Ohio School Eliminates Homecoming ‘King,’ ‘Queen,’ for Gender Neutrality

‘They’re not being excluded; they just simply didn’t get the votes…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) An Ohio high school named two female students its homecoming king and queen. But instead of using the terms “king” and “queen,” Milford High School dubbed them “homecoming royalty” to avoid “gender discrimination.”

“The selection of our Homecoming Royalty is an opportunity for our students to have their voice heard,” Milford High School Principal Josh Kauffman told WCJB. “I fully support the voice and choice demonstrated by our students in selecting this year’s Homecoming Royalty.”

Milford High School said the decision not to use “gender-specific terminology” was made “to reflect the voice of Milford’s student body and to ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included.”

Superintendent Nancy House claimed that despite the change in terminology, the homecoming process is “no different” than pasty years.

“Choosing students for Homecoming Court is a long-standing tradition that has always been completely decided by student votes, and this year is no different,” she said in a statement.


In fact, the school said moving forward it will eliminate the use of the terms ‘king and queen’ altogether.

Many of the Milford residents criticized the school’s decision:

“It’s not inclusion or fairness—they’re both girls,” one resident commented. “Choose the girl with the most votes and the boy with the most votes. It’s not really tough to navigate. You can respect the wishes of your students but you also have provide GUIDANCE. If two boys were elected King and King?? Oh, the uproar! Just be fair about it.”

Another resident pointed out that by choosing two females, the male students were left out of the equation entirely, which could amount to “discrimination.”

One student pushed back on the criticism: “The boys had a chance to win; it just so happened that Abby got the most votes out of all of them. They’re not being excluded; they just simply didn’t get the votes.”