NC Teen HUMILIATED After He Was Told to Remove Trump Jersey at Football Game

‘He was not disrespectful. He was not acting in a manner that would cause attention to him…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A North Carolina high school student was forced to remove his Trump jersey at his school’s patriotic-themed football game, according to a local ABC News affiliate in Raleigh, WTVD.

Mike Collins, the boy’s father, said the school principal asked him to remove the jersey because its “political message” could make other people in the crowd uneasy.

Collins said his son was humiliated and went home.

“We don’t want any kids violated. We don’t want to see kids embarrassed over something like this,” Collins stated. “He was not disrespectful. He was not acting in a manner that would cause attention to him.”

The theme of Harnett Central High School’s football game was USA America Night.

Collins said his son chose to wear a USA jersey with Trump’s name on the back of it, which was a gift from a family friend.

The Harnett County school district spokeswoman said the schools “support and affirm” students’ right to free speech and expression.

“As long as the expression does not disrupt, and is not reasonably expected to disrupt, the educational mission of the school system, these rights include wearing clothing expressing political messages or supporting political candidates,” she said in a statement.

Collins said he isn’t sure why his son’s free speech was trampled, since he wasn’t being disruptive or obnoxious.

Collins did say, however, that several school board members have reached out to him and assured his son that they would speak with the principal.

“We’re not promoting Donald Trump,” he said. “He’s our president. Again you’ve got to respect your president. I can assure you that there was nothing about this shirt that was disruptive. I think we should stand up for our rights.”