Chicago.

  • Rob Anthonisen

    What an idiotic statement! what if one of them rapes her family member or kills her best friend{if any}? She is looney, for sure!

  • skillet56

    Pelosi needs to be committed for a mental evaluation. Congress has a duty and obligation to protect its citizen from illegal undocumented immigrants. There are already laws about that. But Pelosi would rather ignore those laws and instead pander to the illegals. But the real blame is on those who continue to elect her. Shame on you

  • yehudabendavid

    After reading Pelosi I get the idea that all illegal immigration is wonderful and that is what makes America great. Can we ask,” has illegal immigration in Europe been beneficial?” Shall we ignore the real impact of rising crime,raping women,terrorism,antisemitism ?What a wonderful world!

  • Thomas

    All of these millionaire’s in congress and senate don’t mind giving my money away to anybody they can train to vote for their communist cause in the future.

  • Gerry Costa

    Has anyone really thought about her statement — “ILLEGAL migrants embody the BEST of our nation” — so this absolute POS moron is saying that these illegals are far better than any of us citizens and are more important to this country than we are. Now if this lunatic and the demoTRASH party actually believe this — why WHY would any citizen of this country want any of the demoSCUM in office. That is an absolute ridiculous statement and is a SLAM against every American citizen. Even the far left idiots should be angry at this very obsurd statement.

    • Hollif50

      More important to ensure Dem power is what she means..

  • Alan404

    Lived in California, The Bay Area, a couple of years in the late 1960’s. Do not believe, California having become what it is today, that I would go back for a second try.

  • Duke Silver

    She’s kinda right….. Illegals ARE better than she is.

  • Bearcat

    I have to ask why is it that our low income workers don’t want to work in the fields where most of the illegals work they make good money as for as I know from talking to a field worker about 25yrs ago when I drove Trucks for a living it was a young female look to be 22 or so not sure and she told me that she worked 2 jobs in the fields and made 15.00 an hour on each working about 16yrs a day now don’t get me wrong I do not like immigrants what so ever I worked on a farm form the time I was 5or 6yrs old to the time I turned 23yrs old when I went in to the ARMY for my part they can ship all the immigrants illegals and what ever back where they cam from and as for as Pelosi she can go with them

  • chocopot

    Please, someone, tell this incredibly deranged woman to SHUT HER STUPID MOUTH already.

  • J.B. Young

    This loony witch rejoices over the effort to turn this country into a banana republic?!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Pelosi must have started drinking and smoking crack or could be she just lost her mine .

  • Albedamned!

    Exactly, they provide votes for the phony, incompetent Democraps! These phonies are prostituting these people for votes! These people will not assimilate, no need to! They have no idea of civility or respect. They are barely above savages and in some cases, they are. This is utterly and only to damage the Republicans. They are moving them into my neighborhood, which has always been Republican and a stable neighborhood. This was a great area to live and shop. Now the quality of life is nose diving. The NYPD is protecting the non-taxpayers, the taxpayers get crapola for services. This is the Bronx, N.Y., once a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Now it is like a third world cesspool, and stinking and sinking. The Libtards are trying to drive us out, bring in the uneducated lowlifes. This is Schumer’s and Gillibrand’s new world order. She and he will not do what is requested of her by the voters. They have there own agenda’s and not in their neighborhood’s.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    What about us citizens???? Pelosi needs to get a medical check up. Her brain seems NOT to be working.

  • jjmcl431

    Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats also love them because the illegals help keep them in office.

  • spike

    I think SHE cannot possibly say anything more ridiculous . . . and then she does. I cannot believe the Democrats pick the likes of Reid (who told a giant lie, not once, but twice from the floor of the Senate about a presidential candidate and then chuckled about it with the smirk(we won didn’t we?), Pelosi and now schmarmy Schumer as their leaders? I am so glad I am no longer a member of the Democratic party!!

  • Fred_K

    Piglosi is the worst of all the people in the House of Reprehensibles, and should resign, so the people do not have to hear her stupidity blared out over the media. Every time she opens her mouth, we are reminded just how stupid she really is.

  • Hollif50

    We’re supposed to be a nation of laws. These illegal aliens are law-breakers from the start, and continue to break the law daily by committing felonious identity theft and using falsified IDs.. How do such actions embody “the best of our nation”? Maybe that’s the best that Dems can do but that doesn’t remotely characterize people who are “the best of our nation” by any yard-stick I know of..

  • RB

    We all know that Nancy Pelosi has come up with so many off the wall, crazy statements that we really have to question her sanity.
    I have to question one thing especially. When President Trump originally allowed DACA to expire, the news reported that approximately 800,000 illegal immigrants were affected by this.
    Just when and how did this number grow to 3 and a quarter million illegals like Nancy Pelosi is talking about?
    It’s one thing suggesting that approximately 800,000 illegal immigrants be given amnesty, but it’s a totally different thing to start fighting for 3 and a quarter million illegals to get amnesty.
    Is this new figure that Nancy Pelosi is talking about something that also includes family members, extended family members or what? The numbers seem to keep growing.

  • Richard

    What is her statement “embody the best of our nation” based on?
    Have her prove her statement with ‘facts’!
    Congress has no duty or obligation to protect illegal immigrants!
    Where in the immigration laws does it state that lie?
    As a member of Congress who legislates, she appears to be very ignorant of our country laws
    The “Rule of Law” has been to deport them since they violated our immigration laws!
    Former presidents all have done that. President Bush had 2 million deported and President Obama had 2 and a half million deported.
    Is she stating that both of these presidents and others failed in their duties?
    PELOSI is one of those in Congress that have failed in immigration reform!

    • Alan

      Dumbocrats don’t need no stinkin facts.

  • Dead Toad

    I lived in Pelosi’s California she’s not joking they give the illegal immigrants everything they give citizens nothing but a hard time. They give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses but don’t require them to obtain Auto Insurance what a perk besides all the welfare they receive. Now I will be living like an illegal immigrant pushed out of my house do to the low wages caused by illegal immigration and high rents. I’ve moved my family to a different state and I’ll return to California for work and send my money out of state just like an illegal immigrant.


    “Our Dreamers, they make America dream again,” Pelosi exclaimed in October. “They’re so lovely”….and one can only imagine what it would be like to get gang raped by 4 or more of those DREAMERS, and we all look forward to getting rob, assaulted, murdered, beaten, and have our teens and children raped…..yes, these DREAMERS have so much to offer us; they are such “lovely” people. Just don’t let any of them live next to Botox Pelosi, heaven forbid they might get the idea that this OLD Demented scumbag hag might be ‘loaded with money’ and would not be too keen on getting robbed and burglarized.

  • Al Chemist

    An “illegal” immigrant is a criminal! They are not a citizen, and therefore not even a member of this nation…so just exactly how could they embody the best of said nation?

  • Michael Skok

    That’s a good one. I will have to remember that along with, “There are no borders.”

  • Lori

    Instead of Pelosi’s Dreamer’s, its more like Pelosi’s nightmare’s ! They are here breaking our laws, demanding, yes demanding, we take care of their every need, let Pelosi and the rest of the Libertarians and Democrats, take care of them with their money. We work for our families, not a bunch of Illegal’s ,they have the fricken’ nerve to “Demand” , they don’t ask for help, they “Demand” it ! They are breaking our laws, their parents broke our laws, leave, come back legally or not at all.

  • Terry

    Pelosi and the other liberals say, that, for example that the black population in Chicago, are unable to get jobs because there are none. I have an idea, ship the illegals back. That should open up the job market. That is if you really want to get off welfare and work.

  • dave72

    When is the last time this ignorant twit dared walk into the illegal immigrant communities to tell them face-to-face how wonderful they are. Most don’t even speak English!

  • Richard

    PELOSI statements ‘Embody the best of our nation’ and ‘Conyers is an Icon’ reflects what is wrong with her!
    She is a disgrace and needs to retire immediately!

  • MurfAl

    It’s time for Pelosi to get a personal tour of the “Pit Of Misery”. Dilly, Dilly.

  • Terry

    What a slap in the face to Americans. Especially, to the ones that have died for our country. Treason for Pelosi!

    • KKmoderate

      Just posted same sentiment. We must have been on the same channel 👍🏻

  • KKmoderate

    Is it just me or is Pelosi’s “over the top” support for illegals comment an insult to ALL Americans?

    • Wilma Turcotte

      Sure makes you wonder how her, Waters and their kind keep getting elected. Doesn’t speak well for them I wouldn’t think.

  • Wilma Turcotte

    How does this idiot woman stay in office. Shows the mentality of her district I guess. She is putting illegals ahead of Americans and you dummies think she is for your state and our country . Her and all the other liberals are selling us out to become a 3rd world country and your so dumb you can’t even see it. Thankfully there are those of us that know Nancy is for Nancy and that’s all. All you liberals keep trying to say the President isn’t well and all that crap while Pelosi can’t even make a speech without stuttering,stammering and mispronouncing names and she has had so many face lifts that every time you see her it is sliding more and more off her head. Won’t be long before it’s gone. Of course she has good insurance not like she would have to settle for “The Great Obama care” which she thinks is wonderful for YOU. FOR GOD’S SAKE WAKEUP BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

    • Beeker D.

      Her district(if you want to call it that)consists of a large group of LGBTQRSTUV’ers, her relatives, 2 cemetary’s(where the dead have voted for the last 108 years, a neighborhood full of Illegal’s like that murderer ‘Zarate’ and just to let you know PUDLOSI DOESN’T LIVE THERE!

  • Roy Veteto

    pelosi loves illegal aliens that she will look the other way when an american is killed by them

  • Beeker D.

    PUDLOSI is a FOOL. Which make’s her supporters; FOOLS led by A FOOL!

  • Karma

    Illegals killed my dream..undercutting prices on jobs to the point no one could compete…killed a very established long standing money making business…and many others…only dreams i have now are of the day when those such as pelosi are no longer in government, and the illegals are sent back where they belong..till then, its just nightmares.

    • Wilma Turcotte

      You are so right Karma. How do we make our voices heard over the likes of Pelosi and her cohorts and these idiot people that believe her I see it on the news everyday but somehow she has those idiots thinking the venom she spews will help them.

  • Wilma Turcotte

    When are the people in this country gonna wakeup to what those damn liberals are doing to this great country? We have to do something or the damn liberals like her are gonna destroy us. How can anyone listen to her and say she wants whats best for us. Crap. The stupid libtards are threatening the President, trying to bribe congressmen, (which s a crime by the way)an ex-president going around speaking with world leaders, downing our president and belittling this country in the eyes of the world, Hillary selling out to the Russians (which there is also a law against. They should both be in Leavenworth) while trying to make it look like Trump was in cahoots with Putin which he wasn’t and has cost us over 7 million taxpayers dollars to find that out but heavens no they aren’t gonna stop. Pelosi and Schumer don’t mind spending money on that, or supporting all these immigrants but the President wants to cut taxes, straighten welfare reform, give our military a raise and better equipment and they scream “he’s driving up the national debt” The debt went higher in the last 8 yrs then in my lifetime and he didn’t help anyone but himself and did more to set his own race back 50yrs. All the blacks wanted one of “THEIR OWN” in office and he made it worse and all those women that wanTed a woman in the WH for woman’s sake would have got the same crap. She’s not for women she’s for Hillary and thank God you didn’t have to find out the hard way. You or I would be in jail if we had done what she’s done and that’s only what we know about but she has left alot of bodies in her path that crossed her. The 7 million spent should be putting her behind bars but those weaklings in DC won’t do it. She must have bought off the families of the Bengarzi victims cause if it was a member of my family they wouldn’t get a minutes rest till she was locked up.

  • euriqa

    Nancy is running true to form. She desperately needs a good dictionary to define a few action words in terms she can understand. Politicians owe every defined US citizen the duty to place their citizens needs above any foreign citizen who hopes to become a Naturalized US Citizen. Never ever should foreign citizens who entered our nation by their illegal act receive any status and or benefits over any US or Naturalized US citizen. Illegal defines an act against existing law. US citizen is a natural born citizen, or a legal entry foreign citizen who has performed all requirements to become a naturalized US citizen. Illegal immigrant is a liberals way to attempt to give a degree of legitimacy to a foreign citizen who has broken a law. Immigrant defines a foreign citizen who legally enters our country and is actively pursuing legal naturalization. DOCA is an oxymoron created by liberal democrats and socialists to actually reward by ignoring the initial illegal act of entering our country illegally. Words do have meaning and the meaning of words have consequences. If one simply follows our nation’s laws then the term illegal will not define their act of illegal entry. lee1233

  • Concerned Citizen

    This woman is truly anti-American and should placed on a sinking boat in the bermuda triangle.

  • Mad Scientist

    Gee, Pelosi, perhaps you might mention that to Kate Steinle…

  • Robert Stack

    Benevolent Immigrants may be ‘your’ dream Nancy Pelosi but you are ‘our’ nightmare….

  • Matthew Coleman

    Yup all those Illegals working for the Mexican Drug Cartels have increased the cash flow of the untaxed black market . Democrats like the living loony tune would pattern the rest of the U.S. after California and Chicago.

  • bendecido

    If Pelosi is so worried about the dreamers, why is her party trying to close off congress?. Isn’t she going against them by their proposition to do so? She does not realize that nobody listens to her anymore. Hang up your gloves lady!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline White

    I dream of the day when crying Chuckie Shumer and bag lady Pelosi are retired. My hope would be for illegals to live on both sides of her.

  • just care

    The illegals aren’t even the best of the democrats, much less the real people.

  • DonRS

    “NUTTY NAN” has been eating too many FRUIT CAKES (or drinking too much booze!). She apparently has forgotten that one of the largest populations of our prisons are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    She and her even worse fellow coalition of Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives/Democrats/Feminazis/Thugs/IllegalVoters/WelfareDependents/Educrats/#BLM/Renta-mobs/Godless/EVIL/Anti-Americans NEVER ALLOW FACTS to influence their views!

  • Donald Johnston

    Nancy wouldn’t feel that way if DACA and other “Illegals” voted Republican instead of Democrat (and they do vote!) by their own admission which is against our laws. The spending bill would be a lot less if we weren’t spending billions supporting “undocumented immigrants” which is just another PC way of saying “Illegals” so they will qualify for government aid. Also research how Nancy Pelosi’s husband had 17 million dollars invested in Star Kist Tuna in 2007 when she slipped a 33 million dollar last minute amendment into the bailout bill giving the American Samoa Star Kist Tuna processing facility there an exemption to the $2.50 pay raise going into effect in the US. Star Kist was a big contributor to Pelosi and that gave them a huge advantage in pricing over their competitors.

  • omikehawk

    I think that her brain has leaky gut syndrome!

  • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

    Why are so many of them in our prisons right now if they’re so “great”??

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Pelosi should go out on the town with these people and party!….. If she is foolish to make this statement!

  • Frank Schallock

    She’s smoking to much wacky weed.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Time to Fire Pelosi and the rest of Dems they have proven to be very Anti-American haters! They are always against real Americans. But they want to give Free money to all Illegals, and terrorist? What is that about? Time for a new party that is for America! Not Terrorist!

  • John

    Nancy is off her meds again.
    What about OUR children, what about your own tax paying citizens who can vote for her( I don’t know why, of course she has the dead vote and illegals )
    There are millions of people of every race, religion and region of the country that are law abiding citizens, who love their country and their family, THEY ARE embodiment of the American Dream. Law breakers living off the government dime It’s people like nutty Nancy that demonstrates the WORST of American values.

  • Nicki

    Has anyone really thought about her statement — “ILLEGAL migrants embody the BEST of our nation” — so this absolute POS moron is saying that these illegals are far better than any of us citizens and are more important to this country than we are. Now if this lunatic and the demoTRASH party actually believe this — why WHY would any citizen of this country want any of the demoSCUM in office

  • Ken

    How about sending the tow truck wacko over to Nancy’s to spread good cheer?

  • Sky King

    You know It took me a while, but it has finally started to sink in and I think I am beginning to see where this is coming from and after thinking about it for a while I believe from Nancy Pelosi’s perspective it makes a great deal of sense. It is purely a matter of “RESPECT” . As I recall from my days as an avid viewer of old spaghetti westerns the Latino peasants and other peons referred to the head of the landowning family as the “Patrone” or “Don” which was their way of expressing their servitude out of “respect” or fear. It seems that tradition has survived to this day in some settings perhaps with a double meaning, such homage still exists?

  • Larry Cowden

    It is time the old cow was forced at gunpoint to house, feed, clothe, educate, and provide free medical 1 million of them under her own roof and out of her own personal finances with no outside help! None of them can be transferred to any state or federal agency for reason!!!

  • brett summers

    So, that old scarecrow thinks that criminals are what America is, and should be about? She needs to guzzle a Draino Martini and take a long nap!

  • Name

    Pelosi is a delusional idiot that needs to be removed from office and kicked out of the country.

  • jcrawdad

    PELOSI: Illegal Migrants ‘Embody The Best of Our Nation’

    Man !!!! Somebody has been smoking Crank

  • Wayne C

    Put Pelosi in a locked room full of members of the MS-13 gang and watch her change her mind with a quickness. I’m not against legal Latino/Hispanic U.S. citizens. But this crazy woman is including all illegals. The ones who truly want to be here that are not felons/gangsters should be allowed to earn their way to citizenship. Completed classes in English, hygiene, U.S. history, U.S. law and a GED with a two year enlistment in one of the U.S. armed services would be satisfactory to me. This would at least give them a chance to show they are serious and give them the basics needed to function in the U.S. communities. They could then sponsor in their children and young relatives, of course they would need to do the same, but leaving military service as a choice.

  • Jerryb53

    Why is she still in Congress?

  • JR

    You complain about Trump, yet you keep reelecting the nut jobs Pelosi-Schumer and the rest. The nation survived another one of your prime picks in Clinton.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Nancy Pelosi a socialist liberal brain dead on drugs is an total idiot and belongs in a asylum for the crazies.

  • Jmanjo

    This twit will get us all killed! Don’t wait for term limitations! Put her straight jacket on and take her into custody!

  • Jeffrey Gerolmo

    Did anyone ever consider how the Democrat Party’s pro illegal alien platform effects these aliens ? The illegal status makes these aliens vulnerable to exploitation and completely denies them any labor protections whatsoever. .Making them victims of harsh and dangerous working conditions , below minimum wages , no overtime pay , no workmans compensation coverage , physical and sexual abuse . Human Trafficers and smugglers have cashed in on Democrat Party policies throughout Obama and its about time we establish an immigration system that brings in workers we need LEGALLY WITH LEGAL PROTECTIONS and punish ruthless criminals previously rewarded by Democrats ..

  • crazybarry

    Crazy Nancy is the best friend Conservatives and Republicans ever had. I think she should have her own nightly TV show. All voters deserve to hear her constant words of wisdom.

  • barbarakelly

    Pelosi is freaken fruitcake. they have done nothing for us but murder people.,just because we don’t think like them. She is insane and needs to go back to cal for good. and she can take her boyfriend with her.!!!!! I read who she had affair with and Oh brother the other half of the fruit cake.!

  • Free Man (NOT)

    If there was ever a doubt that she is certifiably insane, this should end that doubt.

  • Bmike

    People are really getting tired of her liberal stupidity, really wish she would be recalled or just plain quit, you can’t fixe stupid and she is in the worst way

  • Janis

    Yeah right Nancy. Dreamers are all Rhodes scholars, never commit crimes and pledge allegiance to America. Have you read the recent statistics you crazy loon? Almost 50% of the Dreamers cannot speak or understand English at a functioning level and a large percentage are functionally illiterate. How can you stand there and make these crazy and insulting statements to the American people?

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Pelosi is totally unAmerican.