Oakland CA Mayor Protects Illegal Aliens as Homeless Americans Die Uncounted

One example is that of a man who died living in his truck. His death certificate lists a “home” address: the spot where his truck was parked…

Oakland Mayor Will Go to Jail to Protect Sanctuary City Policy

Libby Schaaf/Photo by Jim Ratliff (CC)

(Zero Hedge) It should go without saying that homelessness elevates an individual’s risk of illness, injury and death.

Having little access to health care or healthy food, even homeless people living in milder climates like, for example, the Bay Area, pass away decades earlier than people who have access to housing and health-care.

According to data provided by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, the average age of death for a homeless person is 50 – which was the average age of deaths for all Americans in 1900, before the discovery of modern antibiotics.

But while the bitter reality that homeless people face is evident to every American who feels the sting of guilt every time they ignore a panhandler on a busy city street, few state and local governments accurately collect comprehensive data specifically identifying a deceased individual as homeless – meaning that the data is incomplete.

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In rapidly gentrifying Oakland, an investigation by the San Francisco Chronicle determined that thousands of homeless who die within the city limits aren’t officially identified as homeless on their death certificates, making it easier for public officials to ignore a worsening crisis as rising property values and rents increasingly push the most vulnerable individuals out onto the streets.

Meanwhile, Mayor Libby Schaaf is more concerned with protecting undocumented immigrants, even immigrants with violent criminal histories than she is with ensuring the city’s most vulnerable legal residents are attended to – or, at least, that some degree of outreach or acknowledgement is extended to this steadily rising population…

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  • Rolpho Signetti

    Isn’t that mayor special? She is a true inspiration to all the downtrodden souls out there. She protects those greasy, drug running neighbors to our south. But will not lift one finger for the true Red blooded american citizen that has had a hard time trying to cope with the liberal agenda!

    Well Msssss Mayor, take your little (actually not so little) POS fruit cake infested girlie-boy town and stick up that well used back door of yours!

    YOU-M A K E- ME-S I C K!

    Blow the whole POS into the pacific for all I care! You contribute NOTHING!


    Have a nice day! After all… I be a Christian!

  • kep

    Liberal communists want ILLEGAL INVADERS. They relish the thought of AMERICANS dying off so they have a pliable population. Under the liberal communist rule, Americans will become slaves.

  • Debra Cassiero

    Yes with lack of affordable housing , meant for seniors ,disabled and low oncome workers, alort taken up by illegal aliens, because they have kids here which become citizens.
    This invasion of no skilled Illegals takes all resources away from citizens in need.
    Really disgusting.