NY Towns & Cities Ignore A.G. Sessions, Adopt Illegal Alien Sanctuary Laws

(Judicial Watch) Weeks after the chief law enforcement official in New York State issued “legal guidance” to help municipalities provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, nearly a dozen have followed through with the attorney general’s order to skirt federal law. The goal, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, is to provide local governments with a tool to “protect their immigrant communities, regardless of new federal enforcement practices.” Those that have followed Schneiderman’s directive range from sleepy towns like Newburgh to larger cities such as Rochester as well as Albany, the state capital.

NY photo

Photo by laverrue (CC)

Schneiderman issued the decree in response to the Trump administration’s proposed immigration enforcement policies. The document states that its purpose it to describe the legal landscape governing the participation of local authorities in immigration enforcement and to “assist local authorities that wish to become sanctuary jurisdictions by offering model language that can be used to enact local laws or policies that limit participation in immigration enforcement activities.” Utilizing so-called “model language” has become a key tool for sanctuary cities, counties and states that want to avoid losing federal funds under new Trump administration measures that punish local governments for not cooperating with federal authorities. Just last month Judicial Watch reported on a California town that found a creative way to implement a stealth sanctuary policy with “model language” that avoids using certain trigger words.

New York stands out because it’s the only state in which the top law enforcement authority, a veteran elected official, is actively encouraging and assisting local governments to violate the law. Some have faced resistance from citizens, though the majority have passed stealth sanctuary measures with little opposition since Schneiderman launched his campaign to protect illegal aliens in the Empire State…

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  • Naval Lint

    If thes “sanctuary communities” are so enamored of illegal aliens, I would suggest relocating all identifiable illegal aliens to these localities while eliminating all federal funding of any sort. If these communities are unable to cooperate with the government, why should they have access to any of my tax dollars? I am required individually to obey the laws of the land. Why are these people special?

    • cathy floyd

      Good idea. Send them all there and cut off all federal funding,that should take care of the problem.


        Put all the illegals in the politicians houses. Let them pay for food and everything else. Lets see how long they last.

        • cathy floyd

          Great idea!

    • Louie Rey

      Amen! Anyone who sanctions these actions should be incarcerated. And, of course, be made to do without the tax dollars of law abiding citizens like you and I.

    • America1st

      That’s why Trump should split moving Syrian refugees between Seattle, Hawaii, and Maryland. Let the 4th & 9th District Courts live with their unconstitutional decisions for once. Making sure they settle near each judges neighborhood.

    • Janet

      I would agree with you, but I live in a County that the Board of Supervisors have declared a sanctuary and now it looks like the Governor will sign a bill declaring the State a sanctuary. I am angry because I believe in the law and that we need to cooperate in enforcing the immigration laws. My friends and family agree and a recent poll out of Berkeley, CA shows that if put to a vote, 77% of the CA population would oppose the concept of declaring anything a sanctuary…that includes legal immigrants who are opposed. To punish those of us who object by sending us more doesn’t help anything. We are already being punished by having to support illegal immigrants with our tax dollars and increases in taxes about every 6 months. If my family and friends weren’t here, I would gladly try to find a place to live that accommodates my health issues. As much as it will hurt all of us, I do support the withholding of Federal Funding and hope that it will wake these idiots up and/or prosecuting each and every one of the Politicians that are doing this to us.

      • Naval Lint

        It sounds to me like you and you friends and neighbors need to get together and work your voter olls. You can take back your state, with courage and perserverance. The rest of US are with you!!!

  • BTeboe

    Start throwing the politicians in jail for harboring illegal aliens. They need to stop their insanity.

    • cathy floyd

      This is the only way to stop them. Laws mean nothing if violators are not punished. If a few are sent to prison,the others will not see themselves as being above the law.

    • BornAgainSouthernPride

      Arrest all those who voted in favor of sanctuary status and Schneiderman for aiding and abetting criminal activity.

    • Brent

      It’s really simple cause and effect.
      Flaunt federal law which is on the books, and clearly an area where the feds have authority by the constitution…and end up in jail. SUPER SIMPLE!

    • Robert Wayne

      That’s what I’ve been saying too from the get go. It’s time the federal justice dept. start pressing charges on these local and state politicians who are aiding and abetting illegal aliens. That’s the only way to stop them.

  • misterguru

    Lets just make all illegal things legal. That should satisfy the
    Democrats. Sanctuary cities for marijuana..oh wait we already have
    those. Never mind. I never said that. If you do not like a law, then just make a sanctuary city for it. Lets call it CryBaby City. They can all go there and cry ‘Not my President” and start their own country. No borders, no defense budget, free welfare for all, utopia.

  • mr. y

    Ditto to Naval Lint

  • Daisy

    A.G. Sessions, looks like they drew a line for you and called your bluff … looks like your move …

    • Jerry Wyatt

      No one wins in a pissing contest against law enforcement. This will not end gracefully.

      • mybrainworks

        What about STATES RIGHTS? Guess that only applies when you can hurt the poor.

        • Jerry Wyatt

          States rights are one thing, my friend. Federal law and the bald-faced breaking of it, is quite another. If you don’t like the law then change it. Your disagreement gives you no license to ignore it. We’re not talking about a verbal order that you may have an individual right to question. We’re talking written law, passed by many and sworn to enforcement by everybody from the President down to the lowliest person taking the oath of office.

  • Midnight Economist

    Yes, once we send the illegals to one location, we can install gas chambers. Come on folks, let’s just get them out of the country through ICE efforts. There is still no law against proper policing in these sanctuary cities. If someone is stopped on a routine traffic stop and determined to be illegal, then turn them over to ICE. Should not be any law against that. Right?

  • loe

    New York , Always has been a Crap hole .

    • mybrainworks

      WRONG! Red States are the crap holes supported by New Yorkers. NY has far less poverty, teen pregnancy, STDs, child abuse, diabetes… https://alexandersafir.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/graphic-sources-baptists-protestants-poverty-disease-abuse/

    • misterguru

      Make a distinction. NYC is a Crap Hole. Upstate has the sane people. Unfortunately NYC controls the whole state politically. Upstate gets the shaft.


        DOUBLE AMEN!!!!!!!!

      • BornAgainSouthernPride

        You can see the same distinction in all states that have large urban populations. The free handouts run rampant in urban areas to buy votes. Too large a population for the more conservative rural population to overcome. Hence rural folks end up paying for urban centers without recourse.

  • Jeff Z

    They should relax and give it time…..Trump will renege on that position too.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    How can anyone believe that local administrations defying federal policies is a good thing for the country?

    • mybrainworks

      Remember the right wing conservative mantra – STATES RIGHTS! Little filthy hypocrites forget that when it comes to showing compassion for the folks that pick our food.

      • Harvey Mitterdorf

        Allowing people to come into the country or stay illegally is not compassion. It is stupidity. It undermines the whole meaning of law.


    Apparently just upholding federal funds to sanctuary cities is not enough. So we need to think of how Trump can do more to give up their illegal aliens. This is BS. Everybody should be pulling together solving our nations problems. And yet here we are fighting each other like cats and dogs. Please GOD HELP US!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • America1st

      How about requiring all states to enforce e-verify requirements to confirm US Citizenship or valid work permit for all of their employees and profit illegal aliens from collecting welfare. Employers then have responsibility and some skin in the game. Employees win because competitive wages/benefits apply. Illegal aliens can’t work so they go back home. Downside is employers have to pay going rate for labor.

      • TOM HENRY

        I agree with everything you are saying 100%. And yes employers having to pay the going rate for labor would be the downside, but only for the first year or two. Our corporations and companies making the products and materials saying “MADE IN THE USA” will be better made and last longer. So it will all come back better in the long run. Employers will be making money and we will get our country back. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

        • America1st

          Agreed. MAGA

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    The sad part is watching people destroy their local communities thinking that they are doing good, what a delusion!

    • mybrainworks

      Go pick our crops then. Food rotted in the fields thanks to Dumpy’s lack of foresight.

      • Harvey Mitterdorf

        The issue here is not who picks the crops; the issue is legality. Any time you allow violation of law you are undermining the whole system. Who decides which laws it is OK to violate and which ones are not? This would eventually lead to total chaos. Bring in all the immigrants you want to pick the corps, but make it legal.

        • Ralph Arnold

          You are absolutely right about who decides which laws are okay to violate and which are not. Everyone seems to think that to work in the fields, that they are illegal immigrants but if they hold a H-2A visa that allows them to work in each field and then move on to the next job. Why is it so difficult for people to understand the difference between legal and illegal? An H-2A visa is a Temporary Agricultural Worker, which would allow them to work in the fields.

      • Fed up!

        How about you liberals go pick the crops, how’s that for foresight.

      • Jerry Wyatt

        I replied to you previously as though you were an intelligent human being. You’ve now proven to be just another brain-dead Liberal idiot. GFY, Cupcake.

  • Jerry Wyatt

    There will be no real progress until participating government officials begin serving prison sentences for harboring criminals as they are openly doing. Nothing says “freedom” like having it snatched from you. The fervent enforcement of EXISTING laws is the key to ending the traitorous behavior of the enemies of freedom we have been brain-dead enough to elect.

  • mybrainworks

    Hypocrite conservatives are ALL ABOUT ATSTES RIGHTS until states want to show empathy and compassion, then cons fly into a rage.

    • Fed up!

      All for states right. NY has every right disobey federal law, federal government has every right to cut off all tax payers money back to the state. Can’t have it both ways. You liberals think you should have it both ways, NOT!

  • Duke615

    “Lawyer” Schneiderman should read 8 U.S.C. ss 1182(f), which gives the President authority to control immigration for reasons of national security. How did he get through law school?
    Or as old Jersey City mayor Frank Hague said, “I am the law”.

  • H.J

    Why do the politicians get to pick and choose which laws they will abide by? We get punished if we go against the grain. Its way past time to hold them accountable!!

    • misterguru

      Lockem up.

    • cathy floyd

      Because they think that they are above the law,and so far,they seem to be right.

  • DJA Lindsey

    I wonder if they would put up that much effort in supporting actual honest to goodness American citizens born here? Really tired of working my whole life and seeing so many tax dollars going to support those not here legally!

  • misterguru

    Can I just go to Mexico illegally and vote in their presidential election? Double standards.

  • Dan

    (warning: the last video is very graphic… young boys being indoctrinated into isis… killing live human targets)
    There is much more to it…our kids are being taught to
    “turn the other cheek”, while overseas, kids are being taught to “shoot the cheek”.

    I vote we send $150,000,000,000 to Iran!…”not” … EDUCATE YOURSELF & REPOST!!!!
    Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes… https://youtu.be/guXBTgAxhIw
    Brigitte Gabriel’s Epic and Brilliant Answer To “Most Muslims Are Peaceful…” https://youtu.be/_Z_RAbOJcu0



    CNN & Maher…everything we thought they were, only 10 times worse!

  • Dan

    If an American was driving illegally without a license, he could very well spend 30 days in jail, probably a couple hundred hours of public service, a hefty fine, & after a year, maybe get a license and then pay hefty insurance premiums for a good number of years.

    I was in Atlanta metro area in, I think it was 2007. I pulled up behind a car at a stop sign and two ladies pulled up behind me. It was dark out. Around the curve comes a car going full blast and slammed into the ladies, who slammed into me, and pushed me into the car in front of me. Damage to front and back of my vehicle, I am sure the ladies car was probably totaled and the car in front of me suffered minor damage.

    The driver who slammed into our vehicles was an illegal, drunk, and jumped out of his vehicle and began to run. I ended up tackling him and holding him on the ground till the police arrived. Turned out he was driving his friends car (an illegal) with no Insurance.

    The two ladies were taken to the hospital. I went to court and the two ladies had collars on their necks. No illegals to be found and the courts and police had no ideas where they were.

    I am sure those ladies will have probably have had problems all of their lives, and it is up to them to figure out how to pay for their hospital bills.

    I had to pay the deductible to repair my vehicle.

    If you or I would have been that driver, just think what you would have to legally go through, yet those two illegals are probably still driving with no license or insurance.

    These types of accidents are never reported.

    I have no quarrel with legals. In fact I have a niece who is married to a Mexican national and has been in the US legally for many years and a Cousin who is Married to a Mexican National and has lived peaceably between Mexico and the U.S for many years. Both are very functional families.

    Illegals who break the law are definitely a frustration for me.

    • misterguru

      That is what Democrats do not understand. That is exactly Trump’s stance on this issue. He is not against immigrants, he is against ILLEGAL immigrants. The Dems just don’t see the distinction. Amen to your point.

  • Every official responsible for making sanctuary cities possible for unlawfuls should be held criminally complicit in every crime committed by anyone finding sanctuary therein.

    Sanctuary cities are biblical when conducted in a biblical fashion–almost the exact opposite from how they are conducted today. In the Bible, they’re known as cities of refuge and are principally a means for protecting innocent citizens and lawful visitors and prosecuting the guilty. Unlawful immigrants and visitors wouldn’t be protected in them but instead prosecuted.

    For more, see online Chapter 7 “Article 4: Republic vs. Theocracy” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt7.html.

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ConstitutionSurvey.html and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

  • Dan
    • freepetta

      Can you believe these morons want to drop more terrorists into each state? This is Obama’s policy, let’s wreck the US from the inside out. Barry should be behind bars with all his terrorist friends. I’m so disgusted!!

  • freepetta

    NY will never obey anything. Between the horrendous disgusting Governor Cuomo and that imbecile DeBlasio the mayor of NYC everything will stay the same, until the people of NY get rid of the horrible political situation in this state.

    But NYC libs and illegals continue to be the majority here. It’s pathetic. I can’t wait to leave this terrible state again.

  • Timothy H. Garde

    Lets just start following the laws we want to follow.

    • misterguru

      Yeah…RPG’s for everyone. I want an RPG sanctuary city.

  • Gene A Daniel

    obama must be backing these cities to enforce his muslim brothers and sisters are kept in this country. Obama was a big thorn in our side and did a good job by destroying from within. Thank God for trump

  • Nomad

    New York and California are rogue states, AG Sessions should make examples out of both. As a New Yorker born, raised and now living in exile, I would welcome it..

  • Loretta Marie Stock Kierein

    Man cut all federal funds to this state NOW before this all gets out of hand! That includes student loans – the whole shabang. Let them support themselves totally by themselves. Do you have your ears on Mr. President!

  • Ralph Arnold

    I’ve been watching this closely after the NY Assembly passed the New York State Liberty Act back on February 6th, thankfully the NY Senate has held this sanctuary state bill up. Now it seems that AG Schneiderman is doing an end around the state legislature. My hope will be that US Attorney General Sessions will do something about these politicians disregarding Federal Law. One such way is 18 U.S. code 2384 Seditious Conspiracy. I will say that I’m not a law expert but in the code it states; delay the execution of any law of the United States, this certainly seems to fit the definition of what AG Schneiderman is doing!

  • Fed up!

    Fine all Federal funding which is illegally Constitutionally anyway, cut off immediately from the law breakers

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      It’s bribe money to get the states to do what the feds want.

  • Louie Rey

    I’m completely ashamed besides being outraged at the fact that New York refuses to obey FEDERAL LAW as I’m a resident of the state, Long Island to be exact. If these New York politicians, and this goes for each and every state that allows “sanctuary” cities prefer the safety of illegals over their own constituents then THEY should be forced to put them up in their residences. Let’s see how long that situation holds.


    Illegal Aliens is the MS-13 gangs are running around hacking people to death with machetes.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Boy did just forget the “Golden Rule” !! Well instant Karma will keep them in check!!

  • John

    Cut their funds and build a wall around NY, keep them in

  • Take 1 pro

    Politicians are sworn into office first and foremost to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. When they apply their own personal interpretation of that oath and the Constitution itself … they should be taken to court with the full measure of the law applied to determine if their actions warrant removal from office.

  • creed

    Fine. Take away their federal funding that is illegally given in the first place (powers not given by Constitution). But Sessions MUST indict all those responsible for breaking federal law. Get them out of office before they can do any more damage to this country. This issue is not under lawful States rights; it is one of the very few powers given by Law to Fed Gov.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Iet’s do what billy Clinton did in response to some right-wing whackos decided they were fed up with the government back then… BURN IT DOWN! REMEMBER WACO!

  • needful

    how come politicians can break laws anytime they want and don’t go to jail??

  • Joseph111

    criminal activity in the state of new York?? say it ain’t so??!!

  • Sandra Tabor

    These politicians all need to step down, and find another line of work they can do. They are working against America, we do not need people in our government that is not willing to enforce the laws. President Trump should have all of them prosecuted.

  • Juanita

    Supree Cout, here we come. This action is a strange one giving the notorious MS-13 crimes in several New York areas.

  • bhndr

    GOOD! I am opposing trump at every single turn and will always do so until he is gone and preferably dead. I am myself a sanctuary household and will protect the Constitution and the founding principles of equality and inclusion, ESPECIALLY for refugees regardless of what the fascist trump demands.

  • Leroy Mosley

    NO let’s stop the nonsense and it seems to me most of you seems to forget your ancestors were immigrants. How would they themselves feel if they saw your blatant hatred of another person not of your race.