Obama Basketball Jersey Sells for $120,000

Was valued at $100K before it was sold…

Obama Basketball Jersey Sells for $120,000

AFP/The jersey belonged to former president Barack Obama, a known basketball fan, while he was a high school senior in Hawaii

(AFP) A basketball jersey once owned by former President Barack Obama sold Monday for $120,000, according to the Dallas auction house that sold it.

The number 23 jersey belonged to 18-year-old Obama while he was a senior at Punahou high school in Hawaii, where he lived at the time, according to Heritage Auctions.

The jersey was valued at $100,000 before it was sold.

Obama is a known basketball fan and was often seen playing during his tenure at the White House, with presidential staffers, celebrities or other guests.


An annual ritual for the fawning American media has been to — even today — anticipate and analyze Obama’s NCAA basketball tournament bracket predictions.