Pelosi Tells Trump: Deportations ‘Scaring the Children’

‘It’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior, to just be kicking down doors…’


Mike Pence, Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told President Donald Trump that his planned deportations were “scaring the children,” ignoring the millions of American women and children who fear criminal illegal aliens.

“When I spoke to the President, I said ‘Look, I’m a mom, I have five kids, seven, nine grandchildren and children are scared,'” Pelosi said at an event in New York hosted by Democratic Rep. Grace Meng, CNN reported. “You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities. You’re scaring the children.”

Pelosi’s concern did not extend to the children raped by illegal aliens, the parents who lost their children to illegal aliens, and the American citizens who live in fear as their cities are overrun by criminal illegal aliens.

Pelosi and Trump talked Friday.


He announced Saturday that he would delay Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) planned deportations for two weeks to give Congress time to reform the country’s immigration laws.

“I mean it’s so appalling,” Pelosi said at the event Monday. “It’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior, to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families and the rest of that.”

As Pelosi continues to demean the United States as barbaric, Congress will consider bills this week to fund the humanitarian crisis at the border.

The Senate passed a nearly $4.6 billion emergency funding bill to provide food, shelter and medical care for illegal aliens.

Pelosi said Trump’s decision to enforce immigration laws is a “mean-spirited approach.”

She argued that illegal aliens should have the same Constitutional protections as U.S. citizens.

“Unless they have a warrant, they have no business coming into your home to search,” she said according to Newsweek. “Know your rights… This is not America. This is not what we do to people. We do not break up families because of a status violation. That’s just not right.”