How Obama Is Scheming to Sabotage Trump

Barack Obama photo

Photo by marcn

(NY Post) When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.

Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, “We’re not backing down.” Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy,”it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.

Obama is intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account. In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory…

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  • George Hilliard

    These people need to be arrested. They are NOT in any way interested in the good of the country. FBI, please end this while it is still possible.

    • Tricia Harris

      Nothing will happen as long as Comey is still head of the FBI! Remember he works for Hilary and takes his marching order from her and Obama and el-Trumpo opted to keep him in his position. IDIOTIC!

      • George Hilliard

        Good point…

  • Rick D.

    Obviously, Obama’s ego is too big for him to do the honorable thing by maintaining a low profile.

  • del

    He, old Soros, Hillary are all paying these thugs for riots. All should be in jail for treason, murder, fraud

    • Gary Smith

      Send them to Gitmo with Sharpton

      • del

        Lots more to go also….Pelosi, schumer, warren, eric hoider, Jarrett, etc. etc.

        • jackcandobutwont

          Glad bobo emptied gitmo…there is plenty of room for bobo, holder, lynch, hildabeast, and her serial rapist hubby, lurch, one eyed reid and the list goes on…..and the entire congressional black caucus!!

          Maybe if there is room, a cell for mccain, mconnell, graham, hatch, etc.

          • del

            Too nice for all of those aswholes!!!!!

          • jackcandobutwont

            I know…but we are a patient and forgiving society!!

            Which in some cases is wrong… deserves much worse……I like the idea of staked out next to a bunch of red ants…and al covered in honey!!

            Or having to recite the phrase…..I will no longer be a lying racist POS!! and I will apologize to all those I have offended and ripped off!

          • Craig Vandertie

            Yes, but how many of those ignorant islam embracing hateful less than worthless individuals were released back out into society, they should have all been executed.

          • jackcandobutwont

            Execution is too good…..fed to the sharks, or bring in some hungry hogs…although not sure if hogs will eat jihadi meat!!

          • Carol Murfield Monroe

            Maybe if they don’t feed them for a week.

          • jackcandobutwont

            Sharpton has lost a few pounds…but he is still carrying around baby fat to live off for a few months!!

          • nocbsfan

            McCain said he will go only if you water him with a board.

          • jackcandobutwont

            I would be more than happy to supply the water!!

            mccain has lived off a mucked up career as a naval pilot…where he crashed more than one million $$$ plane and just happened to be on the USS Forrestall when several zuni bombs expolded killing 80+ sailors….and for some reason, those not BBQed to a crisp wanted to kill the maverick…enough so they took him off the carrier.

          • nocbsfan

            Revenge is a hard thing to combat, hard to keep your cool when someone kills a bunch of your buddies. But I do know that mccain hates waterboarding, and is not going to allow our President to use it. Will certainly be amusing to see how he plans on stopping him. But his father was an admiral, that helped his cause a lot. Probably the only way he became a pilot

          • jackcandobutwont

            mavericks daddy being an admiral saved his behind more than once!!

          • nocbsfan

            I guess all that welfare is making him think like a very foolish democratic, Oh I wont say it? but he sure is acting stupid

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            We can put tents up in GITMO also.

          • jackcandobutwont

            YES!! SHeriff joe is outta work, and he is an expert in dealing with law breakers, tent cities, and mayo sandwiches!!!

            And screw that halal food….i will tell ya if mohamid won’t eat that mayo sandwish on Monday…come wed or friday, that sandwich will look might good. Works on dogs and cats, i am sure the same will work on these feral animals!

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            If I remember correctly it was bologna. But to digress, when growing up my parent went into the bread distribution center and would pick up a sack of what was called ‘bird bread’ for $1.00. Many of the loaded were intentionally squeezed. Didn’t look great but ate just fine, poor birds didn’t get much.

          • jackcandobutwont

            and probably better than plain ole white bread!! and better for you!!

          • Bella Gray

            With pink jumpsuits, with ball and chains. Joe always made it tough for prisoners, as he did not want them coming back. I would prefer hanging as that is the penalty for treason, even today.

          • jackcandobutwont

            Treason…the penalty is death by hanging or bullet….I am ok with either….for the greenies, rope is recyclable!!

          • Bella Gray

            LOL, wish

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          Don’t forget 0bammy’s preacher for 20+ years. They might need him while they are all there.

      • parthenon1

        Make Sharpton pay his back taxes first !

        • jackcandobutwont

          I.d be happy with seeing al in an orange jumps suit and sitting in a gitmo cell!!

        • jack


          • Mountain_Dew_518

            Don’t forget Charlie Wrangle got off with a slap on the wrist. Clintons also. There are a lot of the demoncraps that got off without paying their back taxes that were caught.

          • jackcandobutwont

            People are stupid, dumbed down by crappy unions schools, and are gullible and believe everyhitng the msm feeds them…the msm are nothing more than carnival barkers for the dnc!

        • R. T.

          Why , seize everything and auction it off + cash and bank accounts !

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            That’s what they did to Willie Nelson, but made more than enough with his next song. I don’t see Sharp-ounce being able to do that.

          • jackcandobutwont

            But al sharpton is part of the special class these days! They can do not wrong and can sue most anyone for anything….

        • Rich

          Along with Soros! When oh when will somebody please shoot this SSNazi SOB! Drone strike on his boat maybe? Get his back taxes fierst! He owes us about 2Bn in taxes..Then turn him over to the Hungarians or the Russians..Both have $$ on his head!

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          Send him right on to Gitmo and confiscate all his assets, homes, $$, property. The mansions they have should bring in quite a few $$ although probably not the amount owed in back taxes. Hard labor for the rest of their lives shoveling dirt piles and moving the dirt back and forth and any other hard labor.

          • jackcandobutwont

            Shaking the bush, BOSS….Cool Hand Luke!!

    • littlesmoke

      When POTUS gets over the “hump” on his first round of progress, those evil doers may discover they are in real trouble. My experience has been that if POTUS starts picking them off one-by-one they will scatter like a flock of Quail. The bystanders need to know that that kind of misbehavior is destructive to our country.

    • Carol Murfield Monroe

      I agree! Why hasn’t the b****** already been aarrested? He and the tray he’s married to should be in prison waiting for their trial for treason and murder for the men from Bengazi and for Scalia.

    • Bella Gray

      Hillary isn’t. Soros, who has 32 billion dollars, and his son are. The son nearly equaled his father’s spending. Someone is going to have to take Soros out of the game. He is wanted by numerous foreign countries for damage he did to their countries. Russia for one.

      SOROS NATION KILLER — This is who is leading your chains: Soros is a nation killer. A large part of Soros’ multibillion-dollar fortune has come from manipulating currencies. Soros has used those billions to finagle economies and topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. Known as “The Man who Broke the Bank of England,” he initiated a British financial crisis when he destroyed the British pound, has wreaked havoc on the Malaysian ringgit, and is called an “economic war criminal” in Thailand. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused him of bringing down the nation’s currency through his trading activities. Russia has a warrant out against Soros for crimes against their country. A French court convicted him of insider trading – his profits for committing these atrocities was multiple billions of dollars. Soros has driven millions of people into abject poverty; all to increase his personal wealth and force the common man into the slavery of Communism. Soros’ owns the Democratic Party. In 1988, Soros was asked to join a takeover attempt of the French bank Société Générale. He declined to participate in the bid, but did later buy a number of shares in the company. French authorities began an investigation in 1989, and in 2002, a French court ruled that it was insider trading as defined under French securities laws. He was fined $2 million, which was the amount that he made using the alleged insider information.

      • del

        Soros needs to be sent to Russia or even better, to Israel to mossad

        • Bella Gray

          Russia. They will kill him. The problem is his 32 billion dollars would fall to the son, who is also nearly matching what his father is using against us. The son has no foreign warrant out on him, but he should be brought up on sedition and treason charges. Problem with that is our corrupt courts. The same that are keeping POTUS from protecting America with the travel ban.

    • Bella Gray

      Also Obama has 30,000 saboteurs he is organizing in a shadow government for riots and protests, government interference, even the courts as we saw. He has countless spies embedded throughout the government, especially near the Oval Office. All paid for by Soros. America is beyond in grave danger as a nation. The risks are as high as when we were in the World Wars. The Democrats are communists now. It was a slow progress, but they have all sold out for money and power.

      They need to arrest Obama and prosecute him for theft. He stole 9.2 billion dollars on his way out the door and gave it to the Globalists who are trying to take us down. He stole it in the same way as he did the money given to Iran. They need to prosecute Soros and his son for sedition and treason. We also have a massive danger with so many terrorist organization all across America. The Muslim Brotherhood (TMB), C.A.I.R., HAMAS, many others. TMB has mosques all over America and they are teaching Jihad (only 19% aren’t). There are 35 Jihad training camps, even more now all over America, where they are training guerrilla warfare with AK47s, rocket launchers, machine guns, the list goes on and on. Hannity and O’Reilly both did shows on them, complete with drone videos.

      They were set for a total takeover of our country with Hillary. Obama had planted Muslims in all the key places of government (I could list them all by name and position), and throughout the government, CIA, FBI, StateDept, etc. Obama flooding in a massive number of fighting ages Muslims over and beyond the sealing Congress set. They were collecting in Tijuana, Mexico, and Obama was busing them in, with blacked out windows. Hillary and Obama had agreed to take all the millions of refugees from the camps overseas. They meant to destroy America and are still working to do so. I could give you source links to all of this, but this site pulls any post I make with a link, fools.

      • Gene

        It is about time the law needs to be enforced.We the people need to enforce the laws.It is very apparent the DOJ is not going to prosecute these establishment criminals.To let them remain above the law is the fault of the american people.We must join together and make citizens arrest even if it takes weaponry and blood shed.Why do we stand by and watch them destroy our republic.We must force prosecuters to take action or form a just leagal system on our own.I am sure our military will back the american people.They have been put in harms way to fill the pockets of these idiots.

        • Bella Gray

          It is not that easy, although I wish it were. Obama corrupted our lower courts for exactly this reason, to prevent POTUS from protecting America. The Communist Democrats are Globalists who want America to fail. It is the only way the can impose a One World Order. It is why they were fighting to get our guns. The Communist Democrats are being funded and thus run by Soros, who was in a German concentration camp. Although he worked for the Nazis against his own Jewish people. He is using all the Nazis tactics today. Just recall them and look around. You will find the Communism Democrats using them. In fact he put Muslims in every judicial seat the second one opened. He did a vast amount of damage to our country, to the world.

          Furthermore the more Muslims they bring in the more we will have to fight when the wars start and I believe Obama and the
          Communist Democrats have that coming. The refugees were all fighting aged men, with only 2% women and children to be used as propaganda, to make sappy Americans feel sorry for them. Obama allowed countless terrorist groups to establish Jihad camps, and their own hives all over America. Hannity and O’Reilly both did shows on the camps, including drone videos of them training, guerrilla warfare with AK-47s, rocket launchers, and machine guns

          The only way we can do anything for the time is to vehemently tell our elected officials what we expect. We must see that no Communist Democrats EVER gets elected again.

          That said there is a war coming. We cannot have all these Jihad training camps and the massive number of Muslim that came in here and will continue to come, because they will find their way to the camps.

          Muslims are the most dangerous sect of people there is, because of their religious ideology, which is really a geopolitical movement masquerading as a religion. Ask yourself how refugees escaping a war torn country, with nothing but the clothes on their back, could afford cruise ships waiting for them to bring them to the west? Initially that is exactly what happened. The Globalists are seeding the free world with Islam. There is no such thing as lasting peace in a country that has Muslims, war will always come once their numbers are up. The Qu’ran instructs them to be silent and peaceful until their numbers are high enough to fight and force Islam on everyone.

          The Globalists want a war, and they want it to be bad enough and destructive enough that we will allow a Globalist takeover, a One World Order. They are winning throughout the EU. There is no country that is not fighting Islam. Sweden is the rape Capitol of the free world, where 53.2% of the women have now been raped. Germany is on their coat tails, The Globalists don’t care who dies, in fact the more the better. They want to restart the Earth back to when there were merely hundred of thousands of people rather then billions.

          Comey, in testimony before Congress, said the U.S. remains extremely concerned that violent extremists will eventually flow out of Syria and Iraq and into other countries in hopes of committing attacks.

          The number of Americans traveling to Syria to fight alongside ISIS has slowed to a trickle in the last year, but as the so-called caliphate becomes “crushed,” many militants from Western nations who are already there will stream out of the region and create new security threats.

          “There will be a terrorist diaspora sometime in the next two to five years like we’ve never seen before,” Comey said.

          FBI Director James Comey has stated in congressional hearings that his agency has nearly 1,000 open ISIS investigations in all 50 states, stretching the bureau to its limits trying to keep up with all of the leads. And a recently leaked FBI document revealed the bureau has had at least 7,700 encounters with known terrorists over the last year.
          SEN CRUZ saying they are letting ISIS in with the refugees. If you wait long enough the video will show Sessions explaining it best:
          This is an admission the Obama administration is allowing refugees with NO DOCUMENTATION to immigrate freely into America.
          All that said, it will take the Muslims trying to impose their Shariah on American before American start fighting back, beyond through the vote. I have no doubts that war is coming though. We see that every where in the EU. They are literally destory the entire EU. Swed. Is all but gone, even their people will say that. The Muslims are out of control in the streets of Britain threatening a holocaust, to chop off heads, and overthrown Britain. This is the garbage the Communist Democrats are bringing here. The Muslims do that as part of their invasions because they know it destroys the families.

          What we need to do is ban all immigration, if there is no other way to ban Muslims. I blame every single Congress person for flooding our country with them, and the corrupt courts for lying and stopping the travel bans. Like the French Revolution there will likely be consequences when things go bad.

          Look at these photos. The Muslims are in the streets threatening the Brits. Now look at the refugees in lines, they are almost all fighting aged men. What does that tell you? They are on a Jihad, which will not go well.

          • Gene

            I dont understand why so many americans cant see the picture.Witnessing their own demise is beyond my train of thought.If we try to orginize via the internet the demmorat communist would be at our door.There must be a way to secretly destroy them.Every red blooded american needs to invest in weaponry.Every muslim must be removed from any and all offices they hold.I wonder if they are heading our inteligence department.Obama was building their jihad for 8 years.The numbers are staggering of how many are already here and training.

          • Bella Gray

            The liberals live in a delusional world and fighting against America. Actually they are as much an enemy to Americans as any foe who attacked our country. We see them attacking our fairly elected POTUS.

            I wish that were true and pray it is; but you do not erase insanity, and the left is insane and spreads itself like a cancer. It needs no logic to infect others. I have tried to figure out what is wrong with these people, who would destroy themselves like lemmings leaping in mass off a cliff, dragging us with them. I concluded the universities are brainwashing our youth, and they develop Stockholm syndrome. Yet it didn’t answer the full question, until I saw this video. It is slowly paced, but it will get to the reason—very enlightening.

            Have a look at the left in Sweden and what they have brought to their country. Exactly what the left here is trying to bring to America.

  • 1Texas

    There was nothing about the man being honorable from the start and we can only hope law and order will prevail and the effort to fundamentally change the USA and their minions will be removed from the landscape with their idealogy.

  • LouAnn Jolley Newton

    Some one needs to deport Obama and jail Hillary

  • Bonnie Brown

    I think that Obama is a sore loser, and something should be done to him. He is a wimp! And as for Hillery she needs to be in jail, they have done enough investigation on her and her so called husband. They all need to be put away, and then lose the keys for a long time.

  • Louie Rey

    Is anyone surprised? The mere fact that President Trump is undoing so many of Hussein’s executive orders and implementing so many things in a positive and rapid fashion that makes Hussein look as bad as most of us knew he was why wouldn’t he try and undermine him? This is just another case of him being the biggest mistake this country has ever had to endure. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to want to go away quietly. Pathetic.

    • GODBlessRealAmerica!
      • Louie Rey

        Nothing further needs to be said. Thank you.

        • john vieira


    • nocbsfan

      Enact a law: No statue of Obama can be erected within the borders of the United States, I guarantee you he will go away. Because then he will say “It was all for naught”

      • Louie Rey

        I’m not sure about that. Have you already forgotten the level of narcissism and ego and hubris that has enveloped the man? In his mind the next thing he does wrong will be the first thing he’s done wrong. I doubt that he’d ever put a negative word in a sentence that referred to himself so for him to say “it was all for naught” I think is a stretch. Just saying.

        • nocbsfan

          Just an AD Lib on my part. I have always thought ,Obama wanted nothing more than to replace MLK, by trying in his twisted mind to make himself the greatest peace maker of all times. In doing so has almost destroyed this country. This is simply my prophecy of why he was there in the first place. He wants to replace MLK with his own statues holding sharpton hand. (How gross)

          • Louie Rey

            And to think that Hussein’s election was all about establishing racial harmony in this country. Are you kidding me? If you were to invite Sharpton even once to The White House it would show your true colors but over EIGHTY TIMES??? Please. In fact, this country is more divided along racial, and even ideological, lines than maybe since the Civil War. He’s been a disaster on this and essentially everything else he’s had an impact on.

          • nocbsfan

            I am only being pernicious, Obama can’t see the weeds because of the roses in his eyes. I do not believe anyone thinks he did this country any good, not even michele or what ever her/ it name is Just watch, Obumma will do everything in his power to have statues of himself erected country wide. The man is one the most egotistical persons in the history of the world His idol is MLK, same as satan wanted to replace God, Obumma wants MLK’s place in history for himself. Take away that possibility, no more Obumma. And Louie I am on your side

          • Louie Rey

            All I have to say is that I never before heard the saying you just wrote, “can’t see the weeds because of the roses in his eyes.” I love it! And it’s a perfect description of this narcissist. By the way, I know we’re on the same side here.

          • nocbsfan

            Expressions come from different parts of the world, you (Louie) come from Long Island, I come from Florida, we have weeds (boy do we have weeds) there. As obumma has elected ( I use that term loosely) to live in DC.hopefully will keep Florida clean. Mr. Rey on the other hand has hillariousley to contend with. Sorry Louie.

          • Louie Rey

            You won’t have to feel sorry for me that much longer. My wife and I are in the process of selling our townhouse (a rental property) outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and as soon as that happens we’ll be putting down a deposit on a new home in a suburb of Charleston. South Carolina. You know what that means don’t you? I’ll be that much closer to the weeds!

          • nocbsfan

            Not only will you be closer to the weeds but a thousand miles closer to me. Probably a much prettier beaches in S. Car. that Long Island. I don’t know if you speak a lot of Spanish but you will be getting away from that just a little. I no longer live in Fl., but where I am people think I am a mexican? Good luck on your transaction.

          • Louie Rey

            Thank you sir. I’m looking forward to it.

          • nocbsfan

            I am sure you are ! The temperature should be a little warmer as well. A lot to look forward to.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Unfortunately those same mind controlled people that voted for him in 2012 if given the chance they would have reelected him a 2nd time, they would never say they made a mistake when the entranced state they are in prevents them from thinking clearly.

      • Louie Rey

        You’re right. We’re talking zombies here. “Land of the Lemmings” would be a good title for the movie. I’d say it would be a mockumentary but it’s too real for it to be a mockery of anything. I’ve said it before, liberalism is a psychosis, a mental disorder that, as you say, prevents the afflicted from thinking clearly.

        • Naval Lint

          The movie has already been made….”Idiocracy”!!!

  • Jerry

    I think President Trump should have his attorney general to open an investigation towards Soros and one towards obama, get sheriff Joe to help, if anything can be found it should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law, not by a liberal judge either, I want them to be able to disqualify him from receiving secret service protection and his retirement, a plus would be to be able to seize his bank account

    • Tricia Harris

      Add Sheriff Clarke to the package too – he’d be a great help in getting Obama arrested for TREASON!

      • Jerry

        I like that idea too and Trey Goudy too, lets nail the bas^&rd to a tree

        • jackcandobutwont

          TREY ia ll bark….NO BITE!!

      • Craig Vandertie

        I do not understand the people of Milwaukee county which is basically influenced by the socioeconomic and political beliefs by the inhabitants of the city.

        Voted for and got that Demoncommicrat Tom Barrett and I am certain the majority voted for him twice in the Gubernatorial race and the recall election, yet these are the same people that voted for and got Sheriff David Clarke elected.

    • jackcandobutwont

      Trump needs to direct a drone armed with an ahole seeking bomb and aim it at soros.

      • Jerry

        The problem with that is there are way too many aholes for a ahold seeking bomb to even come close to the proper target

        • jackcandobutwont

          Just make more bombs….or carpet bomb the place!!

  • barbarakelly

    This dirt bag is part of the bilderbergs and him setting up a shadow gov, is part of the globalist. HE is doing a strangle hold on our country and he needs to be dealt a nasty blow to his so called image. HE is part of our problem and needs to go to gitmo . Never in our history has a prev Pres EVER done what this J-A is doing and I find him disgusting.!!! he is a commi/ socialist.!!!

  • GODBlessRealAmerica!
  • Patriot

    We are in this shape because of our sins. Let us all repent and pray. Rest assured our GOD will do the rest.
    2nd CHRONICLES 7:14

  • Lori

    Obama should be xecuted for treasonous acts.

    • Tricia Harris

      I’d offer to take up a collection to buy the ammunition, but I’m afraid that I’d get millions in donations and we don’t really need that many bullets.

  • Jeff Z

    Trump’s going to have to take the gloves off and go after these traitors for the treasonous filth they are. There is more than enough evidence.


    Obama is too late, we already have a Deep State Shadow Government in The U.S.A.

  • randi amundsen

    We all know who Obama is so why is he not in federal prison as far as SOROS is concern Putin can take this maggot down anytime and I believe he will.

  • RunnerFriendly

    What Legacy do people keep referring to??? The man didn’t do anything for THIS country. Obama has always been connected with the Deep State Shadow Government. Nothing new!

    • Warren Blum

      Notice no library is being constructed! A library of lies. There would be no family history, nothing to show.

  • Warren Blum

    Soros has several corporations set up for this. The bilderbergs fund these corporations. Dnc does. It’s ok. We will eventually have a civil war. They will be gunned down. They don’t have the stomach for it.

  • Gym

    Obamanure can and WILL be removed as a threat.

  • Johnny Michaels

    I just do not understand why this US Government subversion is legal. Why is it NOT Conspiratorial Subterfuge? To have many folks simultaneously engaged in orchestrated disruption of our Government is hardly peaceful demonstrating, and should be viewed as an attack. If it was carried out by N. Korea, Iran, or Russia, it sure would be considered a hostile act!

  • Lazer

    All of you/us are correct – but the left will fight to the end for socialism they began teaching in our educational system as early as the 1950s. they are used to middle America looking the other way and doing nothing – and they will fight with every last tactic they can have people like Soros and others support. I still ask – who do they think will pay for all of this? Right now it appears that Trump was spot on with the infrastructure – just look at liberal California’s Oroville Dam evacuation due cracking and mud slides and devastation all over that state right now. They have spent every dollar they can muster up for big government expansions, salaries and excessive retirement programs, and welfare and social programs for illegals, Pelosi and her brood sort of forgot to improve the dams, roads, and other infrastructure necessities.

    • Warren Blum

      Then let them eat cake

  • Warren Blum

    If I could be allowed and be sanctioned, I would kill soros myself.

    • tCotUS

      Oh no you don’t !!…Pick a straw…Shortest one gets the honors..

      • Warren Blum

        Lolo lol together in a common cause

        • tCotUS


  • albany le

    NO Obama You and your plans to ruin President Trump will come to nothing. You are a nothing yourself and have harmed America so much. You should go away and shut up.

  • tCotUS

    Obozo has sprinkled spies all over the Government. When their found, they must be shown the wall & given a blindfold.

  • kev

    Zerobama= one big fat loser!

  • Tricia Harris

    The POS TRAITOR should have been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentence for treason several years ago after Fast and Furious and Benghazi. He’s still committing TREASON! He’s not in office any more and is a private citizen, calling for riots and THAT IS STILL TREASON. Someone has to have the backbone to arrest him!

  • Deplorable wizard

    Hold the phone!
    Did the obamanation say he’s drawing another line? We all know that he’s done that before, didn’t mean a thing then, shouldn’t mean anything now.
    President Trump needs to push the DOJ to file criminal charges. Even if the liberal judges rule against the DOJ, it could and would have the effect of a cease and desist order against these anti-American scum.

  • Richard

    Obozo is not a schemer he is a sneak, big difference

  • civilwariscool

    Simple fix- trump has vast resources at his disposal, all he need do is send a contract cleanup team, to kill obama and everyone that was associated with him – jarrett, rice, lynch, clinton, soros, kerry et al

  • jackcandobutwont

    Trump has to get rid of ALL the questionable moooosies, lackies, minions, etc. that bobo hired and put into postions that can muck of Trumps agenda….if questionable…FIRE THEM!!!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    No shiite, really. You did not expect the soros funded scumbag to move on did you?

  • Jerry Wyatt

    Actions like Obama’s taken against a sitting POTUS are acts of treason and should be treated as such. Unless and until the law-abiding citizens begin taking supporting actions against these traitors it will continue to worsen. The dirtbag Obama has always been an enemy of the Republic and the guardian angel of the Muslims. His actions are not just anti-Trump, he is anti-American and must be punished for it along with Soros and the rest of his “gang of Neanderthals”.

    • civilwariscool

      the look on obamas face as his SS detail gets the order to stand down right before the .308 takes out the back of his skull would be priceless

      • John Gerig

        you need help!

      • jmark72

        Love it!! Would love a 24″ x 24″ picture of that just before the bullet hits and a bullseye target superimposed over the photo PRICELSS ++

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    How gracious Jorge Jr appears compared to 0bama — as he went over to Crawford (and only influence post 2009/01/29 was to be used as a blame-target for six years for all 0bama’s FUBARs).

  • ken ptasnick

    The rats are trying so desperately to hold onto what little power they have left and doing anything possible to get some more back. But, with every step Trump takes they are falling further behind. The people have spoken. We are tired of your political games. The Dems have talked a good game but have accomplished nothing. The game is over. You lose. Even some of your supporters are beginning to see the light.

  • Al Barrs

    President Trump and his Administration Secretaries and Directors must identify every single person Barack Hussein Obama hired, including all of his “czars” and terminate them immediately! It is these ingrain socialist and communists who are leaking Whitehouse information to Obama’s propaganda ministries, the “lame-stream media” and firing is the only way Trump can gain total control of the Government… And, Hillary and Bill Clinton must be indicted and tried for
    espianage…God knows there is more than enough evidence and treason to justify prison terms for all Clintons…!!!

    • American_Father

      President Trump needs to cleans house of all the moles, and rats, then he should enlist the NSA, CIA, and FBI to do covert investigations on all senators, congressional representatives, any and all in the Federal Government all the way down to the mail-person. If he finds corruption, either prosecute them or give them a chance to resign and forfeit all assets to the federal Government, “We The People”

  • MOS19D20

    Obozo needs to shut up and take his family back to Kenya. He was an illegitimate treasonous president elected by the great unwashed sheeple. They believed his lies.

  • Gus

    Big ears needs to get back to Kenya and take his Michael with him

  • Sylvia Avila

    Obama the great divider! Is just a puppet on a string, just like his Presidency! He is Radical, hateful, prejudice Muslim, he is already in a cult the NWO! Those are his masters, nothing more needs to be said!

  • Matthew Adams

    We need to pray and get God into the fight. You know the God that liberals have rejected. General Patton used to get his Chaplin to pray and get God into the fight, and General Patton was a very successful General.

    • deuce

      He is already in the fight. That’s why Trump won despite the DNC cheating, despite Obama campaigning, despite JayZ, Beyonce, Gaga, Springsteen, despite the Globalists, The Elitists and Soros, despite the illuminati. THEY will not bring forth TIME of the antichrist until God says so. THEY will not determine it. We were 4-8 years from the inevitable of the NWO. Hillary would have completed what the Bushes, Obama had going. Obama had done as much destruction as he could while pretending to be what he was not. He fooled so many people, especially the Blacks.

      • Matthew Adams

        Duce, I am sure you are right. The older Bush blessed off on the UN 21 plan…..And Mark Taylor (retired fire fighter) prophet supports your claim. I found Mark Taylors a little over a year ago, his prophecies have been coming true so far……And I still pray for this country and President Trump daily.

  • dkg

    and the vacations they took. They had no right to spend 70 million on vacations. No right at all. They should pay for their vacations they same way you and I do.

    • Richard Bagenstose

      i’d like to give the oboma’s a perminant vacation in gitmo , with his muslum lovers , when you think about it terrorists must be gay , they all hang out with other guy terrorists , not many women around so where are they getting their cookies , and every one knows oboma is a muslum and gay

  • ncgal

    Trump needs to send a sheriff and all his deputies to arrest Soros and deport him to Russia. Obama needs to be put in prison for inciting a riot or riots.

  • Take 1 pro

    Americans have a choice … being spoon fed will not lead to independence in all of its multiple forms. Think by making comparisons and stand up for what is right or lose all you have.

  • Candy Clanton

    So true – send them to jail for treason – all of them!

  • ncgal

    Trump needs to call out the armed services to put a stop to all the rioting, put them in the fema camps that they were planning for us and leave them there. Call for marshal law for all the rioters.

  • Rayasappan

    There should be an investigation on Obama’s name change.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    Kill that muslim homosexual traitor.

  • M. D’Souza

    Pres. Trump’s policies are the RIGHT antidote to the venom that the hissing serpent had injected into the Organizing for Action. Let Soros & BHO be consumed by their own venom.

    • Jane

      “Our worst ex-presidents, on the other hand, have been noteworthy for taking strong positions against the national interest and consistently undermining their successors for personal and political reasons.

      Obama’s political career needs to go gentle in to that good night!

  • Jean Franklynn

    now that obama is out lets see his college records and any other records he had frozen and hidden

    • William Earl Ellis

      Look like they could do some thing about it that treason.

  • Marina Dilbone

    Y is this not sedition?

  • Loving America

    Americans Obama has “Overstepped His Welcome in America to say one thing after the illegal laws,
    illlegal birth certificate, and for joning Soros to ruin America!” We do not want to hear anything he has to say or even thinks ….he is a Disgrace to Humanity!

  • bigmur

    Can you imagine if the conservatives and ult-right did something to organize a movement like this to destroy riot and possibly bring down a president of this country or worse. So why do these people who hate this country that much just leave. These people who joined this organization is doing what the KKK did the NAZIS did and any other progressive did in the past.Its about time we Americans wake up and vote vote and vote some more before we won’t have an America that looks like America. Vote these idiots out of office or start impeachment proceedings against these so called good american politicians who are trying to undermine our government and our president. Also their is nothing in our constitution requiring a president to present his income taxes. He must do a financial disclosure which he did. If any president should have been impeached it should have been Obama but not a progressive their above the law.

  • Teapartier

    No money no left wing groups, no troops against trump’s administration, no stupid marches, no police being murdered, very few illegal refugees of any religion, and just America as she was and as she should be. Follow the money and stop the flow. I would like to see Obama pay his troops or the leaders of other groups pay their troops (as BLM)’out of their own pocket. It is illegal to practice insurrection and it is treasonous what is happening as it is far from just protesting.

  • Dogpatch

    Liberals and the Left, still trying to re-write history. O-Liars legacy is what it is and there is nothing he or his media dogs can do about it.
    Live with it and go play golf on your own dime.

  • Jane

    Our worst ex-presidents, on the other hand, have been noteworthy for taking strong positions against the national interest and consistently undermining their successors for personal and political reasons.
    Obama’s political career needs to go gentle in to that good night!

  • TadhgMcLir

    Obama is a backstabbing, America Hating, pathetic excuse for a president. He should be banned from EVER interacting with the government again, except for being hounded by the IRS.

  • Gregory Kealohalani Young

    YOu have to ask yourself a question: Why would Obama care to do this? He can’t run for office again so there’s no political gain. But pretty funny headline though.

  • porterv

    The Justice Department should investigate and prosecute Obama for the murder of Justice Scalia (and others.)

  • Craig Vandertie

    Yet it seems Mr. Trumps administration is not addressing the corruption of the Demoncommiecrats, start tossing Demoncommicrat elected judges off their thrones and impeaching the Demoncommiecrat politicians that got them appointed.

    We as true patriots may not have the luxury of waiting for the 2018 midterm election.

  • michael schimanski

    George soros has paid for Obama , Hillary and a lot of others , he is not going to give up his plans for globalization and new world order [ his own ] , he would loose too much money . Obama , to protect his legacy and his muSLIME brothers would destroy America , if nessesery to achieve his and soros goal . The shame of the whole thing is the stupid people in America , not smart enough to see , and to dumb to realize what is going on . It seems the only way to put a stop to all of this is the death of soros and his family and prison for Obama .

    • George Hilliard

      Ain’t it the truth!!

  • nocbsfan

    Obama claims he could have easily won a third term, this is a place to deny that. Lets hear from you!

  • Leo Kolfschoten

    Obama’s behaviour is the height of insolence of a failed ex-president and a prove of his racism, of his indignity as well as being a very, very bad loser.

  • Rodney Steward

    Seem that the BOY needs to share the same concrete shoes, time something happen soon! Opey’s wanted a civil world for a long time, and if he keeps up his BLM style, he just may get it! America wanted Trump, and Opey like Hellary and the rest of their brain dead rioters need to wake up fast!!

    • Jo Ann Kowalski

      His evilness may pollute the water n kill our fish. This pos has tp be put in gitmo with soros and all the dems. Obummer was taught to hate this country the day he was spawnef by the devil. His mothet had to go to a terrorist country to make him what does that tell u about her. A terrorist

      • Rodney Steward

        I have a feeling his mother was handed around like a bag of candy, and Opey still don’t have a clue who his daddy be, and till this day no one has ever seen the B-TARDS B-certificate!

  • JMH

    Not only was Nobama a loser, liar, to the core with political discourse flowing through with his anti America agenda but he’s infected other political figures in the name of the new world order- EVil!

  • lesley

    Cannot believe the hypocrisy occurring in USA and worldwide against Trump. Japan has banned muslim immigration and NO-ONE of your lefty groups are raising an eyebrow, obviously Japan does not rate in evil Soros plans! When will that man die and do the world a favour. Shame on you America for allowing Obama to continue with his world destroying antics. Impeach him and lock Soros and his family up and throw away the key. Do the entire world a favour. GIVE Trump a go, he is supported by millions across the world who wish we had him here.

  • fidel

    Obama and his minions are plain sore losers. You cant fight ignorance it comes natural. March on main street punks and get plowed.

  • fidel

    The ones who finance this sort of opposition are cowards by having the idiots do their dirty work. Afraid to reveal themselves, like I said Punks

  • Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    They will all soon meet their doom–if they had any brains –they would fade away and live what life they have left–it will be over before they can change it

  • Loyd Patterson

    Trump is a lot smarter than Obama, Obama is just like a tick, you flick it off and it climes back on. Ob Soros and Obama are paying old lady Clinton, those3 and more should be locked up for the good of the American people.

  • lynn

    That black snake will always prey on people.He needs to go back to Mars.

  • Lindy

    This seems that it is against the law. It has the undertones of a revolution in s third world country.

  • AKLady

    Do people actually believe this garbage?
    Scheming to sabotage Trump? No need, he sabotages himself very well.
    He does not need any help.

    • George Hilliard

      We, You and me, had better support Trump for the sake of OUR country.

      • AKLady

        I will not help Trump destroy America.
        I will, however, insist he be impeached.

        • George Hilliard

          For what?

          • AKLady

            Begin your education here:
            The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965
            First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

  • JB

    Obama is the big scum bag behind this shadow government. He actually has idiots following him. What a disgrace.

  • Just Wondering

    Time for Obama to be indicted for crimes against America, past and present.

  • annefarrelly

    Once a community organizer, . . . . . . .

  • chris VN
  • Sheileagh

    Good grief! What a pathetic state our country is in, when a past President can’t let go of the ‘political reins’ & get on with his life.

  • Koi Roy

    “…a shadow government…” “Obama will command them from a bunker…” “…a shadow White House located within two miles of (President) Trump(‘s Whitehouse).” “…a nearby taxpayer-funded office with his own chief of staff and press secretary…” “501(c)(4)” (nonprofit organization exempt from paying federal income tax). “…Obama’s OFA (Organizing for Action)…” “…has raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants…” “…gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices…” “…Armed with Obama’s 2012 campaign database…” “It’s time to organize and fight…” “…he told his OFA troops…” “…his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight…” “…the strongest… force this country has ever seen.” “…fired up and ready to go.” “…it’s drawing battle lines…” “…he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers…” “…Critical to the fight…” “…to sabotage the incoming administration…” THIS SOUNDS TO ME LIKE A MILITARY COUP… TO FORCE A REGIME CHANGE! AT TAXPAYERS’ EXPENSE AND TAX EXEMPT TO BOOT! SINCE THIS ARTICLE SOUNDS LIKE A CALL TO ARMS, PERHAPS OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD THOROUGHLY VET NEW ARMY RECRUITS NOW TO EARN THEIR “FREE” COLLEGE EDUCATION. WE NEED TO BE READY TO PROTECT OUR UNION FROM A DOMESTIC ENEMY!

    THE FOLLOWING SOUNDS STRAIGHT-UP HYPOCRITICAL: “…erect a wall of resistance to Trump…” “…a mansion, which he’s fortifying with construction of a tall brick perimeter…” VS. “…the demonstrators jammed airports, chanting: “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!”

    Yep, Obama’s an OAF alright… still playing his race card and still doing his community DISorganizing: “…drawing battle lines on…race relations…” We should erect a statue or plaque in his honor… THE BEST PERSON IN SEVERAL DECADES TO PROMOTE AND PERPETUATE RACIAL DIVISION IN THIS COUNTRY!

  • Barbara Lewis

    Why is anyone surprised. He was a joke from the beginning but has gone too far in this. Should be in jail for treason, murder and fraud. Should not be able to walk around doing what he is doing, but does anyone think anything will be done? NOT HARDLY. The only thing that one can hope for and believe in is that GOD will intervene because he allows office to those he allows and GOD will have the final word.

  • Ellen Wolfe Villnave

    He hasnt done enough damage?? This bastard needs to be locked up with all his cronies!!

  • Swampfox

    Why can’t this scumbag non-citizen just go away? 8 years of his America hating politics was more than enough.

  • TPM4

    hopefully trump will tire of Obama and his traitor ways and arrest him for any one or all of the acts of treason he committed while in office last I knew traitors are executed!!!!
    he is this country’s #1 criminal traitor

  • Donald Lindsey

    B. H. Obama was never legal as presidentunder the constitution, he was a foreigner not American. He is Muslim hates what the US stands for, our flag that why he never saluted it or cover his foul heart when the anthem was played. What Obama is, a terrorit, murder, and a total liar to the people of this nation..

  • silver fox

    this no good low life loser must be try for treason this pos did not like America and never will get rid of him and soros.

  • Dave

    The Right needs to pass new laws that prohibit that type of funding that we can not investigate because its in Canada 701 c . These should be looked at the same as having an offshore account.

  • Dave

    These protesters are being funded through a Canadian 501 c (4) that cannot be investigated by our government and the use of this should have laws passed against them and be given the same status as offshore accounts . The Clinton foundation is one of these charities ??? but no one can see its deposits ore withdrawals . Now Obama has taken to it .

  • heinlein

    “ORIGINAL SOURCE” must be Putin (read Breitbart News), for all the BS this site has been crediting to that. Obama is having a great time being retired from government. As to 30,000 agitators, we do not need Obama to mobilize our opposition, Trump’s actions are more than sufficient to cause that without anyone else’s help. Until the election, I never posted anything on this site, but now I am here to stay!

  • George Hilliard

    Make it a radio show, I’ve seen enough of both of them.

  • George Hilliard

    Your ignorance is on display for sure.

  • Kacy Stroud

    Why wouldn’t he FIGHT against Donald Trump, Obama is a Member of the ” Muslim ” Brotherhood and if he ever wants to see ” AMERICA ” destroyed like EUROPE from their Presence he has to HIDE behind being the Prior Pres, trying to make people think he cares when he is a TRAITOR …

  • Bella Gray

    Our military is at 1917 level, thanks to Obama. He planned to cut another 400,000 through 2017. He was purposely destroying our ability to fight back, to aid the Globalists takeover. The generals have testified before Congress that we cannot protect ourselves with our military in the Middle East. By the time they could be brought back it could be too late. We have too many enemies on our homeland. Islam is not our friends.

  • eyeswideopen6

    President Trump needs to pull out the big guns and charge them with their treasonous acts and throw Hillary in jail too.

  • Maggiemae

    So….what can we, the law abiding people of America, do to stop this carnage of our country????? Soros has always been a pain in the structure of this country. He should have been escorted out of this country years ago…now we pay the price for his existence in America. On Obama…as evil of a person he was/still is…nothing surprises me on what he does to complete his destruction of America. Nothing is beneath him to complete what he so desperately wanted to accomplish in his 8 years as dictator…..a ruler….a king. What a sad, pathetic person he is. So hateful of himself. The shift to communism couldn’t be completed in his 8 years…so now he must destroy everything we have. Exactly why he chose to stay in DC….create, cause havoc. The devil has his soul.

  • Gale Parker

    U know

  • Kacy Stroud

    Well he’s a ” WOLF ” in Sheep’s clothing … He is and has said in several YouTube video’s that he is a Muslim, so it doesn’t take ‘ Brain Surgeon ‘ to figure out he’s a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, could even be family relations .. In any case in my opinion he’s more concerned about Destroying AMERICA than saving it other wise he wouldn’t have given ” IRAN ” all the MONEY they needed to create Nuclear Weapons ? Plus you’ve seen what these unvetted Muslims have done to the UK and Europe, well unless Trump can find away to STOP them from Flooding our NATION, we can Expect to see the same Chaos and Destruction happen here in AMERICA …