NY School District Cuts Ties w/ Doctor Who Blocked Female Wrestler from Team

‘They’re stepping in now because they have a bad rep…’

New York School District Cuts Ties With Doctor Who Refused to Allow a Female Student to Compete with Boys

Trista Blasz / IMAGE: WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) A New York school district cut ties with one of its doctors after he denied a female student’s request to wrestle on the junior varsity boys wrestling team.

After 12-year-old Trista Blasz asked to be cleared to wrestle on the boys team, Dr. Michael Terranova reportedly wrote on her form that “girls don’t play boy sports in Lancaster Schools.”

Blasz had passed both of the physical tests mandated by New York State, but Terranova still refused to recommend her to the team, according to WKBW.

“It isn’t fair, just because she’s a girl,” said Danielle Blasz, Trista’s mother, “and this is the only explanation I can come up with. If she was a boy she’d be on the team already.”


As a result, the Lancaster Central Schools Board of Education voted to terminate the district’s long-running contract with Terranova. The district also said it would reevaluate Blasz’s application.

“A review panel will be reconvened to take an independent re-evaluation of eligibility for the female student athlete to compete with the JV boys wrestling team,” the school district’s superintendent said in a statement.

Danielle Blasz said that she is still skeptical of the school board’s decision.

“It turned out good for Trista,” she told Spectrum News. “But do I think they would have done this if it didn’t air on TV and go out on Facebook? No, absolutely not. They’re stepping in now because they have a bad rep.”

The school board’s president, Patrick Uhteg, said the school district does not endorse “gender bias” and that a reassessment will be conducted by a new school physician.

“Girls can do anything boys can do, and they should be told that, and they should be encouraged to do that,” Uhteg said in a statement. “And when they succeed as Trista clearly has thus far, they should be celebrated and congratulated and we should be moving forward, not back.”