NYTimes Writes Nearly 1,500 Words on Berkeley; ZERO Mention of Antifa

(Daily Caller News Foundation) The New York Times published a nearly 1,500-word feature on University of California, Berkeley and the surrounding Free Speech Week planned by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, without once mentioning Antifa.

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The Friday article also references the political right more than 10 times, but does not mention the political left, except when referencing UC Berkeley’s “reputation as a liberal bastion” and citing Yiannopoulos’ view of “liberal intolerance of opposing views.”

“They call themselves antifascist and because they’re of the left, the media have granted them that title,” conservative author Ben Shapiro told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The media generally just have not covered Antifa … They don’t know that Antifa threatened violence to the extent [that] they shut down a normal Republican parade in Portland months ago.”

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TheNYT did, however, mention a poll conducted by the Brookings Institution, in which a plurality of university students surveyed asserted that the First Amendment did not protect hate speech.

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The New York Times also interviewed several professors who largely disagreed with the notion that America should allow all forms of speech.

“Words can be like rape,” said Nancy Scheper-Hughes, a UC Berkeley anthropology professor. “They can destroy you.”

“The Supreme Court is behind the times,” Scheper-Hughes added. “The First Amendment deserves to be re-looked at.”

“Americans are missing the profound analogies between present day U.S. developments and German history,” said Katrin Wehrheim, a professor who referred to her German heritage, adding that, in the European country, “you will get jailed for certain speech — and I think that is absolutely the right thing.”