One Year’s Cost of Obamacare Dwarfs Price of Border Wall

Mexico border wall photo

Photo by Wonderlane

( Cost estimates for President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed border wall vary wildly, with the current Congressional estimate ranging from $12 billion to $38 billion.

Even the high end of that range is much less than our government spends annually on much less useful endeavors which are less clearly in line with Washington’s sworn duty to the American people.

Take ObamaCare, for example. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the federal government will spend $1.34 trillion on that massive boondoggle over the next decade, if it’s not repealed. 2016’s ObamaCare spending was estimated at $110 billion.

That’s an awful lot of money to spend on a program that very few people are happy with, a program that made life much worse for the millions of Americans who got saddled with lower-quality insurance at higher prices. Not only are those people paying higher premiums and deductibles, but their tax money is being used to patch up the thousand leaky holes in the hull of the S.S. ObamaCare.

As with most other Big Government disasters, it costs a lot more than the American people were led to believe. The cost is hidden from them with accounting tricks, and “socialized” by making some people pay much more, so that others can get a comparatively “good deal” and become political shock troops for shielding the program from reform.

ObamaCare’s craptastic website alone cost over $2 billion. Add the $1.2 billion wasted on the worst of the state exchange projects, and you’re well on the way to covering the cost of the border wall. Democrats think the billions wasted on these ObamaCare websites is scarcely even worth mentioning, but they shriek in deficit-hawk agony at the cost of border security.

ObamaCare is hardly the only example of money wasted on a scale that dwarfs the enhanced border security our government has been vowing to provide for decades….

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