Officials Defy Trump’s Promises: 40 Miles of Border Ordered Unpatrolled

(Breitbart) U.S. Border Patrol agents are once again sounding the alarm about miles of border being left wide open and unsecured.

Photo by Mesa0789

Breitbart Texas exclusively obtained a document showing a Havre Sector Border Patrol manager knowingly issuing orders to leave 40 miles of border open and unpatrolled. Obama holdovers in the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency are continuing with the same careless disregard in the Trump Administration that they did under former President Obama, according to Border Patrol agents.

Breitbart Texas has the specific order that was given to the agents signed by the Obama-holdover manager. The order demands that agents on the northern border stay within one assigned zone and are not to leave that zone to patrol other zones that the agents have historically patrolled — even though there are no agents assigned to patrol the other zones.. The Havre Sector has six Border Patrol stations and the order applies to one of these stations consisting of six zones. A total of 60 linear miles are covered by the one Border Patrol station in question, yet agents say that this only allows them to patrol 20 of the 60 miles of border.

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When Breitbart Texas asked multiple Border Patrol agents about motives for the manager leaving such a vast swath of border unpatrolled, the agents felt that it was twofold; they blamed previous Obama-era policies and they also believed that widespread corruption exists within the Havre Sector’s upper-management.

One of the Border Patrol agents who was present when the manager gave the order spoke to Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity and said, “Criminal cartels exploit our weaknesses on a daily basis and they’re certainly going to exploit such a large area of open and unpatrolled border.”…

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  • BrokedownMarine

    I wonder how long it will take for Mr. Trump to be notified about this? I sincerely hope he fires this “Obama Holdover” manager. How can we get this article brought to his attention?

    • Marie Saqueton

      Send it ot his daughter Ivanka, it will get to his attention pronto.

      • Naval Lint

        Are you Libbies EVER going to get past your angst? When do you think that you may rejoin the rest of the nation? Or are you all just going to move to Canada or California or some other foreign country?

        • Ardvark

          Unfortunately they will never leave, just hang around and complain about the mistreatment of unicorns in their fantasy world! Actually wish they would try Cuba, get a real dose of this magical communistic world that they think is so wonderful to live in!

          • Rodney Steward

            With everything free, even a bullet!!

          • Diane Hovinga

            Or Venezuela!

        • stevenlehar

          They’re trying to move Canada (and Sweden) HERE! Then it will be up to US to escape to any remaining bastion of individual liberty. Antarctica?

          • Naval Lint

            Steve, don’t worry. We’re taking back our nation. America has not fallen to the LibProg Nazis yet!!!!

        • James Langham

          And maybe you RUSSIAN COMMUNIST sympathizers will move to Russia. Hair Drumpf’s, idol and puppet master, PUTIN, I am sure will welcome ya’ll with open arms!!

          • LtRuss, 173rd Airborne 66-67

            Just keep crying. I think it is so funny the way you liberturds whine and cry. You all are so stupid russian, Russian, what did your little piglose sell to them. President Trump has been cleared of anything to do with Russia so get over it.

          • James Langham

            Not so. Still under investigation and will be for years. Of course his repug protecters, in the House and Senate , will protect him as long as they can. That will eventually come to an end too. Drumpf and his Grifter clan will, like Nixon, have their downfall also.

          • Franie

            You can’t be THAT stupid.

          • LtRuss, 173rd Airborne 66-67

            james Langham is that stupid.

          • Franie

            Hahaha. Thanks! And thank you for your service LtRuss. May God Bless you, and with that, I bid you a good evening sir.

          • LtRuss, 173rd Airborne 66-67

            Back to you with a thank you.

          • LtRuss, 173rd Airborne 66-67

            + mm

          • jason

            He’s a libturd of course he can.

          • Mark204

            It’s evident that he is…

          • NukeWaste

            Most libturds ARE that stupid.

          • Deborah Pratt

            Yeah–he ‘can’!! It’s amazing, isn’t it? LOL

          • JerrySupportsIsreal

            Thank you Sir for your service to our nation. My Gob bless you and yours.

          • LtRuss, 173rd Airborne 66-67

            thank you.

          • Sueja

            More evidence of Clinton and Russia exchange of money and favors than of any Trump collusion

          • Franie

            Obama and Russia too.

          • Todd

            Again one more liberal snowflake speaks without FACTS, which liberal don’t care about anyway only accusations, no FACTS to back it up as so far Trump has PROVEN every accusation against him FALSE, James. Time to go back to your safeplace and think up some other LIE and DECEIT to try spread around. What is really great is the more the liberal mental midgets spew their LIES the more americans realize Trump it the one to bring back sanity to this country. LOL. liberals mental illness at its finest. lol

          • James Langham

            Better a “snowflake” than a destructive piece of ice. Hair Drumpf is still under investigation and will be for years and just as in Nixon’s case, everything will eventually come out in the wash. It will all catch up to him and his Grifter clan.

          • Franie

            Tell me seriously, you can’t be THAT STUPID!! It’s only the mentally deranged liberal’s like yourself and the media that want to keep this crap on the front page. Get over it, dumbbass, it’s been proven that this Russian hoax is just a smoke screen to deflect from the illegalities of the Obama administration and Hillary’s shenanigans during the last 30 years!!

          • James Langham

            And you really can’t be THAT GULLIBLE! Of course, as Master Grifter, Drumpf, doesn’t have to put much effort into pulling the wool over your eyes.

          • jason

            Right on!

          • NukeWaste

            Don’t you remember when Dingy Harry lied about Mitz’ taxes. He came right out and said that they are allowed to lie.

          • Mark204

            I’ll give you a tip. It’s better to let people think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • James Langham

            Why are you yammering away then??

          • Franie

            And WHY are you opening that trap of yours? You’ve got NOTHING intelligent to say, but apparently you’re not too reticent to keep it a secret!

          • James Langham

            And YOU think YOU do!

          • Mark204

            Thanks for proving my point James.

          • Naval Lint

            Nope, wrong AGAIN!!!!
            You Libbies really need to get over things. Supporters of violence and terrorism, you should all move to the E.U. Merkle LOVES snowflakes!

        • armyisnumber1

          How about putting them in DEATH VALLEY and test a couple of MOAB bombs on them. That should end the misery of the liberals.

          • KerryS

            I’d rather drop a FAE on them. The last thing they’d see is a pretty round cloud of expanding gas before the lights go out.

        • DrTrudy Veerman

          Lord NO… we do not want such here in Canada, we have “some” here who really do not belong here either…. perhaps Alaska may do them good…. keeping their heads real cool there…LOL

          • Korean War Vet

            Alaska is one of our states, Doc; we don’t want the trash sent here, either.

          • DrTrudy Veerman

            Yes, I know that Vet… haha. we don’t want them here either. I thought… better to let them cool off a bit up North….

          • Korean War Vet

            That’s all well and good, Doc, but you’re suggesting sending the freaks to one of OUR states; let them cool-off somewhere else.

          • msueh

            Siberia, not Alaska.

          • DrTrudy Veerman

            Haha…. you mean the colder the better… sounds “cool” to me!

          • Deborah Pratt

            Yes, please, and not Northern New England, either!!

          • Deborah Pratt

            See? That’s the real problem!! Not only do we not want them, no one else does either!! I heard rumors of a ‘warship’ cruising off the California coast. It was ‘guessed’ as being either Russian or N. Korean!! I was hoping they’d ‘start something’ and we could let California ‘handle it’, as they’re so eager to succeed from America!! However, no news since then! (Darn!) Still, I do empathize with the ‘decent’ folks still trapped there!

          • Franie

            “Succeed”? Me thinks you meant ‘secede’, hmm? I agree with you however.

          • Deborah Pratt

            OOPS!! You are correct!! It’s still pretty ‘early’ for me this morning! LOL!!!

          • Franie

            Have a GREAT DAY today!

        • Nevadavoter1

          We can only hope! Unfortunately, no one will take them!

          • Franie

            They should all be transported back to the Middle East!! They belong THERE!!

        • Kenneth Jones

          Hey, we have enough Libbies here now!

          • Naval Lint

            You have way too many, I’m figuring…

          • Deborah Pratt

            Oh, No!!! Not you, too!!! We’re running out of places to ship them to!!

        • carla AMERICAN

          They prefer to destroy America for their communist agenda. Deport all of them.

      • Charlotte Lazaro

        marie u r a smart one wish I had thought of that.

      • Jeff Z

        She’s probably the bleeding heart libtard who ordered it to begin with. She and that filth hubby runs the show.

      • patriot1

        An illegal was just arrested yesterday for the tape and murder of a female jogger last year by her mothers house. You libbies must be proud of that fact. Moron

        • Ken/FL

          Another killed 3 more out west today.

        • msueh


      • Ken/FL

        Not as liberal as Ivanka is.

    • Don’t Tread on Me

      Need to hire Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke for a Federal temporary assignment to evaluate the existing supervisory chain and make recommendations to Homeland Security/Border Patrol for staff “adjustments”…

      • Phyllis Schultz

        These holdovers know what Pres. Trump wants, but are disregarding his orders. I think they need to be identified and tried for treason, or at the very least sedition.

        • Terry Rushing

          Just plain fired from their well paid government job will do nicely. Maybe they can get a job sweeping up behind all the illegals in San Francisco.

          • NannyB

            I would also take a hard look at pension and other benefits these people get or will get. They are literally breaking the law. Get rid of them…AND punish them.

        • carla AMERICAN


      • Snufy

        I would vote for sheriff Joe..

        • Don’t Tread on Me

          That works, too!

      • Gym

        Wait til American hero Sherrif Clarke becomes Senator Clarke. Think the looney left has their panties in a bunch now? I don’t even live in Wisconsin and I sent him $100.

        • Franie

          That was very nice of you to do that. Thank you! God Bless you.

        • spike

          Yep – I sent a contribution on the first seen missive.


        What on earth has happened to Sheriff Clark? He is a fine man, and I haven;t seen or heard anything about him for the past several months?

      • Craig Vandertie

        Tammy Baldwin had better resign she does not stand a chance against Sheriff Clarke.

    • Donqixote

      Isn’t that why he has a Tweet account? Trump has to fire all holdovers to drain the swamp. Nothing will happen until he does.

      • JMH

        Need to petition colleges that promote Progressive and anti-American values along with starting boycotts on advertisers that run commercials on CNN,NBC, and all the rest along with print news outlets. Choke off these traitors!

      • C. LeSaint

        I just tweeted President Trump: Havre Sector Border Patrol manager orders to leave 40 miles of border open & unpatrolled

        • armyisnumber1

          Thank you for tweeting him. I don’t tweet or text so I thank you.

          • Deborah Pratt

            For a lot of people in the ‘older’ range, just mastering the computer was a challenge! This ‘tweeting/texting’ stuff is still not ‘comfortable’!! LOL!!

        • Diane Hovinga

          Yes…thank-you…he definitely needs to know this!

        • Erik V Johnson

          well Seeing How This ( and All ) Articles Are pre Read and Probably Edited…Me Thinks Pres. Trump Already Knows…just sayin

          • Franie


          • carla AMERICAN

            Yes, he’s a lot smarter than people think. He’s got a big job to do. He should start at the top and start firing and replacing those on American tax paid jobs that support foreign countries And liberal agendas

          • Deborah Pratt

            I agree! I’ve never underestimated this man’s ‘intelligence’!! I saw the results of that during the campaigns! LOL I do believe this issue needs to be moved to the ‘top’ of his ‘to do’ list, though. Defiance of our laws cannot be tolerated any longer! Obama tolerated it because it suited his agendas! That is no longer the case!!

          • carla AMERICAN

            Voice your con
            cents to the White House ! Our President needs YOU weather you believe me or not. You are an American, SIR !

        • Deborah Pratt

          Thank you so much for taking action!!! I believe many people ‘want to’ but really have little idea of ‘how’!!

          • carla AMERICAN

            Voice your concerns to the White House !

        • Kitty Ayers

          thanks let us know reply

      • Daniel from TN

        True. But first, the holdovers have to be identified. Not all of them will hold up their hand and say “I’m a holdover!” as this one did.

        • Rodney Steward

          He should have been shot on the spot!

        • carla AMERICAN

          Obama did a lot of communist filth while draining America.Believe me they can be identified, and will be.

      • mybrainworks

        tRump filled his cabinet with the OPPOSITE of what he promised, you keep falling fir his lies, ha ha ha.

        • BoTexan

          when your brain comes back home from work, listen to it. the crusades were sent because the muslims were doing the same thing then as they are doing now, slaughtering the Christians, they could not convert them then so they followed the koran’s instructions eliminate them! the same order applies to your people, they cut your brainless heads off!

        • Shayne Jenkins

          Sh!t… Another one…

    • Todd

      Fire him??? put him in jail for what he is doing, as especially if he has been ordered to tighten the border.

    • Joe Pewter

      do all you people really think Liberty Headlines is aware of this border un-patroling before Trump? some border patrol agents must be more powerfull than the Pres Of that what u really think?

      • JerrySupportsIsreal

        Section and Sector Chief’s assign their patrol men/woman to patrol cretin areas. If other areas do not have people assigned to them they are left un-patrolled, and open to allow people and drug runners (mules) to cross at will.

    • kstep15

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      Start a petition telling President Trump we are sick and tired of the DemonRat holdovers that are preventing him from doing his job and slowing it down. With them and the Rinos the swamp will never get drained. Therefore the petition should also let him know that all those that signed that petition will no longer support him if he is not gonna fire or imprison the ones causing America the pain and we see this a threat to his administration because he is doing NOTHING to stop the lying DemonRats, Rinos, Fake News Media. We voted for him to be able to do his job but he is allowing the holdovers to prevent him from doing his job. If enough people would sign such a petition then hopefully he will get the message he is losing his voter base and they see him as a Wimp with no balls like the Rinos.

    • carla AMERICAN

      And their bosses too, that seems to be where the partners of the drug cartel are. The democrat politicians even stated they wanted drugs to be legalized. Write to President Trump at the White House. Americans, we’ve got All Foreign Countries that have been recieving AID ,taking manufacturing, pushing their unwanted on us so their country can benefit from them sending American money back to them and the democrats are behind every bit of it. Restrict obama’s so called resistance and whoever he flus in “He’s in the Philippines for a reason”. Trump is fighting a very large battle so help all you can.Bless America.

    • Bob Arnold


  • Loretta Marie Stock Kierein

    That manager needs to be fired pronto for ” disobeying” the present President who is NOW his boss! That is more than enough grounds for removal! Obama and HIS rules(order’s) are has beens and obsolete! Mr. President let’s drain The swamp completely and as FAST as humanly possible. It is going too SLOW!

  • Nina Ferguson

    The way things are going, President Trump would be just about as well off by appointing agents to run the areas.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Firing Obama holdovers is not enough; they need to go to jail. . . with Obama.

  • Pat Cross

    fire ’em

  • Jeff Z

    Its more double talk. He says one thing boisterous then quietly nothing really changes. Making the swamp great again.

  • Susan Lindauer

    Busted! Get those people out!

  • Mike Jackson

    Democrat criminals / Obama

  • Dixie Collins

    This is so stupid. They are so jealous of him. PLus they know he can take them down and then they lose money. It is not about protecting America it is about making more money every year.

  • Elysium10

    One of the problem, a serious one that I have observed since 1992, and in 2008 when Pres. Obama won against Hillary Clinton I had hoped he did not bring her on board, but he did even though many in his administration warned him not to. I knew it would be just a matter of time before Hillary tint his good intentions and alter his views because she had spent years corrupting the process and undermining policies and procedures so rather than democratic bureaucrats remaining political neutral, they would violate procedures out of loyality to the party or to an individual within the party. It was evident to me that whatever sins the Clintons had mastered and impossible to break would be blamed on the leader, ; hmm <

  • Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    What is big deal –fire them and prosecute–does the Pres not know about this–he does now!

  • GF

    Obama just can’t get out of the picture. He keeps on destroying America at every chance he has, if this communist cannot be put in jail for life no humane will be able to stop him

  • Tim Wilde

    All Obama holdovers should have been removed within the first month!! Come on already!! And knowing they’re Obama sycophants, their orders should be disregarded anyway!!!

  • blue

    guess this means the dems will get large political contributions from the drug lords, hooray for Obama, knows who is friends are

  • This is not careless disregard – this is sabotage. President Trump gave the Obama holdover in charge a chance – now it is time to say YOU’RE FIRED!

  • Steve Harr

    Does that bp mgr suddenly have huge houses, nice cars, big bank acct???

  • James Langham


    • Carol

      U R very Flake news.

    • LtRuss, 173rd Airborne 66-67

      Just like you, you fake liberturd. Go back into you bedroom and choke your chicken some more. Idiot

  • Fred Farnan

    the administration would do well to call a grand jury for select individuals to dispel issues of favoritism. treasonous conduct has occurred in several instances by high level officials and no apparent action to indict has been initiated.

    • Chris

      Or post them to the corridor they left open with no gun or back up.

  • george briar

    fire those bastards now. Obama was without a doubt a traitor.

  • Carol

    Fire that person. Demote them. That way they have no complaints.Put them on permanent leave. If you can’t fire them.

  • Chris

    President Trump,please fire the idiots that have left us unprotected. Their left wing liberal bias is really corruption, they’re probably taking money or drugs or both to leave this corridor open for the cartels. Have them investigated and indicted if it’s found to be so, then send a message with lengthy prison sentences!


    President Trump’s people do monitor these sites. You will see action shortly. You are Fired will be his order, you can rest assured.

    How can we get the article brought to his attention? Copy it to as many sites as you can and ask that others do likewise.

  • I will send this info to a insider who might get to the Oval Office .

    • ⭐️ Orphan


      • Done, sent to Mychal Massie and Ivanka in a tweet.

        • ⭐️ Orphan


  • Warren Blum

    Did I mention how much I hate that Muslim fraud manchurian candidate socialist scumbag pos Obama !

  • John

    POTUS TRUMP needs to flush that turd like all the other holdovers and deepstaters

  • flyer

    Donald…when are you going to get rid of the odummer holdovers. This is making me wonder about your direction. Their dismissal should have been the first days work. That’s draining the swamp. James Comey and Paul Ryan need to go ASAP.

    • Terry Rushing

      Amen to Rino Ryan’s departure. He and the other establishment hack, Mitch (Foghorn Leghorn) McConnell are acting like a clump of grease in a sink drain. Coat ’em with draino and flush ’em away.

  • JoePaul

    This “Obama Holdover” manager should be fired, arrested and prosecuted for aiding terrorists, drug cartels, and illegal immigration. His job is to prevent these people from entering the USA. He is being paid for looking the other way. We need our Border Patrol officers to report managers that do not do their jobs and have regular security reviews by a group of senior officials. “LibDems need not apply”

  • Danny S.

    All orders should have to go through Trumps security appointee before enacted.

  • armyisnumber1

    Gather up all the Radical Islamic Jihadists and the democratic liberals – same thing. Let’s put them in the middle of Death Valley. Then have the Navy test a few Tomahawks to that area and test a few MOAB bombs right on top of them. No more complaining or murder and rapes any longer. MY SOLUTION and the solution of millions of others.

  • Just Wondering

    I am starting to wonder of I wasted my support!

  • Jesusprotectus

    The mullato holdovers need to be FIRED, TRIED FOR TREASON AND SENT TO GITMO.

  • Just Wondering

    Is TRUMP a part of this and keeping these deep state seditionist’s on the payroll as a payback to the establishment ?

  • Nevadavoter1

    The swamp is getting bigger!

  • Irvan

    Heads should roll over this flagrant disregard for border patrols to do their job. However gave such an order should be summarily FIRED!

  • Jim H.

    The way I see it our 2nd Amendment gives We the People the right as necessity (as a well regulated militia), when our military troops are abroad, to guard our homeland borders from invasion of illegal immigrants.
    Vigilantes? No! Just protecting our home.

  • Just Wondering

    Why are my Post’s being pulled?

  • joe walker

    Don’t FIRE these people HANG them for TREASON. They are giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

  • therealworld

    There is Obama and Clinton’s Cartel $$$ that helped them Lose The Election. Now Fire the Holdovers

  • Kenneth Jones

    Unless the population in the Havre area has increased substantially during the last forty years, it is still relatively sparse. That twenty mile gap is an invitation for illegals to walk across the border.

  • Lynn Jewett

    In my opinion any and all Obama holdover need to be removed from every office positions.especially supervisory, they hold.

  • ltc444

    I wonder how long it will take the AG to start a criminal Investigation on the Manager who ordered the opening. Sounds like he is getting paid off. Better yet quietly move a strike team into the area without the local manager’s knowledge. When they grab the cartel shipments the cartel will get pissed off. They donot tolerate crooked crooks. When they buy someone they expect them to deliver. I am sure they will serve justice on the manager.

  • Karmw1

    That would not be careless disregard that would be Treason. Willfully and with forethought letting in
    possible trained killers into this country to do just that to American citizens.

  • deejay02

    Since Trump is the big boss I would follow his order and forget about the other guy.

  • wayne g dearry

    Somehow Pres. Trump should have been told about this before now.

  • paul b ahern

    I certainly hope he enjoyed his job. Fire him so he gets no pension. Insubordination.

  • Larry Bruce

    Have the US Army patrol the border.

  • James D Vaughn

    Map out this sector-where is it?

  • Diane Hovinga

    Has anyone brought this to Trump or Kelly or Sessions attention; that manager needs to be fired for insubordination…period!

  • Rodney Steward

    Just think of ALL the MUSLIMS that have poured in from that area, isn’t there a known terror training camp near that area! We have more muslims in this country than anyone can really imagine! And the hold overs better face severe punishment like we would in the real world!

  • Gym

    The President must immediately find out who these commies are, jail them and fire them. They’ve disobeyed the commander In Chief’s orders and gone against an oath they took.

  • Franie

    If this is well known, then WHY isn’t President Trump and his administration not seeking to FIRE those managers?? 40 miles is quite a bit of area to totally ignore the illegal trafficking coming from Mexico. It’s nothing but a gateway for jihadists and the rest of the world to enter freely.

  • keepyourpower

    Time to contact your Reps, and Senators, and demand that they fire these people, AND the man Trump put in charge of the Border Patrol. He was hired by Obama, and he is the one that told the BP to stand down, and let the illegals in, and let them go, in the USA. WHY would Trump put this evil one in control?

  • Richard I Ellis


  • JWH

    Any and all of Obama’s Officials heed to be removed and replaced “At Once” to prevent SNAFU’S such as this in the future!! “DRAIN THE SWAMP” right now and get rid of Obama’s Criminals at once!!

  • fishunter

    Fire this jerk first then replace him on the spot. Terminate pay and benefits as well. Send him to early retirement, then take him to a biker bar and introduce him.

  • Put the Obama holdovers all on the chopping block.

  • Brent Broome

    Anyone hired by king o needs to be fired!!!!! Things have changed and if they can’t get use to it, YOUR FIRED!!!

  • bonavajo

    this man has obviously been paid off by the drug cartels and s/b immediately arrested and fired.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Fire this clown for dereliction of duty right now.

  • stoney

    FIRE HIM immediately

  • Cheryl Heberle

    Fire him….he is not doing his job of protecting our border!

  • Tiger

    There is a huge amount of hanky panky and smoke and mirrors here. Already read that Kelly put this same O lover back in his post knowing full well what he thought. We have Kelly telling us that daily there are Muslims trying to kill us and that thousands of ISIS across America, that isn’t news to millions of us, the FBI head told us this months ago. He said there are 1000 active cases on ISIS across America.

    My suggestion flood your representatives and the WH with emails and calls. We didn’t vote for this and Trump is out there doing good daily but where is his stopping the refugee program? 900 a day coming here. He agreed to take in 50,000 this year, why? We have had 8 years of nothing but Muslims. Congress and the President decide the numbers. Now this so get off the pot Trump and back on the Train.

    “I will get Radical Islam the Hell outa our country.” Then get that ban to the Supreme Court and do the right thing on the border, we know from congressional hearings on terrorism and the border, thousands of Muslims crossing our border.

  • Deborah Pratt

    I understand that is only months away. He has four ‘American’ contractors lined up for the job. The plans are also drawn up but not quite completed to satisfaction yet.
    This is a ‘high tech’ job. We are also contending with environmental issues, too. Not so much the ‘environment’ itself but with migrating animal species. Another ‘unforeseen’ element to deal with.

    • Mr. Manfredgensenden

      Yeah, the ‘migrating animals’ are BIRDS and the Mexican jaguar, TWO of which are known in the U.S. and officials know where they are and that they are not ‘migrating’ from their territory.

      • Deborah Pratt

        Birds are not a ‘problem’ especially! No matter how ‘high’ the wall is, I believe they can still fly over it! LOL!! So, you’re saying there is only one pair of Mexican Jaguars in the USA?? I know very little of the species involved. I just know the EPA is throwing this up as a ‘block’ against the wall. I’m as concerned as anyone about the environment but I’m even more concerned about the safety of our ‘legal’ citizens. We deserve at least that much consideration.

  • downs1

    “Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”. These border agents are obviously getting “something” out of their actions. Could be drugs! Could be kickback from Hispanic illegals! Could be Muslim jihadists! Could be treason for the sake of treason! In any case, everyone of these “Obama holdovers” who is found guilty should face a heavy penalty! A really heavy penalty! If it can be proven that they personally are responsible for allowing an illegal in who commits a heinous crime, the “border agent” should be himself or herself be charged with aiding and abetting the criminal!

  • Jim

    The Obama era holdovers either need to be fired by Trump or reassigned. I know from experience that it nearly takes an act of congress in order to fire a federal employee. However, that’s when you reassign them to an unpopular, out of the way, duty station such as Guam making them wish that they were fired. Either way, the problem is solved.

  • Oldtymepatriot

    Government employee union or no union, a lot of people left over from the Obama administration and some from before that need to be fired immediately.

  • spike

    In private industry they have a saying “sent for a walk in the woods” when someone in not effective in their job, but, apparently, not dismissable. They are moved sidewise where they can do no harm. Dismissal would be a better solution.

  • Big Ray

    This is basic – clean house !

  • Garrett Auman

    FIRE and Arrest all “Obama Holdover” managers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garrett Auman

    WE NEED Sheriff David Clarke NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frederick Smith

    How about putting x-sheriff Joe in charge of this area now that the dumb people voted him out of office and replaced him with a liberal Hill-lie-ry supporter.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    It is the DUTY of ANY sworn Law Enforcement Officer to disobey ANY order that is against the established guidelines and laws of the state or federal government.

  • JMH


  • Craig Vandertie

    As I said, Mr. Trump is not taking hardline action and moving fast enough in having such traitors removed from their treasonously appointed jobs, a Kenyan nationalist that never should have been POTUS means anyone that he appointed failed to carry out the duties to the people they were entrusted with.

  • Shayne Jenkins

    Eff them…. My coffee at home is cheaper and better.

  • Carol

    Excellent idea. LOL

  • How about your FIRED NOW !