No One Cared When Obama Called Nation a ‘Sh** Show’

Not the only time during his tenure the former president was caught using bad language…

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article contains profanity.

Liberals show double-standard on Obama and Trump's "shit" comments

David Cameron & Barack Obama/PHOTO:

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Officials at the United Nations, Democratic congressman, and liberal pundits have called President Donald Trump’s “shithole” remarks racist, yet they seem to have forgotten that President Barack Obama made nearly identical comments in 2016.

In an interview with U.S. Magazine, Obama referred to Libya as a “shit show” and blamed British Prime Minister David Cameron for its deterioration, the Independent reported.

At the time, the comments embarrassed Cameron, but they did not bring negative press toward Obama.

If anything, the Independent praised him for his candid comments about the situation in Libya.

And Obama’s “shit show” comment about Libya was not the only time during his tenure that he was caught using bad language.

In 2012, Obama called Mitt Romney a “bullshitter.”

Not only did the liberal media not criticize him; they came to his defense, CNSNews reported.

Rolling Stone Magazine approved of his language: “It’s a dirty job, leading the free world. Sometimes it takes a few dirty words.”

Senator Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, called Trump’s language “hate-filled, vile, and racist.”

A spokesman for the UN said the language referring to African countries was “racist,” the Independent reported.

Libya is in northern Africa, but most of its inhabitants bear a lighter brown complexion than that of Obama’s darker brown ancestors on the southern part of the continent.

Yet no one is on the record noted that Obama’s “shit show” comment seemed “racist.”


When Obama used rough language to discuss African countries or Republican candidates, it’s brave and necessary. When Trump is accused of improper language, it’s racist and hateful.  

Trump’s alleged comments about “shithole” countries was meant to reflect his belief that America should attract successful and accomplished immigrants — a view even many Democrats share — and that the United States should move toward a merit-based immigration system.