Obama’s Appeasement Strengthens Cuba’s Military

TRUMP: ‘The regime takes the money and owns the industry…’

Obama Ordered Intel Community To Find Ways To ‘Exchange Information’ With Cuba

Raul Castro & Barack Obama/PHOTO: WhiteHouse.gov

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Easing of tensions between the United States and Cuba has caused an economic boom for the dictator-ruled nation.

But according to Rep. Ron DeSantis, the profits from travel and trade have flown directly to the pockets of the Cuban military, leaving no benefit for citizens and increasing the power of the dictatorship.

President Barack Obama ended a 54-year silence between Cuba and the United States in 2014.

In what’s referred to as the “Cuban thaw,” Obama opened travel, trade, and diplomatic relations with Cuba.

President Donald Trump cancelled parts of the Obama policy in June 2017, but Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida, said the U.S. government has not fulfilled Trump’s order.

Trump did not overturn Obama’s policy in regard to individual travel and trade between Cuba and the United States.

His policy change attempted to cut funding from the Grupo de Administración Empresarial (GAESA), a company owned by the Cuban military, which critics of Obama have said is the main beneficiary of normalized relations.

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing titled “The Obama Rapprochement with the Castro Regime” to discuss the effects of Obama’s policy change and Trump’s partial reversal.

“The Obama administration has skewed policies designed to pressure and isolate the Castro regime in favor of a rapprochement with one of the world’s most ruthless dictatorships — liberalizing restrictions on the Cuban regime, while getting nothing for America in return,” Chairman DeSantis said. “This sent an unmistakable message to America’s enemies throughout the world that belligerence and defiance would be rewarded by appeasement and concessions.”

The number of Americans touring in Cuba increased by 74 percent from 2015 to 2016, ABC News reported.

Cuba remains a sh**hole

“The regime takes the money and owns the industry,” Trump said when he announced the policy. “The outcome of last administration’s executive action has been only more repression and a move to crush the peaceful democratic movement.”

The United States cooled relations, opened an embassy in Havana, and began to send diplomats.

In return, Cuba has attacked, or allowed attacks against 24 U.S. diplomats, according to committee panelist Ana Quintana, a policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

Quintana said Cuba has used physical and psychological attacks on U.S. diplomats, including noise attacks, killing pets, and, in one instance, swapping mouthwash for urine.

The regime has not limited its injustice to American diplomats.

Cuba made nearly 10,000 politically motivated arrests in 2016.

Quintana said Obama’s policy changes furthered the problem, since the Cuban government hides under America’s sanction as a “normal” government.

“President Obama’s policy was based on this illogical belief that providing the military dictatorship with diplomatic recognition and economic resources would pave the path to liberty in Cuba,” Quintana said.

DeSantis said Obama unlawfully changed U.S.-Cuba relations.

Two laws passed by President Bill Clinton — the Helms-Burton Act and the Cuban Democracy Act — set guidelines that Cuba must follow to normalize relations with the U.S.

Among these preconditions are the implementation of free and fair elections, the release of political prisoners, respect for human rights, and the guarantee of property rights.

Otto Reich, the former U.S. ambassador to Venezuela, said these conditions have not been met.

“Cuba must cut off ties with state sponsors of terrorism and with enemies of the U.S. They must do away with Soviet-style food rationing, central planning and production controls, and instead allow the Cuban people private property,” Reich said. They must “dismantle police state and surveillance apparatus, free political prisoners, and allow freedom of speech, free and independent newspapers, televisions and radio stations, magazines, labor unions, and the other institutions of civil society.”

Not only has Cuba not cut off ties with enemies of the United States, Reich said Obama bolstered Cuba’s ability to undermine U.S. interests.

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Obama created a policy whereby U.S. intelligence agencies share information with the Cuban government, who can then trade that information with their allies — Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea, according to Reich.

Cuba even went so far as to violate a U.N. arms embargo on North Korea by helping the nation smuggle weapons.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, spoke at the hearing, calling for the United States to follow two principles in its relationship with Cuba.

“It should further our national interest and it should further our values,” Rubio said. “It is not in our national interest to have an anti-Israeli, anti-American, pro-Iranian, and pro-Putin dictatorial regime 90 miles from our shores.”

Rubio said the United States needs to reclaim the leverage that the embargo gave in negotiations.

Trump said the policy with Cuba was one-sided and did not benefit the United States.

Reich agreed that giving Cuba everything they asked for, with hardly anything in return, has failed the U.S. and Cuba’s citizens.

“The policy failed because it consisted of a series of unreciprocated, unilateral concessions to the Castro regime that had negative consequences for U.S. national security, foreign policy interest, and traditional values,” Reich said.

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  • Naval Lint

    What a SURPRISE!
    It would appear the kowtowing to our enemies DOESN’T promote freedom and good diplomatic relations!
    Who’d of thought THAT?

    • Maxine Albritton

      they were probably laughing at the American fools while they used the money.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama not only weakened American security through his half baked appeasement policy with rogue regimes around the globe, little Barry’s fuzzy drawn pink lines in response to holding butcher dictators accountable, have emboldened our enemies. President Donald J TRUMP has a tremendous amount of inherited [Obama created] collateral damage to undo during his first of two terms as POTUS.

    • Maxine Albritton

      lets hope he has two terms the left will fight hard in twenty for a switch. that means dead people voting , criminals voting and double or multiple voting. anything works for them the end justifies the means. the communist say the same.

    • Tim

      what else would you expect from a communist Muslim

    • JB

      I agree with you 100% you spoke a mouthful!

  • Somanywhiners

    Well golly,that’s what a Dictator does? I didn’t know that. How stupid did Obama think theAmerican people were? Even when he was doing this we knew what the result would be. Obama wanted to be a Dictator, and he managed to turn much of the country towards that, but not enough. Now we have President Trump who is Making America Great Again.

  • Gregg Parker

    Holy Sh^tholes Batman! Obozo was coddling a commie!! yawn…

  • barbarakelly


    • Maxine Albritton

      the us is still trying to figure that out. apparently when they slept at night they used something like white noise or something similar while they unaware, maybe they drugged them to in their food who knows but all seem to suffer the same syndromes.

  • For all his supposed brain power, Obama was a total loser. Look at the Iran situation. Look at Iran. What did we gain? More pain.

  • Brent

    Yet more evidence obozo was/is a traitor.
    In short, it’s another day ending in “y”

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    I think we should stop the diplomacy ties with Cuba. It was a bad mistake to open relation with them!…. I won’t be going there!

    • Maxine Albritton

      anyone in their right mind won’t be going there. that leaves most of the right, the left, let them go. we will hope it is a one way trip.

  • Loving America

    Obama bought off every foreign enemy he could by and they are still standing for and with him to take America over…they will not be taken by him and Clinton and will land on Our shores and take Us over and they probably will all come at one time to get the job done, and the Traitors Obama and Clinton are running free to this day!

  • Allen Evans

    What else would you expect from Barack “Saddam” Hussein Obama, the HATER of America!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    O’Bunghole just got close to Cuba cause Billy-boy Clinton needed a fresh supply of big fat Cuban cigars for him and his girlfriends!

    Plus, O’Bunghole want to have bill teach him the ins and outs of proper cigar handling.

    Sort of a Puff and Stuff technique.

  • John

    BHO made deals with Cubaand Iran, helped the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezzbolah and caused the growth of ISIS, refused to support protesters in Iran and opposed Israel. His slogan should have been Make Oppressors Great Again.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    No kidding, the socialist leaders (who seem to be more equal than others) didn’t share equally.

  • Maxine Albritton

    Americans do not need to go to cuba just like they don’t need to travel or go to N Korea as the young unfortunate man otto found out. It is dangerous and unnecessary. Trump is correct in trying to sever ties to cuba in all ways.

  • Maxine Albritton

    citizen or not he was a traitor. It was the stupid enamored Americans that let him achieve his goal.

    • tCotUS

      Agreed…I call him a “Plant/Trojan Horse” by Globalists such as Soras & his pals. All of them should be on trial for trying to overthrow the Government. Their fate should be settled “up against the wall”.

      • Maxine Albritton

        on trial> while he was president he got away with so many crimes it was pathetic and no one did a thing. It is starting to unravel, If you watch fox you will see how involved this joker was. I like your post he was a pawn of the globalist but having been a student of saul alinksy he and Hillary both they are part of the plan, no excuses for them allowed.

        • tCotUS

          Agreed…We must continue demanding Justice be served on these tyrants, & those who continue supporting them.

  • Louie Rey

    This is not news. Anything and everything that Hussein did was for the benefit of any country other than America. This POS was the first guest on Letterman’s new show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” I didn’t, and will never, watch the show but I did see some “highlights” of it. One of them was when Hussein told Letterman that “Fox News is from another planet.” Yes, it is. It’s called the planet of Truth quite unlike all of the other outlets of fake news. That just goes to show you how despicable he is. He’s a fan a news networks that deal in lies. Like I said he’s a pathetic POS.

  • JB

    I still want to know why Barack Obama is not in jail for treason over this deal he is sold out our country so many times I am sick of it him and his wife as well as the Clinton should be in jail until they die for treason! There was nothing good coming from Cuba they didn’t even respect them and didn’t meet them at the plane which should tell you something that no one in this global world respects the Obama’s! And this deep state of theirs should be taken out with military force and also be placed in jail for treason!