Ilhan Omar Ducks Criticism on Border Crisis Inaction by Playing Semantic Games

‘She, like so many liberals, is trying to bully the rest of us into adopting their vocabulary…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Illegal immigrants aren’t “aliens,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said, slamming President Donald Trump for referring to immigrants in a “dehumanizing” way.

“No one is an ‘alien,’” she wrote on Twitter, responding to Trump’s announcement that his administration would begin deporting the “millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States.”

There’s been a longstanding debate over the rhetoric surrounding illegal immigration.

The Associated Press style guide—sometimes criticized for subtly injecting leftist politics into its language rules—prohibits the term “illegal alien.”

However, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions discouraged the Justice Department from using any other phrase.

“The word ‘undocumented’ is not based in U.S. code and should not be used to describe someone’s illegal presence in the country,” Sessions said in an email to the agency, according to Fox News.

The term “alien” is semantically correct, according to U.S. code: “The term ‘alien’ means any person not a citizen or national of the United States.”

It likely derives from the French à lien, meaning a link or connection with something.

According to PowerLine’s John Hinderaker, Omar is trying to “bully” conservatives into accepting the left’s rhetoric.

“There are two possibilities here. One is that Omar is poorly educated and is unfamiliar with the common English word ‘alien.’ That could be. The second possibility is that she, like so many liberals, is trying to bully the rest of us into adopting their vocabulary, even when it does not accord with common usage, common sense, or, as here, the law,” Hinderaker wrote.

The backlogged immigration system has resulted in a humanitarian crisis at the southern border, but congressional Democrats refuse to work on immigration form with Republicans.

“The only ones who won’t do anything are the Democrats in Congress,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “They must vote to get rid of the loopholes and fix asylum! If so, Border Crisis will end quickly!”

Democrats like Omar, however, have chosen to fight the administration instead.

Last month she called for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency tasked with securing the country against illegal immigration, calling it “un-American.”

“We need to abolish ICE and end all inhumane deportation and detention programs,” she said, according to Fox News.

“We need to fight back against the criminalization of immigrants and those crossing the border,” she added. “We need to create a fair and accessible path to legal status and citizenship for all undocumented people in the United States.”