Online Shopping Biz Etsy Allows Sale Of Severed Head Pinatas Of Trump, Conway

(Daily Caller News Foundation) An online shopping platform allows users to purchase pinatas of the severed heads of President Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway.

Customers are able to purchase a pinata replica of Trump’s bloodied head on Etsy, much like the one comedian Kathy Griffin held in a controversial photo.

“This Kathy Griffin Commemorative Donald J Trump paper mache severed head piñata is perfect for all parties! From 3rd grade pizza parties to Kwanza it’s a family favorite! Hand made by yours truly. Hate to love her or love to hate her this piñata is for you!” the item description reads.

Only one pinata is available for $500. The seller, Yasmin Rumkowski, notes that the “blood of the innocent” is not included in the pinata.

“Please note: head does not come pre-filled with the blood of the innocent,” Rumkowski writes.

Rumkowski is also selling a pinata of Conway’s severed head for $150 through Etsy. The pinata is perfect to release “sociocultural frustration” at a party, Rumkowski says.

“Beat this paper mache severed head of Kellyanne Conway at your next party! She is SUCH a stupid wanker and this is the perfect gift to vent some sociocultural frustration. Fuck the Trump administration!” the item description reads.

Rumkowski’s profile on Etsy reveals complete contempt for the Trump administration. Her background photo is a picture of Trump at his inauguration with “Douchebags” scrawled across it in red.

Etsy told The Daily Caller News Foundation that they would be looking into the seller’s items.

“We want Etsy to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone. While Etsy believes in freedom of speech, we do not allow items or listings that promote, support, or glorify acts of violence against individuals or groups. We will be investigating these listings and taking appropriate action,” the company told The DCNF. “…It is important to understand that Etsy is not a curated or juried marketplace. We evaluate items on a case by case basis as we become aware of them.”

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.