NY Sued for Forcing Pro-Life Groups to Hire Abortion Supporters

Cuomo ‘claims his comments were misconstrued, but his actions this year show that he actually meant what he said…’

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Andrew Cuomo/Photo by zrs_one (CC)

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Three organizations are suing New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law that forces employers to hire employees who don’t agree with or abide by the organizations’ statements of faith.

Dubbed the “Boss Bill,” SB 660 is meant to prevent employer discrimination, but the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, CompassCare Pregnancy Services, and the First Bible Baptist Church argued in a lawsuit last week that the bill actually discriminates against them.

This bill is “a transparent attempt to meddle in the affairs of religious and pro-life organizations … by forcing them to employ and associate with those persons who do not share or live by the organizations’ beliefs regarding abortion, contraception, and the impropriety of sexual relations outside the context of a marriage between a man and a woman,” the plaintiffs said in the lawsuit, according to the Times Union.

Forcing these organizations to hire employees who don’t agree with their pro-life mission would undermine the religious values and beliefs that they work toward, the group said.


“Taken together, these requirements compromise the very reason for being of these organizations, which is to promote life, oppose abortion, and teach and live a sexual ethic consistent with biblical principles,” the lawsuit continues.

This is the third blatantly pro-abortion law passed by the New York state legislature this year, according to Alliance Defending Freedom.

But like the two passed before it, the “Boss Bill” fails to provide examples of why it’s necessary.

It doesn’t cite a single instance of employment discrimination based on “reproductive health decisions,” ADF said.

“Gov. Cuomo has characterized pro-lifers as extreme and stated that they have no place in New York. He claims his comments were misconstrued, but his actions this year show that he actually meant what he said,” ADF senior counsel Ken Connelly said in a statement.

“New York is directly demeaning religious pro-life pregnancy centers and other faith-based organizations—like religious schools, Catholic hospitals, and even churches—by ordering them to violate their beliefs in key personnel and leadership decisions.”