Obama Skirted Law for 200K Illegals Through ‘Stealth Amnesty’

‘No statutory or regulatory foundation for the administrative closure of an immigration case…’

Obama Encouraged Illegal Immigrants to Commit Felonies

Barack Obama/Photo by marcn

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The Obama Administration avoided federal immigration law by granting deferred status to illegal immigrants eligible for deportation.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is the largest single program that grants deferred status.

In the later years of the Obama administration, when immigration courts became backlogged, judges employed “administrative closure,” a practice whereby judges close pending cases without ever taking them to trial, effectively giving amnesty to illegal immigrants by throwing out their cases.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, filed a legal brief arguing against administrative closure.

“There is no statutory or regulatory foundation for the administrative closure of an
immigration case,” the amicus brief said. “Nevertheless, over the past three decades, immigration courts have increasingly resorted to this practice.”

Administrative closure served the open borders agenda by giving de facto legal status to an unspecified group of illegal aliens.

“Well over 100,000 and possibly as many as 200,000 illegal aliens were effectively amnestied through administrative closures during the second term of the Obama administration alone,” IRLI said in a press release. “Many of these illegal aliens became eligible for work authorization.

“Officials used administrative closure to manipulate court records to designate these cases as ‘closed’ in official records, when in reality, the backlog of unresolved cases only grew and grew.”

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The practice, however, isn’t always about an open borders agenda.

Administrative closure also had a practical purpose: Immigration courts could not handle the influx of cases, so they pretended the cases didn’t exist.

“Some knowingly promoted illegitimate amnesty-like policies that are clearly outside of federal immigration laws,” the press release said. “Others selfishly hoped to boost the performance statistics for the immigration hearings they were employed to conduct.”

Judges for immigration courts claimed they needed administrative closure to manage their caseload, but IRLI attorney Elizabeth Hohenstein said they have procedures that do not subvert the law.

“In fact the immigration courts have a full panoply of lawful case management tools that provide flexibility for immigration proceedings when needed,” Hohenstein said. “So today we are confronted with this expanding population of illegal aliens living and working in this country with impunity.”

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  • SoManyWhiners

    This is ridiculous and needs to be rectified immediately. People who break our counties laws need to be in jail or deported. I’m tired of people saying it is not illegal. We have laws to promote civilization, if all laws are not upheld, how can any laws be upheld.

    • Jackalyn Morrison


    • Mountain_Dew_518

      There needs to be a great big old roundup. Roundup all illegals. Round up Obama, Clintons, Demon-Rats, Rinos, & anyone else that is for the illegals to come in & take over & strip them of their citizenship, passports, and any other documentation & send them all to the countries of these illegals to live with them. No more SS or retirement benefits for any of them since they are no longer American citizens & DO NOT Belong in the United States of America either. The illegals broke the laws coming here illegal & they should spend their time in jail until deported. We should not even be providing taxpayer $$ to defend these illegals. They seem to have more rights than the taxpayers supporting these criminals right from the start. It is about time for the American Citizens get specialized privileges like the illegals do; however, Americans should be 1st & foremost ALWAYS.

      • Tim

        what do you mean by “No longer American citizens”
        correction they never were

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          I was talking about stripping Obama’s, Clinton’s, etc…of their citizenship & getting them out of the USA. Since they would no longer be citizens of the USA, they should not be receiving any $$ for retirement & should not be supported by the USA. Let the country they go too support them.

          • Tim

            thanks for clarification.
            You should not have included illegals in the same post.
            I was a bit confusing to me

          • Mountain_Dew_518

            I am sorry I didn’t make it very clear. Thanks!

      • rocky63

        I’d be willing to provide a few of the lassos for this roundup.

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          Me 2!!!

  • Gregg Parker

    Such a criminal embarrassment for America and anyone still standing in his corrupt corner insisting he is something other than a traitor!

    • Yosemite Sam

      I ask myself, how did this degenerate ever get himself elected POTUS? All the signs were there to toss Obama onto the ash heap of history. Yep, we [collevtively] are a stupid people.

      • Gregg Parker

        I firmly believe the machines did it…

        • Barbara Lewis

          The machine is only as good as the person operating it. No better No worse.

          • Gregg Parker

            You mean the person programming it…

      • joe1cr

        The elite in Washington D.C. covered for this illegal foreigner
        to become president, why else were all his life histories hid from the American people?

      • Barbara Lewis


  • rennyangel2

    Revoke the status that isn’t legal to begin with. And put them at the top of the deport list.

  • Yarbles

    Playing ‘let’s pretend’ with any law is a sign that the Federal Court system is corrupt and incompetent if not complicit with breaking the law.

    Pretending is apparently common in the delusional Democrat Party.

    • KJ

      Maybe not quite pretending, but choosing to deliberately ignore existing laws certainly was common practice in Obama’s crooked administration.

  • Tasha Marie Montelongo

    Bingo, the truth is finally revealed.

  • Ken

    Just one more in a long list of Obama’s breaking of the law. Use whatever term you wish, it is still breaking the law if you do not obey it.

  • Peggy Joseph

    Screw ovomit, he is nothing but a pos half breed freak, stop bringing the half breed up in the news!!

  • ray2hill

    The only people deserving of family value protection are white people. Brown and black people deserve none of that. They should be thankful they are being bought and sold in open markets as they once were. They just don’t know how to keep their place.

    • Amy Carter

      Not all blacks are bad but I do agree with you on Hindus Moslems and Sikhs

  • MontanaMEL

    We keep turning over these stones and all these bugs keep crawling out into the light of day!… Is it any wonder?…We had an illegal president for 8 years and he left enough land mines and cow pies in place, along with slick Willy, to throw a dozen monkeys in the works…it’s going to take many years to root them out…
    When you have +/- 11 million illegals in this country already, that 200k figure doesn’t really pop out at you…but, if you consider it 2 Super Bowl’s worth, then you get the idea…
    What’s this cr!p about work authorized??? How do you go from deportation to GREEN CARD without basis??… Any judges’ name(s) on such documents in any files needs to be slapped silly, jailed for a year…and, fired without benefits.
    AND…all those records that have addresses on them, should hit the top of the list for the next ICE sweep…

    • cocojo2456

      Agreed! This nation is STILL in trouble ’til the rot Obama left behind is jailed, maybe even hen. I have fragile hope.

    • Tim

      the number is way over the 11 million quoted

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    A closed case is not the same as an adjucated case. There is still the right to bring it to court.

  • Dixon Ermouth

    When I saw “skirt”, I thought it was about what Barbie Obama wore when his “wife” Michael was around.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    These people we elected stabbed us all in our backs all the while smiling and talking out the sides of their mouths. If you really want to stop this you arrest them and throw them into prison and throw away the keys to the cell. We see already they are not honorable people and our government is already beyond what the 2nd amendment described as enemies within. It is our own elected that need to be jailed and the rest will take care of itself. It’s up to the youth of America now and they don’t have what it takes to remain free and sovereign, they will eventually all become minorities while the thieves completely take what they want. We have no Patriots left only lazy brain washed idiots who eat laundry detergent as a past time. Not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer

  • Taz

    Nothing will be done to any of these “judges” and the Republicans will capitulate on the DACA travesty. It’s still business as usual in DC and will remain that way until such time as there are term limits, rules against insider trading for members of congress, and a law that makes it illegal for a member of congress to profit from their status as such. People will continue to blindly vote for “Good Old (insert name)” so long as the propaganda machines keep rolling. Most people are too lazy to do any research regarding a given candidate of issue so we can expect the uninformed to continue to send the incompetent back to DC. And I must agree with disqus_D87XRi0Gy7, the next generations want nothing but instant gratification on someone else’s dime. The future looks bleak for our kids and grand-kids.

  • Ken Mathews

    We need the “Wall” with an Illegal Immigration Prison built next to it. Fenced on three sides the forth side open to Mexico. Catch an Illegal, put them in the prison after taking finger prints and DNA. Within the prison they will wait for trial. If found guilty they are barred from entering the US for any reason for the rest of their life and beyond. If they go home with no trial, no harm no foul. However if they are caught again Illegally in the US they will be tried and jailed for two years then returned to Mexico. No need for judges for the first offense.

  • KJ

    I stand what I’ve said and written so many times before: The Obama administration was the most willfully unlawful in our nation’s history.

  • HAlexander Pastene

    What is this fever about allowing illegal invaders into the US?

  • Yosemite Sam

    I always heard Barack HUSSEIN Obama say;

    “The Obama administration, the most transparent in the history of the Republic”.

    Hold on, I just threw up my breakfast on my slippers.

  • regulus30

    Saul Alinsky ; “over whelm the system”; obama is a low rent anti American muther phucker and must be brought up on charges relating to the Mueller investigation.

  • tCotUS

    Where’s Obozo’s investigation? Where’s Murdering /Beech/Traitor Hitlery’s investigation ? Why isn’t Congress working on these higher priority illegal activities? What’s the FBI doing? The American Taxpayers/Patriots are at war with evil within our own Congress.

  • Karma

    They need round up a few hundred of them, and put them on the yacht with obama, anchor him about 100 miles out, strip him of his motors/sails, then he could be king of his very own floating country..then round up the rest and do what obama should have done….

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Obama was a rogue president; he would break whatever law he wanted if he thought he could get away with it.

  • imabrummie

    As someone who went through the lengthy process(es) of, first, obtaining my Green Card, and, second, becoming a naturalized citizen of these here United States, stories like this make me physically and mentally sick to my stomach. What gives with these folk who demonstrate in the streets in support of people who have no legal right to be here? If these DACA recipients want to know who is to blame for “breaking up the family”, all they have to do is round up their parents who brought them here. If they truly wanted to be a part of America, they should have gone through the legal process instead of sneaking in and then making demands about their so-called rights.

  • Louie Rey

    I have a question. When did he NOT skirt the law not to mention The Constitution? The despicable POS would have done anything the further his agenda namely the globalist world view. And to think that some are wishing for the good old days. Thank God for Trump.

  • gotcha1

    Obama’s a fraud and here illegally, definitely needs to be deported back to his motherland – Kenya!

  • rocky63

    Another example of Obama’s criminality and his complete disdain for the United States.

  • david mason

    Build the wall,Deport them all

  • MIKE6080

    stealth amnesty is like getting screwed without a condom – thats a democratic thing

  • Sylvia Avila

    No surprise, Obama is a puppet of the NWO gang, and goes with their agenda on One Government Rule for the World! Obama as President lied, stole and use back door deals, and Corruption to get his NWO agenda done! If Hillary would of Won we the people would never know about Obama’s massive mafia ring working out of the W.H. time to call him in!

  • Kirk Kahler

    I am so tired of seeing what the Obama team has done to us and our country ! they are all in on it to replace us with a voter base that will vote the way the democrats want with out question ! every week we see just how much the left really hates America and American’s with there protecting illegals from ICE ! the way they use true American’s as a cash cow to fund there illegals with free schooling , welfare, housing, food stamps and free medical when there are millions of American’s in need and for what ? a damn illegal vote to keep them in power ! Obama broke so many laws when it came to illegals that he should be in jail but as we see the democrats have double standards ! America needs to wake up and see that the democrats have given illegals more right than Americans and that we are being used !

  • potusYUGE

    Make the fraud pay for it!!!

  • MacZ

    More evidence of illegality and what their true intentions were for the Obama administration. Subverting the rule of law for their own political ends and always aided by the media who allow it by not doing their job.

  • omikehawk

    Why are they even having trials? You are either here legally or you’re a criminal! Just bus them to the border and escort them back over it!