Obama’s War Against Coal Leads Miner to Seek Challenge Against WV Senator

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) The former Obama administration’s de facto war on coal may come back to haunt even one of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

Obama's War Against Coal Leads Miner to Seek Challenge Against WV Senator

Bo Copley/IMAGE: FoxNews via YouTube

An out-of-work coal-industry worker, Bo Copley – briefly famous for a confrontation with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign – now says he will challenge Manchin in the state’s 2018 Senate race.

Clinton, when she tried to explain last year how her plans would supposedly make up for coal-industry losses, had said “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” She said that sentence was taken out of context, but Copley didn’t buy it.

“I don’t think Hillary Clinton cares about my vote,” he said – and he associated her with the policies of Obama that he said “really hamstrung us.”

So now Copley is running for Senate, saying that even if Manchin sometimes looks after coal interests, Manchin’s support for Clinton’s campaign last year and other votes for the Democratic party line “showed that he has lost touch with his constituents.”

Manchin has been popular in West Virginia, winning his last race by 24 points, but Donald Trump beat Clinton there last year by a whopping 42 points.

As Copley indicated, a major reason – indeed probably the major reason – why West Virginia turned from what had been a solidly Democratic state for decades through the 1990s into a state that votes overwhelmingly Republican for most offices is that national Democrats have been seen as hostile to coal.

Obama infamously told a San Francisco editorial board that any attempt to build a “coal-powered plant” would “bankrupt” the company building it, “because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

As The Daily Caller reported last September:

A 2015 study found the coal industry lost 50,000 jobs from 2008 to 2012 during Obama’s first term. During Obama’s second term, the industry employment in coal mining has fallen by another 33,300 jobs, 10,900 of which occurred in the last year alone, according to federal data.

Furthermore, reported the paper, “Companies opened 103 new mines in the U.S. in 2013 while 271 coal mines were idled or shut down.”

In addition to heavily regulating the coal industry, the Obama team also halted most coal-mining leases on public lands, and “cracked down on coal mining near streams” in a move during Obama’s last five weeks in office.

Even CNN – hardly an outfit known for embarrassing Obama politically – ran a headline saying that “coal companies have been scorched by Obama.” Calling Obama “never a friend of the coal industry,” the network noted, “Since Obama took office in January 2009, shares of many coal companies have plummeted more than 90 percent. Several companies have gone bust.”

A few liberal outlets like The Huffington Post (in HuffPo’s case, repeatedly) have tried to make the case that “It’s Not Obama That’s Killing the Coal Industry,” because the “coal producers made a big, fat losing bet on overseas demand.” (Not cited was the obvious consideration that if American regulations make coal more expensive to produce, then that expense itself makes coal less attractive to overseas buyers – so, it isn’t a “free market” that is killing demand but a market facing American prices that are higher than they otherwise would be. In inflation-adjusted dollars, coal’s average price per short ton has grown from $18.91 per short ton in 2000 to about $40 today.)

As president, Trump moved rapidly to reverse Obama’s last-minute coal-stream rule, part of fulfilling a pledge he made repeatedly on the campaign trail to try to bolster the coal industry. Copley, the unemployed coal miner, hopes to attach himself to the popularity of Trump’s energy policies in West Virginia, after he showed up repeatedly during the past year in conservative outlets.

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  • NealWV

    He’s got my vote! I’m sick of hearing Manchin talk out of both sides of his mouth. What could Copley do? Make it worse? I think NOT!

    • Fed up!

      As Tonto would say Manchin speak with fork tongue

    • magno et malo lupo

      Are you sure that it’s his mouth he’s been talking out of??? OK maybe the vertical one he sits on

  • Floyd

    Here in Niles Ohio a few years ago they made them close down a coal fired power plant. I know a man that worked there. He told me when they took a test for mercury if you had filling in your teeth You would have to have bubble over your head. So any of you stupid people with a filling breath on me I think I should knock your teeth out for you. JUST MORE PROOF LIBERALS ARE AE DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS

  • ProudPatriot

    It’s simple. If you don’t support coal, then don’t use electricity. Or just about anything made from coked steel. People are absolutely ignorant.

    • rennyangel2

      Mancini does need to be replaced. Go, man, go.

  • Fed up!

    Some Please post where to send donations to the Coply Campaign!

  • Bill

    Don’t forget that it was manchin and the little twirp toomey from pennsylvania that wanted to regulate guns. Time to drain the swamp !!!!!!

    • gram47

      But Manchin was “for” guns before he was “not” for guns. I remember well the picture of him with his hunting gear on and holding his shotgun out in the bush when he was running for office.

  • bigmur

    I wish him well and hope if and when he gets elected he doesn’t forget were he came from.

  • wandamurline

    You go for it….I will volunteer my time, computer and cell phone across state lines to unseat any Democrat running. How about you guys? If we stick together, we can remove the communists from our house…starting with the moderate ones and working to the radicals….this is a good start.

    • magno et malo lupo

      BTDT and will continue to do so!!!!

  • magno et malo lupo

    ANY vote for ANY Demorrhoid/Dumb-o-crite is a vote to shred OUR constitution and usurp our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms not to mention bankrupting America providing welfare food stamps health care education and housing for illegals!!! I might add placing the American people in harms way with their “open border” policies!!!

  • susiejg

    Obama is the one emitting greenhouse gas.

  • John

    2018 has to continue the tide of 2016. Push out the Dems,
    primary out the DEERs Democrat Enabling Elitist Republicans who don’t stand with us.

  • Flyby

    Oblidiot was an opponent of coal workers and the coal industry period. Obama and his administration did everything in their power to shut down the coal industry. Cliton and “stains” would have followed suit and taken away every job not already eradicated away by hussein.

  • Joe Samo

    You believe in man made climate warming/cooling…you don’t own a 10000 sq ft home and fly around in your own jet.

  • Jon Blake

    France has half a dozen Plants that run on Coal despite signing the Accord to ban Coal. What does that tell you?

  • Zane Tyler

    Please excuse the length—BUT It Is True—
    Every one of you—-Who are against the democrats
    should be assured of an important FACT
    We are on the same side!
    I Love Our Country!
    There is a Silent Majority that has taken Heart since the Election
    —–In EVERY STATE—-
    I have found this out by talking to them——
    It is MORE than just COAL
    It is a liberal Attack
    The liberal—marxist— protesters
    by working for $1,500.00 a week!
    They Do NOT protest with HEART as We Do when we go against the marxist-liberal-democrats who DESTROY Our Constitution
    HAVE To
    For the sake of
    OUR Sacred Constitution
    OUR Children
    For the sake of The UNITED STATES Of AMERICA
    We are actually in a Fight for
    THESE countries are DYING :
    SO Many More
    Globalist liberals attack Coal Mining under the guise of protecting the environment
    It’s a LIE
    They are Attacking Our JOBS to Ruin the Economy!
    Promoting their globalist agenda.
    Collapse the economy so people will vote for entitlements/socialism(communism)
    Want proof?
    Google This:
    percentage of people getting entitlements vs people who work

    52 percent of U.S. households—more than half—receive government benefits. Thanks to obama. This is just getting started. The population is swelling of those dependent on government handouts.

    Benjamin Franklin said
    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”
    (Hegelian Dialectic-Kind of like causing a problem, then being a hero and saving them. That is how socialism begins, then snowballs- becoming bigger–& bigger….then –BOOM- It’s Too Late)

    Austria—Prime Minister is talking about FORCING All Women to Wear muslim rag-head-scarfs!
    Look it up
    London-1,400 + Rapes of ages 6 & up little girls by muslims who BRAND a Letter “M” on the little Innocent Girls after they Rape them
    It’s Spreading ALL OVER The WORLD
    It Is Happening Here too
    We Stand AGAINST marxist liberals !
    Look it up! (Those little girls! Those little girls–I’m Sick to my stomach)

    there are almost a HUNDRED different news sites about those CHILD RAPES by muslims
    Notice— I Will NOT Capitalize muslim-satan-clinton-obama-liberal-marxist-etc
    WILL NOT! Capitalization is worthy of Respect, Honor !

    Be careful of main stream media
    They tell a Dozen Truths
    To Sneak in One LIE

    They tell a Dozen Truths
    To Sneak in One LIE
    That’s how they do it folks!

    They Accuse of the Very things they themselves are guilty of!
    Russia-Election for example
    Which never had any proof-
    They report the story like this:
    “We believe” it is true, which then stretches into a fact simply because they said “Believe” (That’s called “Spin”)
    Sometimes the news is so BIG-They Have NO CHOICE but to report it!
    Even the NY Times HAD TO REPORT this story:

    Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal
    See? They accuse what they themselves are guilty of-An Ancient TRICK
    (Hegelian Dialectic-look that up too)

    Any liberals out there want to go against us?
    We, who want to protect little girls from being Raped?
    We, who want to protect our Country?
    We, who care about and want to protect OUR COAL MINERS?
    Please excuse the length but after reading the comments of those who Hate what is happening-All of us here (Who are Patriotic) Hate what is happening

  • mlentz

    Don’t live in WV, but I wish you luck and smooth sailing.