Official Says Noncitizen Voters in Pennsylvania Not a ‘Glitch’

The problem is that Pennsylvania also allows legal permanent (noncitizen) residents to get driver’s licenses after a year in the U.S….

Official Says Noncitizen Voters in Pennsylvania Not a ‘Glitch’

Voting/photo by justgrimes (CC)

(Brendan Kirby, Lifezette) Al Schmidt bristles at the description, often attributed to him, of noncitizen voters in Pennsylvania as a “glitch.”

Schmidt, a Philadelphia city commissioner who has been sounding the alarm since 2012 about noncitizens on the voting rolls, said the word, misattributed to him, would be accurate if ineligible voters managed to elude safeguards in the motor-voter law.

“That would be a glitch,” he told LifeZette. “In this case, it was never designed that way.”

Congress passed the Motor Voter law, formally known as the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, to encourage people to register to vote when they got their driver’s licenses. The problem, Schmidt said, is that Pennsylvania also allows legal permanent (noncitizen) residents to get driver’s licenses after a year in the United States.

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And when those newly minted drivers finished that paperwork for a license, they were being sent to the same voter-registration terminals as citizens. To become registered voters, those foreign drivers must check a box swearing that they are U.S. citizens, but if they lie, state officials have no way to know.

Schmidt wrote a report in 2012 warning that noncitizens were finding their way onto the voting rolls — and, in some cases, casting ballots. Usually, elections officials would find this out only when a noncitizen came forward to ask that his or her name be removed from the rolls.

“We knew it was occurring, but we didn’t yet know how,” said Schmidt, whose three-member commission is in charge of administering elections in the state’s largest jurisdiction.

Eventually, Schmidt said, he discovered that noncitizens were registering to vote through the “Trojan horse” of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), which he estimated accounts for more than three-quarters of the ineligible voters on the rolls.

The problem extends far beyond Philadelphia. Schmidt testified before a state legislative committee last year that the Pennsylvania Department of State had cross-checked registered voters against state driver’s license records and found about 100,000 names of registered voters who had green cards when they obtained their driver’s licenses.

The Department of State disputes that estimate, telling the Associate Press last month that it is “not a credible figure and there is no reason to believe it to be accurate,” although authorities did not indicate how many noncitizens might be registered to vote.

The issue is critical because Tuesday, voters in western Pennsylvania will go to the polls for a special election to the U.S. House of Representatives. And polls suggest a tight contest between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb.

After Tuesday’s contest, the state will hold primary and general elections for midterm congressional races, governor and other statewide offices.

“The election, the integrity of the election, is at risk,” Schmidt said.

Even if the 100,000 estimate is accurate, it would represent less than 1 percent of the state’s 8.4 million registered voters. Still, critics point out that special elections often feature low turnout, making the impact of invalid votes potentially greater.

“But the reality is we have documented cases of noncitizens registering and voting in Pennsylvania,” said Logan Churchwell, a spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which last month sued the secretary of state’s office for information regarding noncitizen voters.

That includes multiple instances of foreigners who have re-registered after getting removed from voter lists.

“For some reason, they kept getting plugged back into the system,” he said.

Schmidt told LifeZette that it is impossible to know how many of the noncitizens did so intentionally — with the aim of voting illegally — and how many did not read the forms closely enough or were confused about the law. He said in one sense, it does not matter.

“We wouldn’t know motive,” he said. “The damage is still the same.”

In September, PennDot officials said they would stop offering a voter-registration prompt to noncitizens who obtain licenses. But Schmidt said the secretary of state has been slow to address the tens of thousands of noncitizens already on the rolls.

“That solves it moving forward,” he said. “What it doesn’t solve is the universe of people who have registered using this process the last 12 or 15 years,” he said.

Schmidt cautioned that the 100,000 registered voters who were green card holders when they got their driver’s licenses are not necessarily illegal voters. Some of those voters may have been legal permanent residents when they got their driver’s licenses and then became citizens before registering to vote.

But he said the state should contact each of those voters and determine which are valid voters and which are not. He said he does not know why this already has not been done.

“It’s a great frustration for us,” he said.

If Tuesday’s election between Saccone and Lamb comes down to a handful of votes, Churchwell said, ballots cast by noncitizens are not likely to be uncovered until it is too late.

“If it is a close result in a low-turnout election, the odds are we aren’t going to be able to find out if any [voters were] ineligible until well after the election is over and the results are certified.”

Republished with permission from Lifezette via iCopyright license

  • EndTyrannyNow

    This is why liberals don’t want the voter rolls purged anywhere at anytime.

  • Alti

    Democrats can’t win without cheating. Given the headlines about the election tomorrow, I have a sense voter fraud will be part of the equation, and the Dem will win.

    • kep

      I think Americans are starting to wake up. Liberals ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS WHO SHOULD BE DEPORTED OR JAILED.

      • Stephine

        Why should the taxpayers support them in jail, deport or execute as needed.

        • Yarbles

          i have a few spare cartridges and a little time….

    • rennyangel2

      In NJ, they don’t even bother registering illegals who at least are real people. They register John Doe’s and Micky Mouse’s all over North New Jersey and then send shills to vote for them. When I lived in Hudson County, I spent hundreds and maybe thousands of hrs. purging the rolls for dissident or oultlier candidates who were not in the corrupt loop. But I would have to visit the site (sometimes nonexistent, as often addresses were fake), establish that “John Doe” did not live at the recorded address, and then go to the county clerk’s office a swear an affidavit that John Doe was a false voter registrant. Today, purgings could be done more easily with computers that would “know” 1000 Elm Street didn’t exist because Elm is only two blocks. The problem is too many county clerks and sec’s, of state heads of elections are Dems. who are spec. in place to keep the rolls bulging with fake Dem. voters.

    • Maxine Albritton

      I think it will happen big time too like in Alabama. Trump did what he could telling republicans at the rally they have to come out in record numbers and vote. hope they do.

  • Peter J

    But Hillary and the Democrats say this never happens…. more lies from the party of lies.

    • Maxine Albritton

      that is what I would call it.

  • chocopot

    This is why the Dems fight “Voter ID’ anywhere and everywhere. They know that, without cheating, they cannot win an election.

    • EndTyrannyNow

      Yes, except that if your “Voter ID” is a state-issued drivers license, then that wouldn’t help. I’m certain Pennsylvania is not the only state with this same problem. The reference in the article to the Federal motor-voter law should clue us all in that this is most likely a nationwide problem.

      Here in Colorado, at least in the county in which I live, we very carefully check signatures on ballot envelopes against signatures made when a person first registered. But if the voters weren’t required to produce valid ID credentials when they first registered, then checking signatures means very little.

      Congress needs to pass a law that for elections for national office (i.e., President, Vice President, Senators, and Representatives), a separate Voter picture ID is required to be produced both when a person registers AND when they show up at the polls to vote.

      Of course, that would make mail-in ballots impossible when those federal offices are involved. So, is the integrity of our election system worth the extra costs?

      • chocopot

        I could not agree more. And the answer to your question at the end is, most emphatically, YES.


    Of course it’s not a glitch! It’s PLANNED by the party of LIES!! It’s the ONLY way they can “win”, by CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Invalidate ALL votes for federal offices in pennsylvania, remove all electoral votes (as if pennsylvania doesn’t exist) and remove all congress critters from pennsylvania (and ALL sanctuary states/cities)!!

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      The congress has refused to seat members in the past. It happened after the civil war when the feds really screwed us… The beginning of the end.

      “The war ends. The southern states are “restored”, and they help to vote in the end of slavery by RATIFYING the 13th amendment. Now is when the shenanigans begin for the 14th amendment.

      BEFORE a proposed amendment can EVEN BE SUBMITTED to the States for ratification, the conjobstitution “requires” that 2/3rds of both houses of Congress concur on the resolution to SUBMIT IT. In this case it was called, Resolution no. 48

      So what happened next? Simple, on December 5th, 1865, when the 39th Congress assembled, the northern states who held a majority, voted to DENY THE SOUTHERN STATES THEIR SEATS IN THE SENATE!!

      That’s right, the southern states who had ratified the 13th amendment, were then denied their right to have any representation in the SENATE! All 22 Senators from the South were excluded! How? Well the constipation allows a “majority” in the Senate and the House the right to refuse to seat a member. So the northern states “used” their majority to deny the ENTIRE SOUTH REPRESENTATION in the senate.

      The house did the same thing to the Southern representatives. They denied seats to all 58 of them!!

      Did you know any of this? Did you even know it was POSSIBLE? I seriously doubt it. But this is only the beginning of the corruption that IS the “ratification” of the 14th amendment.”
      source: http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw.COM/its-time-to-tell-the-truth-the-14th-amend-was-not-ratified/

  • RealAmerican407

    The left loves to claim how amnesty won’t give illegals the right to vote…

    If dead people can vote and others can vote numerous times then you know illegals can vote.

    The internet is littered with examples of it happening and how archaic some state voting systems really are. Pen, paper and senior citizen volunteers. Yeh that sounds real secure.

    • kep

      Emperor Obama was giving instructions to illegal invaders as to how to vote.

    • Naval Lint

      More seniors are conservatives than are Liberals, idiot. MOST of us have been trying to tell MOST of YOU what’s been building for DECADES! It’s about time that at least SOME of you started LISTENING!!!!

      • RealAmerican407

        Why are you calling me an idiot? I was not arguing whether or whether not more senior citizens are conservative as opposed to liberals. You are the one making that argument. What makes you think I am some young kid who doesn’t know what has been building??

        Senior citizens are more likely to miss mistakes on paperwork, misplace records or be socially engineered. Clearly the point went so far over your head you didn’t even feel the breeze.


        • Naval Lint

          You need to get ahold of yourself. If I see someone disparaging an entire group of people for ANY reason, I WILL call them on it. And I’m NOT the person disparaging an ENTIRE GROUP of people, just ONE person who’s guilty of AGEISM. And that “social engineering” to which you refer has proceed apace since AFTER I left public education. Your mis-directed anger is symptomatic. You obviouly have Liberal tendencies and should seek professional help.

          • RealAmerican407

            Sounds more like you are the one with liberal tendencies. Pretending things aren’t the way they are because it is uncomfortable for you to hear. Why do you think scammers target old people so often and they fall for it so often?? Age effects everyone and to think it doesn’t is just willful ignorance.

          • Naval Lint

            More Millenials fall for online and email scams on a daily basis. Must be from believing that everything should be free for them, right? And I DIDN’T say that the elderly are NOT targets for people of ill will, merely that to claim that ALL old people are feeble and incapable of counting past their toes is a serious error on your part, Libbie. This type of groupthink is EXACTLY what Liberals propound on a DAILY basis. Always trying to break us into small bits and pieces, in order to try to take control. Liberals COUNT on identity politics to gain power. What do they do with that power, once they have it? All I’ve ever seen a Democrat do with power is line their own pockets and push un-American policies. You were quite happy under Obama’s presidency, weren’t you…

          • RealAmerican407

            So staffing voting centers with senior citizens doesn’t lead to any mistakes, got it.

          • Naval Lint

            And additionally, the literacy rate and skills in BASIC math are APPALLING among Americans, particularly those under the age of 45 years. Check the statistics. If someone can’t even read, how do you expect them to be able to file ANYTHING correctly?

  • potusYUGE

    Demonkkkrats have always been the fraudulent party! Not only that… every one of their presidents they have elected since Carter has been fraudulently elected!

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      Go back farther, remember the 1960 election and Chicago where they kept counting the votes until they came out “right”.

      • potusYUGE

        My sisters does. I was born that year! Chicago… lol lol lol say no more, the poster child for fraud and crime!

  • Irredeemably Deplorable

    Have the state employees and politicians swear, under oath, that they know the figures to be inaccurate. Then require them to allow an audit. Those who lied get a free lunch and place to sleep “on the house” for a while.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    But that still doesn’t explain how some districts have more registered voters than they do residents.

  • Maxine Albritton

    I would say one million votes could make a difference in the winner. This problem needs to be fix but any democrat you talk to even here online deny it is happening We do not need illegals determining what happens in our country When they become citizens that is different. This is why the left wants them here , they made the loopholes and now they are hoping to win because of this. They even said as much on tv. Pathetic.

    • TheRealLibertarian

      That’s becuase if you ask a Libtard or Dimocrat we don’t have any illegal aliens here…just a bunch of undocumented immigrants. Not sure what the difference is but that’s what they say lol

  • tennis08

    Mexico and Canada have voter ID laws. It is past time that the U.S. must have them too!

  • Sueja

    I am sick and tired of the democrats and their lying, cheating, bullying ways. Trump is trying to stand up to them but he needs help . Republicans all need to grow a pair and start speaking up loudly and keep speaking up .

  • SoManyWhiners

    If Pennsylvania want noncitizens to vote in their local and state elections they can let them. Noncitizens voting in a federal election is illegal and if it is a close race it should be contested until every vote is confirmed as a US citizen.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      Take it a step further…

      “Do you understand that almost half the electoral college IS NOT BOUND IN ANY WAY TO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE WHO “WINS” IN YOUR STATE? How can the vote be defined as anything but a SHOW in those states at a minimum! It is laughable how little people know about how they are RULED.

      They don’t get that the holy constitution does not give them ANY say in who is elected. NONE. Get it? Not some. Not a diluted one vote in 100’s of millions. ZERO. So what in the world makes them think they are savvy political people when they don’t even understand how the system actually works and what the document actually says? Brainwashing, and vanity.

      The people are treated to this grand show every four years. And now it runs for years at a time. The show is having people run around trying to cover an entire Country with 300 plus million people. “Trying to get votes”.

      As though anyone at anytime could cover such a vast space etc. The election is totally meaningless anyway. Nothing they say must they do. They can just change their minds. And of course they do that all the time. They are not held to account for anything they say. They simply say it and then they don’t do it. The worst they are looking at is a “scathing editorial”. Maybe some “bad poll numbers”. Do you honestly think any of that matters when they have the power to rendition you?

      The entire presidential election is a giant race. People Love racing. Look how popular NASCAR is. Horse racing. The chariot races were the most popular event. People love racing. The status QUO knows people want bread and circuses. So one of the forms they give it to them in is the presidential elections. Who’s ahead, who’s behind. Can they get the women vote? How about the Hispanics? Where do they stand with single moms? How about on the military? What are the latest polls? How are they doing in the “swing states”? And on and on. Do you see? It is just an elaborate form of entertainment. Nothing more.

      Why do I say this? Because the Constitution makes it QUITE clear that the state legislatures pick the electors who then pick the president. NOT THE PEOPLE. And why is this? Because the president was supposed to be just an executive to get things done that can’t be done well with a committee, which is what congress is.”
      source: http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw.COM/the-vote-for-the-president-is-just-a-show-nothing-more/

      • Naval Lint

        It seems to have worked CORRECTLY in the 2016 election. Would you rather have the “popular vote” be the method? Where would we, as a nation, be, at this point?

        • Born Again Southern Pride

          Nooo… read and understand the implication. We do not need the dog and pony show. We do not need the rallys and just ridiculous amounts of money spent on advertising and everything else. If we could get back to the idea that states are the superiors of the feds, we could get away from the “need” of the people to worry about the presidential election. The president is just a figurehead. There are no three coequal branches of government.
          The electors take care of selecting the president based on the voice of the state legislatures. They are selected by the states legislatures and are called the Electoral College. The presidential candidates only need to take their message to them. Easy peasy.
          The ability of the people to elect their state legislatures is everything. You can DIRECTLY IMPACT YOUR STATE LEGISLATURE. You and your neighbors voices are most powerful there. We got screwed, again, when they took the Federal Senators election to a popular election. We already had the legislature elected, the powers that be didn’t like that the peoples voice was heard, they wanted to make sure they would control the senators not the people. There is so much more about this at the source website. Read for yourself if you are interested in this topic.

          • SoManyWhiners

            The federal government is supposed to be the overseer.

          • Born Again Southern Pride

            That, my friend, is incorrect. The federal government was not set up to be the overseer. It was only ever supposed to coordinate issues between the states or issues better done collectively by the several states. IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE OVER THE STATES. That is the lie of it and that us why we had to fight a civil war. Lincoln wanted the Federal Government to be all powerful and subjugate the states. The north won. We were all enslaved as a direct result.

      • SoManyWhiners

        The elector are only held to their oath to vote according to the wishes of the population of their state. As seen in 2016, some people try to sway the electors to opposehow their state population want the vote to go,but thankfully the electors held on to their honor. What has to always be remembered is if the electors are swayed one way, at one election, it can always go the different way the next time. The electoral college works and is Constitutional. If you want to change it state a petition, get your representatives onboard and the get it on a ballot and 3/4 of the state’s approval. But, I would say keep it.

        • Born Again Southern Pride

          You missed the point… The popular vote isn’t constitutional. It is a dog and pony show. The state elected electors (the electoral college collectivly) elect the president. The electors cast ballots for the presidential candidate of their choice based on the several states legislatures. We elect the state legislature, they elect the president. That is exactly how the constitution was designed. The president was not supposed to be the “most powerful man”. He was just the figurehead for the collection of states.

  • Naval Lint

    International trespass should be a class A felony. It should receive a 5-year sentence at HARD LABOR! Then depotation with a tattoo. If they return, a life sentence at hard labor. Anyone caught providing housing or employment should get 2 years at hard labor and $50,000 in fines per illegal act.

  • vladilyich

    The timing of this story is immaculate! Tonight, when Saccone loses the special election, Conservatives have a built-in excuse to whine of “voter fraud”.

  • Louie Rey

    Does anyone in Pennsylvania in a leadership roll have any knowledge of The Constitution? You can’t pick and choose what you like and don’t like about The Constitution. Anything else is essentially treason.

  • Gregg Parker

    More-o democrat-os

  • R M

    Now everyone needs to remember that voter fraud is fake news ( wink wink nudge nudge ) and the liberals in power would NEVER do something like that.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    What?? No voting here signs is SPANISH/ILLEGAL MEXICAN SPANISH!!!!

  • APB

    What do you expect from a demorat in office….

  • Clete Tacker

    It is obvious and has been proven many many times that non – citizens and ILLEGAL ALIENS are voting, svc the socialist/ communist liberals tactic remains the same, LIE AND DENY.

  • R. T.

    Motor voter laws sound good , but were just the democrats way of getting ineligible voters on the voter rolls !!!

  • Steve G.

    All this liberal corruption: sanctuary cities, uranium-one, the Trump dossier, voter fraud, etc. and nothing is being done about it. What happened to our government?

  • John

    States that allow non citizens and felons to vote, or don’t do all due diligence to vet voters in order to prevent fraud, should not be able to elect Federal officials i.e. Senator, REPS, PREZ.
    Some states allowed women to vote in their state elections before the 19th amendment, but their votes didn’t count / didn’t participate for federal elections

  • Donovan Blaylock

    How many DEAD people vote for Republicans?

    • Donovan Blaylock

      Answer: ZERO

  • It is time to recertify the voter registration logs. Voters must show proof of citizenship to be awarded the privilege of voting. Inconvenient? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.

  • steven jacobs

    the vote is becoming meaningless.

  • Ronald Show

    I live in Pennsylvania and our gov and some of the mayors encourage them to register to vote. The 2 largest cities are democratic strongholds. Between that and the deceased voters who haven’t been removed from the rolls its going to take a strong turn out for rick saccone to win the special election. Also the liberal state supreme court redefined the congressional districts to favor the liberals. If there’s a strong turnout like in the presidential election we might win this one.

  • John Leonhardt

    Just take a tour of Brentwood, N.Y., you can’t go one block without noting that there are cars everywhere with Virginia plates…………ya think sumtin’s up?

  • SATCitizen

    When was the last election that the demonrats have NOT rigged?