Is NYTimes Signaling That SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch is Pro-Homosexual?

(LifeSiteNews) Is The New York Times signaling that Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch is pro-homosexual, in the same way that it reported that then-Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos was a friend of “LGBT rights”?

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Conservatives and same-sex/transgender activists are debating the significance of a Feb. 11 article by veteran Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg. It reports that in his personal relationships with homosexual friends and co-workers, Judge Gorsuch has been very approving of homosexual relationships.

Gorsuch also attends a socially liberal Episcopal church in Boulder, led by a pro-LGBT female pastor, Rev. Jill Springer, who reportedly supports homosexual “marriage.”

The Gorsuch confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin Monday, March 20.


LifeSiteNews reporter Matthew Hoffman, in his in-depth report on Gorsuch’s judicial philosophy, his private moral views, his church, and his interactions with homosexuals, describes a man who differs in some big ways with the jurist whom he could replace and to whom he is most often compared: the late Antonin Scalia.

“Gorsuch’s liberal Episcopal affiliations and his ambiguous views on some social issues have resonance with those who find him uncomfortably similar to David Souter, a vaguely conservative Republican and Episcopalian whose views on social issues were largely unknown when he was appointed to the Supreme Court by George H. W. Bush in 1999,” Hoffman writes. “Souter went on to side with the Supreme Court’s liberal wing in crucial decisions upholding Roe v. Wade and striking down Texas’s anti-sodomy law.”

Hoffman reports that Gorsuch’s record is “likely strong” on right to life, “ambiguous, but likely weak” on homosexual agenda issues such as “non-discrimination” laws, and “strong” on religious freedom. “With regard to religious liberty, Gorsuch has taken very strong interpretations of constitutional protections,” he reports….

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