PELOSI: Democrats Should ‘Be Ready’ to Be in Majority

HOYER: ‘All the signs that I have seen are very, very positive…’

Pelosi Praises Anti-Harassment Efforts, Then Defends Accused Harasser

Nancy Pelosi/IMAGE: NBC via YouTube

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Blue wave?

If a letter from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to her colleagues and reported on by the Washington Post is any indication, Democrats feel confident about the midterm elections, now just two months away.

Democrats “must Be Ready for the prospect that we will be in the Majority in January,” Pelosi wrote, adding that top Democrats would be working on bills that reflect their party’s campaign slogan, “For the People.”

The issues: health care, raising wages, cleaning up government corruption, and “advancing gun violence prevention.”


Should Democrats take the House – and assuming they do not dump her – Pelosi would be in position to be Speaker.

Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House, echoed Pelosi’s confidence.

“All the signs that I have seen are very, very positive,” he said.

He pointed to strong fundraising from Democrats, as well as the quality of their candidates.

Polls seem to support Pelosi and Hoyer’s rosy outlook.

The latest one from the Post showed registered voters favoring Democrats by a massive 14-point margin, a possible sign of a widening gap on the “generic ballot.”

At the same time, Hoyer admitted that a win cannot be taken for granted: “As the last presidential election showed us, nobody can really predict what’s going to happen. But … I am confident.”

If Americans actually return a Democratic majority to the House of Representatives, the difficulties for the Trump administration could increase.

Democrats have promised to open up investigations into the president’s tax returns, something that Republican committee chairs have refused to pursue.

Interestingly, Pelosi’s letter does not address what might be the biggest motivating factor for Democrats – impeachment.

In fact, the letter fails to mention the president at all.

Democratic leaders fear that an emphasis on impeachment could backfire, possibly energizing Republicans in key races.

According to CNBC, analysts attribute the potential Democratic victory to President Trump’s poor approval rating and the desire for voters to provide a check on him.

Pelosi’s letter can be read here.