NFL Teams Won’t Hire Kaepernick Because They’re Scared Trump Will Tweet About Them

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Colin Kaepernick is having a hard time finding an NFL team willing to sign him on after his American flag protest got him let go from the San Francisco 49ers, in part because teams are worried it might prompt an angry tweet from President Trump.

Photo by Mike Morbeck

Most teams don’t want to sign Kaepernick because they “can’t stand what he did,” an AFC general manager told the Bleacher Report, while others fear a backlash from fans and the president. Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers this year and became a free agent, after he knelt during the National Anthem in a show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“He can still play at a high level,” the unnamed manager told the Bleacher Report. “The problem is three things are happening with him. First, some teams genuinely believe that he can’t play. They think he’s shot. I’d put that number around 20 percent.” (RELATED: Kaepernick: The Flag Is Just A Piece Of Cloth)

“Second, some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him,” he continued. “They think there might be protests of Trump will tweet about the team. I’d say that number is around 10 percent. Then there’s another 10 percent that has a mix of those feelings. Third, the rest genuinely hate him and can’t stand what he did [kneeling during the anthem]. They want nothing to do with him.”

“They won’t move on,” the manager added. “They think showing no interest is a form of punishment. I think some teams also want to use Kaepernick as a cautionary tale to stop other players in the future from doing what he did.”

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One executive who spoke to the Bleacher Report called the quarterback “an embarrassment to football.”

Kaepernick was roundly criticized within NFL circles for opting to kneel in protest. The league took a ratings hit this fall for the first time in decades, perhaps in part thanks to his protest. Viewership declined 14 percent during the fall compared to the previous year, in 2015.

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  • JeanneD

    I would never support a team that hired him because he doesn’t respect his own country and
    should go somewhere that he does.

    • Gerald Williams

      Supposedly his girlfriend was a BLM Muslim, who turned him to the Dark Side.

      What irks me is that the cowardly Commissioner never criticized his actions or offered to change the NFL regulations to that of some other sports that require standing with respect.

      • Kenn Talbot

        The Commissioner’s lack of action is enough, but if any team picks up this loser/traitor, I can find something else to do in the fall other than watch football. There is no way I will ever watch another 49ers game (I wonder what Joe Montana and Steve Young and all the other former SF greats think…have any of them spoken out?) and the same will hold true for any team even willing to give him a tryout.

        • Carol Benson

          Look at the huge left turn ESPN has taken. Dont give your $ or your eyeballs to these idiots!

          • Kenn Talbot


          • ajet

            To All let’s join together and boycott them this year!

          • Richard Scott

            Yes, me too

          • Carol Benson

            Yes! Dont watch them, pay to see their trrribly lame movies, dont read their “news”papers, dont listen to their mysic. Money talks. Thats why CNN is dying.

          • SmithWinston6478

            The Clinton News Network has lost their patron saint.

        • Jim Kellely

          Already there Kenn.

        • dlynch

          That is what happens when you get Muslims playing football.

          • Kenn Talbot

            100% agree. After what the traitor said praising Castro, I had hoped Kiki Alonso had gotten a few shots at him when they were down here playing the Dolphins in Nov.

          • Bob Cherry

            What’s wrong with Castro, he didn’t invade Libya, Iraqi, Syria, or Afghanistan for oil and drugs.

          • joconn

            you know any Cubans that actually escaped?

          • Kenn Talbot

            As soon as you saw Bob’s “what’s wrong with Castro” line, you already knew all you needed to. Living in Miami for 40 years, all I would have to do is ask that question and sit back and listen to a thousand different answers, and many would name the relatives he murdered or imprisoned. Anybody who is happy Raul took over better remember that for years he was Fidel’s muscle. A story that many of my friends swear to be true, is that when Fidel had told him to cut down on bloodshed (around 1965-70) he cut out the firing squads and started hanging the decedents.

          • joconn

            Hard to reason with the Bob’s of the world. They have their own “theoretical” world view. You can try but sooner or later they will start to cry and call everyone else racist.

          • dlynch

            I used to work in Miami in the 1960’s and it is much like that today. Cubans never seem to advance. I guess they are used to being poor and don’t want to get netter.

          • SmithWinston6478

            joconn, bob has his head where the light don’t shine.

          • Bob

            No Obama invaded Syria and libya

          • 23cowboy

            No Castro just murdered and killed all in his country that disagreed with him. He has kept Cuba stuck in 1930 for many decades. Yea a real nice guy.

          • Fed up!

            I would love to go there and buy up their antique vehicles

          • Kenn Talbot

            You would also find the best old-school mechanics in the world. Amazing how many 60 year old cars are running and looking good as well. What we call classics they call transportation.

          • Louis Whitestone

            Nice cars

          • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

            why don’t you move there and report back to us on their marxist utopia…………liberalism is a mental disorder without a cure as old Doc Savage says.

          • Fed up!

            I hope your being sarcastic!

          • kap2002

            What’s wrong with you. Oil and drugs????? Incorrect as usual. Sad that you don’t know about Castro…….

          • SmithWinston6478

            Well, castro enslaved and murdered his own people, and didn’t allow them to persue happiness as individuals. Does anything else matter?

          • Christian_Patriot7

            This past fall was the FIRST TIME that I DIDN’T WATCH football!

          • ajet


          • truthseeker

            Reduce their Salary or make them pay for the use of the Arena.

          • GoldenGirl2u

            Same here and I didn’t wear or buy any football gear. Unless there is a change from the league on this matter I will be done with the NFL.

          • You mean playing sports period

          • If they are considering hiring another muslim; they should pick Barry as he is good at bending forward.

          • SmithWinston6478

            Good point. Never send a muslam to do a normal person’s job.

        • Rick C Russell

          Joe and Steve are doing what they should do, staying out of this mess.

          • Kenn Talbot

            Smart move by them I would think.

        • ajet

          Any team that picks him we should boycott! He disrepected our Flag! Same as a Flag burner!

          • Kenn Talbot

            Never understood why flag burning is considered a right under the first amendment. You will get fined for burning trash on your own property; I guess they don’t see that as protesting garbage. Also, don’t try pooping on your neighbor’s lawn just because you happen to identify as a Collie that day.

      • Danwrlca

        Requiring someone to stand during the playing of music? I don’t think so! Do you stand up in your living room when the Anthem is played? I don’t think so. I certainly don’t. Of course, since I don’t watch ANY sports, I had never heard of this guy before the controversy. Damn, you “patriots” get your panties up in a bunch over the tiniest things! Much ado about nothing.

        • Carol Benson

          You just exposed your own ignorance about what is really going on in America today. Conservative talk show host was beaten bloody at. Frisco restaurant
          by “patriotic” leftwingers who beat him for supporting Trump. Fascism? You bet . Being s conservative today means you could actually lose your life. .

          • fliponeover

            And I will take as many of these commie pinkos, Progressives, along with me as I can…… Amen

          • bob laford

            Soon GOD will hand out retribution to San Francisco & we should pray for the innocent that sink in the ocean because of the scum that has infested the city & state. As for Kaepernick he sucked as a player & an American along with BLM. I still watch NFL, But anyone on any team that takes a knee during our National anthem I boycott their advertisers!

        • dlynch

          Now that you mentioned it….Yes: I do stand and especially if there is others in the room. You are an impostor living in a country that has been responsible for freedom all over the world. You act like the other countries that vote against us in the United Nations.You don’t belong in thios country and should leave!!

        • wandamurline

          Maybe because my father spent four years in the tropics fighting the Japanese, so this ahole can show his ignorance of what it takes for a country to be free…or maybe because my husband had two trips to Viet Nam and one trip to Desert Storm …. yeah, I do get my panties in a wad when a low life shows disrespect to America and all who have given of their life and being away from their families to make us safe.

          • Zardoz

            Bravo Zulu!

          • Brad Machado

            Bravo Wanda.

        • Ragweed Handgun

          Hey Dan—-. Not only do I stand, but being retired military, I salute the colors of our nation during its National Anthem. That is done at home, someone else’s home, or in public anywhere. I think you might like to protest me by kneeling in protest of my habits when our colors are being honored….

          • JINH

            Anyone in our country disrespecting our national anthem or flag should be put in one plane (the largest military plane for there are many) shove them in there, fly over the middle east war zone, kick them out and let them fight for their lives. Let’s see if they cry to get back into our country where they enjoyed all the milk and honey many can only dream of. Let’s see how that feels. These ungrateful despicable idiots are not worthy to be watched in any sports; I don’t care if they think they’re good at it. These are the deplorables!

          • Shayne Jenkins

            C-5. It will hold MANY.

          • JINH

            Oh, alright….I’ll be compassionate. 1 Parachute per 5 deplorables, THEN kick them out! Good riddance!

        • Gerald Williams

          Apparently you never went to school in the USA, or are a dropout.
          Its mandatory to show respect for the country that provides for you.
          At least it has been for most of American History in Public schools.
          Don’t know what kind of brainwashing they are doing in recent years.

          Go live in the Middle East if you don’t like it here. Or maybe Sweden, where you can all the political correctness you want, an then get raped.

          And I warn you that I have a Ph.D. degree before you reply with nonsense.

        • Brad Machado

          Sorry but you sound like some wimp that probably watches the Kardashians and goes to the opera. Let’s hope you have no sons.

      • dlynch

        The Commissioner is as guilty as Capernick. He should have condemned what Capernick did.

        • ajet

          Totally agree! Executives suffer from Bad decisions. A boycott this year would remove him!

      • ajet

        I totally Agree

      • ajet

        He is NOT AMERICAN! Kick him out of the NFL!

      • JeanneD

        It is a kind of black eye for professional football, as well. football doesn’t need that, right now !

      • George Bernard Vieto

        Goodell is afraid to be called a racist by the media.

      • truthseeker

        We the Taxpayer pay for them to play in that Arena. Whether we want to or not. They don’t have to invest in anything, so out of respect for those who want to see the game should not be captured in a Political Arena. He knelt right behind our Soldiers that gave him the freedom to be able to play. See where he can go and make the kind of money he makes else where.

      • Craig Vandertie

        Ah, so his girlfriend is darker than your average Sand Negro, wait until CAIR comes knocking on their door they will kill Kaepernick and gang rape her, oh well.

      • magno et malo lupo

        You mean BLM as in the Black Lying Muslims????

      • copakeman

        kapernick is a college educated person who has just demonstrated that education does not mean you are intelligent. Will his blm girlfriend be around when his annual income becomes zero ?

      • jesse

        Your right, the US Soccer federation changed its bylaws after Megan Rapinoe knelt in protests in 2016. The NFL is shameful and I, for one, am done with em and I know many others that feel the same way!

    • JINH

      Agreed! I blame the owner, manager, coaches and entire 49ers team for allowing this ungrateful idiot to show such disrespect for our national anthem and the American flag; our flag standing on the sacrifice of so many in the past and present. While our poor sons and daughters in the military lay their lives on the line every day so we can breathe free in our America, this despicable NFL player continues to play when they should have fired his behind the 1st time he showed this. They should have gotten rid of him immediately! This black eye will be on the 49ers for many years to come! Shame on all of them!!!!

      • Researcher

        He should be SPIT ON every time he shows his face in public !!!
        I quit watching the NFL years ago when a “player” got paid more in 1,ONE MONTH than I and most working people made in our entire life !!!

        What really P____ me off, we are ALSO TAXED to build the stadiums they play in !!!
        Let that POS go to some foreign country and try that BS !!

        • JINH

          He looks foreign….deport his a—-! Whatever race or color you are, stand for our country’s flag and national anthem. If you are in this country, you owe our country this! You don’t like it? GET OUT!!!!!!

      • JeanneD

        Kaepernick’s presence on that team will be hard to forget !
        While it is the responsibility of the owners for overlooking his disrespect to the flag, our country and the armed services, we should remember those that remain innocent of that behavior. The others on the 49ers roster, unless they supported Kaepernick, ought not be ostracized or rebuked.

      • Brad Machado

        This from an idiot who was adopted by white parents and lived a privileged life. The only thing black about him was the scumbag that spawned him and I’m sure, he has never even met.

        • JINH

          He’s probably too embarrassed to meet the scumbag that spawned him. Nevertheless, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for this scumbag inherited the scum from the spawnee, spawnor, (is there such a word?).

          • Brad Machado

            His birth mother is very attractive. She must have mated with some one pretty hideous for him to look like he does. Especially with that “hair”.

    • ajet

      Agree let him go to the Middle East And play for Millions!! Not! LOL!

    • Louie Rey

      Does Iran have a football team? How about Somalia? Or how about any of the six countries that Presdient Trump wants to place a temporary travel ban on? Just asking.

      • JeanneD

        Iran would most gladly hire Kaepernick for something, even if it wasn’t in a football capacity as they would certainly know where his loyalty ISN’T !!!!

        • Louie Rey

          All kidding aside, I’d love to see NO ONE hire him in the NFL. That would just be more proof that America’s had it with people that disrespect their own country that has given them everything they could possibly want. If he really wants to affect change then he should get involved in trying to foster a better understanding between member so communities (predominantly minority communities) and law enforcement so as to not have these confrontations in the first place. Not standing for you country’s national anthem is does nothing positive.

    • I take this to mean that San Francisco is going to fire him. Good, and I hope that he never gets another job with the NFL.

  • stonecold621

    well, well, well roger goodell, whats the saying ‘what comes around, goes around?’ now your star quarterback shot up his f—ing career by doing stupid sx!t in front of the fans….ticking them off and not going to the games, buying your merchandise, or watching the games on t.v.

    thats why three weeks of march madness and college football season is the absolute best….so far. and baseball is still a game for the young and old.
    lets face it, the national felon league STILL sucks!!!

  • Gary Smith

    Now that he needs a job he says he will stand. Do you believe him?

    • JINH

      Ugh! No, I don’t believe him and I wouldn’t employ him. I hope what this lamebrain thought was “courageous” to do, will follow him for the rest of his life! He insulted our country, our flag, our veterans and all our armed forces! I hurt for our heroes past, present and future for the freedom our country enjoys stands on their blood and their sacrifices. I have 2 Vietnam vets in my family and what this idiot did is too hard for me to stomach! Boot his butt out of the U.S.!

  • richjack4

    And viewership will continue to fall next year as long as support for BLM continues. He did it for publicity sake and now he will pay for it.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    let him go play in somolia, it never pays to bit the hand that feeds you, this blm b/s is all a pack of lies anyways , black lives don’t matter any more then anyone elses, because they had a 1/2 black president they think they are special now , shows how stupid they really are, the fraud did nothing for them in 8 years

    • Islandream

      The faux EX-pResident is only about 6% “black”…not that it really mattered, because the racist, narcissistic pig hates pretty much everyone!!

  • nokabosh

    He’s shot. And knows it. That’s why he’s doing the kneeling thing.

    • Terrence Bell

      He should learn to get down on BOTH knees. Slurp Slurp

  • Bushmaster0369

    THE NFL NEEDS TO START BY RESPECTING AMERICA! Next the commissioner has to go. He has lost face, made the NFL a complete laughing joke, especially him. The ungrateful Muslim, Black Lives Matter Champion, Anti-American SOB needs to be deported to his scum country. The NFL needs to worry about the bottom line and everyone I know will not support the NFL as I. Professional Athletes can not get involved in politics, movements or anything. They are supposed to be roll models and this piece of human crap, given life on a silver spoon and all the others that support or are doing their own thing need to understand, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T LIKE YOUR ACTIONS, CONTINUE AND YOU AND THE NFL WILL FEEL THE MIGHT OF THE “FAN PAYING SUPPORTERS”.

    • Jim Kellely

      Don’t forget the NBA! Their as bad or worse than the NFL. Not ALL, but a lot!

  • Bob Ettinger

    Damn what a big production you are making out of this . The San Diego Chargers ( Now the L.A. Chargers ) didn’t do anything to their top Quarterback Rivers when he knelt SO What FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF YOUR OWN OPINION BY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION

  • ECwashr

    KaperBUM is a DISGRACE!!

  • Holy Joe

    A young man who grew up with considerable advantages when young, then threw it all away for the modern chimera of political racism – but he leaves possibly with something like $14 Millions for this year (?) Unless he wises & smartens up he will soon be flat broke. It is inevitable.

    • Daniel Spickard

      I bet even Walmart wouldn’t even hire him to push shopping carts out of the lot!

      • Jim H.

        Wal-Mart is even worse than Kappy. More left than a U-turn!

      • Carol Benson

        He’s toxic. Spoiled
        Rich brat.

  • suzanne wood

    I can’t believe this article. Colin Kaepernick knelt to bring attention to the continuous murder of African Americans for no apparent cause. He has a right, and a duty to stand up for his race. If you want to criticize someone or something, you should start paying attention to what our government, namely Trump and the GOP are about to do to you – not in the sports arena, but in your personal lives. I commend Colin for standing up for what he believes in. We should all do likewise. I’m an elderly Caucasian woman, and when I saw Colin refuse to stand for the National Anthem, I said, “you go boy”.

    • Deb

      You can think what you want to, but he is spitting on all the soldiers and veterans in the United States of America, including his own race!!!!

    • Wade

      No disrespect to you Maam, but if you think he did that for anybody other than himself, you are fooling yourself. And too, murder of African Americans by African Americans gets little if any response from BLM. Why is that??? His statement was that he has no respect for America. I have plenty. One of my best friends died protecting his freedom and the freedom of others. He could at least stand in his memory!!!

    • JoAnn Jehoich

      How about all the white lives taken by the blacks. The 14 yr that raped and murdered by 5 of them. The whole thing is, ALL LIVES MATTER and that includes the police, who are being executed just because they are police. They do their job and they are accused of not doing it or they are accused of being too racist. Maybe if people abide by the law, the police wouldn’t need to come into the neighborhood. So there is always two sides of the story. But above all if you can’t respect our country, why are you here. Find some where else to live, that you can respect.

    • the left makes sure there is always attention,lies or not,but never both sides of the story. were you at any of these so called no apparent reason murder ? I mean like an eye witness.

    • Islandream

      Wawawa…go away you moronic old hag!

    • T-Mex in Tex

      What a load of crap! All these athletes are EMPLOYEES. The team management should have cut that crap of his in the bud. His actions hurt the entire league, and he’s bad blood. Nobody wants him and most fans won’t watch football because of a**holes like that. WE are the paying clients and we have a choice, and that choice is to entertain ourselves in other ways. Kaepernick is a loser.

    • kenrmer

      You are just an elderly caucasain woman liberal snowflake.

    • canda

      You are full of chit! NFL players need to keep their opinions to themselves.

    • Brad Machado

      So Suzanne you old hag, refer to the half-breed as “boy”? Shot yourself in the foot there granny.

  • Dino Gutierrez

    That will learn him, as a veteran with five tours of combat, Desert Storm, OIF three times and OEF one time. Now he can find work doing something he blew just because he is an idiot.

    • etohdoc

      I agree Dino. He is an Idiot. Thanks for your service.

    • demarree1

      God bless you, Dino and thank you for your service!

  • Jim Kellely

    Hes a piece of chit! Let him play for the black panthers and see how much they pay him. The entire NFL has about pushed me to not caring anymore. Tired of the spoiled thugs, rapists, abusers and murderes. Honestly, i watched the Super Bowl but refused to tune a game all year. Clean it up! There are a ton of good, clean athletes wanting to play. Rid yourselves of the crap!

    • TheTruthBurns

      Colon Kapanigga. New Black Muslim name.

    • squeeze127

      I chit canned the Boob Tube 3 years ago and I never looked back!

      • I did the same over 20 years ago…..haven’t missed a thing.

      • Carol Benson

        I dumped my tv’s 4 years ago & am shocked by how little
        Missed them.

    • Carol Benson

      He got too
      Full of himself, needs a trip or two to the ole woodshed!

  • slk5

    personally, he’s better off selling hot dogs on the jersey turnpike!!!

  • etohdoc

    Since he has no respect for our country and all the veterans that has fought so hard to keep freedom free, why don’t he move to Iran. They would probably love him over there.The guy is a disgrace mto all Flag loving Americans.

    • Brad Machado

      With that ugly mop on his head and that hook-nose, he can easily pass for a terrorist.

  • Daniel Spickard

    I think he should be made an example of what not to do! If this were to happen in any other job you would be fired! It’s about time Karma comes full circle! Never bite the hand that feeds you! Let’s see how many other’s want to try this in the future!

  • Mike Pope

    I hope no team ever hires him Now he can have all the time he needs to
    protest the Flag & he can show his support for Black Lives Matter & Muslims & nobody will care nor pay any attention to him.

  • barbaranaples

    He’s done…stick a fork in him!

    • Carol Benson

      Put him on a slow boat to North KOREA. The Worm
      Loved it.

  • Anvil6

    Kaepernick in the NFL, in ANY capacity, means the NFL is NOT ON my TV screen.

    • Carol Benson

      I used to be a Niners fan.

      • dlynch

        Hopefully the new General Manager, John Lynch, will straighten out the 49’ers. They used to be a respectable team!

  • ewhatley

    This guy is poison and does not deserve a position on any American team. The president doesn’t have to tweet for us to know this guy is a loser. He should get a job in another country.

  • rchguns

    I hope he never plays again. He made his own decisions. He’s a big boy and should’ve thought about the repercussions and he could possibly face. There was absolutely no excuse for his actions.
    He should of learned long ago that one must be held responsible for their own actions and face the consequences. If he didn’t learn this either at home or in school that’s just too damn bad.

  • dux nobis28

    Maybe the Canadian with thier gay PM!

  • Bill Harrison

    NFL and college reps, the NCAA, should lose tax exempt status for their stand on political issuses. Get involved with politics and you are not tax exempt.

  • kenrmer

    Maybe Canada will take him in the CFL

  • BetterSense

    Classic example of “voting with your feet,” manifesting in a 14% dip in viewership. Conservatives need to take a lesson and “vote with their feet” more often. Withhold patronage and render social-political idiots irrelevant; particularly those in the entertainment industry.

  • paul b ahern

    GOOD. Let’s see the NFL have some class. OWNERS….do not hire the jerk. Let’s set an example just like the IRS does. I would never go to a game if Kaepernick was to play. He is a disgrace to his adopted parents, NFL , the fans, veterans and the USA.

  • 2shinyshoes

    Hopefully the career of this ungrateful loser is over. Making it very clear that there are consequences for shameless behavior.

  • BetterSense

    Classic example of “voting with your feet,” manifesting in a 14% dip in viewership. Conservatives need to take a lesson and “vote with their feet” more often. Withhold patronage and render social-political idiots irrelevant; particularly those in the entertainment industry.

    • Gerald Williams

      I think they did. Kaepernick is one of the reasons that Trump won, as was the whole BLM, Ferguson crap.

      Also, note that Ivanka’s sales skyrocketed after learning that Liberals had organized Boycotts and threats against her clothing line.

  • Lee J

    Spoiled biracial “athlete” His protests were to call attention to the alleged plight of black people in America. His birth mother is white, so shouldn’t he just kneel half way? Groucho Marx was prohibited from using the swimming pool at a major hotel because he was Jewish. His response is classic. “My daughter is only half Jewish. Can she go in up to her waist?”

    • noel1234

      Is that a true statement ,those old comedians were so quick and funny. No swearing! Amazing. I might be wrong but i thought his mother gave him up for adoption to white people and she was black. I also heard that she totally heartbroken at his actions . All hearsay never checked it out.

      • Lee J

        True statement. If you check you’ll find that his mother is white.

        • Jim Kellely

          And he hates her. Publically announced it.

      • Carol Benson

        I live in the town where Kap lived-his 2 white parents live in our Country Club area. He IS also a Muslim.

  • Howlingmad

    Hes DONE !, “Period” . . . he has no one to BLAME, but “Himself” !. I feel the MOST “Bad”, for his WHITE PARENTS.

  • Joe Searles

    He made his protest and now the fans are making theirs. His didn’t cost us any financial burden and I’d be more then happy if his career was over, bringing a financial burden to him. If he doesn’t like out country, maybe another one would.

  • D. A. King

    Kaepernick needs to take a knee in the chest and be spat upon like a piece of cloth.

    • Terrence Bell

      A knee in his nuts would be better.

  • Mort Leith

    The N1663R Football League is already dead on arrival….

  • Jeff Z

    I wonder what they pay these prima donnas in North Korea? Seems to be a place he could relate to – maybe he should go there and be happy. Take Shumar and Warren with him.

  • Injeun

    What Kaepernick did was bad enough. But then the team and the league did nothing about it. That’s the bigger problem. Such misconduct stabbed at the heart and soul of America, and so too, at many Americans. And so we realized that America is more important than football. And there are plenty of other things in life than professional sports.

    • Rodney T

      You’re absolutely right. I kept waiting and waiting for the league to say SOMETHING! Crickets….and that guy is a very weak, under-performing player. And then, for them to refuse to allow the Dallas Cowboys to honor the 5 policemen KIA in downtown Dallas last July in ANY WAY ON THEIR UNIFORMS was a kick to the crotch that pretty much did it for me. But the anti police antics of Beydunce at the Super Bowl no less, was just fine, and they wonder why ratings went down.

    • Carol Benson

      Amen! Obviously the snowflakes , feminazis, Marxists never traveled to other countries.

  • Dianna9490

    Scared of trumps tweet better b scared of americans tweets!

  • Allen

    He’s done or should be. He has no problem taking the money from people but disrespects the flag and country that gave him the opportunity to play a GAME. His black statement doesn’t wash since a lot of military are black and serving their country with pride. He dishonors them.

  • KindBear

    Kaepernick is not only a USA hater. He is a Nitwit who would be a disruptive influence to a team. I would not attend where ever he plays.

  • phil

    Bet the 49ers are kicking themselves for letting Brady go by. They had first dibs

  • Laxmom2

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving anti-American hypocrite.

  • Fran Leard

    If that disrespectful ape has no respect for our country, then he should leave our country at once. I never watch the games because I agree they are hoodlums, rapists and murderers with a lot of money and no brains. Drain the swamp.

  • Robert H. Hardin, Jr.

    Kaepernick has rightfully earned and deserves every bit of the disdain, ridicule, and disrespect from the NFL, the fans, the President and every patriotic American…he is truly a disgrace. That said, any thought that NFL leadership is afraid to hire Kaepernick for fear the President might tweet about them is pretty lame in itself. For any NFL team to hire this moron will, for sure, not play out very well. The NFL needs to realize, under President Trump, a resurgence of loyalty, pride and allegiance to our country is well underway. If Liberals want to resist that then they too may very well be left in the wind.

  • spaceweasel

    We don’t want him……period.

  • Nancy

    It wouldn’t be fair to any team to be stuck with this disgraceful jerk as their quarterback!

  • Pforfreedom for all

    Worthless piece of DUNG, go play in another country. GO NFL for banning him


    If it is the end of his career, it is so well deserved!

  • Gerald Williams

    I feel bad for the young illegal Dreamer who was deported because she came forward in front of camera and boasted. However, like this example with Kaepernick, they will never do it again.

  • Jim H.

    Any team that would hire America Hating Kaepernick hates America as well. Send Kappy to Russia. Or better yet, North Korea!
    Send him with the other spoiled bottle sucking biotches!

  • TexRancher

    Demonstrating what an Anti-American he is doesn’t buy him anything, but show what he is. Real Americans care more about the country and its flag than some over paid prima donna!

  • denis

    he’s done like toast,

  • Joseph111

    buh bye colin ….

  • ssjones

    Don’t blame Trump. HE did this to himself. We do not need him in the NFL — it’s the people, not the president. Get real.

  • YesMan

    I guess it’s true, “You Reap What You Sow”, he’s paying for his stupidity, it didn’t matter to the fnfl until it affected their bottom line now it matters.

  • J.B. Young

    It is the American people they need to fear, not just Trump. We have had enough of anti-American activites. This is the greatest country on earth, or it was before obama. If you have a problem with America, find another country to live in!

  • John

    Kap and all the other America hating protesters need to understand a basic mantra
    You have the right to peacefully protest, it’s best not to do that on the job,you could get canned. You may want to at least try to study the issue and put forth some REAL time and energy to fix the perceived problem first. Kneeling,marching with masks and breaking stuff all of it is too easy to do and rarely addresses the perceived issues.

  • Norm Heller

    Colon Kaputnik did it to himself. Hopefully he will never play professional sports ever again.

  • Daniel Gray

    As well they should. I dont care for soccer but at least they had the ballz to tell their players that they either stand during the National Anthem or they dont need to suit up as they wont be paid for that game, and if they do it after they are told to stop; then they dont need to bother to come back as they are no longer on the team. You have to respect people who stand up for the Flag like that.

    Maybe Kookpernick can go play with the Canadians or the Europeans and then lets see how well they tolerate his stupid antics. All I know is by the time the fans forgive him, he will be well past his prime and unable to play anyway. His professional career is over.

    • Meathead41

      Yep – committed Professional Suicide, he did. Not intelligent at all! ! !

  • Kmat

    What is an embarrassment to football is they have let it turn into a Politically Arena with an obvious lean toward Liberals. The NFL should have set a policy that there would be NO Political Displays by any player. Players will be fined for the first offense and suspended a game for the second offense.

    NFL has no trouble fining a player who does a stunt for a Charity – who was it that jumped into the charity box after scoring a touch down? Made money for the Charity, didn’t offend anyone, one time act, got fined by the NFL.



  • a80a

    Any team that might wan’t to pick him up, might should think over the repercussions it could possibly cost the team in lost revenue.I personally will not watch a team play if he is part of the team. he is a disgrace to the American veterans, and the cause he says he is protesting for.

  • Isn’t there a Cuban League? Then he could play for the CFL: Communist Football League.

  • psycho1979

    I’m done with the NFL!!!!!!!

  • Meathead41

    When he put his knee on the ground, he was putting his knee on the grave of every American who has given their life for this country. DESPICABLE! ! ! !

  • LindainPA

    When we make choices, we must be prepared to accept the consequences of those choices.

  • Jeffrey

    This is America. You have the right to free speech. You want to stand on a soap box and say what you want, go right ahead. But know this. Football, Baseball and Basketball are sacred to all Americans. The stadium is not the proper place to do it. You HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, SAY IT IN THE PARKING LOT, NOT ON THE FIELD.

  • Bob Cherry

    He can go to Canada forget the Orange Man and his minions, let them have their orange God.

  • rkh_01

    Kaepernick is getting his just due! And it’s about time. One can’t hate his country, a country that has given him an opportunity that many never get, and still EXPECT to be rewarded.

  • Maxine Albritton

    Maybe if all liberals that sound like jackasses could be treated like him , it might give them a clue of how we feel about their activities and actions. He is getting his lesson the hard way.

  • Irredeemably Deplorable

    Welcome to the real world. In the real world, actions have consequences, intended and unintended. One of the nice things about having a brain and being able to use it BEFORE we act, is avoiding doing ourselves, our freedoms and our opportunities harm.

    One reason children aren’t prosecuted for certain crimes as adults is (according to the law) children cannot assimilate the consequences of their actions. There is a reason for that rationale. Adults can and should be held accountable for their actions. Society accepts certain behaviors and rejects others.

    Many of us here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA reject people who make millions of dollars a year for playing a child’s game telling us how they don’t agree with our system. Give back all that unearned money and then tell me what you think. Until then, I don’t want to see you on a football field.

    End of story (IMHO).

  • E James Maggio

    if any team hires him, they will loose so many fans they will not be able to support all the salary’s they pay players because hardly any one will be watching that team play

  • omni

    if you want to hire a guy who hates America-go ahead-I will be done with you!

  • 1.] Great. This man is a disgrace to the USA and should not be set as a model for any fan of any age.

    2.] Let’s remember he converted to be a practicing Islamist who is subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law … That means practicing Islamic’s must annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes), reject (not obey) any set of laws (USA’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) and all non-Islamic entities (Biblical believers, edifices and principles) not subjugated as they are.
    To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama (a not so covert Muslim) and his peers never critiqued or condemned those actions unless it was ‘taqiyya’ (an approved form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions).
    Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist.
    3.] Too few Americans understand (been blinded to and isolated from) the absolute hatred of the Islamic faith to our Constitution, legal system, Biblical believers and principles. The Satan authored Koran is the antithesis to and counterfeit of God’s Bible.

  • Robert Wayne

    I started losing interest in the NFL when the owners started moving franchises here and there because they wanted the fans to pay for new stadiums in every city, especially when we former Oilers fans lost our team because of a greedy owner. I do watch Texans games now and then, but if they sign that Kaepernick jerk I’ll definitely be pulling against them.

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    And his performance after the flag-no-kneel debacle wasn’t exactly boast-worthy either….(and I suspect that is actually primary)

  • JHW

    He needs to crawl back under his rock. The Americans who love this country and flag are done with him. I stopped watching football because of him and those like him. I found out I have not missed anything.

  • Junior1950

    Colin Krapernick can move to a country that hates the USA as much as he does!! Krapernick would be RIGHT AT HOME in such a country!!

  • edsfarm1

    Maybe he can play football in Argentina.

  • David F. Podesta

    Wouldn’t it be a crying shame if this jerkoff couldn’t be hired at all? He’s toxic. Oh, well- he did it to himself.

  • Korean War Vet

    I’m done with football completely, after what he did; these so-called “football stars” are under the mistaken impression that the world revolves around them; well, Big Man on Campus, you dug your grave, live in it.

  • LandMinesOTB

    It all stopped me from wasting my Sunday afternoons watching spoiled, rotten, anti-American asshats on TV. Thanks, loser!!!
    I would LOVE it if he never played again.

  • Justen

    Somebody should offer him a dollar to play for them, then bench him. Lol

  • George Bernard Vieto

    I am sure any team that hires Kaepernick will have a circus on their team and they do not want a locker room cancer like Kaepernick on their team.

  • Original Anna

    Man, the balls the NFL has saying no to this guy because he did not respect the flag after what they have done threatening to take away their presence in states like Texas and, was it N. Carolina, who refused to let boys and men into girls and women’s bathrooms and lockers. What happened, did they wake up to the fact that the crap they are promoting is not what citizens in this country want and decided to take a fake stand on this issue of the flag. Really, take a stand, they should have fired the guy the instance he brought politics into sports. You are hired to play the game without distractions on your part, do your job. And it isn’t the business of sports to push perversion on women and kids whether or not their business is working with men, not women. The NFL’s business is entertainment through sports and making money off of it not sending boys and men into girls and women’s bathrooms, what game or sport is that the NFL is promoting any way.

  • Rich Kenny

    I am soooo pleased… I am (was) a 49er fan for many years, but when this came up.. I decided that I could not wear one of my most prized possessions… that being my gold waist coat with a tribute to my favorite player “BRENT JONES #84” emblazoned on the back… and NOW I can reverse that decision and bring it back out of the closet.. as previously from the bay area I have always been a 49ers fan… since during this “black out” I have found some other activities that I like so my return might be a bit slower, but I’ll get there – – (with the help of BRENT JONES)!! Your still my man,

  • Rich

    Might not hire him cuz he sux also

  • Bill Glazier

    I WOULD NOT pay $0.10 for a seat to watch Kaepernick play football, even it i had free travel tickets!!!

  • Serves him right, no one in their right mind will pick him up. I didn’t like him from the beginning. I have been boycotting the NBA for many years now with all their racist commentators and muslim jerks. I will be boycotting the NFL this year

  • BigAl

    He put his own interests ahead of his sport. In doing so he brought unneeded attention, negative attention to himself and the 49’ers… he’s made his bed, sleep in it

    • SmithWinston6478

      Kaepernick’s behavior was NOT in his own interest, but he’s just too damn dumb under his ‘Fro’ to know it. He threw it away.

  • TPS12

    Go get a job in another country that likes your BS. We don’t want it.

  • Denis Sparks

    I was scared to death when I heard the Seahawks might be interested…..I would not and will not support this anti-American troublemaker…

  • whocares6

    Keep your views to yourself if you need the public to support you..

  • Bob Schoenle

    I wouldn’t have him on my team for free!

  • SmithWinston6478

    Hey Colin, Now you know the SECOND reason people have been laughing at you! What a dumbass.

  • 23cowboy

    Kaepernick is the same as cockroach. We don’t want anything to do with this baby terrorist. He should go to Iraq or Iran and play on their team as he would fit right in with the hate America bums.

  • generalJed

    I said at the time, that I would never watch the liberal Anti-American NFL again, and I still mean it! I will never watch them again!

  • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

    boycott all who try and ram their liberal/bolshevik collective marxist crap down your throat. we have a voice too, don’t let them brainwash you to think you do not. kelloggs, starbucks, target, penney’s etc all have lost money and falling stock. this guy brought it all on himself………harder to make your Mercedes payment….chump. to bad on you.

    • C6Vette

      Next year it will be a KIA

  • markie R

    he should try Canada…

  • Gene smiley

    He should have been fired on the spot the first time he took a knee during the anthem. I love football, but didn’t watch a single game last year in protest to the big nothing the NFL did about this.

  • Craig Vandertie

    He is washed up, what would you expect his mgr. to say other than he is still a great QB the dirtbag gets a nice big slice of the pie.

    In declaration of black lives matter, dah!, doh!, all lives matter you idiots.

  • juniemoon

    Oh, this is hilarious!! No team wants kaepernick?? Serves him right for disrespecting our flag.

    And of course President Trump would be constantly tweeting about this. LOL, LOL.

  • Bishop351

    Kaepernick is an embarrassment to football; he’s just an embarrassment.

  • Carson Tyler

    It appears he cannot support our country, then he should not be paid with American dollars.

  • Swampfox

    I wouldn’t hire that jerk to clean out my stable.

  • Dennis B

    Crapernick is a tool. I stopped watching the NFL when they allowed the St. Louis Ram players to put their hands in the air in protest of that hoodlum in Ferguson Missouri. Football and basketball is nothing more than criminals with athletic skills.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    He made his choice, now he can live with it. Screw ’em.

  • Fed up!

    Funny money makes a difference😂 Boycotting anti American and decent morals dose make a difference. I watch one team Patriots only because Brady is pro American and loves this country and he shows it. As far as the NFL never spend a dime on them.

  • He believe, or at least says that he believes, that most of his fellow countrymen are racists and oppressors, so he is probably not much of a team player. Why bring someone on the team with so much hate?

  • lmorgan138

    I hope he never gets another gig with a football team. Matter of fact, he just needs to move to Canada and play in their league since he hates America so much. Good riddance.

  • Louie Rey

    That’s nonsense. He won’t be hired because he’s shot. That being said, his form of demonstration is a complete disgrace. Instead of complaining about how the police are taking advantage of Blacks he should sit back and absorb the statistics and realize there are going to be more interactions between the police and Blacks (which invariably are going to create more suspect confrontations) he should take into account that Blacks are 13% of America’s population but commit 70% of violent crime. How do you justify that? And in many cases it’s violence for violence’s sake. This is a true story, over the weekend in a fast food chicken joint in The Bronx there were several Black youngsters that ended up being short on money for what they ordered. A disabled White guy, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is HIV positive, offered to give them some money so they could buy what they wanted. One of the guys said, “Why you talking to me?” and they then proceeded to beat up they guy and hit him with his own cane. No offense but this is what you call N*****S. Okay Colin, justify that.

  • Joe Snowblower

    Kaepersick should head to Florida, hook up with Casey Anthony, join a rap band, and live happily ever after.

  • C6Vette

    Adding President Trump to this is BS and NOT what I read yesterday! Everything else was either copied verbatim, or slightly changed to protect the innocent (is anyone innocent in the NFL?)! Most NFL Teams want nothing to do with him because they DO feel he is shot, look at his numbers from last year, he IS an embarrassment to himself and his Team! I also read that his Contract Ran Out, not opted out s stated in this article and SF 49ers want nothing to do with him for poor performance on and off the field! His Kneeling for our National Anthem is a Disgrace to anyone Serving, or who has Served, myself included and caused a drop of 10% in viewers last year!

    There were many (myself included) that Boycotted the NFL and tuned out last season, I stopped watching when he started his crap and seen it spreading to High School Football and Pee Wee Football! I really hated watching these kids that really have NO IDEA why they were kneeling, some going as far as to lay down and play Dead as in Michael Brown of Ferguson Fame! ANY spoiled rotten Elitist SOB that only acts Black when it suits him and earns $19 million a year is Crap! His white mother gave him up as a child and Black father that wanted no part of him left him with a well to do White Couple that gave him everything! He got into the NFL which alone is a 1,000,000 to 1 shot and only lasted about 3 seasons!

    He don’t have a CLUE what it is like for others, so why complain? Why SPIT in the faces of the Women and Men that Serve this Great Country to take Fans eyes off your piss poor playing??? Personally I think he is a POS and agree with the NFL Teams that do not want him for many reasons, one of those is to show his actions has consequences, his ability on the Field is POOR at best and BAD for other players! He is NOT a good Roll Model for anyone and certainly NOT a leader of anything, just a poor little rich kid with a Big Mouth and NOTHING to back it up! Thank You to ALL the NFL Teams for NOT picking this POS up, he will only drag another team down and cost good players and Coaches to lose their jobs due to his inability to PLAY his position!

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    Starbucks, the NFL and Budweiser are still on my no-fly list.

    • Gorthaur Eternus

      Don’t forget to add Coke and Burger King

  • Mike Tanco

    The problem with our country today is the PC police care more about the few than the majority. It all began to explode about 8 years ago when the police in Cambridge, MASS were called stupid for doing their job.
    And then there was Ferguson, MO and Michael Brown where the “hands up don’t shoot” lie turned into THE BLM movement. A thug was made a martyr and lives were lost and property destroyed, and a good cops career ruined.


    Take this useless rhymes with digger and execute him. I’m glad his career in the NFL is history and hope to G-d he ends up as a shot drug addict!

  • Crazy Barry

    Between radical racisits like Kaepernick, rediculous rules and regulations, and more commercials than playing time, NFL football has become un-watchable.

  • copakeman

    The first time he showed his disrespect for our country, he should have bee immediately cut by the 49’ers,. Oh I forgot the 49’ers play in the San Francisco area. Let him find another job paying him a few million dollars a year.

  • Gorthaur Eternus

    I am one of the 14% who stopped watching the NFL. Until they can clean up their act, get rid of troublemakers like Colin, and become accountable for their actions… opinion will remain unchanged.

    My buddies and I are entirely happy to watch college football and bypass the drama of the NFL!

  • He’s a monster.

  • Derek

    Ha ha ha choke on that krapperneck! Looks like you will be moving back into your horrible WHITE AMERICAN parents basement again. Karma sucks man! Let’s see if all the good folk at blm step up and keep you living like the king you think you are? I honestly think now you’re just going to be another broke liberal idiot like the rest of your counterparts. Welcome to the life you deserve sucker 🙂

  • What has happened to this Nation started back in On June 25, 1962, the United States Supreme Court decided in Engel v. Vitale that a prayer approved by the New York Board of Regents for use in schools violated the First Amendment by constituting an establishment of religion. The following year, in Abington School District v. Schempp, the Court disallowed Bible readings in public schools for similar reasons. I believe I was in grade school then, Some Lady stated and argued that “GOD” and Prayer should not be allowed in school because her son came home and complained that he got in trouble for not Praying / bowing his head for prayer. Since then Education and morale fiber has gone out the window. greed has taken hold, deceit, lying, stealing etc. It is more likely a Liar and cheater will do good in school that a Person of Character. Christianity has been eroded since then.

  • N.McDaniel

    Nobody wants this SOCIAL MISFIT!!!

  • jesse

    Ef kasperdick and woe to any team that signs this leftist malcontent!

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Just shows how phony these people are, didn’t care until it affects their ratings and wallets. Just like most of our elected officials, power and money is all that matters.

  • chuck

    good the SOB needs to go to japan and live there he doesnt deserve to be in this country

  • Bob Bascochea

    49er fan, glad he is getting what he deserves, he brought the team down, and also the NFL,, maybe he can find a team, kind of like Tebow, under diferent circumstances, didn’t watch much football last season

  • NavymanBill

    This guy made himself “persona non grata” to impress his girlfriend. I’m sure it pleased her, but NOW he isn’t the big deal anymore. It was a stupid thing to do. He’s certainly entitled to his opinion, but to bring it into the stadium? Other people are PAYING to see him play-NOT to make a political stand!! An arrogant jerk. The 49ers stunk this year, and he ain’t getting any younger. He made $12 million last year. He won’t starve, but it will be a while before anyone calls him-their “A” QB gets hurt or something like that. But he probably won’t be anything more than a utility QB again. Hope it was worth it. (Personally, I don’t think he’s too bright. BADLY over-estimated his own value.) )

  • Donald Johnston

    We all must live or die by our decisions. Kaeperdick made a bad one and must live with it. It’s one I’m sure he will live to regret. I dropped my NFL Package and won’t renew. Their silence was their mistake and cost them millions.

  • pastriesqueen

    COLON Kaepernick is a liability, not an asset! Football is a business, and COLON is on the wrong side of a balance sheet!

  • Enrique4

    Maybe a Canadian team will have him.

  • Beeker D.

    COLON KRAPPERNECK’S problems are ‘NOT’ President Trumps fault; They are COLON KRAPPERNECK’S fault and in typical Liberal fashion they will look for a way to blame, “Some One Else”!

  • James Edmond

    No National Felons League for me!

  • James Telgarsky

    He can go work for Blm or move to Cuba.

  • Michael Herron

    I won’t be watching any NFL games in the coming season, nor will I be purchasing any NFL merchandise. That is how I’ll take a knee. Any league that will punish and ostracize an athlete for taking a stand against police murdering unarmed citizens is a league that does not deserve my support.

  • teachersaide

    Maybe Colin should TRY to play “football” in Africa, a continent with massive poverty, massive gov’t corruption, massive UNREST, and a whole lot of people DYING from a LACK of FOOD, clean Water, & BASIC MEDICAL CARE!