Pelosi Daughter Claims New HBO Documentary Seeks to Burst ‘Liberal Bubble’

‘Everyone looks at us like we’re liberals who live in a liberal bubble … but we’re self-aware enough to know that’s not the only America that exists…’

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, says fears of an ideological civil war tearing America apart are overblown, reported The Hill’s In the Know blog. And in support of her statement she points to a new documentary she filmed, called: “Outside the Bubble: On the Road with Alexandra Pelosi.”

In it, the filmmaker travels outside of her “liberal bubble” to get acquainted with families who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

“I think the us-versus-them narrative really sells on cable news,” said Pelosi. But she said after her travels around the country that she was “not buying that people hate each other as much as [the cable news thinks] they do … if you made me, I could literally come up with a [list of] Tea Party people who have invited me to spend the night in their home across America.”

According to The Hill, the documentary follows Pelosi as she travels around the country and is a look into the lives of Trump supporters—something that many liberals may never have glimpsed and may never understand.


“The whole point was to show my kids that this bubble is not the only America,” said Pelosi, who went on the trip with her husband and their two preteen sons.

While Pelosi did not advertise her family connection to the would-be House Speaker, she did not hide her political views from the people she documented.

“Everyone looks at us like we’re liberals who live in a liberal bubble … but we’re self-aware enough to know that’s not the only America that exists.” The article notes that Pelosi was born in San Francisco and educated in Los Angeles before moving to Manhattan.

In the documentary, Pelosi and her family travel from Texas to discuss guns, to Alabama to talk about the #MeToo movement and then to Pennsylvania to speak with laid-off coal miners. She says the experience changed her mind about some issues.

“When you walk into a place like Port Arthur [Texas] and they don’t have any jobs, they don’t have food to feed their families, and you hear about global warming coming from cable news dictating it’s the most important issue …” she said, “we can talk about global warming in Manhattan all we want, but if you don’t have a job, why on earth would you say that’s the most important issue?”

She also warned potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to talk more about kitchen-table issues instead of abstract ideas that only appeal to those in the bubble.

And Pelosi’s not the only one who has had a slight change of heart. She notes that after meeting with Border Patrol agents in California, her older son is now “totally pro-wall.”

Like her son, Alexandra Pelosi’s conciliatory attitudes are also a vast departure from her mother’s. Nancy Pelosi drew criticism recently for encouraging violence and incivility, saying that some “collateral damage” may be necessary to help Democrats win.

The San Francisco Democrat also recently expressed confidence in her imminent return to the House Speakership, going so far as to discuss how she eventually planned to retire from it.

Alexandra Pelosi refused to say if her mother would be elected Speaker if Democrats took back the House, and further warned the party against overconfidence in the November elections.

“I know that every single liberal in my Greenwich Village neighborhood is excited to get out and vote. But I don’t know that anybody in Port Arthur, Texas is sharing their view, or wherever Donald Trump is campaigning tomorrow.”

Pelosi’s documentary premieres Monday on HBO.