Obama Prosecutor who Authorized Surveillance Survives Trump

‘Dana [Boente] is the classic calm inside a very turbulent storm…’

Obama Justice Dept. Carryover is Surviving Trump

Dana Boente (right)/IMAGE: YouTube

(Brendan Clarey, Liberty Headlines) Dana Boente is the rare carryover in the Obama era Justice Department who authorized surveillance of a Trump adviser yet has remained in his position, according to an Associated Press article.

And despite “Trump’s political storms,” Boente has weathered them all, and in fact has been granted more power despite the unrest in the FBI and in Washington.

While acting as deputy attorney general, Boente signed off on surveillance on a Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

His actions were first discovered with the release of the infamous Nunes memorandum a few weeks ago.

While Boente has escaped relatively unscathed, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been criticized by conservatives and President Trump.

Boente did receive criticism from Fox’s Sean Hannity, and liberals also have been quick to criticize Boente for his enforcement of the travel ban instituted by the Trump administration.

Gene Rossi, a coworker of Boente’s explained that the federal prosecutor has been in the midst of everything going on in Washington.

“During every major crisis in the last couple of years, Dana has been there,” Rossi told the AP. “Dana is the classic calm inside a very turbulent storm.”

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“Those close to Boente say he keeps his views to himself and takes pride in his reputation as a nonpartisan career official,” the AP reported. “He signed off on Trump’s travel ban, they said, not because of his own ideology but because he thought he could defend it. Lower courts have repeatedly struck it down, and the latest version awaits Supreme Court review.”

Boente was nominated by President Obama in 2015 as U.S. Attorney for Virginia’s Eastern District.