NYPD Union ‘Declares War’ on de Blasio after Spike in Anti-Cop Violence

‘NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) One of New York City’s announced this week it is “declaring war” on Mayor Bill de Blasio following a pair of shootings that targeted police officers in the Bronx this weekend.

De Blasio has used hateful rhetoric that inspires violence against the city’s law enforcement, the Sergeants Benevolent Association said, and he has passed policies that are hostile to police.


“These targeted attacks are exactly what we have warned against, again and again,” said Patrick Lynch, president of the New York City Police Benevolent Association, in a statement this weekend after two officers were shot Saturday morning.

“The hatred and violence directed at cops continues to grow,” Lynch continued. “Good luck and kind words are not enough to keep police officers or the public safe. Our elected officials need to start listening to us and working with us—not against us—to fix the deteriorating environment on our streets.”

De Blasio put an end to the city law enforcement’s stop-and-frisk policy, which allowed officers to detain and search suspects for weapons, and has introduced other criminal justice reforms that have tied cops’ hands when it comes to crime, Lynch explained.

“The double-digit increases in shootings, robberies, burglary and thefts aren’t the product of any single law or policy,” Lynch said, according to Fox News. “They are the result of failed leadership and a political culture that denigrates and devalues the work police officers do.”

President Donald Trump expressed his support for New York City’s law enforcement and blamed de Blasio’s “weak leadership” after this weekend’s string of attacks.