Obama Gave Classified Intel to Russia

(News Busters) While NBC and CNN joined the rest of the media in rushing to condemn the Trump White House over an unconfirmed Washington Post report that the President inadvertently shared classified information with Russian officials, guests on both networks provided important context that the Obama administration intentionally shared classified intelligence with Russia less than a year ago.

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Appearing on Friday’s NBC Today, security analyst Juan Zarate warned: “The problem is the Russians aren’t trustworthy. The Russians have proven that when we’ve provided information in the past, they’ve used it against us.” He then proceeded to explain how former President Obama gave the Russians classified information just months ago:

Back in the summer of 2016, the Obama administration provided some information to the Russians about some of the things happening on the ground. Guess what happened? The Russians then attacked some of those sites of our allies, our proxies that we were working with. And that’s a problem.

Meanwhile, over on CNN’s New Day, political analyst Jeffrey Lord provided some “perspective” to anchor Chris Cuomo:

The only thing I would say here, Chris is perspective. Perspective is all. I’m holding two headlines from the Washington Post, one of May 25th, 2014, “White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan.” The Obama administration put the name of the CIA on the press release, exposed him and endangered his life. The second one, June 30, 2016, “U.S. Offers to share Syrian intelligence on terrorist with Russia,” which is to say the Obama administration wanted to give their intelligence to the Russians. All I’m saying here is there’s perspective. We need to find out the facts and let’s have perspective…

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  • Fed up!

    Obama is a anti-American Muzzie that’s whole time in office illegally, was to bring down the American Government. If he was to commit suicide like Vince Foster that be a shame. You can only hope!

    • thinkingprof2

      The lie Trump proposed for six years that President Obama is not a citizen should have disqualified Trump as a candidate offered by the Republicans. Trump supporters should know–and probably do know and don’t care–that they have elected a man who has libeled many people, including other Republicans, as part of his win at any cost strategy. This website supports Trump and promotes many anti-American perspectives because its creators are invested in taking down (deconstructing as Bannon calls it) the government and the disrupting the best parts of our ideals. In the 1930s, the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party used the same strategies: label others as not citizens and dehumanize them, blame them for the country’s problems; lie with impunity; by-pass important government structures at every turn; and claim the absolute right to conduct state business irresponsibly. Good job Orange Party!

      • Fed up!

        Give it a rest Snowflake, you lost. Keep up that opinion and you never win another election.

      • boaz

        with that LOGIC Hilary should have disqualified as a President candidate! she is the ORIGINAL BIRTHER!

        are you stupid or WHAT… that was started BY Hilary Clinton during the Presidential Primaries…

        Then She made a deal with him to BURY the proof if he would make her secretary of State and re-introduce the healthcare bill she gave to her husband to get passed into LAW that FAILED Miserably NOW we have the Hilary/Obama care law on us that she gave to him….
        you are SOOOOO BLIND!

        • Bob Mac

          Actually, Hillary’s campaign manager was gunned down in Harlem, precisely because she was using Obama’s birthplace to edge him out of the nomination the first time. Thanks for reminding me. NSA sees everything, and I’m sure they saw her cheating Sanders of the nomination. They let her get away with it because they knew they could blow her out of the water with leaks when the got close to the finish line. I own NSA an apology for their spying on America. They put Trump where he is now.

      • Deb

        And if Obummer was proven not to be citizen would you admit it?

      • Norman’s Stormin

        Gee. Maybe it is a matter of perspective. I personally think, if a president goes out of his way to make America look week, openly proclaims responsibility for all the world’s horrors, causes race to be an issue again, after the American people show their lack of racism by electing a “Black Man” to president, Bows to Muslim leaders, Bends over backwards to kiss the A$$ES of the elite, (the list goes on), is a president who is trying to deconstruct America. Openly proclaiming socialistic monetary policies and trying to socialize medicine at the expense of medical care quality, does not sound to me like anything but Anti-Americanism, and this from our “President.” Thinkingprof2, you have proven your total inability to think. You let others think for you and follow like sheep,

      • Mike W

        I doubt very much you will watch the video below – but – if you do you will learn that the guy in the photos below on the left is Muhammed Sabuh – he is the founder of a small cult from Indonesia called SUBUD – he looks familiar huh? You will also learn that the Hawaiian official who verified Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was a member of that cult and so was Obama’s momma. You will also learn if you dig a little farther that Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD….and George Soros funds it. If you really are interested Loretta Fuddy the Hawaiian official died in a mysterious plane crash – her family is suing for the truth as to what happened because the other people on the plane who survived and the official death certificate stories don’t match up. Like I said you probably won’t watch it – you might learn something – but google it up it’s all there.


      • rick meek

        obozo isn’t a citizen – but fools refuse to believe it….

        • Judy Selich

          Obama is technically a citizen but he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” within the meaning of the Constitution and was not eligible for POTUS. His promise to “fundamentally transform America” is the one thing Obama accomplished; unfortunately, the promised transformation turned America into a country we no longer recognized! His planned “transformation” involved erasing our borders, and activating U.N. Agenda 21. Fortunately, for America his plans were derailed! Otherwise, Americans would be suffering the same fate that has infected most of Europe.

          • Mike W

            I don’t know about that he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and became an Indonesian citizen. There is no record of his becoming an American citizen after that or even his name being legally changed back to Obama. Obama has been a liar from the day he was born his whole life is a lie. So many lies he might not even be aware of all of them.

      • Judy Selich

        thinkingprof2, where do you get your news, the “Daily Worker”? It would be helpful if you took the time to actually study the Constitutional requirements and avoid garnering “news” from gossip and innuendo.

    • badass

      Vince Foster was murdered by Hillary clinton, because all her witness are dead for no reason.
      who killed her staffer Seth Rich? because he leaked her emailS to WIKILEAKS that’s why he got killed from behind and somebody made a phone call to local police to bury its case, even up to this moment where is his computer?
      so, my guess is our FBI was doing a cover up for that murder. because that top level phone call probably from obama admin, or NSA or FBI or CIA….

      • Bob Mac

        John Podesta had Seth Rich murdered, the same John Podesta who with his brother Tony was identified with the Madeline McCann kidnapping case in Portugal. That little blonde 3-year old was sold to a rich Muslim in North Africa, and the money undoubtedly went to the Clinton Foundation as a charitable gift.

        • badass

          does our FBI should take care of John Podesta?

          • james Conner

            Yes, and Hillarys whole staff was given a free pass from Comey! Funny how admunity from procecution equalls pleding the 5th??? Comey was OBAMA’S whipping boy, all Democrats are Corrupt.

          • badass

            all her witness are all dead before attending their court appearance, why? Seth Rich was her campaign staffer also got gun down 3 shots behind. because he transfer her emails to WIKILEAKS, did FBI did anything about that murder yet?
            FIRED FBI james c. is the right thing to DO.

        • wandamurline

          John Podesta also was serving on the board of a Russian company during Hillary’s campaign….do you hear the silence from the FAKE Nazi news? I do….but the Demorats are trying to connect Trump and his campaign to Russia, when in actuality it was THEIR campaign that was connected…you see they blame others for what they are doing.

    • Judy Selich

      Obama’s tenure as POTUS, proves the wisdom of the Founders in requiring a president to be a Natural Born Citizen, meaning birth on U.S. soil to two American citizens. Had the electorate obeyed the admonitions of the Founders, our America would not have become a country we no longer recognized. The Hawaii “birth certificate” was designed to fool American voters and it worked; that is why America became a country we no longer recognized. Pres. Trump fulfills all of the Constitutionally-mandated requirements for POTUS.

      • Faye
      • Bob Mac

        TV-watchers are the stupidest of the stupid, an excellent argument for literacy tests and citizenship ID laws.

      • gardeauxandrew

        The results of the hippie-dippie 60’s anything goes attitude and the lowering of standards to pacify called democrats political correctness and Americans too apathetic and lazy to only obey through blind patriotism without any true resistance!

    • hdelassussr

      Go back to year 2012 on National TV Pres. Obama – I WANT A FORCE STRONGER THAN THE ARMY . U.S.A. since has had many racial uprisings & killings , followed by horrible POLITICAL DIVISION & UPRISING OF BURNINGS & KILLINGS IN AMERICA , for what reason , other than destruction of AMERICA .

      • gardeauxandrew

        Now you have democrats the dumbed down blind masses of snowflakes helping terrorist to bring this country down by protesting America and it’s president because ‘Divided We Fall, UNITED WE STAND! Americans are lazy and easily fooled by medias ,and politicians they prop up! Hillary now wants to start a resistance movement and Obama having faithful idiots to follow him working underground so to speak and with Obama living near a mosque at his new neighborhood and can vacation at a American hating country ,he can really set this country vulnerable by spilling America’s security secrets behind closed doors and you Americans will allow this without any resistance ,due to a race card and blind patriotism to a long, long corrupted system of government made corruptible by career politicians and a false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail! Americans need to stop political correctness, stop being fooled, and start putting aside petty differences and help a fellow American as President to make this country great! Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, especially government propaganda LIES, that breed Fraudulent elections ,race and gay bait articles to stir riots to distract and push certain agendas, to manipulate the blind masses to their way of thinking and actions. All this for medias ratings and profits!

      • badass

        obama is our biggest enemy….it may last for another 20 years.

    • gardeauxandrew

      Really am sorry to say this , but it’s Americans fault [especially white] about Obama because of the apathy, laziness, white “E” guilt of slavery , democrats propping him up and allowing him to be untouchable with a overused , now discredited race card, easily being fooled by obama and the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and doing Nothing about it!

      • Fed up!

        Your preaching to choir here. I was never fooled by the Affirmative Action Snake Oil scam artist call Hessian Obama. If you look far enough back in history all ethnic groups where slaves to another ethnic group. So these never been slaves whinny blacks today can go cry 😭 Back in Africa. Obama needs to do a Vince Foster 😉😉.

    • alrotundo

      You are an IDIOT.

      • Fed up!

        Ditto! Snowflake

  • Ski

    My my! Where was lib msm in 2014 & 16? Oh never mind it was Obama doing it! Just fine! Idiots

    • badass

      MSM=RATTLESNAKE, they’re biggest enemy to this great country, they against this country for their losing(their election poll was totally failure), they report everything negative side of a simple event, they inject the most poisonous poison into our youth…..
      Folks, please educate your kids objectively……or else our country will be in deep trouble or into another civil war.

    • Jon Blake


  • Donovan Blaylock

    OBAMA gave Crimea to Russia

    • Mike W

      And NUKES to Iran.

      • Judy Selich

        Obama did indeed give nuclear capability to Iran. The concept of arming a Middle Eastern country with the ability to erase Israel, an American ally, or other Middle Eastern countries is a dangerous precedent that will likely destabilize that part of the world.

    • Bob Mac

      Crimea is Russian, the population is Russian, Khrushchev turned it over to Ukraine for administrative purposes. Isolating ethnic populations is always bad for them, and this can be used to cause wars.

      • minefinder624

        Actually, Crimea was an area populated by the Tartars who the Communists expelled from there. The Russians were used as a method to secure the area by replacing the ethnic groups with Russians in both Crimea and in sections of the Ukraine.

  • badass

    Mr. President, DOJ, FBI, please reopen up Hillary clinton’s email investigation, because she is the head of these entire resistance.

  • Bob Mac

    As Aleksandr Solzenitsyn boldly said: The media is in the hands of the enemy!

    • nocbsfan

      The media is the enemy

  • Falcon Aviator

    Please lets stop calling the SATANIC name ” Obama ” !!! That name can ONLY bring DISASTER to the GREAT AMERICA ! !! So please lets stop referring to him for our own GOOD SAKE and the GOOD SAKE OF AMERICA. …

  • KimWilde

    Boycott every advertiser to these communist news organizations. This is the only way we can stop this short of dirt baths for them.

    • nocbsfan

      You are hereby declared an expert ” You got that right”

  • AmericaSupportsTrump!

    Obama was a disgrace a liberal hater of Real America and our Traditions!
    Obama is pathetic, weak, low energy and a liberal fraud!

    • badass

      NO, he’s made American people shameful, he’s a wimp….

    • Judy Selich

      That is what happens when voters elect a president who does not meet the Constitutional requirements for POTUS.

      • AmericaSupportsTrump!

        I agree

  • rick meek

    NO — obozo SOLD information to russia………and others…..

  • badass

    CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WP are the trouble source to this great country. Folks, if you don’t believe in me, please tell me what have they reported anything good to President Trump, so far?
    btw, yahoo.com is also pro-left website, it has strong sense of communist mind.

  • Pat Robertson

    Obama can do anything he wants… as we have foundout. The Democrats found there ‘God’

    Trump can do nothing right to their eyes.., he is their devil

    Trump doing many things correctly but no credit given

    This is the new Marxist state of America brought on us by Democrats and far left followers

  • Freedomlover

    To be clear, fair and balance, why Congress (both sides) does not have courage to throw everything of the previous Administration on the table too, and then stop all the nonsense, garbage made – up story now and move on to do things the people desperately needed.

  • therealworld

    The more the Democrats look for an edge the more ignorant they look. The Democrats will destroy America in their attempt to make Trump look bad.

  • Karll

    But, the whole problem is the left has no rational “perspective”.
    They are morons.

  • George Bartenfeld

    Oh its O.K. if Obama or Hillary did it

  • Gale

    *uck the liberals and everything they stand for

  • Gale


  • Larry Brule


  • chris VN

    “The problem is the Russians aren’t trustworthy. “, lol, and obumass was????

  • Build a burger

    It was an even trade. Russia gave obama his political philosophy.

  • Sheileagh

    Seriously? And where was the media reporters at that time?

  • Sheileagh

    Seriously? This damning info. is coming to light only now? So where was the outcry at the time this ‘outrage’ occurred, & even more importantly, where were the lying, conniving media ‘sources’ at that time

  • temporary guest

    The only thing surprising about this story is that the video is from CNN.

  • Jon Blake

    Obama sold America off bit by bit..we the Voters took them back!